Cathole Interior Cat Door

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  • Cat door for interior doors
  • Provides your cat access to a particular room or enclosed space
  • Keeps dogs from getting into cat food and litter
  • Grooms your cat with every use
  • The wooden frame is paintable and stainable

If you're struggling to keep your dogs out of the litter box, restrain them from devouring the cat food, or just want your cat to have a safe space within your home, the Cathole cat door is the perfect solution. This interior cat door is a 4" x 6" rounded opening designed to allow access to cats only. Installing at the bottom of solid or hollow core doors, it prevents any larger household pets from entering. The inside perimeter of the opening is equipped with brush lining to groom your kitty as they enter and exit the indoor cat door, making this one of the most comfortable interior pet doors available to cats.


  • Rounded, 4" x 6" opening installs at the bottom of the interior door, creating a tunnel.
  • Make sure to measure your cat prior to purchasing to ensure that they will comfortably fit through the inside cat door.
  • Paint or stain the wooden frame your preferred color.
  • Brush lining serves to groom your cat whenever they go through the opening. You can order replacement brushes when needed.
  • Installs in interior doors only.


  • Allows cats into a certain room without the dog being able to enter.
  • Great for cats who don't like swinging flaps.
  • Cats enjoy rubbing against the brush lining.
  • Eliminates the need to keep certain doors open.
  • Quick and simple installation.

Size Chart

Size Flap Dimension Outside Frame
Stock No
Cat4" w x 6" h8 1/2" x 8 1/2"03CH01


The manufacturer has assured that any customer problems will be quickly attended to.

Additional Information


Unfinished Wood

Frame Material


Return Period

30 days

Your Maximum Pet Size


Climate Suitability

Indoor Use Only

Flap Design

No Flap

Ability to Lock Flap

No Flap Lock Provided

Can Be Installed In

Inside Use Only

Self Framing


Installation Instructions

Step 1: Before removing the door, mark the desired position for the unit on the bottom of the door.

Step 2: Remove the door by pulling the hinge pins. Position a flat screwdriver to catch the top of the pin and tap upward with a hammer.

Step 3: Use the supplied "Door Hole Template" to trace the entrance hole outline.

Step 4: Use a jigsaw to carefully cut the entrance hole.

Step 5: Measure the thickness of your door and select the correct screws.

Please Note: If the door is 1-3/8" thick, use 3 of the short, black screws. If the door is 1 ¾" thick, use 3 of the long, silver screws.

Step 6: Insert 3 screws into the front of Frame A. Insert 4 pins into the back of Frame B.

Please Note: One end of the pin is tapered. This end inserts more easily.

Step 7: Align the frames on the opposite sides of the door and gently tighten the screws.

Please Note: Do not tighten any screws completely. Tighten each screw a few turns and move to the next. Continue until the frames are snug on both sides.

Step 8: Fold the brush and insert the middle section of brush into the top of the frame opening. Press the brush into place so that the tabs on the back of the brush rest on the lower screws.

Step 9: Press the wooden plugs into the countersunk screw holes and apply the desired finish. There are many attractive ways to decorate it to match your decor. You can paint, stain, or apply colorful decals/stencil patterns. Water-based poly-acrylics are durable and easy to use.

Step 10: Reinstall the door.


The Cathole. Your Cat's Going to Love It!


How will I know if my chubby cat will be able to fit through?

We recommend that you measure your pet to make sure by cutting a hole in cardboard and seeing if they can get through.

Will this work in a solid core or hollow core door?

It will work in both solid and hollow core doors, but are best for being installed for cat interior door use. These are great for indoor pet doors for cats.

Is the brush easily removeable?

You do have to uninstall the frame to get the brush off.

Where can I get a replacement brush?

Check out our Cat Hole Replacement Brushes if you need to replace the brush on your cathole.

Are there any other accessories for this?

You can also purchase a Kitty Pass Pet Door for a cuter look.

How is this for keeping the cold air out?

This will not be effective for keeping the cold air out because there is no flap.

Can I install this outside?

You can but it is not recommended because there is no flap and no real tunnel. Also this is a wood cat door, so it would have to be painted and primed correctly to withstand weather. These are recommended specifically to be used as inside cat doors.

Can I use this on a door that doesn't quite reach the ground?

Yes, it should not affect the door's functionality.

Can I get this in white?

It is not manufactured in white, but is made specifically so you can paint over it for a white colored finish.

What is the return policy?

You have 30 days from the delivery date to return the product to us in original condition. We will pay for the return shipping but the original shipping costs will not be refunded.

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