Cat Mate 360 Microchip Cat Flap

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  • Cost-effective microchip cat door that keeps strays out of your home
  • Includes a manual four-way lock to ensure control over your cat's accessibility
  • Practical solution for chipped cats who don't enjoy wearing collars
  • Fits any type of door up to 3 3/8" in thickness (installs in walls with an adapter kit purchased separately)
  • Magnetic closure and fluffy weather stripping ensure maximum insulation

Designed to open for your cat's unique microchip, the Cat Mate 360 Microchip Cat Flap is a simple, low-cost solution for keeping out stray or neighborhood cats. This selective entry door is perfect for microchipped kitties who find collars bothersome. If you have any cats who do not yet have an implanted microchip, you can purchase a Cat Mate RFID Disk Collar Key that fastens onto your cat's existing collar instead. This door features a manual rotary 4-way lock, which gives you more control over your cat's access inside and out while simultaneously preventing unwanted cats from entering. You have the option to set the door to completely locked or unlocked, in-only, or out-only. Made with tinted, transparent polymer, the sturdy flap is easy for cats to see through for optimal comfort during use.


  • Perfect solution for keeping unwanted critters out of your home
  • Easily program up to 30 different pets to use the doorgreat for owners who have multiple cats
  • Just place your cat in front of the door and push the button to program their microchip or RFID key into the door, LED indicator will flash when it registers a new chip or collar key
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included with door)
  • Sturdy flap made with tinted, transparent polymer is easy for cats to see through for optimal comfort during use


  • Features a manual four-way rotary lock, which gives you more control over your cat's actions while simultaneously preventing unwanted cats from entering
  • You can choose to set the door to completely locked or unlocked, in-only or out-only as needed
  • Cat Mate 360 Door only allows cats with a programmed microchip or RFID collar key through the flap from outside for the in only and unlocked settings

Size Chart

Flap ModelFlap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame
360 Microchip Cat FlapCat Flap5 3/4” w  x  6” h6 7/8” w  x  7 3/4” h7 3/4” w  x  9 9/16” h   

Additional Information

Flap Material


Warranty Period

3 years

Return Period

30 days

Your Maximum Pet Size


Installation Instructions

Read the following important notes prior to installing the pet door:

  1. 1. It is crucial that you program all of your pets to the door before installing the pet door or making a cut-out. Test to make sure that the chip triggers the door properly as the pet passes through the flap.
  2. 2. Do not cut into the tunnel on the flap frame. This will damage the sensor, causing the door to malfunction.
  3. 3. If you are installing in a wall over 3-3/8” thick you will need the Cat Mate Cat Flap liners.
  4. 4. For any metal door you will need to re-tune the cat flap after installation.


Wood/Plastic Doors and Panels Installation:

Prior to starting the installation:

Make sure that the bottom of the template is about level with your pet’s stomach. You can place it lower if you would like. If you choose to place it lower, make sure that it is not too low that it compromises the structural soundness of the door/panel or forces your pet to stoop when in use.

Step 1: Use the exterior frame as the template for the cut-out. Place the frame on the panel and trace around the outside TUNNEL part of the frame.

Step 2: Check that the line for the rough cut is level before making the cut-out. It is very important to cut the hole even and level. If it is not cut correctly the flap will not open and close correctly after installation. The actual cut should be 1/16” of an inch OUTSIDE the line from the first step.

Step 3: To test that the door will swing properly, dry fit the frames in the cut-out.


For thin panels 1/8” - 1” in thickness:

Step 1: Mark the 4 screw holes using the OUTSIDE frame (the one without the flap) on the exterior side of the panel.

Step 2: Remove it and drill out holes ¼” in diameter. Check to make sure they are level.

Step 3: If your door or panel is less than ½”, you will need to trim down the liner on the OUTSIDE frame using a hacksaw or plastic cutting disk.

Step 4: Install the weather strip in the small channel on the back of the frame.

Step 5: Fix the exterior frame to the outside of the door and screw the interior frame on from the inside. Use the 1½”  screws to attach them.

Step 6: Check that the door is working then install the screw covers.


If door or panel is 1” - 3-3/8” in thickness:

Step 1: Drill out the screw holes on the INTERIOR frame (this will be the frame with the flap). The holes should be 3/16” diameter, check to make sure they are level.

Step 2: Next, there is a small channel in the frame on the back where you need to install the weather seal strip.

Step 3: Using the ½” screws to attach the exterior frame to the outside of the door/panel.

Step 4: Now use the 7/8” screws to attach the inside frame to the interior of the door/panel.

Step 5: Check that the door is working, then tap in the screw covers.


Wall Installation:

Note: For installation, washers are required for the placement of the screws. Washers are not provided in this purchase.

Step 1: Make sure that you measure the thickness of your wall and have the correct number of wall liners needed before making any rough openings in your wall.

Step 2: For the bottom of the cut-out, make sure that it is level with your pet’s belly to ensure comfort when in use.

Step 3: Next you will have to make a rectangular cut out in the wall that is 7” wide by 8” high. Using a level and pencil, mark the outside lines of your cut-out on the wall. Then check one more time that the line is straight and level.

Note: It is very important that you not cut into any wall framing, electrical, pipes, etc., so double check when picking a location for the pet door.

Step 4: Now you will want to cut the hole out, by first cutting the interior wall and then removing any insulation.

Step 5: Next, drill holes from the inside through the exterior wall and use those as pilot holes for the outside cut. Be sure to remeasure on the outside for accuracy.

Note: Tape up the inside hole with plastic sheeting before cutting the outside wall. This will make clean up much easier.

Step 6: Cut out the exterior wall.

Step 7:Take the pet door and remove the battery cover.

Step 8:Remove the interior frame cover entirely by taking out the two screws on the backside of the frame. Then remove the two screws that are under the battery cover.

Step 9: Remove the metal screw clips on the back using pliers.

Step 10: Take the wall liners and fit them onto the flap frame whose cover you previously removed.

Note: The manufacturer recommends pushing them together firmly, but glue can be used if you feel it would be more secure.

Step 11: The screw holes should be visible about halfway down the left and right side of the frame. You will need to put a washer under each screw.

Step 12: Take the frame and screw it to the wall, putting the liners through the cut-out.

Step 13: Put the inside frame cover back on using the screws you removed and replace the battery cover.

Note: Make sure that you do not trap any of the electrical wires.

Step 14: Finally, fit the exterior frame on using two of the 1” screws. Then fit the hole covers and you are finished.


Does this door need my cat's microchip to work?

The Cat Mate Microchip cat flap is made for cats who do not wear collars, but for cats who are not microchipped, there are Cat Mate i.d. discs available. Simply attach them to your cat's collar, and the locking system will be able to detect when your cat wants to use the dog door.

Where does the LCD display show the exit lock status?

This Pet Mate door uses a rotary lock to control its setting. If you want a cat door that uses an LCD display, check out the Cat Mate Elite Microchip cat flap.

Does this door have timer control?

Nope! If you want a door that does have a timer setting, check out the Sureflap DualScan cat door.

Can I install this door into a wall? Into glass panels?

Yes, but if your wall is more than 2" thick, you will need the Cat Mate Elite wall liner and tunnel extensions, which will create a water and draft-proof seal between your frame and the wall. Unfortunately, Cat Mate cat doors cannot be installed into glass doors or panels. The Sureflap Microchip cat flap can be installed into glass if you use their mounting adaptor.


Cat Mate/ Dog Mate/ Ani Mate 3 Year Limited Warranty

Guarantees your purchase for a period of three years from the date of original purchase against any defect arising due to faulty materials or manufacture. Accordingly, any defective item will be repaired free of charge or replaced at the manufacturer’s option provided that the defect has not been caused by neglect, misuse, or normal wear and tear and proof of purchase date is supplied. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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