Cat Mate 234 or 235 Cat Door for Wall

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  • Simple wall cat door solution
  • Choose between the 2-way locking 234, or 4-way locking 235 
  • Effortlessly snap tunnel sections together or trim to fit any wall
  • Easy installation in walls up to 8" thick, Cat Mate 234/235 Wall Liners available for thicker walls

The Cat Mate 234 and 235 cat flaps are identical except that the Catmate 234 includes a 2-way lock and the 235 includes a 4-way lock. Both are plastic framed basic cat flaps with tunnel sections easily snap together to 'frame-out' a wall of any thickness. The flap is a rigid acrylic with weatherstripping around the perimeter and seals reasonably well. This is one of the easiest in-wall cat doors to install.

Size Chart

Flap SizeLockFlap DimensionRough Cut-OutOutside Frame Dimension
Cat FlapTwo-Way Locking5 3/4" w x 5 3/4" h6 3/8" w x 6 7/8" h7 5/8" w x 7 7/8" h
Four-Way Locking

Additional Information

Frame Material


Flap Material


Flap Colors


Flap Thickness


Warranty Period

3 years

Return Period

30 days

Your Maximum Pet Size


Climate Suitability

Temperate-3 Season, Mild or Utility, Indoor Use Only

Flap Design

Single, One Part, Rigid, Thin Flap

Ability to Lock Flap

Basic (2-way Lock), Deluxe (4-way lock)

Can Be Installed In


Sealing Value


Wind Resistance


Replacement Flaps Available


Insulation Value


Wall Thickness Range

2" - any

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Double check that you have the correct number of liners to frame out your wall before proceeding.

Step 2: Next you will have to make a rectangular cut out in the wall. Take a level and pencil to mark the lines on the wall. The bottom of the cut should be level with your pet’s stomach or slightly lower. Check again that the line is straight and level before moving on.

Tip: It is very important that you not cut into any wall framing, electrical, pipes, etc. so double check when picking a location for the pet door.

Tip: The manufacturer recommends that you use wood to frame out the opening, and take note that the finished framed out opening should be 6-½” wide by 6-½" high.

Step 3: Cut the interior hole out first and remove insulation.

Step 4: Now drill holes from the inside through the exterior wall and use those as pilot holes for the outside cut.

Tip: Tape up the inside hole with plastic sheeting before cutting the outside wall. This will make clean up much easier.

Step 5: Cut out the exterior wall.

Step 6: Assemble wall liners and fit them onto the flap frame.

Tip: The manufacturer says that a firm push together will be enough to secure them together. You can use some glue to fit the liners together for a more sturdy installation.

Step 7: Take the frame and screw it to the wall putting the liners through the cut out using the the ½” screws.

Step 8: Now drill out the four screw holes using a 3/16” drill bit in diameter.

Step 9: Put the exterior frame on using two of the 3/4” screws. Then place the hole covers and you are finished.


What is the difference between the doors?

The CatMate 234 has a two way lock, so either it is locked or totally open. The CatMate 235 has a 4-way lock so you can set it for open, closed, in only, or out only.

Is this a good choice for insulation?

Both doors are going to be recommended for more middle of the range, less extreme areas.

How do I know how thick my wall is?

It you have a door or a window going through that same wall you can measure the jam and that should give you a good idea.

Can I get more tunnels if my wall it thicker than 8"?

Of course! We sell Cat Mate 234/235 Wall Liners individually.

Will I be able to trim the tunnel if they are too long?

Yes, you can trim them if your wall is a little thinner.

Are the liners brown or white?

The liners are only made in the white, but they are paintable.

What are the tunnels made of?


Is the flap clear?

The flap is a tinted rigid polycarbonate material, but you can still see through it.

What is the door made of? 


Do they come in a larger flap dimension?

Cat-Mate has theirCat Mate 221 model for large cats, but there are no tunnel sections so you would have to have the contractor build a tunnel for you to frame out the wall.


Cat Mate/ Dog Mate/ Ani Mate 3 Year Limited Warranty

Guarantees your purchase for a period of three years from the date of original purchase against any defect arising due to faulty materials or manufacture. Accordingly, any defective item will be repaired free of charge or replaced at the manufacturer’s option provided that the defect has not been caused by neglect, misuse, or normal wear and tear and proof of purchase date is supplied. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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