Dog Mate 215 & 216 Dog Doors

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  • Cost-effective dog door for medium (215) and large (216) dogs

  • Fits materials 0-2" thick

  • Hard plastic flap lined with brush weatherstripping for improved weather resistance

  • Includes a sliding locking panel that allows you to lock the door from the inside

  • Frame comes in white only

Dog Mate doors are cost-effective dog door solutions for mild-mannered dogs. Featuring a hard plastic door flap lined with self-lining brush weatherstripping, this door is an ideal fit for temperate climates. The robust construction of the plastic door is durable and prevents warping in the heat for long-lasting use. Whether you are away from home often or just don’t want to hassle opening and closing the door for your dog 24/7, this the perfect pet door to satisfy your needs. The Dog Mate 215 dog doors are for small to medium-sized dogs, and the Dog Mate 216 dog doors are for large-sized dogs. If you are unsure which size to get, check out our guidelines for measuring your pet


  • Includes a slide-on locking panel that locks from the inside to secure the door whenever you want

  • Plastic door is easy to wash and clean.

  • Magnetic closure ensures that wind and bugs cannot enter.

  • Works for a wide range of dog breeds and sizes.

  • Dog Mate 215 medium door can also accommodate large cats if need be.

  • Frosted acrylic flap has a small window at dog's eye level to ensure that they can see outside prior to exiting.

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame Dimension
Medium8 3/4" w x 10 1/4" h9 1/2" w x 11 3/4" h11 3/8" w x 13 3/4" h
Large11 3/4" w x 14 1/8" h12 1/2" w x 15 3/8" h14 3/8" w x 17 3/8" h


Additional Information

Frame Material


Flap Material


Flap Colors


Flap Thickness


Warranty Period

3 years

Return Period

30 days

Locking Cover Material

ABS Plastic

Your Maximum Pet Size

Medium Dogs, Large Dogs

Climate Suitability

Temperate-3 Season

Flap Design

Single, One Part, Rigid, Thin Flap

Ability to Lock Flap

Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top

Can Be Installed In

Aluminum Door, Hollow Core Door, Metal Door, Polycarbonate, Plywood or Other Thin Material, Solid Core Door, Steel Door

Sealing Value


Wind Resistance


Self Framing


Replacement Flaps Available


Insulation Value


Installation Instructions

Note: If you don’t feel comfortable installing the door yourself, hiring a contractor or handyman may be a smart option.

Step 1: Remove the closing panel from the frame. Push the button marked “press” and lift up at the same time.

Note: The bottom of the opening should be at least level with your pet’s stomach, and the top of the opening should be at least 1” higher than the highest part of your dog’s back. This ensures optimal comfort, as your pet will not have to duck its head to push through the flap.

Step 2: Next, tape the frame to the door and mark the screw holes with a pencil.Trace all the way around the frame inside the opening. Make sure that the line is straight and level.

Step 3: Drill out the marked holes with a ¼” diameter bit.

Tip: For doors that are more than 2” in you will have to provide your own screws, as the ones that come with the door will not be long enough.

Step 4: Mark a cutting line that is 3/8” square outside the line that you traced for the inside of the pet door frame. Use a level to make sure that the cutting line is even. Drill out holes with a ¼” diameter bit in each corner.

Step 5: Cut out along that outer line using a jigsaw or similar tool.

Step 6: Measure the door thickness. Add ¾” to that door thickness measurement and cut the liners to the nearest guidance line on all liners closest to the door thickness. Do not cut the notches on bottom of the liners.

Step 7: Using a hacksaw, trim the mounting bolts to the thickness, accounting for the ¾”. File them down for easier threading.

Note: For doors over 2”, the manufacturer recommends making your own liner out of a 2 mil plastic sheet (not supplied).

Step 8: Assemble the liners in the channels of the exterior frame and tape them temporarily to hold in place. The smooth side should be facing in. The notched liner will go at the bottom, as the notches will go around the magnets.

Step 9: Fit the rubber seal into the groove in the exterior frame. Make sure that you leave a tiny drainage gap at the bottom of the frame in the middle.

Step 10: Dry fit the door in the opening using tape, and before screwing it in place check that the flap is functioning properly. Then screw it in. Be careful not to over tighten the bolts.

Step 11: Cover the screws with the hole plugs.

Step 12: For additional security, there are 2 plastic pins that should be inserted in the holes located at the bottom of the inner frame and through the closing panel.



To Replace the Flap in a Catmate or Dogmate Pet Door


How is the weather resistance?

The door has a magnet and a fuzzy weather stripping surrounding the flap for minimum energy loss. We would recommend that this be used in 3 season, moderate climates as this dog does not have total weatherproofing.

What is the flap made of?

The flap is a rigid acrylic material.

Is the flap clear?

You can see through it, but it is tinted.

What is the frame made of?

It is plastic.

Does this door have robust locking panels?

The large and medium plastic pet door both have a security panel with a built-in silent action locking mechanism.

Will this work in a storm door?

Yes, the Dog and Cat Mate doors are very good choices for installing into thin panels and materials.

Would this work in a screen door?

The door is pretty heavy, so even though you can use it in thin materials the screen would probably not be strong enough to support it properly. This dog door can be installed into kennels, patio panels, and sliding glass doors, depending on the make and model.

Can you get replacement flaps?

Yes, you can get Cat Mate replacement flaps.

Can you get this for an Extra Large dog?

This is only offered in the dog mate medium dog door or large dog door, so not really suitable for really big pets. We suggest that you measure your pet just to make sure.

Will this fit my Labrador/dachshund/Yorkshire terrier/poodle/spaniel/etc?

The door measurement you need depends on the overall size of your dog. Following our measurement guide, you can measure the shoulder height of your dog to determine is this is the right lightweight flap for you and if you need to purchase a medium or large door.

Is it difficult to install?

Since the door can be installed in many different applications, the ease of installation can vary depending on the material that is is being installed into. The Dog Mate dog door installation instructions for normal door mounting are on this page as well.

Does the door come in different colors?

The Dog Mate medium 215 and Dog Mate large 216 dog doors used to come in a grey and brown. Now only white is available, but since the Dog Mate dog door is plastic, you can easily paint it.

Is there a difference between the Dogmate 215 and Dog Mate 215W?

No, this is the same Dog Mate Medium Door with a flap dimension of 8 3/4" w x 10 1/4" h

What options do I have for large dog pet mate doors?

The Dog Mate 216 dog doors is the largest with a flap opening of 11 3/4" w x 14 1/8" h.

Is this a good choice if I am looking for an economical medium plastic pet door?

This would be a good choice as long as your pets aren't too rowdy. If you have very active pets, you may go through more replacement parts (like flaps) than usual.

Im having trouble installing this door. Where can i find dog mate dog door installation instructions?

The Dog Mate dog door installation instructions can be found in the installation instructions tab above the page.

Do you offer the Dog Mate small dog door?

We have the Medium size dog door with a flap opening of 8 3/4" w x 10 1/4" h and rough cut out of 9 1/2" w x 11 3/4" h.

Do you carry a dog mate small dog door?

Unfortunately, this Dog Mate does not come in a small. If you have a very small dog, the Cat Mate 221 may be your ideal pet product as it is essentially the same door just made for cats. Like the Dog Mate, this cat flap also features wall installation and a locking feature that does not rely on battery power, pet microchips, or RFID keys on dog collars.


Cat Mate/ Dog Mate/ Ani Mate 3 Year Limited Warranty

Guarantees your purchase for a period of three years from the date of original purchase against any defect arising due to faulty materials or manufacture. Accordingly, any defective item will be repaired free of charge or replaced at the manufacturer’s option provided that the defect has not been caused by neglect, misuse, or normal wear and tear and proof of purchase date is supplied. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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