Replacement Hale Pet Door Carpet for Hale Wall Pet Door - Brown

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  • Replacement carpeting for Hale Pet Doors for Walls
  • Easy installation in Hale Wall Mount
  • Comes in high pile, medium brown color
  • Available for 10" and 16" tunnel depths

Carpet doesn't stay clean forever. The Hale pet door carpet replacement is for the Through the Wall Pet Doors. The replacement carpet is available in the high pile, medium brown color.

Please Note: Hale pet door carpet installations require adhesive.You will need to supply your own adhesive to stick the carpet inside the tunnel. Any common construction glue can be used.  Do not use silicone.

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Size Chart

Size Flap Dimension
Small5 1/2" w x 7 1/2" h
Small Medium6 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h
Medium8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h
Tall Medium8 1/2" w x 16" h
Large11" w x 16" h
Tall Large11" w x 19 1/2" h
Tall Large Plus11" w x 23 1/2"
Extra Tall Large11" w x 27 1/2" h
Extra Large14" w x 19 1/2" h
Extra Large Plus14" w x 23 1/2" h
Giant15 1/2" w x 27 1/2" h

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