Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door

Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door

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The Endura Flap Kennel Door combines all the features of the award-winning Endura Flap‚ including high energy efficiency value and heavy-duty weather resistance while pairing down excess framing for typical kennel use.

Product Details

The Endura Flap  Kennel Dog Door is identical to the Endura Flap single flap version for doors, except that these parts not normally needed for a kennel application have been excluded:

  • The external trim frame
  • Installation hardware
  • Template
  • Weatherstripping
  • Decorative hole plugs to hide the screw heads
  • Locking cover assembly (kennels typically use a separate "guillotine" locking mechanism). However, a locking cover may be added if desired.


Additional Notes

The Endura Flap‚ Kennel door is intended to be installed in either a solid core wood door or in a wall that has already been personally framed out (such as a dog house or dog crate). If you wish to install the Endura Flap‚ kennel door in a hollow-core door, you'll need to frame out the hollow core door first. Alternatively, you can use a regular Endura Flap‚ pet door for doors (available with single or double door flaps in sizes small to x-large), which is "self-framing" though more expensive.

If you wish to install the Endura Flap‚ Kennel Door in a wall and don't want to frame the wall yourself, you can purchase the Endura Flap‚ dog door for walls in either single or double flap versions (you can select either option before checkout; you can double check out order status before placing it and a return policy is available to help fix any mistakes).

It has been our experience that the Endura Flap seals so well that the single flap model will meet most needs even in areas that experience four seasons. However, for really extreme weather, the door mount version and the wall mount version are both available in double flap models. The double flap will not snag on dog collars, and many people will install the flap on dog houses in order to protect any pet beds or dog food stored inside from the weather).

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Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door

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