Locks for Sliding Glass Doors

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  • Locks for sliding glass doors and windows
  • C-Clamp does not require any installation tools
  • Secure sliding door or window pet doors in track 
  • Allows semi-permanent installation of pet door panels 

If you’ve recently purchased a panel insert with a pet door for a sliding glass pet door or window, you’ll want to purchase one of these locks to properly secure your door flap and home.

C-Clamp Lock

This window/sliding door clamp lock is an effective way to secure your home without any installation tools. Simply place it on the flange of the door track and tighten the screws to secure the lock in place. This locking mechanism is a great option for people who don’t want to make any permanent installations.

You can see our full selection to find a patio door with pet door built in.

Installation Instructions

Panels over 80” Tall: Deadbolt Lock

For sliding glass doors on the inside track: The deadbolt lock can usually be set up on the backside of the moving slider using the provided mounting screws. (Figure C)

For sliding glass doors on the inside track: The lock can be installed on the front edge of the non-moving side of the sliding glass door.

How to Install: Use a 3⁄16" drill bit to drill holes on the steel deadbolt lock's opposite frame. To avoid drilling into the glass, make sure that the hole is at least ¾” away from the inside edge of the sliding glass door frame. If you drill into the glass, it will shatter. (Detail 1)

Dead bolt lock is drilled into the frame and works on any slider unit

Panels Under 80” Tall: Clamp Lock

Installing the sliding door clamp: Close the sliding glass door onto the pet door panel. Once it is closed all the way, place the clamp lock onto the track on the edge opposite to the pet door panel. Use your hand to tighten the screw to secure your sliding glass door.

Please Note: If your sliding glass door is on the inside track, install the clamp lock on the raised track on your sliding glass door. (Detail 2)

clamp locks can be manually applied with no tools for security at the top or bottom


How do these locks work?

The doggie door lock is installed behind the sliding door. When in place, it is made so that you are unable to pull the sliding patio door away from the patio pet door pet panel.

Do these require me to drill holes?

No, we suggest the slideco patio door clamp lock option or a Charley Bar.

Do I have to install these at the bottom?

No. If it is easier, you could install them at the top.

Can these be used on sliding windows or sash windows?

Yes, these sliding door locks can be used on window pet doors as well.

Can you use these with any brand of pet door?

Yes, they are universal door latches and latch locks.

What if my sliding door doesn't have tracks?

The clamp lock will not work since it has to go over the track. You should try the Charley Bar instead.

What if my slider is on the outside?

You would need to choose something like the foot actuated lock. You would screw that into the front of the stationary panel and drill a small hole in the frame of the sliding door for the pin to go into. You can most likely find this at a hardware store.

What color are they?

The clamp lock is silver.

Are these the only options?

No, the Charley Bar security bars, a related product, can also work.