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  • Sliding door security bar for homes with patio panel or window panel inserts
  • Small size fits spaces measuring 15" - 25" & large size fits 25" - 42"
  • Available in white 
  • Tool-free installation takes under a minute
  • Simple locking mechanism keeps bar out of the way and out of sight

When installing a patio pet door or window pet door, maintaining home security is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind. The Wedgit Charley Bar sliding door lock bar serves as either sliding glass door lock bar or a sash/sliding window lock bar, ensuring that your home remains secure. One end of this patio door security bar can adhere to one side of your door or window frame. It can be released to hang vertically, preventing any obstruction when the lock is not in use. 

For sash windows, the locking bar installs above the sliding window and reaches up into the top of the frame, resting on top of the window when the lock is not in use. 

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  • Locks with stable, applied pressure to provide a firm lock and to reduce air leakage between the door or window and the panel insert.
  • Small size with 15" - 25" range is ideal for sliding glass patio doors with pet door inserts and smaller sliding windows.
  • Large size with 25" - 42" range is ideal for large sliding glass patio doors and larger sliding windows.
  • Adjustable twist-tight security bar lock for doors and sliding windows comes pre-assembled.
  • No tools required. No need for drilling into your door or window frame.

Choosing the right size:

  • For sliding doors with a patio panel, measure the horizontal length from the edge of the door track to the edge of your slider when it is closed against the patio panel insert.
  • For sliding doors that do not yet have a patio panel inserted, open the sliding door to mimic the width of the patio panel you will be inserting the bar into, and measure horizontally from the edge of the door track to the edge of your slider.
  • For sash windows with a window panel insert, measure the vertical length from the top of the sliding window to the flat edge of the upper window frame.
  • For sash windows that do not yet have a window panel insert, open the sliding window up to mimic the length of the window sash you will be inserting, and measure vertically from the top of the sliding window to the top of the window frame.

Size Chart

Product SizeAdjustment Range
Small-"Mini", White15" - 25"
Large-"Maxi", White25" - 42"

Installation Instructions

Wedgit Description and Installation

How to Install the Wedgit Charley Bar

The Wedgit Charley Bar installs using pressure sensitive velcro strips on the mounting bracket and the catch cup that stick to the door or window frame. The mounting bracket is designed to let the sliding door bar lock swing down and hang vertically next to a door frame when not in use, or to rest on top of a window. The catch cup is designed to cradle and hold the end of the lock in place so that it cannot be lifted when in the locked position. The telescoping inner tube slides out and is adjustable in 1” increments. The twist-tight feature allows you to adjust the lock inside of desired 1” range as needed to tighten and loosen the bar.

Installation Steps

Step One: Set the approximate length needed before adhering to door or window frame.

Note To go beyond 33” with the large size, slide the telescoping inner tube out of the barrel, flip it around, and reinsert it allowing the lock to reach the max length of 42”.

a.  With the adhesive liner still on the velcro, place the bar against the window or door frame.

b.  Remove the locking pin and pull out the telescoping inner tube to the approximate length needed to fit your window or door.

c.  Reinsert the locking pin at the desired length.

Step Two:  Install the sliding glass door security bar

a.  Remove the adhesive liner from the velcro, the mounting bracket and the catch cup.

b.  Press the mounting bracket into place on the door frame at a height that will allow it to clear the floor when it’s in the resting position.

c.  Now that the mounting bracket is secured, pull the bar up to the edge of the door as level as you can. Pull the door against the catch cup so that it attaches to the adhesive.

Step Three:  Using the twist-tight feature, rotate the bar a few times to tighten and you’re all set with a window lock bar or patio door lock bar!

To unlock the bar: Twist a couple of times to loosen until you can lift it out of the catch cup and allow it to fall vertically next to the door frame for sliding doors or rest on top of the window for sliding/sash windows. To re-lock, simply lift the bar back into the catch cup and twist tight.

If your door has a recess in the back the bar lock won’t work correctly without a shim. The door lock comes with a shim that can be applied to the velcro on the catch cup (this extends the catch cup far enough into the recess on the back of the door so that when you peel away the pressure sensitive liner on the shim it fits nicely inside the recess).   

Installing the Wedgit bar in a narrow channel sliding glass patio door requires a ship kit (included with your door lock). Peel off the pressure sensitive liner, and slide the ship kit into the channel where you want to place the mounting bracket. Press into place and install the lock as you would in any other door (pressing the mounting bracket into the ship kit you just installed).



What is a Charley Bar? How does this work?

A lot of customers aren't aware of the Charley Bar option. This is a security product for sliding glass doors, that essentially acts as a big door stopper. When in place it will prevent someone from pulling the sliding glass door away from the pet panel.

I want to lock my door and keep my pet from going in or out. What are my options?

The Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover is super secure and can be installed over any type of pet door.

Does this need to be drilled in?

No, there is a strong adhesive at the end of the charley bar to hold it in place and make for easy installation. More information can be found in the video under the videos tab.

Will this work in windows as well as sliding glass doors?

Yes, it will work in any sliding windows and doors between 15" - 42".

How does this secure my home?

This will prevent your door or window from being opened by burglars from the outside. This prevents break-ins that might use your sliding door. More information can be found under the videos tab.

Will this work on screen doors?

No, this product is designed to secure sliding windows and doors.

Will this work on double hung windows?

No, the charley bar will only work in single hung windows.

Is this easy to unlock if I need to use my sliding glass door?

Yes, It has a relatively easy with the twist and pull action. The security lock is a pin-lock and the locking mechanism takes less than a minute to set up.It is relatively easy with the twist and pull action.

Is there a bronze option available?

No, there are only white and tan color options available. If you want it in bronze, you can purchase the white charley bar and spray paint it.

How adjustable is this?

There are holes so that it can be used on sliding glass doors and windows between 15" - 25" or 25" - 42".

Can I screw this in?

Yes, there are screw holes on the wedgit charley-bar, but you will need to use your own hardware.

What material is this made out of?

It is made out of a very strong plastic. It has been tested to withstand up to 450 pounds of pressure.

How do I measure for my slider?

With the sliding door closed measure from the back end into the jamb. Take into account that the pet door panel will take up space and you will want to subtract that dimension from your measurement.

If I have a window how do I find out which size?

Measure from the top edge of the sliding window up into the top track. The pet door will take up some space so subtract that total height from the measurement you get.

Are tools need to install the wedgit charley-bar?

There are two installation options. The one using double sided tape does not require tools. The other option requires the wedgit charley-bar to be screwed in. Whether a DIY project or a simple home improvement for security, the Wedgit can be a simple or more complicated installation.

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