Magnador Pet Door Magnet Set (discontinued)

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  • Magnador Replacement Dog and Cat Door Magnets  are available in white or bronze
  • Size small comes with one set of replacement magnets
  • Size large comes with two sets of replacement magnets
  • Heavy-duty magnetic strength option available for increased insulation 

Please Note: The Magnador Magnet Set has been discontinued. They are not available for purchase and the manufacturer instead recommends a replacement flap for your door. 

The Magnador Replacement Magnets for doors come in white or bronze to match the existing color of your Magnador Pet Door frame. The door magnets are available in size small for the Mini and Mag I models (1 set of magnets included) and size large for the Mag II model (2 sets of magnets included). Heavy-duty magnet strength is available to increase insulation and protect against stronger winds. Keep in mind that the heavy-duty magnets will make the flap of your doggie door harder for your pet to open, so make sure you are confident your pet is strong enough to push through before purchasing.

Please Note: In newer models of the Magnador Pet Door, the magnets adhere to the frame with glue, which makes the magnets difficult to remove. Changing the magnets poses a risk of cracking the plastic frame. To avoid any damage, we recommend that you consider purchasing a new Magnador door when you need to replace the magnets in your door.

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Size Chart

Magnet Size Fits Pet Door
Small Magnador "Mini" and "Mag I"
LargeMagnador "Mag II"
 Magnet Colors Available - White, Bronze (very dark brown)

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove the old magnets from the frame.

Step 2: Before applying the super glue, make sure the dog magnets are properly aligned and attracting.

Step 3: Be sure to apply the correct magnet on the door panel. See the picture below.

How to install extra heavy duty or standard Magnador parts using glue


How many Magnador magnets are included with an order?

Order small for Mini and Mag 1 doors and receive 1 set. Order large for Mag 2 and receive two sets.

Will these magnets work on my sliding glass door or my kennel door?

These magnets are made of Magnador pet doors, so as long as your sliding glass pet door and your kennel door are from Magnador, they should fit.

Why are there multiple magnet strengths?

Extra large dogs can push open door flaps more easily, meaning that you can have a tighter seal on your dog flap. Smaller dogs and cats may be more timid or not as strong, so having gentler magnets on the dog and cat flaps would be better for them.

Do the magnets make my door more energy efficient?

Technically, yes. But the Magnador pet door is not made for extreme weather conditions. If you want a weatherproof dog door, you can check out the Ideal Pet Products Ruff weather series or the Petsafe Freedom storm door. Some sash window pet doors have microchip pet doors that are also extremely weather resistant.


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