Magnador Dog Doors for Doors & Kennels

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  • Economical pet door choice for a variety of installation types
  • Choose between standard and heavy-duty magnet strength depending on your climate
  • Rigid flaps are designed to resist chewing
  • Works as a kennel door or cat door
  • Available in white and bronze (very dark brown)

The Lakeside pet doors' Magnador dog door is a cost-effective, simple solution to provide your pets with easy access to and from the yard. These pet doors are ideal for doors and kennels to travel with your pet with ease, but can also be used for lanais, dog houses, or screen porch enclosures. The frame shown in the pictures includes the entire dog door. There is not a decorative frame for the other side - you have the option of finishing the other side as you please. Wherever you plan to install the pet door, make sure to properly frame out the area in order to prevent any water intrusion.

Available in small, medium, and large, the Magnador pet doors are designed to accommodate both dogs and cats. There are also two types of magnet strength, standard or heavy-duty. Heavy-duty magnet strength is recommended for areas prone to heavier winds and weather, as they help improve insulation and weather resistance. Please note that increasing the magnet strength may prevent cats from being able to share the large size with larger pets due to the increased resistance; if this is the case, then we recommend the standard magnet strength.


  • Chew resistant, polypropylene flap
  • 2-way locking system (in only or out only)
  • Standard magnet strength suits temperate climates. Upgrade to heavy-duty magnets for rougher weather
  • Available in white or bronze (very dark brown)
  • Sizes come in sizes small to large


  • Easy swinging panel for pets to learn how to use
  • Quick installation for a variety of situations
  • Saves you from letting the pets in and out all-day
  • More chew resistant than common flexible flaps

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame Dimension
Small6" w x 8" h6 5⁄8" w x 9 5⁄16" h7 7⁄8" w x 10 1⁄2" h
Medium11" w x 13" h11 7⁄16" w x 14" h13" w x 15 5⁄8" h
Large13" w x 19 3⁄4" h14 1⁄2" w x 22 7⁄16" h16 7⁄8" w x 23 3⁄4" h


Do not know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out.

Replacement Parts include Flaps, Hinge Pins, Magnet Sets, Outer Frames and Locking Knob sets.

Additional Information

Frame Material


Flap Material


Flap Thickness


Warranty Period

1 year

Return Period

90 days (except for custom height ranges)

Your Maximum Pet Size

Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs

Climate Suitability

Temperate-3 Season, Mild or Utility

Flap Design

Single, One Part, Rigid, Thin Flap

Ability to Lock Flap

Basic (2-way Lock)

Can Be Installed In

Kennel Wall, Polycarbonate, Plywood or Other Thin Material, Solid Core Door

Award Winning Design


Sealing Value


Wind Resistance

Average, Low

Replacement Flaps Available


Insulation Value


Installation Instructions

Step 1: Check the installation location to make sure there is nothing that will obstruct the flap’s ability to swing freely.

Step 2: Set the height of the pet door opening according to the shoulder height of your tallest pet. Make sure the pet door will be installed on a flat surface.

Step 3: With masking tape, place the template against its exact installation location.

Step 4: Mark the screw positions and the four corners on the template with a pencil.

Step 5: Draw a line to connect all 4 corner marks.

Please Note: The area inside the 4 corners will be cut out for the door.

Step 6: Drill four, 3/8" holes INSIDE of each corner of the cut-out area. Use a jigsaw to cut along the marked line which connects the four corners.

Step 7: Using the 1/8” bit, drill ¾” deep holes at each location marked from the template. Do not drill completely through the mounting area yet. These are “pilot” holes.

Please Note: The Rain Hood should be on the outside for maximum weather protection. Again, check that the door panel will swing freely through the cut-out area.

Step 8: Remove the 4 corner screws from the test fit, then remove the pet door from the mounting surface to apply a bead of caulk on the back surface of the door. The caulk should be between the raised lines.

Step 9: Re-install the Magnador by loosely twisting in the corner screws. Press against the mounting surface to flatten the caulk to provide a tight weather seal.

Step 10: Install the remaining mounting screws, but do not tighten.

Step 11: Check again for an unobstructed swing of the hinged door panel. If rubbing occurs between the frame and the panel, push the frame gently in an opposite direction that will reduce rubbing. Tighten the mounting screws.

Step 12: Tighten the remaining screws evenly to apply sufficient pressure on the caulk.


Magnador Features

Watch this video to see the best features of the Magnador Pet Door in action!

Magnador Display

We used to see this Magnador Display at Trade Shows 25 Years Ago!


Can I install this in a wall or kennel?

Yes. If you install this into a wall, make sure to seal the inside and sides of the wall to prevent moisture from entering. This door does not come in sliding panels.

Does this keep the cold and heat out?

This would not be the best door for keeping the heat or cold out. If you want something more insulating, we recommend the weatherproof Endura Flap.

Is the flap chew-proof?

It is chew resistant, but not quite chew-proof. To train your pets not to chew on the flap, we recommend rubbing a bit of vaseline and cayenne pepper on the flap.

What door thicknesses will this fit on?

You can install this on doors of any thickness because there is only 1 frame, as long as you properly frame out the openings. You can make the installation a close fit using caulk or a sealant.

Why is there no outside frame to this doggie door?

This is designed to be installed in any location at an affordable price. You can frame out the door yourself with wood or similar material for a more aesthetic look.

What colors does this come in?

This comes in white and bronze (very dark brown).

Will a cat be able to open this door?

It depends on what size you get and how determined your cat is, but we have heard of cats and small dogs having some trouble with the Magnador Pet Poor in size large, as it has heavy-duty magnets that are hard to push open. If you are concerned about keeping your cat in, we would recommend a electronic pet door instead.

Does this have a locking cover?

No, but there is a lock on the frame of the flap to prevent entry or exit. There are small locking knobs that you can position to lock the flap when needed.

Where can I get a replacement flap?

Check out our full selection of replacement parts.

Can I use a soft flap with this pet door?

Unfortunately, there is no soft flap replacement for the Magnador Kennel Door.

Can I interchange the magnets on this door from standard to heavy-duty?

It is possible, however, given the delicacy of the frame and installation method, changing the magnets between the two could be difficult and cause damage to the frame.

Is this a good for extra-large dog door in people doors?

The largest flap is 13" x 19", so it may not be the best if you have multiple dogs in different sizes sharing the same door.

I'm looking for a tough, weatherproof dog door. Is this what you would recommend?

This door is primarily for dog kennels and might not stand up to hard use like a heavy use large door would. We recommend the Hale Brand or the Endura Brand for great doors with sturdy construction, design built for constant use, and permanent magnets for tight seals.


Lakeside Products warrants to the original purchaser this product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required).

Specific exclusions from this warranty include damage caused by accident, improper installation or abuse, including damage caused by pets.

Lakeside Product’s maximum liability on any claim shall be no greater than the original purchase price of the product. Under no circumstances shall Lakeside Products be responsible for consequential damage resulting from the use or misuse of this product.

For warranty claims, please return defective product or part, including PROOF of PURCHASE DATE, freight prepaid, to Lakeside Products for repair or replacement.

Purchaser is responsible for return shipping and handling charges.

This warranty is the only warranty made by Lakeside Products and replaces any and all previous warranties.

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