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  • Replacement flaps for all Magnador pet doors
  • Available in white or bronze (very dark brown)
  • Comes in size small, medium, and large
  • Includes flap only, no additional dog door parts

Avoid replacing your entire pet door frame with these Magnador pet door replacement flaps. They feature the original, rigid polypropylene material for chew-resistance and heavy use. They are available in white or bronze (very dark brown) to match the frame. The replacement flap works for any of the Magnador pet doors—just make sure to order the correct flap size. Your Magnador dog door will be on its way to looking and working like new again!

Please Note: This purchase only includes the flap and not the accompanying hardware.  If your hinge pins are bent or damaged you will have to order those separately.

Need other Magnador pet door replacement parts? Take a look at our full selection of Magnador dog door replacement parts.

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame Dimension
Small6" w x 8" h6 5⁄8" w x 9 5⁄16" h7 7⁄8" w x 10 1⁄2" h
Medium11" w x 13" h11 7⁄16" w x 14" h13" w x 15 5⁄8" h
Large13" w x 19 3⁄4" h14 1⁄2" w x 22 3⁄8" h16 7⁄8" w x 23 3⁄4" h

Installation Instructions


Step 1: Remove the pet door from the door or wall.

Step 2: Use side cutters to cut away the top portion of one side. Cut 2” in and 2” down. On the Mag II door, make the cuts 3” in and 3” down.

Step 3: Slide the flap out to one side and remove the hinge pins by tapping outwards with a hammer. Do this carefully to prevent bending them.

Step 4: Lay the new flap into the frame, lining up the hinge pin holes on the flap with the frame. Tap the hinge pins back in.

Step 5: Remount the pet door.


How To Replace Magnador Flaps


Do I have to take out the entire outside door to install a new flap?

No, you can install the flap with simple tools and less hassle. The old flap can be removed while keeping the entire frame assembly untouched. Please see the "Videos" tab to watch a replacement.

What else comes with purchase?

Only one flap comes with this purchase. If you needed locking knobs or hinge pins for the installation, that can be purchased separately. There are two sizes for the Magnador pin hinges, the small dog or cat door hinge pin set or the large door hinge pin set. Both come with 2 pins.

How do I lock this?

The pet door itself has a two-way locking system to use if you need to control pet access. There is not locking cover specifically made for this product.

Can I place a different flap on this frame?

The original type of flap will have to be used again since flaps are not interchangeable between manufacturers.

I think I will need a frame soon, can I get that without buying an extra flap?

Yes, frames are sold individually when you need replacement as well. Additionally, an entire new unit can be purchased as well.

I am not sure my magnets are working anymore, did they lose their strength?

Magnets do not lose strength or holding power. If you find that your regular magnets are weak, there are heavy-duty magnets by Magnador which can replace your current magnets. These magnets are significantly stronger and can seal your flap tightly.

Is this a flexible flap?

No, this flap is made of rigid plastic that can withstand hard use. Once your pet pushes through, the flap will remain sturdy.

Is there a clear version?

At this time, there is no clear option for this assembly.

I need a heavier flap to keep it closed from the wind. Where can I purchase one?

Since different flaps cannot be used on this door, we recommend amending your magnetic strength. This will act the same way as a heavier flap, as it will keep the weather and high wind from entering your home by providing a close fit and increase the weight of the flap when your pet goes to open it.

Is this a good product for active pets?

A lot of different sized pets can use this item in a variety of situations. For active pets running through, we recommend making sure they will have enough room once it is installed to do so. Sometimes, when large pets run through the flap will hit the top of the frame. This is typically fine, however, this may occur if the door is installed too low. Active pets can still easily push through this opening.

Do you have brown replacement Magnador flaps?

Yes, the Magnador Replacement Flaps, which are manufactured in the United States, are available in Brown and White.


Lakeside Products warrants to the original purchaser this product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required).

Specific exclusions from this warranty include damage caused by accident, improper installation or abuse, including damage caused by pets.

Lakeside Product’s maximum liability on any claim shall be no greater than the original purchase price of the product. Under no circumstances shall Lakeside Products be responsible for consequential damage resulting from the use or misuse of this product.

For warranty claims, please return defective product or part, including PROOF of PURCHASE DATE, freight prepaid, to Lakeside Products for repair or replacement.

Purchaser is responsible for return shipping and handling charges.

This warranty is the only warranty made by Lakeside Products and replaces any and all previous warranties.

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