RCR Easy Screen Pet Door

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  • Economical dog screen door for windows or doors
  • Installs easily onto existing door or window screen
  • PVC outer framing and plastic flap
  • Perfect for both cats and dogs
  • Includes a 2-way lock

If your pet constantly claws or puts pressure on your screen door or window when they want in or out of your home, the RCR Easy Screen Door is cost-effective and a great product for preventing further wear and tear and for giving your pet's access to come and go at will.

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  • PVC outer frame snaps onto your existing screen for an easy installation.
  • Easy for your furry friends to see through.
  • Available in small (8" w x 10" h) for cats and very small dogs.
  • 2-way sliding lock to prohibit use when needed.


  • Eliminates the need to leave the screen door/window open.
  • Prevents pet-induced wear and tear on the screen material.
  • Allows full use of the screen door.
  • Grants pets the freedom to go in and out of the doggie door as they please.

Size Chart


Flap SizeFlap Dimension
Small8" w x 10" h


The width of your pet’s shoulders should not exceed the flap width. The top of the frame should be mounted to slightly exceed their shoulder height. Make sure to measure your pet prior to purchasing.

Additional Information

Frame Material


Flap Material

Plastic Framed Screen

Warranty Period

2 years

Return Period

30 days

Your Maximum Pet Size

Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs

Flap Design


Ability to Lock Flap

Basic (2-way Lock)

Can Be Installed In


Screen Support

Clamps to Screen

Installation Instructions


RCR Gateway Pet Door


Can you lock the door?

There are small slide lock tabs that you can slide in to close it off. You will need to detach the locking tabs from the top of the flap, then insert them in the slot that connects the flap to the frame. Or you could just close the window or door to prevent the flap from opening.

Is the flap size okay for my cat to use?

They should be able to use the small size flap as a cat flap.

Would I have to replace my screen?

Not usually, as it goes on your existing screen. The exception to this would be if you had a hole in the screen already.

Can it be installed in a window screen?


Can I install this myself?

If you are somewhat handy, it should be a DIY project. However, it does involve removing the door screen frame and trimming the screen mesh.

Does it come in other colors?

We only have the black, but you can paint it.

Is this ok for a large dog?

If your large pet is less active it can work, but it is not the most heavy-duty. If you were looking for a more durable installation then check out the Hale Screen Mount, or some of our other screen-related products.

Do I have to screw this into my frame?

Nope, that is what makes the installation easier than other pet doors because you do not need extra installation pet supplies.

Will this work on thicker pet screen?

Yes, it can, but you might need to pre-punch the holes for the pins that attach the frame together and use adhesive or screws as well. This will keep the door insert from falling off your sliding screen door.

What is it made of?

The frame is made of PCV instead of plastic, and the pet door flap itself is a plastic pet door.

What is the largest doggie screen door made by RCR?

They have two sizes. The Large size is 12"w x 16"h and the Medium is 8"w x 10"h.


RCR Two Year Limited Warranty

We guarantee a product free of manufacture defects. Photos of a defective product can be sent to and a free replacement will be shipped at no charge.

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