Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover


  • Steel dog door locking cover with lock combination
  • Provides peace of mind at night and when away from home
  • Keeps out intruders
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit a wide range of pet door brands and models
  • Installs on doors and walls

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Price From: $240
Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover
Showing the Watchdog Security cover. This product offers supreme security against intruders.

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  • Steel dog door locking cover with lock combination
  • Provides peace of mind at night and when away from home
  • Keeps out intruders
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit a wide range of pet door brands and models
  • Installs on doors and walls
Watchdog Security Locking Cover Fitting Chart
Manufacturer Flap Size Flap Dimension Outside Frame Dimension
Listed below are the various pet door manufacturers that the Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover will accommodate.  Please see below to find out if your pet door fits within our current sizes.
"Large" Flap Size - Interior Flap of 11 X 17 1/2 with an Exterior Frame of 15 1/2 X 21 1/2 and 5/8" Depth
Ideal "Original"Extra Large10-1/2" X 15"12-1/2" X 18"
Ideal "Original"Large9" X 15"10-1/2" X 18-1/8"
Ideal "Draft-Stopper"Medium6-5/8" X 11-1/4"8-1/2" X 13-1/4"
Ideal "Draft-Stopper"Extra Large10-1/4" X 15-3/4"12-1/4" X 17-1/8"
Ideal "Deluxe Aluminum" Extra Large10-1/2" X 15"11-3/4" X 17-1/2"
Ideal "Ultra Flex"Medium6-5/8" X 11-1/4"8-5/8" X 13-5/8"
Ideal "Ultra Flex"Extra Large10-1/4" X 15-3/4"12-1/4" X 17-3/8"
Endura FlapMedium8" X 15"11-1/2" X 20"
PetSafe Wall Entry AluminumMedium9-5/8" X 14-3/8"12-3/4" X 17-1/2"
PetSafe Wall Entry AluminumLarge11-7/16" X 18-1/16"14-3/4" X 21-1/2"
PetSafe FreedomLarge10-15/16" X 17-5/8"12-3/4" X 19-5/8"
PetSafe Plastic & ExtremeLarge15-1/8" X 26-13/16"12-5/8" X 20"
PetSafe ClassicLarge10" X 15"12-3/4" X 18-3/4"
PetSafe Quick FitMedium8" X 11"12-1/8" X 17-1/2"
PetSafe UltimateLarge10-3/8" X 15-3/4"15-1/2" X 21"
Pet-CorpLarge11" X 16-3/8"14-1/4" X 20-3/8"
HaleMedium8-1/2" X 12-1/2"11-9/16" X 15-3/8"
HaleTall Medium8-1/2" X 16"11-9/16" X 19-1/16"
HaleLarge11" X 16"  14-1/16" X 19-1/16"
"XLarge" Flap Size - Interior Flap of 12 X 24 with an Exterior Frame of 16 1/2 X 28 and 5/8" Depth
Endura FlapLarge10"X 19"13-9/16" X 24"
PrideLarge11-1/2" X 17"15-1/2" X 19-3/4"
HaleTall Large11" X 19-1/2"14-1/16" X 22-9/16"
Hale Tall Large +11" X 23-1/2" 14-1/16" X 26-9/16"
PetSafe Quick FitLarge10-1/2" X 14-1/2"15-3/4" X 23-1/4"
"XXLarge" Flap Size - Interior Flap of 16 X 26 with an Exterior Frame of 20 1/2 X 30 and 5/8" Depth
Endura FlapExtra Large12" X 23"15-5/8" X 28"
PetSafe FreedomExtra Large14-7/16" X 25-1/8"16-3/8" X 27-1/4"
PetSafe Plastic & ExtremeExtra Large15-1/8" X 26-13/16"16-1/8" X 27-1/2"
PetSafe UltimateExtra Large13" X 18-3/4"18-3/4" X 23-3/8"
PetSafe ClassicExtra Large13-3/8" X 23"16-1/4" X 27-1/4"
PrideExtra Large14-1/2" X 19-1/2"18-3/4" X 22-3/4"
Ideal OriginalSuper Large15" X 20"18" X 24"
Plexidor Large11-3/4" X 16"16-1/2" X 19-1/4"
Pet-CorpExtra Large14-1/8" X 23-5/8"17-1/2" X 27-1/2"
HaleExtra Large14" X 19-1/2"17-1/16" X 22-9/16"
HaleExtra Large +14" X 23-1/2"17-1/6" X 26-9/16"

Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover

Worried about the security of your pet door? Haven’t gotten one due to the risk of intruders? Having a secure dog door is something to consider when investing in a pet door. Watchdog eases these doubts with their steel security dog door cover. Designed with 12 gauge steel and a combination lock with 10,000 code options, your pet door will no longer be an easy point of entry for intruders. This durable dog door security cover is a great investment in security, ensuring that pet owners have peace of mind with their newly improved high security dog doors.


  • Use the size chart to determine if your brand and size of pet door correspond with the dog door security barrier. Most pet doors purchased in the US are compatible.
  • Choose the side from which the security door will open.
  • Left: hinges on the left side of the door
  • Right: hinges on the right side of the door
  • Select whether you are installing this in a wall or a door, as the provided bolting hardware varies for each application.
  • Mounting the security door on the exterior side of the pet door is recommended for walls and steel doors, avoiding any clearance issues. Because exterior walls are made out of more durable material, it improves the overall safety of your pet door.
  • Installs on either side for hollow core doors.
  • When unlocked, the door removes from the hinges to allow unrestricted access for your pets. When closed, the hinges lock into place on the steel frame.
  • Combination lock is set by you. Make sure to choose a combo you will remember!
  • Comes in white: finished in a durable, powder coating.


  • Gives peace of mind at night, on vacation, or any time you are away from home
  • Especially helpful if you have a very large dog door
  • Keeps intruders out
  • Prevents break-ins
  • Locking combo is easy to set and use
  • Sturdy and reliable

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • At Least Robbers Will Have a Challenge! review by Jeanne
    5 5 At Least Robbers Will Have a Challenge!

    I'm convinced that if your home is a target of robbers, they'll find a way to get in, regardless of our best efforts to stop them. However, I've now bought two of these pet door security doors. One is on the "inside" of the pet door in my closet so that I do not have to go outside to lock it...I'm very confused as to why they instruct us to place the lock on the outside to begin with...maybe I'm missing something... The second one is on an interior door from my closet to the bedroom, so that I don't have to leave the closet door open, and so that if someone does manage to get through the first security door, they will have more problems getting through the second security door. Perhaps I'm overdoing it, but I love these doors! And they are easy to install and use.

    (Posted on 9/30/2018)

  • Excellent Security Door review by Brandy
    5 5 Excellent Security Door

    This is an exceptionally well made security door. it is made of steel and the slide bolt is very secure. The only issue I had was in the shipping that seemed to get stuck with FEDEX no fault of the vendor.

    (Posted on 2/14/2018)

  • worth the investment review by Frederick
    5 5 worth the investment

    Just looking at it you know this is a quality security cover. Way stronger than the standard pet door and really easy to use.

    (Posted on 12/5/2017)

  • Exactly what we were looking for review by Larry
    5 5 Exactly what we were looking for

    This combination lock cover definitely gives us peace of mind when we are gone on vacation. We have a very large dog (who is probably as threatening as a baby bunny), so it's great that we can lock it at night to keep intruders out.

    (Posted on 12/2/2017)

  • excellent product review by Jackie
    5 5 excellent product

    (ed. note: Published Jan 19, 2016)

    My Lab can come and go as he wishes and if he and I are gone for the weekend I can securely lock the doggie door

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Just what we wanted review by SQ_4DOGS
    5 5 Just what we wanted

    (ed. note: Published Dec 7, 2014)

    This door is high quality and provides the security we need when we are not home and want our door locked. Our pets are large, so it makes me feel safe to know I can lock the pet door at nights or when away to keep possible intruders out.
    There was a part that needed replacing, and the mfr replaces quickly at no cost. That was excellent customer service from Pet Doors and the mfr. We reommend this door.

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • The best dog door ever! review by AJ
    5 5 The best dog door ever!

    (ed. note: Published Jul 17, 2014)

    I love this dog door! It is exactly what I needed. I have the XXL size and I love that no one can just put a foot through the opening to get in. I have had the plastic and aluminum doors and are all easily gotten through and they fell apart after about a year.

    This door is solid! Super easy to install, and you will sleep easier knowing it's between you and whatever is outside.

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Excellent Product review by Ron - California
    5 5 Excellent Product

    (ed. note: Published Jan 14, 2014)

    We had been concerned for the security of our home due to the doggie door and its plastic cover not being a great deterrent to thieves. We were fortunate to find the Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover and wow, what a great product. Not only is it indeed built well, it is secure and it is literally easier to use that the sliding plastic that just went into the slots around the doggie door itself. It fit perfect over our existing PetSafe flap – after using the Watchdog sizing chart to make sure it would before we ordered the security door – was easy to install and it also looks a lot better on the door than just the plastic doggie door itself; a bit of improved decor. And it is easy to use the lock and bolt. In addition to a great product, I contacted Watchdog once I received the security door with follow-up questions related to installation. I contacted them both by phone and follow-up e-mail - their service is simply outstanding – great service, prompt and cordial response and follow up, and a sincere desire to make sure we were completely satisfied. An outstanding product backed by outstanding service! We are really happy with the security door and with Watchdog as a company.

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Great Product! review by Kim
    5 5 Great Product!

    (ed. note: Published Dec 9, 2013)

    Great product. Purchased the largest size and installed it on a door with the access panel facing out. From ordering and delivery to installation, everything was a breeze. It's a great investment in security

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Excellent review by Jeff
    5 5 Excellent

    (ed. note: Published Jul 27, 2013)

    Very pleased. It was easy to install. It is made of heavy steel and feels very secure. I recommend it without reservation.

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover review by The Hales - Phoenix, AZ
    5 5 Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover

    (ed. note: Jul 21, 2013)

    We love our Watch Dog Security Pet Door! We travel quite a bit and take our pets with us. We feel very secure knowing that our Watch Dog Security Door is in place and securely locked. It's easy to operate, strong and esthetically appealing!
    The Hales - Phoenix, AZ

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Love it! review by Michele - Phoenix AZ
    5 5 Love it!

    (ed. note: Jul 7, 2013)

    I love my new watchdog security door! I now feel better when my grandkids come over that they won't be going through the doggie door. I would recommend this even for when someone goes out of town and takes their pets with them so they feel the home is more secure. I've actually had neighbor kids come over when I'm not home and sneak in the doggie door and take items they liked home before. This will insure the security of my home when locked.

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover review by Kristi M - Phoenix
    5 5 Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover

    (ed. note: Published Jul 1, 2013)

    I have spent years fiddling around trying to slide the plastic door up and down over our pet door so our family and pets were safe inside the house every night. I never felt truly safe as I knew that flimsy piece of plastic could easily be kicked in. The Watchdog Security Pet Door Cover takes 2 seconds to swing shut and locks securely. I feel completely safe through the night knowing that an animal or intruder can not possibly enter our home through our new steel security doggy door!

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

  • Watchdog Security Pet Door review by Laura V
    5 5 Watchdog Security Pet Door

    (ed. note: Published Jul 1, 2013)

    I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in the purchasing and installation of your product. You really went above and beyond with sending the masonry drill bit! I have just installed the door and I must say I am tickled pink. It looks outstanding! Plus, it was super easy to install (even with a 90lb lab in front of my face the whole time). I have left a review on your site, but just in case you can use them I have attached a before and after photo. I still need to caulk around the edges (it is raining today so will have to wait) but it is such an improvement! Thank you again!!!
    Take care-Laura V

    (Posted on 4/27/2016)

Weight 3.0000
Manufacturer Watchdog Security
Fit Any wall mount or door mount dog door
Warranty Period 1 year
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Watchdog Security Locking Cover Video

Installation in a Door:

1. Take the WatchDog Security Cover off the frame of the pet door. This will make measuring and installing it easier.

2. With a pencil, draw a line on the top of the WatchDog Security Cover on the centerline

3. Draw a line of the centerline of your existing pet door. You will line this centerline with the centerline mark you previously made on the WatchDog Security Cover.

4. Draw a line at the center of the side of the WatchDog Security Cover

5. Draw a line at the center of the side of your existing pet door.

6. Match all the marks made on the WatchDog Security Cover and your existing pet door.

7. Check if your existing pet door is level by using a level. If the pet door is level, you can use it to level your WatchDog Security Cover. If your pet door is not level, you may need to adjust it so that the door openings line up to each other.

8. Place your WatchDog Security Cover above the existing pet door. Be sure that the centreline markings made previously on the WatchDog Security Cover and the pet door line up with each other. These markings will be used again later.

9. Use the pet door to slide the WatchDog Security Cover up to the side of the pet door and move it up until the lines you have made on the side and in the middle of each door line up. Make new marks on the door to line everything up.

10. Use the marks you previously made, square up the pet door. Then, use the pencil to mark the screw hole on the top corner of your WatchDog Security Cover

11. Remove the door and drill the correct size hole where marked. The size of the hole will depend on application of fasteners

12. Install the tamper resistant screw with the included bit. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE HOLES until all screws are in place.

13. Level the door and repeat steps #9, #10, #11 mark, drill, and temporarily install upper corners with the tamper resistant screws.

14. Now mark both bottom holes, remove door, and drill the bottom two holes.

15. Place the door back in and place the screws in the screw holes, loosely tightening them

16. Firmly tighten the screw hardware (apply thread-lock adhesive) to complete the installation


Using the Combi-Bolt: Changing your combination

Determine your new code before starting to change the combination.

Set the dials to the manufacturer combination of 0-0-0-0.

Step 1: To begin changing the combination, lift the handle up and then fully slide it back. The finger grip will slide down into a notch when it is all the way back. The combi-Bolt is now in change mode

Step 2: Turn the dials to a new combination that you will remember.

Step 3: Lift the handle up and then slide the bolt forward completely. The Combi-Bolt is now out of change mode. The combination on the dials is now the new unlocking combination

*Do not forget the code as there is now way to reset the locking code without the current code. We recommend writing down the code and storing it in a safe place


Click below to expand:

We recommend using this steel security door cover in addition to a pet door, for its intended purpose. If you were to use this as a pet door, the door would have to be open all the time to allow your pet access. Thereby permitting the outside air and critters to enter your home.

When you select your optimal opening direction, this is referring to where the hinges are when you are outside looking at the door. 'Left' means the hinges are on your left when you are outside.

The manufacturer actually suggests it be bolted to the outside of your door or wall installation. The bolts cannot be removed from the outside, and a potential intruder would be confronted with a barrier immediately. However, although it is not ideal locking covers can be mounted on the inside if there is no room on the exterior.

This cover will go over your existing pet door frame. It will be bolted to your wall/door. The cover's frame will depend on how large your dog door is, so be sure you have extra room on all sides of the frame.

You may have to do some caulking or recessing in order to get the screws installed securely in order for this work. We would suggest contacting a contractor for assurance.

Unfortunately, this item only comes in white. However, the polished finish makes it easy to paint over in order to fit your home's aesthetic.

No, this cover locks manually. When you go out of town or need to lock it in the night, you would need to go outside and do so.

Yes! You will need your existing code in order to set a new code. There is no other way to unlock your steel cover if you forget the code. Keep it written down, in a safe place.

There are not doors that are better to use with this cover. This steel guard actually accommodates more than one brand of doors, so it would perform the same on the doors listed in the size chart.

This cover will ship separately, in a different box than a pet door you purchase with it, if you do order additional items. The reason being, this item is in a different warehouse.

You can use this as a cat door cover as well, it just might be quite a bit larger than necessary. Most customers don't use them for cat doors though because the door is too small for any person to actually fit through

A pet door with lock mechanism is common. Depending on the manufacturer some are designed only to keep the dog inside others are more secure. For the ultimate pet door security we recommend the Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover.

It fits over the frame of the pet door and is securely screwed in the door or wall. You need to choose a Watchdog that is larger than the outside frame dimension of your pet door.

It is installed with bolts that can't be removed from the outside.

No, these are specifically meant to be used on doors or walls.

The best doggy door security option is the Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover. It is a separate locking cover with a combination lock.

The Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover it the best option. As the name implies it is made of steel and has a combination lock that you set to deter anything from getting in.

Yes, the Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover is the most secure way to lock your pet door.

Yes, you can install a separate Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover. It fits over your existing door, is made of steel and has a combination lock.

Yes. It is a steel frame and door secured by a combination lock that you set the code.

You can secure dog doors for large dogs with a Watchdog Stell Security Pet Door Cover.

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