What if pets were closer to us than we thought? It's thumbs up day for pets!

If Pets Had Thumbs Day

We begin the new month of March on a light hearted note, by enjoying the company of our friends, family and even pets! On the 3rd of March, we have “If Pets Had Thumbs Day”, and we can only imagine the humor we can get out of the thought of that.  

We can speculate what our dogs would do all we want, but having our dogs around we took this golden opportunity to ask them just what they would do if they had thumbs for a day:

  • Louie:  “I would finally be able to hold a hairbrush myself!  As amazing as all these gorgeous curls are I get little things stuck in them all the time and the upkeep is constant.  You may not think so, but being the cutest little ball of Velcro does have it’s downsides.  Although I do have to say it would make it much easier to abscond with all the office toys.  I use my mouth now, but I don’t know where those toys have been half the time which is why I just do not like letting them out of my site.”
  • Thanos:  “It would be so nice to just be able to hold a hand while taking long walks on the beach.  Maybe being able to use them to pick some pretty wild flowers for a nice centerpiece.  I could finally hold a pen to properly journal my thoughts, that would be so therapeutic.  See the thing is that sometimes I think people misunderstand me and really I just want people to know the real me.  I mean is that too much to ask?”
  • Mikey:  “Well the truth is I have you all fooled!  I run around the office with my tongue sticking out all ‘derp’ and you think I am cute and funny with my sometimes dopey expressions.  However humans I have awaited this day for reckoning for years!  Now present me with my thumbs and will see to it you are put into the decent people kennels.  Now to take over the world!  Muah ha ha!….Wait what do you mean it was just theoretical and we don’t really get thumbs.  Oh, well carry on then.”
  • Effie:  “Um, I don’t need thumbs I have servants that take of such manual peasant work.  Although I do think Louie’s hairbrush comment has some merit.  And holding a mirror would be lovely.”
  • Tonks:  “Everything I would do everything, oh man that would be so awesome!  First I would…wait did you hear that, it sounded like a kitty meow.  Oh never mind it’s gone now, ok so first I would…wait what’s that shiny thing over?  Oh sorry, what were you saying?…Gotcha the thumbs thing, so I would…does anyone else smell bacon?”

Not only have people tried to imagine this, but they have compiled multiple videos of owners putting their dog to the test, and making quite a hilarious video out of it! If you are a fan of impractical humor then take a minute to sit back and watch as these dogs act as if they had opposable thumbs and can do everyday human tasks.

What a better way to start the day or even your month, with laughter and a video of dogs doing things that seem so simple to many of us, like eating and drinking.

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