Happy St. Patrick's Day!

All is green and good in March! St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to celebrate with your pets. This is the chance for you and your pet to dress up and have fun! Bandanas, hats, and tutu’s are great options for a good look. Our friend Loki likes to get in the spirit with his green bead necklaces. this puppy is ready to view the other st patricks day pet images

For a fun and safe holiday, if you plan to color your pet, make sure the color is not toxic and will not stain their fur (best to look into dye’s made especially for animals). Additionally, we always recommend getting your pet ready early enough to get used to their costume. This is so they can become comfortable with the costume and you’ll know quickly if they look good or not!

Why should dogs have all the fun? There are plenty of options for enthusiastic St. Patrick's Day Cats! Try out a St. Patrick's cat costume (a hat and bow tie should do it). Just make sure to keep it comfortable for your kitty!  

Be on guard for green colored food as well. It may look fun, but always check whether it is safe for your pet to consume. As always, pets should remain sober. Please watch your drinks if you have any, and keep them a safe distance and height from your furry friends. 

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day we've pulled up some adorable images of Irish dog breeds pictured below. One of my personal favorite dog breeds from Ireland is the Kerry Blue terrier. They are known for their beautiful blue coats and intelligent, alert disposition. They started off as a farm dog breed in Ireland and today are wonderful family pets.

The Irish Setter breed was developed in Ireland in the 1700s by crossing and Old Spanish Pointer with the early Scottish setters breed. The name for this Irish dog breed comes from the Gaelic term "Madra Rua," which translates to "red dog." They were primarily bred for hunting purposes with a keen sense of smell and quick reactions.

Whether you put them in a hat or full green tuxedo, show your pup off this St. Patrick's Day! Loki cannot be the only St. Patrick's Day dog…

We hope you enjoyed these St. Patrick's Day pet images and we would love to see how you celebrate with your pet! You can email us your pictures of your pets in their holiday gear.

Tag us on Instagram and use #green4petdoors for the chance to have your St. Patrick's Day dogs featured on our social media!  Comment below your ideas for what Loki should wear next. Be sure to stay up to date with us as we have luck coming your way soon…

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