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Top 5 Benefits of a Pet Door

Have you ever considered getting a pet door for your dog or cat, then decided against it? Why? Some of the concerns of installing a doggie door involve security of the home against intruders or damaging a rental home. Pet doors have come a long way since they were first commercialized in the 1950’s, and there are now temporary options that can fit in a sliding glass door or window. Of course, you must have a safe, enclosed yard for your pets. Safety of your beloved furry family members always comes first!

1. Health

It is not a good idea to refrain from urinating for long periods of time. Doing so invites urinary tract infections, which can lead to bladder infection and beyond. Since our pets can’t talk we often don’t know anything is wrong until the infection has become more serious, and more painful. Allowing your dog to go outside and relieve themselves when the urge arises instead of waiting to be let out may help reduce this risk.

With the freedom to use a pet door throughout the day, pets can openly explore the outdoors. This keeps pets mentally stimulated and alert. Often pets cannot receive proper exercise by solely staying indoors, so running about in wider, open spaces ensure that pets will stay fit and trim.  A little fresh air and sunshine doesn’t hurt either!

2. Pet Behavior

One of the biggest struggles of keeping pets in your home is potty training. Even the best dogs and cats have accidents, which can be incredibly inconvenient and frustrating as a pet parent. Imagine your dog having to go potty when no humans are in sight. They know that going inside will make you very upset, but cannot hold it any longer! That is extremely stressful.

Most pets, especially puppies or kittens, need extra attention and activity or they can become easily bored. Boredom in pets can lead to behavioral disobedience, such as chewing or scratching household furniture. The outdoors is a space of great interest to many animals and therefore provides lots of opportunities to explore and stay occupied. Installing a dog door can relieve these stresses and add enrichment to a bored dog’s life, keeping your home in better shape!

3. Safety for Your Pet

In the past years, there has been the occasional news report on pet owners who leave their dogs outside during the winter or summer, and from neglect or forgetfulness on the owner’s end, the dog was severely injured or even died from the weather conditions. In other instances, there are areas where there may be snakes or other predacious animals outside of your home. No pet owner wants this to happen to their beloved pets and having a pet door can help solve any of these sorts of accidents (you’ll need an automatic locking pet door to keep outside animals out). From the inside, there have been instances where their people have had house fires, and their pets were trapped inside the house as the family escaped. Having a pet door increases the chances of survival for the pet in these circumstances.

But what about the security of my home?

When there may be a suspicious sound outside your home or even an intruder, your dog can be your first alarm in these sorts of situations. In other instances, there have been reports in the past of dog owners who have passed out or have had heart attacks, and their dogs were able to rescue them by alerting people outside of their homes to help. With a pet door, the easy accessibility of the indoors and outdoors for your dog can prove to be useful in dangerous situations.

All pet doors can lock, and some pet doors have very secure covers that you can use at night or when you are on vacation. These covers will make your pet door more secure than a window. Even if you have a big pet door, will a burglar really risk entering when a protective dog might be waiting for them inside? Electronic options are also available that will only open when your pet approaches the door using a type of collar key. Sureflap Microchip pet doors use your small pet’s embedded microchip as the “key”!

4. Convenience

You may have experienced this issue before or something similar: you’ve had a long day at work and you come home to go to bed, but keep getting woken up by your pet who wants to come in and out! Not only is this reducing your quality of life, but your pet’s as well. With a pet door, you will no longer need to be your pet’s doorman every time they need to go in, out, or back and forth. Every day, you probably walk back and forth many times to help your pet have access to the indoors or outdoors. Not only will you save time by having a pet door, but you won’t be woken up in the early morning hours to the sound of your dog wanting to get out!

5. The Condition of Your Home

If you’ve ever had a dog, you’d probably dealt with multiple accidents within your home that you’d much rather not deal with. If you plan on getting a puppy, or you have an older dog, you may know that they have a harder time controlling themselves when they need to go, which can cause you problems.

I’m sure some of you have experienced the problem of scratching from your dog when he can’t get out of a room. Not only does this damage the door the dog is scratching, but it can eventually hurt your dog as well if he does it for too long! This can especially be problematic if you live in a rental/lease, which will prove to be more costly when you eventually move out. In other instances, certain types of dogs will chew, scratch, or exhibit other negative behavior on furniture or other household items when they are not able to get access to the outside. All of these problematic types of behavior can simply be solved by getting a doggie door!

Now that you are convinced that you need a pet door…

Check out Petdoors.com to find the perfect one for you!

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Benefits of a Pet Door

  1. June Mulcahy

    I need a decent looking pet door for a miniature dachshund. It will be in my living room outside door, so I would like for it to be as unattractive as possible!

    Please help me.

  2. Scott Testory

    You have missed a major feature of dog doors having multiple pets. We have a dog and a cat, two interior doors and one out door. Two interior doors are used to separate the cats feeding room from the dog, and the basement from the regular house so the dog can be confined to the basement while the cat has free access to the rest of the house. So the feature is restricting access between pets that are different sizes

    1. Rachel Long Post author

      Hi Scott! You make an excellent point. That could be a topic of an entire blog! I have a cat door to my laundry room that keeps my litter-loving dog from breaking into the litter box, as well as offers the cats a little dog-free zone. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Suzan Sider

    What is the best cat door on glass door ? Not to be expensive . I need one to go from my frensh door to my screen purch

    1. Edgar Gonzalez

      French doors can be a bit tricky but there are a couple of options. If your door is single pane glass you would be able to cut through it, or have a professional do it, and install a sureflap which you can find here https://www.petdoors.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?limit=all&q=Sureflap+. Sureflaps have microchip tech that can be affected by the glass so they require a special adapter which you can find here https://www.petdoors.com/sureflap-microchip-pet-door-mounting-adaptor.html

      Another option would be a Hale Pet Door, there is a Through the Glass Option. For this you would have to remove a pane of glass from the door, and measure the size of the opening. You can find those here https://www.petdoors.com/hale-through-the-glass-pet-door.html.
      Additionally, Hale also offers custom Dimension pet doors which you can find here https://www.petdoors.com/hale-custom-dimension-pet-doors.html.

      If you need any more help, or have any more questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at customerservice@petdoors.com