Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million strays dogs and other companion animals enter dog shelters nationwide every year; 3.9 million of these animals are dogs! Unfortunately, these dogs don't all find homes and it is estimated that 1.2 million dogs in pet shelters are euthanized annually. That is about 31% of dogs that enter local dog shelters who never find their forever home! Wondering how to adopt a dog? Adopting a dog from a shelter is easy, and much less expensive than buying! Look up local pet adoptions near you to get started!

A little care goes a long way. First impressions are everything, even for dogs. How many dogs gets passed by at an animal shelter adoption because they do not look “cute” enough? Or were too scruffy looking? Here are some examples of rescues who were able to find their forever home despite their first impressions.


Charlie's Story:

Joey's Story:

Odin's Story:

The most recent addition to the PetDoors pack is an older dog that Loki's family has adopted! His name is Odin, and he has a great rescue story in honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Odin, from local dog shelters who help stray dogs

Odin has a Grade II heart murmur, had 13 teeth removed when he arrived to the shelter, suffered from a chronic ear infection and was covered in mats that made moving around uncomfortable. His mouth and ears hurt so much at first that he didn't want anyone touching his face! At 12 years young, he also suffers from some arthritis but that doesn't stop him! He was adopted on 9/11/2015 and has improved drastically! Check out this Miniature Schnauzer Mix's amazing transformation:

how to adopt a dog (like Odin), who was taken to one of many pet shelters

Watch his rescue and recovery story here: Loves Rescues

A majority of the office dogs at our company came from shelters. General, Hugo, Loki and Mav were all rescued! We love our rescued office dogs dearly! If you can’t adopt, there are other ways to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month as well. You can volunteer your time and love, or donate funds or items that shelters everywhere always need. Rescues often have fundraising events, which are fun to participate in while also helping out these wonderful organizations! If you have adopted your pet, we congratulate you on helping make this world a better place! Give your pooch a hug from us.

some of the lives saved by adopting a dog from a shelter

Fun facts about our rescues!

General: Relentlessly friendly, he will make sure you notice him so that you don't miss out on his daily love in the office!

Hugo: In his old age, he spends a lot of time relaxing at home. But when his human tells him that he gets to come to work, he runs to the door!

Loki: The brains of the pack, Loki knows tons of tricks and can even throw trash away into the trash can.

Mav: When Loki gets to the office, Mav spins in circles because he cannot contain his excitement. He even starts getting excited about going to work a couple blocks away from the office!

Shelters do so much to help save life and find loving homes for all kinds of animals. Here are some creative ways to show animal shelters your appreciation!

Our Rescue Benefit Program

At we strongly support the work of shelters and rescue organizations and all 

people who choose to save the life of a deserving pet. If you've found a lost dog who you think might be a stray, contact your local shelter so they can start working to place the dog into a forever home. Contact us about our Rescue Program and we can help you bring in extra donations for your local shelter! You can email

Share with us!

Do you have a great rescue story? Send us your story and a picture and we'll feature it on our social media accounts throughout the month of October! Send them to our Facebook account or email them to

If you're also a cat person (or just a pet person in general), check out our post about Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Find out how you can get involved with

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