Flaps for Fido Program Gives Back to Animal Rescues has created a program to benefit animal rescues called Flaps for Fido. When buying an Endura Flap Pet Door, the consumer receives a 10% discount on the product by mentioning a non-profit animal rescue organization. will donate a matching 10% of the original price to the mentioned rescue group! 

Flaps for Fido is a company filled with pet lovers. Launching a program to benefit animals in need was a no-brainer for CEO Nick Pullano. He said, “Loving dogs is a requirement to work at, since we have dogs running around the office all day. Several of the dogs we have are rescues, so it made sense to devise a way of giving back to animal rescues.” Flaps for Fido pet doors give both dogs and cats more freedom! How the program works:
  • Animal rescue non-profits sign up for the program Flaps for Fido
  • provides the rescue with online and print materials to promote Flaps for Fido to their supporters
  • Supporters of the rescue purchase a pet door at a discounted price from
  • Rescues receive their donations quarterly from
Success is seen when rescues add fliers to adoptions packets. A link to the program added to websites and sharing Flaps for Fido on social media help too! The key is letting people know that these savings are available to them. flaps for fido pet rescue benefit program

Endura Flap Pet Doors

The products in Flaps for Fido are the energy efficient Endura Flap Pet Doors. Made in the United States from start to finish, they are durable enough to boast a 15 year warranty. Magnets along the sides and bottom keep the flap sealed year-round, so even in windy conditions the weather stays outside! This is a great product, for a great cause.

Why a Pet Door?

rescue-pit-bull-goes-through-endura-flap-pet-doorPet doors are wonderful additions to any home with a secure enclosure for the pets. Adding a pet door allows your dog to use the bathroom whenever they need to, even if you're not there to open the door right away. Having access to the outdoors encourages your pets to exercise and can help minimize bad behavior resulting from boredom. If you have indoor only cats, you might like keeping the cat's litter box hidden in another room or cabinet. Using a cat door can help keep the litter smell contained while still letting your cat free access! You might also consider setting up an outdoor catio, a fully enclosed space for your cat to enjoy the sunshine without the risks of roaming freely.
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