Celebrate Adopt A Shelter Cat Month with PetDoors!

June is the beginning of summer, when summer love thrives. Looking for a companion? Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with your friends at We encourage cat adoptions as a way to bring more love and care into your home.

cat using electronic cat door


You are saving a life at the same time! We like to acknowledge and bring awareness to this topic as there are so many kitties around the world who need homes. If you have already adopted a cat or puppy, congratulations! If you are considering doing so, give it a thought and we hope you make the best decision.

Our company loves all those who do the most for animals. We have a rescue benefit program in place called Flaps for Fido. When you order a pet door through this site, you receive 10% off the item total. This discounted amount is given to a cat or animal shelter of your choice! We love to support our customers and their loved ones. Check out our program details and let us know if you have any questions!

New to cat adoptions? Shelter cats can be very comfortable outside, which is why it is beneficial for everyone’s peace of mind to give your new cat some freedom to the outdoors. We can offer different styles of cat doors to help you with this.

The Cat Mate 303 Door and Wall Liner offers maximum protection from the outside weather as well as smaller animals. The Cat Mate 221 is a larger option for doors. Add cat products to your home to help your new kitty adjust. We have everything from sliding doors to window installs.

Check out all your ‘just for cats’ selection of cat flaps and doors for more options.  Take a look at our graphic for fun facts about this cat month. If you're also a dog person (just a pet person, in general), you might want to take a look at our Adopt a Shelter Dog post! Find out how you can get involved with pet charities around the country!

Cynthia Herrera

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Cynthia Herrera

The Team is dedicated to providing the highest quality pet doors. As dog and cat lovers ourselves, we aim to write about the topics that matter the most to you and your furry friend. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team. 🐶🐱

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