Bug Off vs PetSafe: What is the Best Pet Screen Door?

Choosing a dog door for a screen door can be a very effective solution for getting your pets outside quickly and easily. However, with a wide range of options and styles for both sliding and hinged screen doors, which pet door should you choose?

We’re here to help! Read about two of the most popular pet door for screen door solutions: the Bug Off Pet Screen Door and the PetSafe Pet Screen Door.

Bug Off Pet Screen Door

pet and human walking through the Bug Off Screen Pet DoorThe Bug Off Pet Screen Door is a hanging mesh that installs on the outside of your sliding door frame. The major benefit of this product—and what separates it from the PetSafe—is that you don’t need to have an existing screen door. Instead, the product itself acts like a screen, keeping bugs out, while letting the breeze and your pets come and go.

The Bug Off also has an extremely simple installation. You simply place the spring tension rod up into your door frame and adhere the velcro to the door jamb. Fast, easy, tool-free installation in less than 5 minutes means that you can uninstall and reinstall at any time, a perfect option for renters!

Bug Off can work on french doors as well as regular doors, and is perfect for warm summer days, BBQ’s, and pool days. has the Bug Off for an affordable price, saving you money for treats, dog food, and pet toys!

PetSafe Pet Screen Door

The PetSafe Pet Screen Door is an inexpensive and flexible option for screens of all kinds. The pet door is suspended within the screen without attaching to the frame, meaning it can be installed in screen doors, pool enclosures, window screens, and much more.

the petsafe screen pet door for sliding screens or pool enclosuresUnlike the Bug Off, this product requires an existing screen mesh, but also allows for more flexible installation, allowing your pet access to the outdoors wherever they need it. The high impact plastic frame also gives more stability and security, with slide locks to keep your pet inside or out when necessary.

The PetSafe works best for smaller dogs and cats, but can be used by medium sized dogs as well. As always, we recommend measuring your pet before purchasing a pet door.

The PetSafe also has a simple installation thanks to a snap-on clamping frame, meaning all you need to install this door is a sharp knife.


Both products come at low prices to save you money, have simple installations, and give your pets easy access to your yard. Which one we’d recommend depends upon your home and lifestyle.

If you are renting, want a temporary pet door that you can remove at any time, and want a 5-minute installation, we recommend the Bug Off Pet Screen Door.

If you are looking for more flexibility in installation location, more security with locks and stability, and a traditional hands-free screen doggie door, we recommend the PetSafe Pet Screen Door.

Neither of these products work for you? Check out our full collection of Pet Doors for Screens, with options from some of the best brands in the pet door world.

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