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Here at we love our family of pet owners. Occasionally, we like to have fun and encourage participation and engagement between one another through dog and cat door photo contests.

Weiner X-ing!

Our most recent photo contest was an exciting race! For a while, it seemed participant #22 was keeping its early lead. However, participant #33 came in as a strong challenge. This photo featured a puppy accessing a CatHole door inside the house.

Making quite the entrance was participant #50, featuring Lola the Labrador coming in through her screen pet door with a tennis ball. Participant #33, with the puppy named Gibbs, overcame the struggle and kept the lead until the end with the most likes.

So if you have a cat and don’t want to let the puppy out either, take a note from Gibbs. A CatHole Pet Doors for Doors can do the job! In second place, the early leader participant #22 with the tail peeking out of the flap.

First, second, and third place winners for the contest using pet doors

Give your pets a comfortable lounge space like this with our Ideal Pet Products line. In third place came Lola and her tennis ball to close it out. Lola travels through her RCR Easy Screen Pet Door, great for small and large dogs to travel together.

Honorable mentions include participant #25 with a wiener dog crossing sign. We love to see this kind of unique and clean installs, especially when multiple dogs are going through these flaps! We hope those wieners are crossing just fine! We also received a photo of a Golden Retriever going through a window pet door. We hope this furry friend is safely popping in and out for more cute photos!


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