Earth Day for You and Your Pet

Once a year, there is a day dedicated to reminding us how lucky we are to live on such an amazing planet and that we should give back to our Earth in any way that we can. There are ways to pitch in that are both big and small! As pet owners, there are plenty of extra ways to contribute to a healthy planet that are simple and easy to accomplish. But why should humans do all the work? We think dogs can do their part, too! Did you know 75% of people admitted that they littered in the past 5 years? (according to "Litter It Costs You") Here is one of our office dogs, Loki, practicing to do his part in helping pick up litter from his favorite places: [embed][/embed]

Ways You Can Help

Want some other ideas on how to lessen your pet's carbon footprint? Here are some other ways you and your pooch can help!
  • Reuse old socks and towels to make toys and use as bedding for your dog! Your cat will probably enjoy these as well.
  • Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean up your pet's inevitable messes, try using a mixture of water and vinegar! It can kill mold and bacteria, helping eliminate those foul odors that your pet might leave behind.
  • Use biodegradable poop bags to help cut down on waste build up at landfills. And don't forget to clean up your pet's poop! Leaving it out can cause toxin build-up in the soil.
  • Consider switching to organic pet food, good for your pet and the environment!
  • Install a pet door that cares about the environment, like an Endura Flap, which uses a recyclable material for the flap instead of the typical vinyl material. It also helps to look for options that are made in the USA!
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Rachel Long

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