Easter Egg Hunting for Dogs

Spring is here! It's starting to warm up, which means more opportunities to take your dog to enjoy the outdoors! Easter is just around the corner, and one of the biggest Easter traditions is hunting for large plastic eggs filled with lots of sweets. Why should our dogs feel left out? No need for special dog Easter eggs, a well mannered dog can find and open plastic eggs without breaking the plastic and enjoy the adventure of the hunt just like the rest of us! Create your own DIY hunt, or search "Easter Egg Hunt for dogs near me" to join the fun! Aside from the game, this is a fun time of year to dress up and take adorable Easter portraits of your pets! Send us your photos of your pets dressed up for Easter! We’ll feature them on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages! Just email them to with the subject line “Easter Photos” for the chance to be featured!  Loki got to have an Easter Egg hunt last year at his grandparents' house! Check out how he opens eggs to get the treats that are inside: We found some other cute videos of dogs enjoying the game, too! If you're hosting your doggy egg hunt in a public space, make sure to be aware of dog park etiquette. It's always good to be aware of how your pet will interact with their surroundings and the fun activity at hand! Loki knows just how to get to the tasty goodies inside those eggs.  If you have dogs that do chew plastic can be dangerous for them, but you can still let them have the Easter hunting fun!  Here are some good alternatives: 
  • Use toys that you can stuff with treats to use as safer plastic Easter eggs alternative and hide those instead. Plastic easter eggs with treats in them will allow the scent to escape and hold up much better against dogs with destructive habits. You can find these toys locally or plan ahead and jump online.  There are many different levels for pups and some make it easier to get to the treats than others so take your dog's skill level into account. You want this to be fun for them and not so hard they get discouraged and give up.  
  • You can also go with just hiding their treats around the yard or house. Leaving them out can be a fun treat hunting game for dogs!
  • There are plenty of dog cookie and treat recipes online where you can make up some special doggie friendly items for the special occasion.  Just make sure to double check the ingredients will work work your dog’s diet.
Tips for a safe and happy egg hunt:
  • Make sure that the entire event is supervised and you keep an eye on your pets the entire time.
  • As we said before, if you have a chewer, avoid plastic eggs.
  • If you do use plastic eggs and not treats keep count and remember or take a notes if you have to on where you put them. So you can be sure that they find them all and don’t have a straggler that can be eaten without supervision as soon as you turn your back.
  • If you know you have one dog that gets treat or toy possessive leading to aggression then have a special separate hunt just for them.
  • Be patient with your dog if they are having a tough time locating the goods. You might have to take them around to every thing you have hidden, but that is just fine. This means more time bonding and playing with your furry pal, and who doesn’t want that!
  • Lastly, make sure that you clean up after your furry friend!
Remember, if you want to get in on the fun, just google "dog easter egg hunt near me" to join the community celebrations! Have a Happy Dog Easter! We got some of these good tips from dogster
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