Every Home Should Have a Cathole

the Cathole, the only cat hole pet door with brushes for room door with cat door

Catholes are small, "flap-less" doors intended for indoor use (generally in closet doors for easy access to a cat’s litter box in enclosed spaces, such as a laundry room or kitchen cabinet). A cat hole pet door is lined with bristles on the interior that help to remove the excess hair off your cat to minimize the need for personal grooming for cat owners, and to cut down time spent vacuuming, sweeping and lint rolling. Plus, the bristles double as an instant massage for your kitty as they walk through, making it one of the best multi-solution dog doors for small cats and large cats alike!    

What are the benefits of installing a cat flap and installing a Cathole?

Any person who has both cats and dogs likely understands the difficulty of keeping them separated when needed. The Cathole is the perfect solution for this issue. For instance, does your cat have a favorite closet they like to hide in? Install your Cathole to provide your kitty with a secret hiding space all to themselves...only your dog’s nose will get through! Not even a small dog will fit through the cathole’s cutout size. You can even install it into the drywall leading into your cat’s favorite room (this can be a little hard to DIY so you might want to hire a handyman).

Another benefit of a room door with a cat door is that you can keep the dog out of your cat food and litter.  Installing a Cathole in your house works perfectly if you’re a pet owner who wants to hide that ugly (and smelly) cat litter box from your guests. Cutting a little space in the door leading to the “litter room” (or to your kitty’s cat house) is the perfect solution for this problem. The Cathole comes in one size, so no need to fuss around with cat door dimensions, most cats will fit through the 4" x 6" opening easily!

multicolored cat eating popsicle

Alternatively, there are more economical cat doors that you can use if you prefer your kitty's door to have a flap. They might not have the added benefit of grooming the cat while they go through, but they are just as effective in giving your kitty private access to their food bowl and litter box, safe from your curious dog. If you have an outdoor cat who wants easy access to the outside, you can even invest in some of the best cat doors out there, including the Catmate pet door with a 4-way lock or the Sureflap microchip pet door.

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