If Pets Had Thumbs Day

We begin the new month of March on a lighthearted note, by enjoying the company of our best friends, family and beloved pets! March 3rd is National if pets had thumbs day. One can only imagine the wacky, high-quality humor to come out of a day all about dogs with hands!

If our dogs had thumbs, they could use the can opener to their own food themselves. Or they could wear mittens, start texting, share selfies on social media, thumb wrestle, and even hitchhike! It seems like it’ll be a thumbs up from dog owners and furry friends alike.

Mikey thinks dogs with hands are super funny - if dogs could talk, would they agree?

We could speculate what fido would do with thumbs all we want, but what do dogs say to this? What if dogs could talk? You're probably thinking: "if my dog could talk I would just ask them..." well, that's exactly what we did! Here are some direct quotes from our office dogs giving us the low-down on what life with thumbs would look like to them. 

  • Louie:  “I would finally be able to hold a hairbrush myself! As amazing as all these gorgeous curls are, the constant upkeep is a bit of a drag. You may not think so, but being the cutest little ball of Velcro does has its downsides. I do have to say, human thumbs would make it much easier to steal the office toys. I use my mouth now, but I don’t know where those toys have been half the time.” 
  • Thanos:  “It would be so nice to be able to hold hands during a long walk on the beach. Maybe being able to use them to pick up some shells along the way. I could finally hold a pen to properly journal my thoughts, that would be so therapeutic. I mean is that too much to ask?”    
  • Mikey:  “Well the truth is I have you all fooled!  I run around the office with my tongue sticking out all ‘derp’ and you think I am cute and funny with my sometimes dopey expressions. Now present me with my thumbs and we'll see to it you are put into the decent people kennels. Now to take over the world! Muah ha ha!....Wait what do you mean it was just theoretical and we don’t really get thumbs. Oh, well carry on then.”
  • Effie:  “Um, I don’t need thumbs I have servants that take care of such manual peasant work. Although I do think Louie’s hairbrush comment has some merit. And holding a mirror would be lovely.” 
  • Tonks:  “Everything... I would do everything, oh man that would be so awesome!  First I would...wait did you hear that, it sounded like a kitty meow.  Oh never mind it’s gone now, ok so first I would...wait what’s that shiny thing over? Oh sorry, what were you saying?...Gotcha the thumbs thing, so I would...does anyone else smell bacon?”dog with glasses wishes he were a dog with human hands

A dog with human hands is a rather enjoyable sight to imagine if you ask me. But why leave it up to imagination?! Many people have blessed the internet with videos of their dog eating at table with human hands. Let's check out Ginger, a dog eating with human hands! Take a minute this wacky holiday to sit back and watch as these dogs put their newfound opposable thumbs to use at the dinner table!

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