Meet Our New Office Puppies: Effie, Tonks, Louie & Max!

Hi there! Say hello to our new office puppies!


Dog friendly offices are the best! Here's Effie the office princess. Dogs in the workplace like Tonks get lots of treats! Louie enjoys the benefits of pets in the workplace and gets lots of pets Bringing dogs to work benefits Max, who gets lots of pets from employees

This year, our small San Luis Obispo-based company,, has seen a lot of growth and change. One way we grew was by getting four new adorable office puppies! Meet Effie, Tonks, Louie, and Max! We absolutely love having dogs at work, and actually think that dog friendly offices are better places to work. These little guys keep the energy high throughout the day for the office folk and for our older office dogs. We thought we’d let you all get to know the cutest, quirkiest, and cuddliest puppies from our team! (Skip to the bottom for a flurry of fun, fur-filled, and cute puppies pictures and videos!)

Dogs at work Effie and Tonks are a dynamic duo


First up is the dynamic corgi duo, Effie and Tonks! They were born a couple of weeks apart, and have been inseparable since! They came from different breeders, but are actually related! Effie is Tonk’s half-aunt! Whether Effie is more mature, however, is up for debate. Since Effie is technically older, she can go first...

Effie, The Princess

Effie the fluffy corgi cuddling with her loving mom Kelsey

Birthday: 02/07/2016 Astrological sign: Aquarius Birth place: Paso Robles, CA Age on first day at office: ~4 months old Favorite snack: Blue Wilderness Blue Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Puppy Treat Hobbies: This adorable loaf of fluff can’t resist chasing a laser dot when it dares enter her vicinity. Favorite hang-out spot: Effie is wherever the action is! If any dog is the princess of our family, it’s Effie! She knows that luscious fur and bodacious booties like hers deserve to be in the spotlight, and makes everyone aware of that fact. But she also knows everyone loves having her around and feeding her treats. Effie actually shares her birthday with her godmother, our very own Digital Marketing Specialist, Stephanie Wong! This is just one of four birthday twin pairs in our office (including Louie down below). It shows just how close we are with our pups! Effie’s favorite playmates are Maverick, Louie, and Loki.

Tonks, The Little Destructor

Tonks and her tongue - ready to lick at any opportunity

Birthday: 02/18/2016 Astrological sign: Aquarius Birth place: Los Osos, CA Age on first day at office: ~4 months old Favorite snack: Blue Wilderness Blue Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Puppy Treat Hobbies: Don’t leave your socks out unless you want to donate them to the Tonk’s Chew Toys Charity! Favorite hang-out spot: Tonks likes to stand guard right behind her mom, Kelsey’s, desk, ready to ward off intimidators, to cuddle, and to look cute enough to earn some delicious treats. Tonks gets the reputation of being angsty, especially compared to Effie the Princess and especially in her Darth Vader costume (photo below). She does like to nip at people’s shoes, ankles, and pants when playing around and being extra affectionate. She loves playing with Mikey and Max! Together, they help maintain our office black and white dog aesthetic.

Louie, The Carpet Dog

Louie tired from a long day at work at

Birthday: 10/12/2015 Astrological sign: Libra Birth place: San Diego, CA (Just like Cynthia and Paula!) Age on first day at office: exactly 11 months old Favorite snack: Blue Buffalo Basics Grain Free Salmon Hobbies: This little beanie baby of a puppy loves to go for walks, play fetch with his red ball, and relax in the evenings by watching T.V. in his dad’s lap. Favorite hang-out spot: Wherever Mikey is! When not playing with Mikey or the other dogs, Louie can be found in his man cave under his dad, Scott’s, desk. If Effie is the office Princess, Louie is the Little Prince of the office. He also shares his birthday with Olivia, one of our Jr. Web Developers and his godmother! Louie started out as quite the meek little gentlemanly dog of the office. And he still is, but the poodle in him has definitely started showing some attitude! Louie absolutely adores Mikey, and she feels the same! Louie spends most of his time playfully attacking Mikey or getting caught up in her legs (since he is half her height…see video below). He can be a little stubborn, but is always sweet and loves saying hello with cuddles in the mornings!

Max, The Runner

Max trying to look innocent. He loves to snuggle

Birthday: 06/24/2015 Astrological sign: Cancer Birth place: Laton, CA Age on first day at office: ~1 year 2 months Favorite snack: cheese of any kind or Wellness soft treats Hobbies: Running and galavanting around the dog friendly office, up and down every set of stairs he can find; giving out cuddles for everyone; nibbling ears; and sampling strawberries Favorite hang-out spot: Max is happy anywhere he can run! Max (a.k.a. The Runner) is the definitely the most active dog we have in the office. He spends his days running back and forth from one end of our office to the other, trying to rally the other dogs off of their dog beds and into some trouble. When he first came to the office, we actually had a few incidents Max would bolt into the connected warehouse when anyone opened the office doors just to run circles in there, hence the nickname. He always needs to be moving!

Cue the extraneous puppy videos and pictures!

Sometimes pictures of cute puppies isn't enough. You need to see them in action! Here are the corgis playing with Mikey and Maverick, two other dogs in the workplace, and then Louie playing with Thanos.

Companies that allow you to bring your dog to work are great! Max needs to rest after wreaking havoc on stuffed animals Check out these cute puppy pictures of the new office puppies! Enjoy some cute puppies videos and cute puppies pictures of our office pups Louie enjoying his luxurious bed and showing off! The corgi pups perfected the sad eyes and it's working! Tonks playing in Nick's office about to attack the camera Dogs in offices have a blast on holidays! Tonks in her Halloween costume Pictures of cute puppies to brighten your day! Here's Tonks as a puppy Puppy pictures cute Louie knows how to relax and soak up the sun while driving to the office Dog at office Louie has a new beanie bag toy for Halloween is a firm believer in the benefits of pets in the workplace, and that goes double for puppies! Thanks for reading! Comment on which office puppy you wish you could play with! To find out more about our older office dogs, check out the Office Puppy Diaries!

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