Office Puppy Diaries Volume 4: No Begging (Kind Of)

Dachshund weiner dog begging. Big nose camera angle closeup of dog.

Getting your dog not to beg during meal times is not an easy task. When they need something, begging behavior comes naturally. Like most training exercises, starting your dog on good behavior training is hard. Even more challenging, is the patience and consistency on your part. Obedience training takes a long time, but with enough attention and positive reinforcement, you can help your dog focus less on the human food on the dinner table and more on dog food in their food bowl. 

One veteran of our pack, Loki, is Rachel’s adorable dog and family member. Loki is a smart and enduring animal, but has developed quite a habit lately. He doesn't whine and he certainly hasn't picked up barking. He knows all the basic dog commands along with the trickiest of tricks. He knows he is not supposed to beg, but you can still catch this dog begging for people food ever so sneakily. Given his name, we are not surprised he has a few cunning tricks. (Check out Loki the God, often referred as a trickster in mythology, also in a few of those superhero Marvel movies).

His human took a video while she was eating. Take a look at him (kind of) following his dog training, (kind of) not begging for food, and (kind of) respecting her personal eating space… 

Is he begging? Is he not begging? The debate continues. Let us know what you think and whether Rachel should tell him something next time. It’s unclear when this started, but there’s a chance he may have been watching a few too many Jim Carrey movie scenes [embed][/embed] Does your dog do anything like this too? Let us know in the comments below! Catch them on camera and show Read another article about Loki and his friend here! We also have more articles in the Office Puppy Diaries Saga! Take a look at the next Office Puppy Diaries Volume 5: Nutrition.

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