Should I Buy a Storm Door Pet Door?

Storm doors are glass and metal doors that often go on the outside of a regular wooden door. Wouldn’t it be great if it had a dog door in it, to allow your pet to come and go without requiring you to push open the heavy exterior door every time?

Here, we’ll discuss Storm Door Pet Doors, and answer some of your pressing questions: 

  • Why Would I Need a Storm Door?
  • Aren’t Storm Door Pet Doors Expensive?
  • Are Storm Door Dog Doors Hard to Install?
  • What Pet Door Options Do I Have? 
Endura flap inside a storm door

Why Would I Need a Storm Door?

Storm doors are all but necessary in climates that experience heavy rain and snow. They protect your real wooden door from rot and moisture.

Most Storm doors also have the secondary purposes of letting ventilation and light come into your home during summer months, while keeping bugs and wind out. 

All in all, storm doors are necessary parts of any house in the Midwest and Northwest United States, and have beneficial features in summer and spring months that will pay dividends throughout your house’s lifetime. 

If you need to have a storm door in your home, why not add a pet door to it? 

Aren’t Storm Door Pet Doors Expensive?

The cost of the storm door pet doors you will find on our site are not significantly more than comparable Storm doors you’d find at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or even Amazon. 

When choosing storms doors to install pet doors into, we chose the best ones for insulation and energy efficiency, so that you get the highest quality and the best price. 

That doesn’t mean that we cut corners. On the contrary, we made sure that each door has insulation to keep out the harshest temperatures and winds. 

hardware like door handles are pre-built into the storm door

Are Storm Door Dog Doors Hard to Install?

This would really depend on your door frame. If it’s an exterior door frame, there should be enough room (~2”) to install a storm door alongside your exterior door. 

It’s as easy as hanging a new door. The hardware is standard door hardware, with hinges that attach to the wooden frame. Be sure to have a second person to help you install! 

What Pet Door Options Do I Have?

Our storm door pet doors all use the same base door, which features a venting and cooling system. 

dog mate inside storm door

The real choice comes with the pet door itself. You can choose from these great dog door options: 

We hope you now know if you need or want a storm door pet door! 

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