Your Best Friend's Best Friend: A Pet Door to Happiness

About Me...

Hi! My name is Lilo and I wanted to share with you my experience with the new dog door my human friend Margie got me. Margie and I have been friends for about 4 years since we met at the local shelter. We hit it off immediately and I thought we were just going to have a play date at her house but she never actually took me back to the shelter... anyway, it’s been great—until we recently moved. We now have a great big yard but there seems to be this magic invisible wall that only Margie can open for me so I can go into the backyard, otherwise when I try to go outside and play I run into it and hurt myself.

Before the dog door...

Margie has been mentioning the pros and cons of getting my own door for a while now, and we finally got one!! So here is what happened after weeks of Margie asking people “Should I get one of these doggy doors?” Margie has always called me a “husky chick” but it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror did I realize I was actually a Boston Terrier... She thought I would need a small flap but turns out a medium flap did just fine! I remember Margie talking on the phone one day about getting a dog door for a “sliding glass dog door.” Apparently there are built in doggie doors that replace the magical invisible glass! Isn't that incredible? She came up to me during my nap to measure me for it, and showed me how people measure their pet for a dog door. She only went up to my shoulders so I can have more room going through the door. Turns out the invisible wall is a sliding glass door! Also, the dog door is basically like my new personal assistant!

Living with the new door...

Margie inserted it into the sliding glass door in no time. Who knew it could be so easy to get a dog door for sliding glass doors? And who knew it could be such an easy dog door installation, with little tools required. Boy, what a life changer! The days of me making messes inside the house are over! (Natural messes I note, it isn’t always my fault it happens...I just love water). It is really great knowing I can go inside and outside all by myself without Margie; I know she wasn’t always happy when I had to go out.

The Pros and Cons...

This new door is really easy for me to use and closes right when I get out. I think the best thing about this dog door is when I get too cold outside I can go back to Margie and everything is nice and warm still. We live in North Dakota and it seems to always be cold, but my new friend really separates the outside air from our house air. The bad thing about it? Sometimes my friend Nani comes over and can’t come outside, she says she can’t really open the flap by herself. Marco, Nani’s human friend, said it was because Nani is a cat and it can be hard for them. It turned out to be okay, now I know whenever Marco and Nani are coming over because Margie fixes these “magnets” on my door and told me it makes it easier for Nani. I try to ask Margie how she likes it but she never gets me sometimes. I heard her tell Marco once she likes that whenever I can’t go outside anymore, Margie puts this other door cover on my flap to make me stay inside. She says it makes the dog door burglar proof. Margie also liked Nani to come over because at our old place we had a rodent problem, and my human friend seems glad our dog door is turning out to be mice and rat proof.

My New Best Friend...

When I think about it, I am really happy with this thing now, Margie says she is happy with it and even though we might have to move again and we can take it with us! We might not have a sliding glass door anymore but she promised I can have my same dog door put into a wall or another normal door, so that’s nice. Dog smiling thinking about doggy doors - dog door installation

I am very thankful for my best friend Margie, this is the best gift for both of us I think. I like that Nani can come play with me and I think it makes Margie’s life a lot easier. I have not known this new dog door for very long, but I know it’s definitely my new best friend! I don't know anything about hot to install a dog door, or even how to buy one, but I hope every human thinks of Margie and me when they are thinking of getting a dog door. It’s new and exciting, and we still have space in the house for other activities. If anyone has questions or wants to know how we are doing, send me a woof or a howl! With love, Lilo Check out the door Lilo and Nani use on their play dates: the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e.

Cynthia Herrera

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Cynthia Herrera

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