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We no longer carry any inventory of Catwalk Pet Doors,

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Pet-Tek International Ltd, manufacturer of the Catwalk pet door lines,  was formed in 1999 by the two partners Steven King from a marketing background and Jim Mc Naught from an engineering background. The company was formed as a result of a request from Steven King who ran a successful Glazing Supply business to try to overcome the constant warranty issues he had to deal with regards to broken flaps, locking systems and rusting screws on the imported pet doors. Due to frustration Steven made contact with Jim, a business associate, to produce a cat flap that was more reliable than the units that were imported. Jim, having analyzed the areas causing the major problems, soon identified that better materials and design were required to solve the issues. Contact was then made with Bayer Material Science to provide a high impact material that would stand up to the rigors of animal use. Bayer Makrolon was recommended and is still used to this day. The company was then formed and the first door produced for the glazing industry which was an instant success. As a result Pet-Tek International Ltd now produces a full range of pet doors which are exported worldwide.

CatWalk Warranty

Thank you for choosing a Catwalk pet product. All products are manufactured to ISO9000 and are carefully inspected prior to leaving the manufacturing plant. We trust that you will have many years of trouble free use of your Catwalk  pet door. The Catwalk  pet door comes with a 30 day money back and a three Year Warranty against product malfunction due to manufacturing or parts defects, but not failure as a result of accidental damage, mishandling or abuse. This warranty in non transferable to other owners or locations.