Pride Replacement Locking Covers


  • Closing cover for the Pride Pet Doors
  • Made of fiberboard
  • Will not fit Johnson or PetSafe Ultimate doors
  • One side is white for added visibility

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Pride Replacement Locking Covers
One white side for visibility, this fiberboard cover is made for Pride doors. May not fot Johnson models

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  • Closing cover for the Pride Pet Doors
  • Made of fiberboard
  • Will not fit Johnson or PetSafe Ultimate doors
  • One side is white for added visibility
Flap SizeFlap DimensionLocking CoverPet Door Frame DimensionStock Nr
Small (SD300)4 3/4" w x 7" h7 1/4" w x 9 3/8" h9 1/8" w x 10 1/2" h11ZS01
Medium (MD400)8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h11" w x 14 11/16" h12 5/8" w x 15 3/4" h11ZS02
Large (LD500)11 1/2" w x 17" h13 7/8" w x 19" h15 1/2" w x 19 3/4" h11ZS03
Extra Large (XLD600)14 1/2" w x 19 1/2" h17 1/8" w x 21 7/8" h18 3/4" w x 22 3/4" h11ZS04

Pride Pet Door Replacement Flap Identifying Information

Pride flaps consist of two parts: A rectangular central flap and a 'U' shaped piece that overlaps the flap and the frame on one side. When the pet pushes in one direction both parts swing away. In the other direction, only the central section swings.

Pride locking covers are fiberboard with one side painted bright white. This very visible color alerts the pet that the door is locked. It may be mounted on either side of the pet door.

Pride pet doors have these manufacturer numbers on a label on the frame.

Flap dimensions shows are inside the 'U' shaped gasket.

Tip We're measuring inside the 'U' shape for the flap size on the size chart. So long as the label matches the manufacturer part number, don't worry if your measurement is slightly different.

Note This will not work in place of the pet safe locking covers

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Great customer service review by Laura
    5 5 Great customer service

    I received kind HUMAN contact and customer care through my whole order/purchase/shipping process. Felt like the old days when a customer’s satisfaction was top priority.

    (Posted on 11/18/2018)

  • The door came broken. review by Kathy
    5 1 The door came broken.

    The door itself is great, just what I needed. However it was shipped in a very thin plastic envelop and all corners were damaged and it was broken on the bottom half.

    It is a difficult size to find a shipping box and I am still looking so I can return it. I can recommend the door itself but give your shipping department one star.

    (Posted on 11/13/2018)

  • Replacement review by Albert
    5 4 Replacement

    All of my dealings with Pet Doors have been more than I expected items are as advertised and shipped promptly with no damage. I would recommend them to anyone

    (Posted on 11/7/2018)

  • Perfect Replacement review by Richard
    5 4 Perfect Replacement

    Was the right size! Worked perfect! Just seemed a little expensive...

    (Posted on 9/18/2018)

  • Functions but weak Material review by Fred
    5 3 Functions but weak Material

    This locking cover fit in my Pride door fine....but it seems so flimsy. I'm afraid the dogs might burst through it if they dont realize its there...

    (Posted on 2/21/2018)

  • keeps breaking review by Phil
    5 3 keeps breaking

    This is the second replacement cover that I purchased because my pitty keeps running into it. I wish they had this in a stronger material.

    (Posted on 12/8/2017)

  • Perfect fit! review by Teresa
    5 5 Perfect fit!

    I was looking for a replacement door for my doggie door and found one that fit's at your company Thank you for your easy web site, so that I could order the replacement cover I needed without the hassel.

    Should I need any other replacement parts for my doggie door in the future, I plan to use your company again because I felt the price, and ease of ordering made it simple to get what I needed for my little doxies.

    (Posted on 7/10/2017)

  • Perfect review by Jonathan
    5 5 Perfect

    I purchased the door to replace the missing original, uncertain if it was the correct size. Luckily it arrived and fit perfectly!

    (Posted on 7/10/2017)

  • sized wrong review by shepherddogs
    5 1 sized wrong

    the XL replacement flaps worked great on my original Johnson/Pet-Safe XL dog door, but this door does not fit in the frame, too small, so totally unusable! the dimensions used are the same for both, so why does one replacement part work and not the other????

    very disappointed!

    Ed note: The Johnson, later Petsafe, flap was made from one set of molds. However, Johnson made pet doors with three different frame designs with differing dimensions and different locking cover styles. If you know you have the Johnson Deluxe (stamped aluminum frame with fiberboard locking cover and never made by Petsafe) then there's a chance the Pride locking cover will fit. Otherwise, the Pride locking covers will Not fit a Johnson/Petsafe pet door.

    (Posted on 10/10/2014)

  • works great!!! review by Mary
    5 5 works great!!!

    it works just great for the pet door that I have. Now I know where to go when I need anything else

    (Posted on 8/13/2014)

  • Pretty Darn Worthless review by Zoe
    5 1 Pretty Darn Worthless

    This cover didn't last 24 hours before it broke up. I ended up going to Home Depot and had them cut me 2 pieces of 1/8" 2x4 hard board to size. Cost $5. I did this about 10 years ago and it lasted this long so I should have known better. Thought perhaps the quality of the product might be better and it wasn't.

    ed note - carries many brands. This one happens to be Pride Pet Doors. Pride deliberately makes the locking cover weak so a dog running through from the other side won't be injured. Remember, he can't see through the black rubber. If you want a strong locking cover, we recommend choosing a transparent flap.

    (Posted on 6/29/2014)

  • wrong information review by Unhappy customer
    5 1 wrong information

    Web site descriptions state thee right dimensions. It fails to tell you the product is made of cardboard. I tried to return door because it didn't fit and I couldn't use it. I was told I had to pay for my own return shipping instead of getting a prepaid shipping tag. Shipping cost more than product.. I threw cardboard door away and will never buy from this company again. Horrible customer service with a take it or leave attitude.

    ed note - The mfr explains that the locking cover is made breakable intentionally as a safety factor considering a pet on the opposite side can't see when the cover is in place and might charge through and be injured otherwise.

    (Posted on 6/5/2014)

  • Poor quality, misled review by Disappointed
    5 1 Poor quality, misled

    Do no be misled as I was that the "replacement locking cover" has the capability to lock. The door was delivered without a locking mechanism, just a hole into which a locking mechanism can be inserted. Also the door is a poor quality wooden replacement for a metal door. The product is simply a flimsy piece of wood. I threw it in my pile of scraps because it wan't worth returning.

    ed note - The 'hole' referred to is nothing more than a place to put your finger when lifting the cover. There is a hook-shaped piece of metal riveted to the frame of the pet door which can be pivoted to hold the cover in place. The cover is made of fiberboard painted white on one side as described on the site. Pride has never made a metal locking cover and we haven't a clue what this customer is referring to by claiming it to be a '...replacement for a metal door'.

    (Posted on 3/20/2014)

  • Good review by PM
    5 4 Good

    The product was fine. There were no options for delivery so I wasn't too happy that S&H was more than the product.

    (Posted on 5/5/2013)

Weight 13.0000
Color White
Fit All Pride Pet Product Pet Doors

Note: The Pride replacement locking cover has two different colors. The visible white color is to alert your pet that the door is locked.

Before securing your locking cover, it is recommended to have the visible colored side facing your pet. If your pet is staying outside, it is a good idea to have the white side facing the outdoors, so your pet knows not to run through the door. This is recommended for your pets’ safety. The same idea is applied when your pet is locked inside.

Installing the Cover

With the preferred side facing outward, slide your locking cover in the track of your pet door frame. The cover can be slid on either track, inside or out.

Note: If you have your Pride replacement locking cover on the outside track, be sure to remove it during rainy weather as this can cause damage to your cover.

Click below to expand:

This is only for the Pride and the thickness and sizes are not compatible so you would not be able to interchange it for a petsafe locking cover. You can fabricate a cover for those doors out of plex, just make sure you get the correct thickness.

You can use the sliding cover on either side, but you will not want to use it on the exterior in bad weather since it is just a fiber board and water can damage it.

The panel is fiberboard, which is painted on one side.

The flap being black can pose a issue if your pet is locked out on the opposite side. If they choose to come running through and hit the cover it will break away as a safety measure.

No, but you could fabricate your own out of a different material, but we don't recommend that for the safety issue it could pose.

No, however you can most certainly paint it.

We are going by the dimensions of the pet door features, so the best way to get the right one is to measure the outside frame of your Pride door.

That can be found here.

Yep, you can use one on the inside and one on the outside.

The cover will not have a lock that you can use that would go through it to hold it closed.

Yes we do. We have them for all four sizes.

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