Draft Stopper Center Post Weatherstrip for Panels

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  • Sliding glass door draft stopper for patio panel/sash window pet door installations
  • Covers gaps up to 1 1/2" wide
  • Adheres to the frame and covers gap opening
  • Blocks out drafts and cold air
  • Comes in black or white

Any gap that causes a draft between sliding glass doors decreases energy efficiency and lets in cold air. This sliding door draft stopper is designed to eliminate drafts and block out the cold or heat. Keep your room temperature stable with this quick fix for improved insulation. Available in black or white to accommodate differing door colors, the draft stopper is easily installed using the adhesive backing. Although the draft stopper and foam weather stripping are included with the Quick Panel, Thermo Panel 2e Microchip, and 3e Thermo Panel patio doors, the draft stopper works with any brand of panel pet doors for an airtight seal, including the Endura Flap vinyl sliding door dog door insertThe adhesive is 1/2" wide and begins inset at 1/8" with an overall width of 1 7/8". The draft stopper is trim to fit, and you can choose lengths of 81" or 96", depending on your door height. If your door is higher than 96", purchase another 81" draft stopper and trim to the accurate size.

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All Patio Pet Doors from All Manufacturers

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Clean the area with rubbing alcohol prior to starting for the best results.

Step 2: You can put the draft stopper on the back edge of the sliding panel or on the outside. It is recommended to place the first one on the inside. If it is too wide, you can trim lengthwise, but be careful not to trim too much, as that would prevent it from doing its job. Remember that you want the draft stopper to just barely kiss the glass. If you overlap it too much, it will wear down the adhesive and will not stay installed for long.

Step 3: Start at the top and as you unroll it pull the strip covering the adhesive as you go down, not all at once. This will allow you to have more control and get it in a straighter line.

Step 4: Trim any excess off at the bottom.

Note: Depending on the top and bottom tracks that stick up, in order to get it to go the full length of the slider you may need to notch out small sections for it to fit over the railing.


Below is a video showing the installation of a Thermo Panel with weather strips and a draft stopper. It starts at 1:20


What does this do?

Also known as the "Center Post Weather Strip", it seals the gap created between stationary and sliding glass doors when a panel doggy door is installed. So it will seal the draft between the sliding glass doors and provide better insulation when your pet door is installed. Please note that this is not the same thing as weatherstripping, which can also improve the insulation value of your pet door.

Can I use one on the inside and one on the outside?

Yes! Some of our customers in more extreme climates do so to ensure maximum insulation.

I only see choices for 81" and 96" - what happens if my sliding glass door is not included in those ranges?

For any height less than 81" or 96", you can use a pair of scissors to trim the draft stopper to the desired length. For example, if your panel is white and your sliding track is 75" then you would get the draft stopper 81" in white. For any sliding glass doors taller than 96", you can purchase 2 draftstoppers and trim the second one to fit the remaining height you need.

How wide is the draft weather strip?

The draft stopper covers gaps up to 1 1/2" wide.

The gap on my door is less than that. What do I do with the excess that hangs off the side?

You can trim the Endura Flap Draft Stopper Center Post Weatherstrip to the desired width as well.

Does this work the same way with sliding windows?

Yes, you can apply it the same way to the back edge of the stationary window.

What colors does this come in?

Black and white.

Can I paint it?

It is not recommended unless you use an additional sealant as the paint may flake off once the rubber expands and contracts due to weather conditions.

Can I use this with a panel I already have?

Yes, this patio door draft stopper or center-post weatherstrip is extremely versatile and can be used with any model of slider or window panel. For maximum insulation value, we suggest using this with one of our recommended extreme weather pet doors.

Is the 81 in white the same as the Bug Warden - 81 in white?

No, they are the same color and same length, but are used for different applications.

I ordered an Endura Flap brand panel - should I buy this?

We've included one draft stopper in all Thermo Panel 3e, Quick Panel 3e, and Thermo Panel 3e Microchip sliding glass doors, so unless you need another one, it is not necessary to purchase another!

Can this weather stripping for sliding glass doors be used on my screen door?

It is not recommended for that application. The Bug Warden is designed to allow your dog to use their door and have the screen door open for ventilation.

How to fix drafty sliding glass doors is my problem, can you help?

Yes, the Draft Stopper is designed to seal the gap between the operational panel and the fixed panel. It is easy to apply with a self adhesive strip.


To the original purchaser, EnduraFlap Pet Doors warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery to the customer. Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets is specifically excluded from this warranty.


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