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  • Perfect Pet Dog Door flap replacement for Original, Deluxe, Fast Fit, Fast Sash, and Modular Pet Doors
  • Original Pet Doors have a plastic frame
  • Deluxe Pet Doors have a metal frame
  • Round and rectangular logos have differences in configuration and are not interchangeable
  • All flaps are made from clear, flexible vinyl

These Ideal pet door replacement flaps work for the Original, Deluxe, Fast Fit, Fast Sash, and Modular pet doors. If you’re purchasing a flap replacement for the Ideal “Original” or “Deluxe” pet doors, note that the "Original" flaps have a plastic frame and the "Deluxe" flaps have a metal frame. Additionally, Ideal has a round and rectangular logo version of their flaps, which are not interchangeable as the dimensions are different.

Please read the following information to accurately select the correct version of your doggy door replacement flap:

    A. Round Logo:

    Select your flap size, plastic or metal frame, and round logo in the drop-down menus. This will ensure that you receive the correct flap. The round logo replacements do not include the plastic bar for the top of the flap.

    Use these features to identify your flap:

    • Solid magnet strip along the bottom of the flap is held on with rivets
    • Screw holes and rubber nubs protrude at the top of the flap
    • The frame can be plastic (Original) or metal (Deluxe)
    • Round Logo in the center reads "Ideal Since 1979"
    • The number of holes at the top of your flap matches the size:
      • Small (S): 3 holes, 5" w x 7" h
      • Medium (M): 3 holes, 7" w x  11 1/4" h
      • Extra-large (XL): 4 holes, 10 1/2" w x 15" h
      • Super-large (SL/XXL): 5 holes, 15" w x 20" h


    B. Rectangular Logo:

    Please Note: If you have a rectangular logo flap, note that the round logo flap will not work.

    Use these features to identify your flap:

    • Screw holes located at the top of the flap for the plastic frame
    • Metal frame replacements do not have screw holes at the top
    • The logo in the center will say "Made in the USA" and gives the flap dimensions
    • Super Large dog door replacement flap will say "XXL" in the logo
    • The number of holes at the top of your flap matches the size of your flap:
      • Small (S): 3 holes, 5" w x 7" h
      • Medium (M): 3 holes, 7" w x  11 1/4" h
      • Large (L): 3 holes, 9" w x  15" h
      • Extra-large (XL): 4 holes, 10 1/2" w x 15" h
      • Super Large (SL/XXL): 7 holes, 15" w x 20" h


    C. For Patio Panels/Sash Windows:

    For Patio Panels and Sash Window doors only. Select your flap size, round logo, and the patio/panel sash window option in the drop-down menus. 

    Use these features to identify your flap:

    • Screw holes located at the top of the flap
    • The rectangular logo says "Made in the USA" and gives the flap dimensions
    • The round logo reads "Ideal Since 1979"

    Looking for a new door? Check out our full selection of Ideal Dog Doors

    Size Chart

    SizeFlap Dimension
    Small5" w x 7" h
    Medium7" w x  11 1/4" h
    Large9" w x  15" h
    Extra Large10 1/2" w x 15" h
    Super Large/XXL15" w x 20" h


    Ideal "Metal, Rectangle" vs Ideal "Plastic, Rectangle" Replacement Flaps

    Ideal makes 3 different replacement flaps for Original and Deluxe pet doors. The old versions have rectangular logos that state "Made in USA." The new versions have a round logo that says "Ideal Pet Products Since 1979." The old versions were different for plastic versus metal frames, while the new versions use the same flap for plastic and metal frames. These flaps are not interchangeable, so you must order the same type of flap your pet door currently uses.

    Rectangular logo, metal frame: no screws, slides in at top, smooth magnet at bottom with no rivets, made in USA

    Rectangular logo, plastic frame: screw holes at the top, smooth magnet at bottom with no rivets, made in USA

    Round logo, plastic or metal frame: screw holes at top as well as ridges, magnet at bottom will have rivets, Ideal Pet Products Since 1979 (NOT made in USA)

    Additional Information



    Flap Colors


    Installation Instructions


    Ideal Original Flap Replacement Instructions Video

    Tools Required

    Phillips Screwdriver

    Ideal Original Flap Replacement Instructions 

    Step 1: On the inside frame, use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the three screws that secure the retainer bar. Once the screws are removed, remove the flap and the retainer bar.

    Step 2: Lay the new flap onto the retainer bar, fitting the flap holes over the screw bosses.

    Step 3: Re-insert the flap and retainer bar and secure with the three screws. Make sure not over-tighten the screws.


    Ideal Deluxe Pet Door Flap Replacement Instructions Video

    Tools Required

    Phillips Screwdriver

    Ideal Deluxe Flap Replacement Instructions 

    Step 1: Begin by removing the inside frame. Remove the four Phillips screws that hold the frame. 

    Step 2: At the top of the frame on each side, there is a screw that must be removed to access the retainer bar. Remove one of these screws and separate the top and side pieces. 

    Step 3: Gripping at the top of the flap, firmly pull out the old flap. Take the replacement flap and fit it back into the retainer bar. Bring the top and side pieces back together and tighten the top screw. 

    Step 4: Reinstall the inside frame with the four screws. 



    Why does the logo matter?

    Ideal made two versions of the Original and Deluxe doors, and the replacement flaps are not interchangeable. Ideal round logo flaps are all the same. Rectangular logo flaps are "frame-specific."

    diagram showing the overlap between Ideal Deluxe and Original style replacement flaps


    How can I tell what logo I have?

    If you look right in the center of the flap, you will see either a circular logo with a cat and dog in the middle (this is the round or new-style) or more of a rectangular box that will have the actual flap size embossed on it (this is the old-style or rectangular logo).

    Ideal rectangular logo versus round logo

    Is there a replacement for this door that seals better and is more wind-resistant?

    There is not another version of this flap that can be installed to upgrade the energy efficiency. If you needed a better insulating pet door, you would need to replace the entire unit, frame and all. There are higher quality doors, but they will likely involve completely changing out your pet door. 

    Will this flap work with the Ideal Pet Products replacement flap for Ultra Flex Extra Large dog door?

    This will not work with other models of Ideal Pet Products doors besides the Original, Deluxe, Fast Fit, Fast Sash, and Modular Doors.

    When did Ideal start making the new-style round logo doors?

    In 2006, when they went from manufacturing in the U.S. to making them in Thailand. Ideal plastic-framed "Original" pet doors are manufactured in Thailand and accept a slightly different flap from the plastic-framed "Original" doors manufactured in the USA. The USA-made rectangular logo flaps are not interchangeable between Original and Deluxe pet doors, but all Thailand-made round logo flaps are the same. If your flap says something like "Made in the USA" on it, then it is a rectangular logo and you need to determine the material of the pet door's frame.

    flowchart explaining which flap to get based on the criteria stated above


    What if I can't see the logo?

    Another way to tell would be to look at the bar that is clamped onto the bottom of the flap. If you have one with rivets, then it would be the round version. If the bar is smooth, then it is the old-style.

    Why does it matter if my frame is metal or plastic for a patio panel pet door?

    There is a difference in the old-style rectangular logo flaps. If you have the old-style for a plastic frame, there are screw holes in the top. If you have the metal frame, there are nubs at the top that stick out and it slides into a bar that holds it in the frame. If you have a patio panel, even though the door is aluminum, the frame that holds the flap is plastic.

    What is the flap made of?

    These flaps are all a completely clear, flexible vinyl.

    My flap has "XXLarge" embossed on it. What size is that?

    Ideal used to refer to their super large size as "XX Large;" that would be the 15" x 20" replacement flap.

    My flap doesn't have the right size on it?

    Ideal has changed what was embossed on the flaps. For example, they now list the medium as 7" x 11 1/4" and for the old-style has 7" x 11 1/2" embossed on the flap. In this example, as long as you get the correct logo and frame type, the 1" x 11 1/2" flap on the chart will fit.

    Are the hard plastic covers also available?

    They are; however, you have to go through Ideal Pet Products directly.

    I can't tell if I have the large or extra large?

    If you measure your flap the extra-large would require the 10 1/2" x 15" replacement flap. The large is only 9" wide.

    Are the Ideal Plastic Pet Door Original 9" x 15" pet door frames available?

    We don't have the frame by itself, but we do have some door units in stock. Give us a call to special order them as Ideal has discontinued the 9" x 15". Once we are out of stock, we will not be getting any more.

    What do RFXLO and RFLO mean?

    These are the manufacturer part numbers for the extra-large and large Original replacement parts. 

    If I have the Ideal Original Replacement Flaps in extra-large with the rectangular logo. Will they fit the new door frame?

    They will not, but you can get a brand new Original pet door and that will fit your current cut out.

    Which one do I get for the flap replacement for the Ideal Patio Door Fast Fit extra-large flap?

    It would depend on the logo at the middle of the flap you currently have, but just also make sure that you choose the patio panel/sash option.

    My flap measures a little more than 15" x 20", but it does have the size "XXL" embossed on it?

    Depending on exactly how you measure and if the flap as warped or changed shape over time, the dimensions you get might be slightly different, but this sounds like it's the super large size.

    Which flap is the RFDXLO?

    That would be the Ideal 10.5" x 15" XL replacement flap in the deluxe frame, rectangular logo.

    If I have the Barksbar Large Plastic Dog Door Flap Replacement (10.5" x 15"), will this work?

    No. It is roughly the same size, but it will not work with the Barksbar doors.

    Do the flaps come with the plastic bar?

    The old-style logo for plastic frames will come with the bar; however, the new-style round logo flaps do not. The flaps do not come with any hardware. You can get replacement parts through the manufacturer, Ideal Pet Products.

    I have an Ideal 15" x 20" pet door and need a replacement flap. What should I order?

    A 15" x 20" flap is the super large size. You will need to determine if your frame is plastic or metal and if the logo is round or square before ordering.

    What Ideal Pet Model should I buy for my replacement flap?

    Ideal has several pet door styles. The most common is the single flap Original or Deluxe. We have all our replacement flaps here. These have a small magnetic closure and are the Ideal Economical Flap Door brand. We also carry replacement pet door flaps for Ideal and Petsafe brands like the Ideal Ruff Weather pet door and PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door.

    I need a 15" x 20" replacement flap for Ideal Pet Doors. What should I order?

    Ideal Pet Products replacement flaps for a 15" x 20" pet door come in a few versions. You will need to know if your frame is plastic or metal and if the logo on the flap is round or square before ordering.

    I need to replace Ideal flap that is 10.5" x 15". What should I order?

    The Ideal pet replacement flap you need is Extra Large Original or Deluxe. Before ordering, you'll need to know if your frame is plastic or metal and if the logo on the flap is round or square.

    I bought an Ideal Original Pet Door and need an Ideal medium replacement flap. Is it the 7" x 11.5" that I need?

    To replace your Ideal medium flap, which is 7" x 11 1/4", you will need to know if your frame is plastic or metal and if the logo on the flap is round or square before ordering.

    I'm still confused about the difference between the Ideal Original and Deluxe Pet Doors, can you explain?

    If you have an Ideal Original (plastic-framed) pet door or an Ideal Deluxe (metal frame) pet door with a round logo, then the Ideal "Original" round logo replacement flaps work in both. These are the newer doors made in Thailand. They still feature a magnetic bottom bar for insulation and 1/8 inch flap thickness. The flexible vinyl flap comes in medium, extra-large, and super large to function as a cat door or dog door.

    If you have an Ideal Original (plastic frame) with a rectangular logo, then the rectangular logo Ideal Original plastic replacement flaps work in that (but not in the Deluxe). These are the old style flaps made in the USA.

    If you have an Ideal Deluxe (metal framed) with a rectangular logo, then the Ideal Deluxe replacement flaps with a rectangular logo are the ones to buy. These are the new style flaps made in the USA.

    If you're buying a new Ideal pet door, don't worry, the future Ideal pets vinyl replacement flaps will be the new style. If your existing Ideal pet door is older than 2006, then you have the old one (rectangular logo design).

    Below are some images of the actual flaps that might help you determine which type you have if you cannot see the logo shape:

    Ideal Original Flap:

    Ideal Original with round logo

    Ideal Original with rectangular logo and plastic frame

    Ideal Deluxe Flap:

    Ideal Deluxe with rectangular logo and metal frame



    The new and revised warranty that follows this disclaimer supersedes any and all previous warranties of whatever nature or description, whether express, implied or set by law. Any unexpired warranties shall now be governed by the terms of the new warranty for the duration of the existing warranty’s unexpired term.

    One Year Warranty:

    Ideal’s pet doors are very durable and with the proper care will provide many years of service for you and your pet. Thank you for selecting Ideal for your pet door. However, please be aware the pet doors are not waterproof against inclement weather or any excessive water exposure. The one year warranty set forth below applies to Ideal’s pet door(s).

    This product has a One Year Warranty from the date of the purchase of the product to be free of manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials. This express One Year Warranty is limited only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable. Satisfactory proof of purchase must be provided to the manufacturer for this one year warranty to apply. In that case, the manufacturer will replace at no charge to the purchaser the defective part(s). No refunds will be provided to the purchaser. No service contract is being provided under this One Year Warranty. Proof of purchase so that the One Year Warranty may be honored must be made to:

    Ideal Pet Products, Inc.

    24735 Avenue Rockefeller

    Valencia, California, USA 91355

    Attention: Warranty Department

    (661) 294-2266 / 1-877-IDEALPET (433-2573)

    Any and all implied warranties are expressly disclaimed and of no force or effect. These warranties include, but are not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, implied fitness for any intended purpose, and any warranties under the California Song-Beverly Consumer Act.

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    This One Year Warranty only applies if the product is used for domesticated animals. The Manufacturer, Ideal, is not responsible and shall not have any liability for any damage to or defects caused by acts of God, criminal activity, dog abuse including, but not limited to chewing on the door, lightening, abuse, alteration, trespassing, children’s use of the product, unauthorized access, entry by non-domesticated or “stray” animals, or any other unintended use or misuse of the product.

    The Manufacturer, Ideal, disclaims and excludes any liability for incidental, consequential, punitive, general, special, or other damages arising out of or connected with the purchase, use, or misuse of the product or concerning any warranty herein.

    This One Year Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, USA. Venue shall be with the Los Angeles Superior Court, North Valley District.


    This product, or any of its accessories, parts, or attachments may not prevent adults, children, animals, insects, or objects from passing through or using the opening created by the product.

    Ideal Pet Products will not be liable for any unintended or accidental usage, misuse, abuse, criminal conduct, water intrusion, acts of god, damages or injuries occurring or accruing from the use of this product except in strict accordance with Ideal's One Year Warranty accompanying the sale of this product to the original purchaser.

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