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Dog next to door with doggie door welcome mat

So, your pet has taken over your heart, and now their door has taken over your home. If you’re concerned about the appearance of this new addition, here are a couple of ways to make it your own with the best dog door diy ideas!

On one hand, you can choose to disguise the door the best you can, to hide all evidence that you cut a hole into your wall for your furry pal. On the other, you can embrace the beauty of the pet portal and show it off to all of your visitors. I’ve included a few doggie door ideas below for either case.

White framed doggie door ideas - DIY Dog Door

Keep it Subtle and Hidden

So you don’t want the hole in your home to be obvious. I don’t blame you. Take some tips from these creative pet-lovers and see how you can incorporate these ideas in your own home!

Most pet doors can be painted over to match the color of your home. Just let your local home improvement store know what material you are working with and they can help you decide on the type of paint.

Green homemade pet door ideas - dog door decor

Shown above, a pet owner painted their Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls so perfectly, you hardly notice it is there. Need something even more integrated with the house? Get a custom built cover over the pet door so it looks like it has been apart of the house the whole time! The smooth fit will give your home the put-together look you’ve dreamed about.

Wooden cover dog door DIY pet door - doggy door ideas

Another example is this wood cover for the Ideal Ruff Weather Pet Door; the framework on the house and doggie door match seamlessly. We love this idea because not only does it match with your house, but also additional security was added with a keyed lock.

Front view of wooden dog door DIY - custom dog doors

The Ultimate Hideaway

Do you have a wall perfect for a pet door? Or, do you have one installed already? Attaching a doghouse might be the way to go! Making a great combo, the doggy door and doghouse hides the opening from would-be thieves while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Installing a door through a wall is a great choice; allowing flexibility as to where it can go. You can also remove the door and patch up the hole in case you move or sell the house. As always, wall installations can be tricky, unless you are particularly handy we recommend having a skilled contractor install it for you.


Show off Your Pet Door!

On the other hand, you may want to decorate and customize your pet door so well, it is a talking point. These customizations can be both functional and attractive. Just take it from some of our customers who showed us their creative side!

Dogs thinking about homemade dog door ideas - best doggy doors

Having your pet door easily visible can be very convenient for your pet. For smaller pets, building a walkway is the best way to go for you and your pet. Stairs or ramps let you install the pet door as high as you want, without them, your pet would not be able to step over certain heights forcing you to install the door lower to the ground.

Dog using homemade dog door step

You can't always have a DIY dog door, but you can make the decor yourself! You can make your pet the most extravagant entrance! Personalize a walkway with a welcome mat and overhead cover (which also serves as a rain cover).

Now that you have seen what you can do, consider where you can get it done.

Door with doggie door and steps

In the rainy months, your pt will appreciate the cover of this DIY pet door awning. With stairs and a rustic look, this doggy door idea is both functional and cool!

Websites like and Pinterest and Etsy are simply full of great ways that pet owners are using pet doors to customize their homes. Check it out:

  • Houzz’s web gallery – Houzz has produced an online picture book of creatively placed pet doors.
  • Pinterest Dog Door Ideas – These pictures are a hoot! Take a look at the unique ways people are using dog doors to please their beloved pets.

Comment with any pet door decor ideas you've seen or tried!

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