CatHole Cat Door

  • Specialty hole-shaped door for cats, easy to install, removable brushes
  • Great for wall or cabinet installation for isolating cat litter and other cat areas

It all started in 2004. We, like many cat owners, wanted to put our cat's litter box in the basement. But, we didn't want to leave the basement door open. So we made a cat door by cutting a small arch-shaped hole in the closed door. This worked fine, but we didn't like the appearance, and Motchka's loose hair was constantly collecting on the edge of the hole.

We made a pair of arch-shaped wood frames to cover the hole and painted them. We then looked for a way to fill the void between the frames and decided that a grooming brush would be the ideal choice. It would collect loose cat hair efficiently and would help keep our house cleaner.

We decided 'CATHOLE' would be a good name for our cat door because the attractive arch resembled a large mouse hole. The name became the butt (excuse the pun) of many jokes by our friends. Regardless, we liked the name and have had it trademarked.

CATHOLE became a conversation piece. 'Why don't you patent it?' We did - but that was only the beginning of a long voyage. Even though our sales are doing quite well, we are still a 'mom and pop' company. Our company has become a major effort for us - after we retired.

Cat Hole