Locking Covers and Security

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Locking Covers and Other Pet Door Security Devices

Unfortunately, most people have to give some consideration to security when thinking about a pet door; particularly if they need a large dog door that's big enough for a person to crawl through. There are a number of product types here and this section addresses them all:

  1. Locking Covers - Most, but not all, pet doors come with a locking cover or other means of locking the flap closed. These serve two purposes. First, they control access by your pet. Usually you can lock your pet in or you can lock him out. A few pet doors, including some larger ones, allow for a four-way locking device which controls in-only, out-only, both ways open, both ways locked.  Second, they provide some deterence from intrusion by a person when in use. Locking covers range from flimsey to quite strong depending upon the brand and model.  Dog doors that do not include a locking cover are usually ones intended for kennel use where the locking function is obtained through a separate 'guillotine' type dog door. Please note that many manufacturers do not make their locking covers available on a wholesale basis so availability can be limited.
  2. Security Frame-Covers - This is a new category with one item at present--the Watchdog Security Pet Door Locker. But it is a winner. 12 gauge steel, combination lock that you set, intrusion resistant hardware. There is simply going to be an easier way into your house than through this beast.  If you have a vacation home, take vacations or just want peace of mind at night, you need to take a look at thisl.  Expensive but worth it.
  3. Miscellaneous Locking Hardware - This section includes various locking devices particularly those related to pet doors installed in sliding glass doors. Some wonder if you can lock your house when using a patio pet door. The answer is always 'yes'!  But there's more than one method and you can, if you wish, choose one to augment the lock that came with your patio pet door or one that is more convenient to use.

Not all pet door locking covers are easily replaced because the manufacturers often do not wholesale them. This is particularly true of Petsafe pet doors. If you don't see your brand in this collection, call the manufacturer of your pet door for help.