Replacing flaps in Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate Pet Doors with Pride Flaps

Johnson was one of the first successful pet door manufacturers in the USA around the 1950's. The company that produced Johnson pet doors was bought by Petsafe (Radio Systems), who then produced the same design under the name Petsafe Ultimate. These doors were later discontinued and replacements are no longer made. A company by the name of Pride produces a pet door of similar design, and their flaps have been used to successfully replace the flaps in hundreds of Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate pet doors! As late at the early 2000's, the Johnson extra-large was identical to the Pride extra-large except for the material of the flap and the locking cover. The only size that will not work is the small, which attaches differently at the top. Some people have been able to modify this flap to work in their pet doors, but it will not be a simple installation like with the medium, large and extra-large.


The main difference between the Pride replacement flap and the old Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate replacement flap is the material. They are made from a heavy duty black rubber, making them more durable than the older versions but also heavier and not transparent. Some dogs will find this difference offensive, and might choose not to use the pet door. Smaller dogs that previously used the Pet Safe Ultimate replacement flap especially might find the weight more challenging than their previous, lighter flaps. Most dogs will figure them out, as the desire to go outside overpowers the skepticism of the new flap!


Pride Replacement Flaps for Johnson and PetsafeTraining Doggie Doors

A common confusion with these flaps is that there is no "U-shaped gasket". This piece is often the first to go, and if it is absent you will find two screws at the top of your pet door, one to the left of the flap and one to the right. These indicate that there once was a framing piece of flap around your flap! There will also be a generous gap around your flap, allowing air and bugs to enter your home with ease, and the magnets will fall short of connecting with the bottom of the frame. PLEASE NOTE: Petsafe also made a flap that was similar in appearance that was only one piece, however the magnets at the bottom of this Petsafe Classic Flap will connect at the bottom of your pet door and there will not be the obvious gap around the border. The Pride Replacement Flap comes with both pieces, so you will not have that gap once you install the Pride replacement flap! Here are some examples of these flaps when they are missing the gasket piece:

Need an old Johnson and Pet safe door flap? This is what your doors probably look like

The U shaped piece on the petsafe ultimate pet door looks like a double flap



Some of the flaps will say the size on them. If this is the case, you will get the size indicated on the flap. Otherwise, you only need to measure the width of your flap. Measure the inner flap only, not the U-shaped gasket piece: 



Here is an old PetSafe Ultimate xl doggie door frame with an Extra Large Pride Replacement flap installed. As you can see, the holes at the top actually line up perfectly and the 2-piece design functions the way it is supposed to!

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Johnson Model flap replacement correctly installed in older frameBlack two piece rubber seals tights once closedPetSafe Ultimate frame holds the new black opening for your pet to use