Pride Pet Doors for Doors

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  • Installs easily in solid doors (hollow core doors and walls requires internal framing)
  • Sturdy aluminum framing comes in 6 color options to match your home
  • Heavy-duty flap maintains insulation and resists wind
  • Closing cover included
  • Available in sizes small - X large

Whether you need a pet door for dogs or cats, the Pride Pet Doors are a reliable choice for meeting the essential needs of an active pet. The Pride door flap is made from heavy, black rubber to provide wind resistance and long-lasting durability. Although certain pets may prefer clear flaps, the durable rubber ensures higher quality insulation for your home.


  • Available in sizes small - extra large.
  • Installs easily in solid core doors. Hollow-core doors and wall installations require separate framing for the interior of the cut-out.
  • All sizes can be installed through screens using a separate Pride screen adapter kit.
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame comes in bronze, black, brushed aluminum, tan, white, and adobe.
  • Durable, black rubber flap has a two-piece design, which includes an inner flap and an outer U-shape for improved sealing and insulation value.
  • Locking cover is particleboard enameled bright white on one side for greater visibility. The white contrasts the black flap, ensuring that your pet is aware that the flap is unavailable for use.
    • Please Note: The locking cover is designed to be breakable in the event that a pet crashes into it from the wrong side.


  • Dark flap blocks out excess sunlight and prevents heat from entering.
  • Ability to install into a screen with the Pride screen adapter.
  • Wide variety of frame colors to match your home.
  • Thicker flap with magnets provides more wind resistance than other common flaps.
  • Size Chart

    Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame Dimension
    Small4 3/4" w x 7" h7 5/8" w x 9 5/8" h9 1/8" w x 10 1/2" h
    Medium8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h11 1/8" w x 14 7/8" h12 5/8" w x 15 3/4" h
    Large11 1/2" w x 17" h14" w x 18 7/8" h15 1/2" w x 19 3/4" h
    Extra Large14 1/2" w x 19 1/2" h17 1/4" w x 21 3/4" h18 3/4" w x 22 3/4" h

    Don't know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

    Replacement flaps can be purchased for this door at Pride Replacement Flaps 


    Pride Pet Door Limited Warranty

    To the original purchaser, Z Industries warrants this product and its component parts to be free of defects on materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Damage caused by accident, improper installation, or abuse, including damage caused by pets, is specifically excluded from this warranty. The manufacturer’s liability on any claim shall not exceed the cost of the product. In no instance shall the manufacturer be responsible for consequential damage resulting from the use of this product.

    For a period of one year from the date of purchase, any defective product or part may be sent, freight prepaid, to Z Industries for replacement or repair at no charge. Proof of purchase date must accompany any returned item. This warranty replaces any and all previous warranties, either written, oral, or implied, and is the only warranty made by this company. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from state to state. Save this document and proof of purchase.

    Additional Information

    Frame Material

    Light Weight Aluminum

    Flap Material


    Flap Colors


    Flap Thickness


    Warranty Period

    1 year

    Return Period

    30 days

    Locking Cover Material


    Flap Type

    Single Flap

    Your Maximum Pet Size

    Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs

    Climate Suitability

    Temperate-3 Season

    Flap Design

    Single, Two Part, Flexible, Thin Flap

    Ability to Lock Flap

    Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top

    Can Be Installed In

    Solid Core Door

    Sealing Value


    Wind Resistance


    Self Framing


    Replacement Flaps Available


    Insulation Value


    Installation Instructions


    • Keyhole or pointed saw
    • Drill with 3⁄16” and 1⁄2” bits
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Pencil
    • Carpenter’s square
    • Level



    Step 1: Using the narrow door frame as a template, place it on the surface where the Pride dog door will be installed. Hold tightly and trace a line around the inside of the frame opening. Make sure the frame opening is level and straight.

    Step 2: Drill ½” holes at the inside corners of the lines drawn for the opening. Now saw just outside of those lines. Once the hole is cut, place the inside narrow frame in the hole and check to make sure it is straight and level. Mark the screw holes with a pencil on both sides of the door.

    Step 3: Before you install, you will need to finish the opening to prevent weather damage. For a solid core door, smooth the opening surface and either paint or seal with waterproof sealant. For a hollow core door, use wood filler strips to make a frame and fill the empty space between the inside and outside door skins. The wood filler strips should be glued and/or nailed into place to provide a stronger mounting base for the pet door. Painting or applying waterproof sealant to the wood filler strips is recommended.

    Step 4: You are now ready to assemble the pet door. We recommend not caulking the bottom of the outside frame so that moisture will not become trapped inside the opening. Caulking along the top and sides of the outside frame is beneficial. Place the wide aluminum frame with the rubber assembly on the outside of the house door and loosely secure it with wood screws. Put the inside narrow frame on the inside of the house door in the same way.

    Step 5: Before you tighten the screws, check the pet door for squareness. If the rubber assembly is touching the sides of the frame, move the frame horizontally until rubber hangs straight and swings freely. You can check this with a level and/or carpenter’s square. Do this with both the inside and outside frames. When both are level, tighten the screws.


    Pride Deluxe Series Pet Doors


    If I would like to use the Pride door through my screen do I just have to purchase the adapter?

    If you do not have the pet door yet you must purchase the door and the adapter separately. If you already own a Pride Deluxe Pet Door, then yes, you only need to purchase the Pride Door Screen Adapter. We also have the Pride Pet Door for Screens that includes both.

    Is there a clear version of the flap available?

    Currently, there is no clear flap available. The solid black is a durable solution that blocks out sunlight.

    My Johnson model had side magnets, does this have side magnets too?

    This replacement for the Johnson models does not have side magnets in the Small, Medium, and Large.

    How do I lock this at night or when I am out of town?

    A locking cover comes with every purchase. You can slide it on either side of the frame to let your pet know they cannot enter from outside or the inside.

    What is the flap made out of?

    The flap on the pride doors is made out of recycled tire rubber. This does make it heavier, so smaller pets may need training in order to use the door.

    How thick does my door have to be in order to install this?

    There is no thickness required since it is not self framing. You or a contractor will have to frame out the door or wall.

    Can I get the U shaped piece by itself?

    The U shaped piece is not sold separately, it comes with the replacement flap should you need another one.

    What kind of weather does this work against?

    The insulation value is moderate, so it might not be the best choice for climates with extreme wind, cold or hot weather.

    What is the locking cover made out of?

    The cover to secure the opening is made of fiberboard. It is prone to damage from rain so be sure to keep it away from extreme moisture.

    Can I install this in a steel door?

    Yes! This can be installed almost anywhere, although we suggest installing in solid core materials.

    I would like to purchase this in replacement of my Johnson frame, are they going to fit the hole in my door exactly the same?

    The dimensions should be pretty close. We would suggest double checking your existing rough cut to make sure this new item will fit. For any flap size, the rough cut dimension is included in the size chart.

    Do you have a Color Chart for Pride Bronze pet doors?

    The Bronze Pet Door is the main image on the product page. Other colors can be found on the third picture below the main image.

    What are the outside frame dimensions of the bronze dog door Pride LD500?

    The outside frame dimension of the Pride Model LD 500 is 15 1/2" wide x 19 3/4" high.

    I want a true brown pet door frame, not black, what dog door do you recommend?

    The Pride Pet Door is Brown. They have a separate frame color for black.

    For sizing properly, what size hole should I cut for a Pride LD 500?

    The Rough Cut Out is 14" wide x 18 7/8" high.

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