High Tech Power Pet Door Wall Framing Kit

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    • Mandatory tunnel extension for High Tech pet door installations for walls
    • Includes one telescoping tunnel to frame out the High Tech Power Pet Door
    • Fits walls 4" - 6" thick, or 6" -12" with two kits
    • Made of high strength ABS plastic
    • Choose the correct door size in the drop-down menu to match your High Tech door size

This framing kit is made for the High Tech Power dog door and is not compatible with other models or brands. One of these tunnel extenders is already provided in the High Tech Automatic Wall Mount Dog Door. The High Tech Wall Framing Kit includes one tunnel extension to frame out walls that are 4" 6" thick. If your wall is between 6" 12", a second tunnel extension can be added to effectively double the tunnel thickness. Made of durable ABS plastic, these wall adapters ensure a stronghold and provide a comfortable and clean passage for your pet as they go through the pet door.

Size Chart

Flap SizeMfr NumberFlap DimensionRough Cut Out DimensionOutside Frame Dimension
MediumWA-18 1/4" w x 10" h8.88" w x 11.25" h12" w x 28 5/8" h
LargeWA-212 1/4" w x 16" h12.88" w x 17.25" h16" w x 40 5/8" h

Additional Information




*Medium WA-1 Fits PX-1 * Large WA-2 Fits PX-2


Can I buy an adapter for wall install to change my High Tech Power Pet Door from a door mount to a wall mount.

Yes, This kit is made of high strength ABS plastic.


High Tech Pet Products Warranty:

All of our products carry a full one year warranty (with the exception of replacement collar key batteries. If your product fails to operate at any time, for any reason, within one year of the original delivery date we will repair or replace it at our expense, no questions asked. If it doesn't work, send it back, get another one. It's that quick and easy.


Your product must be returned to High Tech Pet Products and must be clean and free of pet hair, dust and dander. Items that are dirty or containing pet hair and requiring cleaning will be subject to a charge equal to 25% of the original purchase price. We will ship the repaired or replaced product back to you via FedEx Ground or USPS priority mail, at our expense however, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the defective product to us.

In no case will High Tech Pet Products arrange or pay for the shipping of the defective product from your location to ours. Should you request the product to be sent out via air service, we will be happy to accommodate your request however, you will be required to pay the entire cost of the expedited service. ALL products, including pet doors, must be returned to us before we send out a replacement unit.

We must receive and examine the defective unit before the repaired or replaced unit is shipped out to you. There are no exceptions to this policy. When returning a product for repair or replacement, you must allow at least 1 – 2 weeks for replacement plus shipping time each way. In some cases, especially for special order items, the replacement time may be longer.

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