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  • Additional/Replacement High Tech Power Pet ms-4 & MS-5 ultrasonic pet collar key for the High tech pet power pet Door
  • MS-4 is a water-resistant key
  • MS-5 is a durable, waterproof key
  • Batteries last approximately 3 months
  • 1.5 x 1 x 0.5 dimensions

These ultrasonic High Tech collars are used to open all models of the High Tech Power Pet electronic pet doors. There are two types of collar keys, the High Tech Pet MS-4 and MS-5. Both operate on a B3V1A battery, which is not rechargeable. This dog collar battery is specific to this state of the art design pet door models and a new replacement battery will need to be purchased around every three months.

The Ultrasonic Collar Keys can be programmed to work at a range from 1 ft to 10 ft from the door (the inside and outside ranges can be adjusted independently). First, push the SENSORS button of either the inside or outside depending on which you want to adjust. Then, turn the RANGE knob to the desired range from 1 ft to 10 ft.

High Tech Pet MS-4 Key Collar: Recommended for mellower pets, this high tech key is battery-operated and has a lifespan of around three months. This is compatible with the High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Doors.

High Tech Pet MS-5 Key Collar: Recommended for more rambunctious pets, this high tech collar is waterproof and designed with more durability than the MS-4. It is also battery-operated and has a lifespan of around three months. This is compatible with the High Tech Power Pet Automatic Patio Pet Door and the High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Doors.

Not the right pet door collar key for your pet door? Take a look at our full make and model selection of electronic pet door collar keys.

Additional Information


Hi Tech Power Pet Doors - Small & Large Sizes


How to Install MS-5 Batteries


What is the difference between the two?

MS-5 electronic collar key has a more rugged design and water resistant. Bottom line if you have dogs that like to rough house or swim, go with the ms5 collar key. If you have smaller less active pets the MS-4 should work for you. The ms4 collar and the ms5 collar that come with the key are identical.

Can I just use a watch battery?

Unfortunately you can't with these new collars, they have special batteries that can be purchased here. The batteries can't be used with any other older key models like the MS-2 or MS-2A.

Do the have smaller keys for cats?

Due to the digital circuitry, the high tech power pet collar keys only come in one size.

Do I have to use this key with the High Tech doors?

Since collar keys are not interchangeable you would have to use the High Tech keys with High Tech doors.

When I get the collar do I have to program it to the door?

Yes, you do have to program the key as the door will not recognize it right out of the box.

How large is it?

It is 1 3/4"L x 1 1/4"W x 1/2"H.

Do I have to use their collar?

The ultrasonic pet collar key has a pretty small loop on it, so it won't really fit on many dogs existing collars, including dog training collars. That means it would require them to wear multiple collars.

Can I get it in a different color?

Nope, they only come in black.

If mine broke in less than a year will you replace it?

They do have a 1 year warranty so you would contact High Tech directly for any warranty issues. Be sure to review all product details and the return policy before checkout.

How do I change the batteries? Can I use a charger?

For the MS-4 you can use a small flat head screwdriver to pop off the cover. On the high tech power pet ms-5 digital ultra-sonic water proof collar key you have to use the small screwdriver to remove two screws to release the cover. Additionally, you cannot recharge the batteries.

Which ultrasonic pet collar is waterproof?

The MS-5 is a rugged and waterproof key. It's great for dogs that swim or play hard.

Will these interfere with the sound barrier in my yard?

Even with the use of ultrasonic speakers, the collar key will not be affected. The collar key will also not interfere with any yard barrier sonic fences.


High Tech Pet Products Warranty:

All of our products carry a full one year warranty (with the exception of replacement collar key batteries. If your product fails to operate at any time, for any reason, within one year of the original delivery date we will repair or replace it at our expense, no questions asked. If it doesn't work, send it back, get another one. It's that quick and easy.


Your product must be returned to High Tech Pet Products and must be clean and free of pet hair, dust and dander. Items that are dirty or containing pet hair and requiring cleaning will be subject to a charge equal to 25% of the original purchase price. We will ship the repaired or replaced product back to you via FedEx Ground or USPS priority mail, at our expense however, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the defective product to us.

In no case will High Tech Pet Products arrange or pay for the shipping of the defective product from your location to ours. Should you request the product to be sent out via air service, we will be happy to accommodate your request however, you will be required to pay the entire cost of the expedited service. ALL products, including pet doors, must be returned to us before we send out a replacement unit.

We must receive and examine the defective unit before the repaired or replaced unit is shipped out to you. There are no exceptions to this policy. When returning a product for repair or replacement, you must allow at least 1 – 2 weeks for replacement plus shipping time each way. In some cases, especially for special order items, the replacement time may be longer.

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