Endura Flap™ Thermo Panel 3e™


  • Maintains insulation year round with dual pane, LoE glass in sturdy aluminum framing
  • Installs in seconds without tools, perfect for renters or vacation homes
  • Fits any sliding glass door with adjustable top or custom size
  • Weatherproof flap is 4-season friendly
  • Free shipping within the U.S.

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Price From: $429
Endura Flap™ Thermo Panel 3e™
Panel installations integrate seamlessly into your decor, allowing both humans and dogs easy access to the outside. Insert for sliding glass doors with doggie doors built in

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  • Maintains insulation year round with dual pane, LoE glass in sturdy aluminum framing
  • Installs in seconds without tools, perfect for renters or vacation homes
  • Fits any sliding glass door with adjustable top or custom size
  • Weatherproof flap is 4-season friendly
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
Flap SizeFlap DimensionStep Over RangeOverall Panel WidthRecommended
Pet Height*
Stock No
Small 6" w x 11" h3"-5"11 3/8"9-15"01PPC06
Medium 8" w x 15" h3"-5"13 3/8"9-19"01PPC08
Large 10" w x 19" h3"-5"15 3/8"9-23"01PPC10
Extra Large 12" w x 23" h3"-7" (ships at 5")17 3/8"9-29"01PPC12

*measured from the ground to the tallest point of their back.
The recommended pet width is generally 1-2" added to the width of the flap.

Don't know which size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Height Options
  • P - 74 3/4" - 77 3/4"
  • Q - 77 1/4" - 80 1/4"
  • R - 93" - 96 1/4" (additional cost)

Wondering how to measure your track? Review our Track Measuring Guide.


If your measured track height does not fall within one of the ranges above, we can make a custom height! Choose the range that your track height falls into and when ordered you will be asked to give the exact height of your slider track inside very top to very bottom. In each case you will have 3" of height adjustment with the height you specify approximately in the middle of that range. The ranges are:

  • Under 74 1/2"
  • Between 80 1/4" - 93 1/4"
  • Over 96 1/4"

Custom height option may take up to 4 weeks to special order the glass and build the panel.

Caution If your measured track height is near the bottom of the adjustment range then you should review A Note of Caution.

Note Make sure to check out how to measure your pet for the perfect fit.

Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e Patio Panel Pet Door

The Thermo Panel 3e features one of the best flaps on the market today, the Endura Flap. Its unrivaled insulation value will save you money on your heat/AC bills. Combine that with the safety of a 15 year warranty you won’t have to question its durability, we made it to last forever! The Thermo Panel 3e doesn‘t require a single tool to install, yet is safely secure once in place due to its spring-loaded design. It doesn't get easier than an insert for sliding glass doors with doggie doors built in!

Features of the Thermo Panel 3e

  • Dual-pane, Low-E glass insulates and filters out heat for energy efficiency. Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass was created to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass, without minimizing the amount of light that enters your home.
  • Flap material is a polyolefin-based polymer which is safe for your dogs, cats and the environment. Unlike others flaps it remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Simple design allows you to easily install and remove your panel as necessary; simply loosen the thumbscrews at the top to release the spring-loaded mechanism and tighten once in place!
  • This panel will not mate with an existing sliding door lock so we include either a C-Clamp Lock for adjustment ranges up to 80 1/4", or a Foot Lock for panels 80 1/4" and above. You could also use the old "broomstick in the track" method or a Charley Bar. If your slider is on the outside you would be unable to use any lock besides the Foot Lock. Which can be purchased separately here if your panel height is below 80 1/4.
  • Choose from four different sizes that have a high aspect ratio, meaning they are taller and narrower to better fit more pets.
  • User-adjustable step-over feature allows you to set the height of the flap to best suit your pet. Solid magnet strips along the sides and magnets at the bottom of the flap keep your pet door sealed year round. Magnets are adjustable to make training easier.
  • UV and wind resistant, the Endura Flap has been designed to remain sealed in winds up to 50 mph.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame provides extreme strength and durability, designed for sliding glass door tracks at least 1” thick.
  • Durable and secure locking cover to close your pet door when necessary; equivalent to 1/16” steel.
  • Three height ranges to fit most sliding glass doors, and if your slider doesn’t fall within these ranges we can custom build one for you!
  • 90 day return policy, and a generous 15 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Perfect Time for a Thermo Panel 3e

  • If insulation is a concern, the Thermo Panel 3e is the most insulated pet door available for sliding glass doors. Perfect for extreme weather conditions, whether it be sun, snow, wind or rain.
  • You find yourself replacing flaps constantly, as the Endura Flap often only needs replacing if a dog decides to take a bite out of it! It rotates on a rod at the top to eliminate any stress points that might tear over time.
  • If you have multiple dogs sharing a pet door, the taller design of the Endura Flap can help you accommodate the height of the larger dog while keeping the flap low enough for the shorter dog to step through.

Custom Heights

Most sliding glass doors will accommodate the three panel sizes we offer. But if our standard panels do not match your door size, we can build a custom Thermal Panel 3e for you. We can also custom make a panel for a miniature sliding glass door, provided the window track width is at least one inch. Custom panels may take up to 4 weeks.

The panels have a 3-inch spring-loaded height adjustment, so if you request a 40-inch panel, the panel you receive will adjust from 38 to 41 inches.

Custom Height Minimum & Maximum Heights
Small #635"100"
Medium #842"107"
Large #1048"117"
Extra Large #1246"123"

More information

* Review these points when considering to purchase a pet door.

* Study a comparison chart.

* For patio panel FAQs, click here.

Customer Reviews

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  • Easy installation and door flap seals on all sides! review by Amanda
    5 5 Easy installation and door flap seals on all sides!

    This pet door is so much better than the one we had before. The previous panel only had a magnet at the bottom. After a few months, the sides of the flap would warp and there was nothing to seal them. I constantly purchased replacement flaps for the other door. Even when new, they never really closed well, especially in windy weather. With this new door, we have experienced some of the worse winds of the year and it doesn’t budge! Magnets seal all sides and it is a dream! Our big dogs don’t have any issue going through the door. Our small chihuahua acts like she cannot open it on her own, but she should be able to. She just doesn’t want to learn something new! She just walks in and out with the other dogs now!

    (Posted on 1/30/2019)

  • GREAT review by Jesse
    5 5 GREAT

    Bought this one to replace an existing door from Petsafe. I have a 13 y.o lab and 10 y.o. lab mix, they use the doggy door non stop. The previous door wasn't a cold weather door and would seriously frost up when the temps got near zero degrees. Its gotten below zero several nights here since I bought the Thermo Panel door and have had hardly ANY frost, just a bit around the actual flap. Dont waste your money buying a single pane pet door if you think you need a double pane, its more money but WELL WORTH THE EXTRA $$$

    (Posted on 1/29/2019)

  • The best! review by Samira
    5 5 The best!

    I have an older sliding door that I wasn’t sure would work, so I called and spoke with Courtnie and she was super helpful! Shipping was quick. When we installed it, we had a few hiccups and once again they were quick to respond and help me out. They even sent more stripping with a cute card and a dog toy! Great investment and my pup learned how to get through an xl door (he won’t be small forever!) in just 1 day, and has not had an accident since. 100% worth it. Thanks to Courtnie and the rest of the team for being so great!

    (Posted on 1/22/2019)

  • Great Door review by Paul
    5 4 Great Door

    The door is wonderfully constructed. The one issue we had was getting a good seal around the door and the frame of the slider. We solved that by using a clear weather sealing tape from home depot.

    Our pet a puppy took to the door immediately and had no issues opening the panel even with all of the magnets in place. We have had it for a couple weeks now and I would purchase it again. There are cheaper doors on the market but I suspect that they lack the quality of this door. If you want a door that becomes a part of your house then I would recommend this product. I would have given it 5 stars had I not had to purchase the tape from home depot to get a air tight seal.

    (Posted on 1/4/2019)

  • Money well spent review by Nicolette
    5 5 Money well spent

    I purchased the Endura Flap thermo panel door a little over a year ago. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s durable and well built. It has now been through all 4 seasons and has worked exceptionally well. Especially during the cold winter months. I would highly recommend this door. Definitely money well spent.

    (Posted on 1/2/2019)

  • Sturdy and reliable when finally installed review by Felipe
    5 4 Sturdy and reliable when finally installed

    This is a very nice product that needs improvements. The notion of having to hammer it with a rubber mallet to make the parts fit is awkward. Also, most sliding doors are not perfect, whether new or old, so getting rid of air leaks is complicated and not very aesthetic. It is expensive but better than the competitor products in terms of thermal quality and overall materials.

    (Posted on 12/29/2018)

  • amazing door review by Michelle
    5 5 amazing door

    Love the door. The flap is so much better than our old door no more flopping with the wind. Only concern is that when I called and ordered it the customer service rep to me a Large door would do but after installing it I am afraid our puppy will grow out of it. No more drafty wind highly recommend this door so far

    (Posted on 12/28/2018)

  • Good product but not for us review by Ruthann
    5 3 Good product but not for us

    The door and flap are high quality but don’t work for us. Medium flap too heavy for our little dogs. And pet door makes it impossible to use screen door. When slider is opened and screen closed to edge of pet door there is a 2 inch gap where bugs, bees, etc can come right in.

    (Posted on 12/26/2018)

  • Fit and adjustment review by Terry
    5 4 Fit and adjustment

    Like it being heavy duty. The cheaper version was wearing out and out lab had to slump to enter the flap. This flap is more heavy duty and should last longer. The magnets are stronger and dogs had to adjust, but they did with teaching. The space bar was very difficult to move, not at all as easy as the video demonstrated. The fit is not perfect in the doorway, but trying to get it to fit square. All in all, less draft and durable.

    (Posted on 12/25/2018)

  • Definitely 5 stars. review by dianna
    5 5 Definitely 5 stars.

    Great help at our home for our Big Dog. It took him about a week before he was running back and fourth outside he loves it and we love it. Well made very sturdy and looks great. Definitely one of our good investments for the happiness of our dog.

    (Posted on 12/13/2018)

  • Update--5 stars review by Arnie Sklar
    5 5 Update--5 stars

    Super easy to install; and super quick.!. With guidance of customer service I was able to remove the magnets from the bottom of the flap. Even with all magnets removed wind does not cause the flap to open. Removing the magnets makes it easier to get the dogs used to using the door (I will reinstall magnets when they have mastered the flap). This is the only pet door I have seen with a user-adjustable step-over. It is expensive but IMHO the convenience and features make it well worth the money.

    (Posted on 12/2/2018)

  • Superb review by Elaina
    5 5 Superb

    Having worked in the window and door (for homes) industry for 15 years, I went with the Low e glass door option for its superior energy efficiency. The door functions great and the dark brown matches my existing Integrity from Marvin sliding french door. Highly recommended spending the extra money for energy efficiency.

    (Posted on 11/29/2018)

  • Super-easy installation. I want to rate it 4-1/2 stars but there is no half size star review by Arnie Sklar
    5 4 Super-easy installation. I want to rate it 4-1/2 stars but there is no half size star

    The door installs as easily as the video shows. And no drilling. User-adjustable step-over is what sold me on this door versus a less expensive easy-to-install item. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because the magnets in the flap are quite strong and removing them is not easy (can be done but not easy). I live in Southern California so weather sealing is not very important. But if you live someplace cold this door would definitely be the one you need. If you have a puppy that will grow to a large size, this is the door you need. And BTW, PetDoors.com people are very helpful and responsive to questions.

    (Posted on 11/28/2018)

  • Great door review by Jolene
    5 5 Great door

    Was skeptical about purchasing this door because of cost and thinking no sliding glass door panel would be as good as this one claimed. Happy I was totally wrong. It’s great! Far surpasses previous panels. Only slight problem was getting my two Yorkies to use it because it was different. Pushed them through a few times, but that didn’t work. However, as soon as the neighbors’ cat appeared in the alley, problem resolved. Barking was stronger than fear of the new door.

    (Posted on 11/28/2018)

  • very nice pet door review by Darlene
    5 5 very nice pet door

    great heavy duty, well-made pet door. We were a little stumped on how to change it from the 5 inch stepover to the 3 inch stepover, but eventually figured it out. it would have been helpful if the video showed that part. My wiener dog as well as my german shepherd, and the two in between lab mixes sizes all use the door, although the wiener can be stubborn some times and you have to push him out the door, I think he's afraid of the door flap cause the lab mix (Poodle) went through the door and didn't hold it open for the wiener and he got smacked in the face with it. Poodle figured out how to use the door first, the rest took a few days, used lots of treats for training, and sometimes still have to use treats to encourage the wiener.

    (Posted on 11/1/2018)


    Customer service and quality of product have far exceeded my expectations. I have owned the Endura flap Thermo panel 3E since 2005 and only recently needed to get a replacement part. I had some difficulty with the replacement part but with the help of Courtnie in customer service my issue was resolved far beyond my hope. I have been in customer service for 30 plus years and must admit this is a company you want to deal with. Don't bother looking anywhere else for a pet door as petdoors.com and Courtnie will make you glad you purchased from them.

    (Posted on 10/31/2018)

  • Very Happy with Pet Door review by Vida
    5 5 Very Happy with Pet Door

    Easy to install after watching the install videos. We were aware how much opening we would lose and have just enough space to go in and out with the dog door installed. The magnets that hold the door closed are strong. Took a bit for our dogs to get use to pushing hard enough to get in and out. They got it though (all 3)

    (Posted on 9/29/2018)

  • Decent build, Functions well review by Bradley
    5 4 Decent build, Functions well

    Unit lookes well built but was damaged upon receiving. Cosmetic only and since I needed the door the next day I decided to keep it instead of exchanging it as customer service offered. I took out the bottom magnets to get the pup used to it. It took 1 day and she has it pretty much figured out! The only problem is that the panel (or my door) is curved. When the door is closed it makes contact with the middle of the panel but there are slight air gaps at the top and bottom :(
    A carefully placed chalie bar adds enough pressure to fully compress the weather stripping in the middle so that the door makes contact at the top and bottom though. I'm pretty happy with this sliding door pet door insert panel!

    (Posted on 9/28/2018)

  • Love it! review by Marlene
    5 5 Love it!

    Love it, love it, love it! Pet door was easy to install without needing tools. It looks great with our sliding glass door and it's very sturdy. Our dog learned to use it quickly and it gives him (and us) so much freedom. We should have purchased this year ago. Lesson learned.

    (Posted on 9/7/2018)

  • Excellent door. review by Susan
    5 5 Excellent door.

    We were looking for something more substantial than most products out there. This medium flap panel door is perfect. We have 3 dogs, ranging in size from a 21 pound Jack Russell to an 8 lb. chihuahua. They all have no problem pushing the door open. The website video was perfect in showing how to install. Installation was VERY easy. Just place it in the tracks!

    (Posted on 9/6/2018)

  • So far great door!!! review by Carrie
    5 4 So far great door!!!

    This is my fourth or fifth brand of patio dog door. I purchased this brand after the XLG flaps became unavailable for the Pet Safe door. The PS framework was very heavy duty and fit my tracks very nicely, but the flaps would tear after about one month of use and after one season need replacing.
    This Endura Flap door has now been in use four about 4 months of constant use and it is proving to be a very durable flap.
    At first I was disappointed that it was narrower than the PS door but my dogs adapted. It also seems to need a shim to fit exactly level which my other doors did not have this issue. Even with a thick strip of insulation there is a small gap where the sliding door meets.
    All 5 dogs adapted to it quickly in spite of the heavier weight and getting noses bopped a few times.
    At first one upper corner would pop out regularly and was sent a washer to help stop this, but it got easier to pop back in place with use and have not installed the washer. The only time it is an issue is when the cover is put in place.
    One real drawback is that the flap is very noisy. It is in the basement but we can hear it even upstairs as it flips back and forth several times before it settles. I thought stronger magnets might cause it to close faster, but have not installed the kit yet. For winter I will.
    Another drawback is the cost of the door itself. However, if I don't have to replace the flap yearly, it will pay for itself in about 5-6 years and earn 5 stars.
    If it continues to hold up, I anticipate ordering a second one for the upstairs.

    (Posted on 8/27/2018)

  • great product - love it! review by Neetster
    5 5 great product - love it!

    Love, love, love this door. I have two large dogs who, during the day, have free rein of a large yard with an invisible fence and this door allows them to come in and out of the house as they please without me having had to cut holes in an exterior wall or through the glass door itself. It's actually the second time I've purchased this door - the first time, I sold the house and the new owners wanted to keep the door for their dog!

    Here are my suggestions for successful installation: 1) you must remove the sliding door latch (just unscrew it) so that the pet door can sit flush against the side frame. 2) Usually, the house has settled somewhat causing the pet door to not sit perfectly flush. This means that when I close the glass slider up against the pet door, there may be a gap where the provided insulation strip isn't wide enough. I've solved this problem by purchasing an insulation strip that's 1" thick. That way, there's enough depth of the insulation to ensure a gap-free fit. I also use a bit of extra insulation where the two sliders now overlap. Other than this, there is nothing else needed for installation. I live in the northeast where we have a full 4 seasons and with this extra insulation, the door is very well suited to keep out the cold. Again - I highly recommend this product!

    (Posted on 8/3/2018)

  • Excellent product, excellent service! review by James
    5 5 Excellent product, excellent service!

    All good here. I was a bit nervous especially when I saw how easy it was supposed to be installed on the YouTube video, but even for someone that has very little household projects experience, it was easy. It was also delivered within two days of ordering it on line.

    (Posted on 7/24/2018)

  • Best Pet Door out there review by Paris
    5 5 Best Pet Door out there

    Hands down this company makes the best pet doors out there. This is our second door from Petdoors..have tried other ones and construction doesn't compare. They are pricey but so worth it, they last forever and the customer service is awesome.

    (Posted on 7/20/2018)

  • I received what I purchased in excellent condition and assembled quickly. review by David
    5 5 I received what I purchased in excellent condition and assembled quickly.

    I did receive a non functioning petal lock. The company did send out another to replace it. The locking mechanism is made of pot metal, throw it away. For the price I paid I expected a steel locking device.
    I found one in an Internet search that is quit inexpensive and cannot be overcome by force. The Arcadia door and the pet door make a perfect seal.

    (Posted on 7/3/2018)

  • A must-have product for my pups! review by Kelli
    5 5 A must-have product for my pups!

    I have had a patio pet door from petdoors.com for years, and I couldn't live without it! My life is not conducive to being at the beck and call of my pups, so this works out great for all of us. I had the light weight flap in my original door, and I replaced it numerous times over the years through the fantastic service of petdoors.com.
    I recently moved into a house where the sliding door was too short for my old patio door insert, and the winters are more harsh here, so I upgraded to the thermo panel flap. It just took a few tries for my dogs to get used to it, because it is heavier weight, but they are running through it easily now and I am looking forward to not having any drafts from the door in the winter.

    (Posted on 6/21/2018)

  • Good door bad service review by carlena
    5 3 Good door bad service

    I purchased the Thermo panel the door is good quality but that’s it they did not send any directions or installation materials so I had to run to Home Depot at 8pm and purchase supplies to finish the install and the company wouldn’t reimburse me either

    (Posted on 6/10/2018)

  • Our dog loves his new dog door review by Mary
    5 5 Our dog loves his new dog door

    We purchased this sliding door insert because there aren't many inserts that will fit in our "short" sliding door - and this was the only one that would work with a vinyl door. It arrived on our doorstep in less than a week (yay!) and it was super easy to install. The weather stripping included in the box arrived damaged, but PetDoors.com replaced it right away. The only downside to the insert - and this is probably true for all slider inserts - is that we can't lock the door anymore; you either have to use a stick to block the door or buy one of those bolts for the bottom of the door. The flap is narrower than I realized when I ordered it, but still works for our little dog. We just can't adopt any "wide" pets now!

    (Posted on 6/2/2018)

  • Super, great, excellent! review by PeterV
    5 5 Super, great, excellent!

    Got my door. Came in a well packaged, sturdy box, deliver to my front door. It was super easy to install, literally 2 minutes. I spent more time on applying the seals than I did installing the door. Dog loves it. My initial fear was that the door exited the house in a concrete 3 step down to the yard. I thought that the dog was going to fall down the steps when going through the flap. I had in my mind building a desk to keep my wheaten terrier from breaking his legs, but no. He went through just fine. The flap closes tight, but the dog can go through it with no effort. We had some wind and rain, here in SW Wisconsin, but no issues. We highly recommend this door, our dog loves it! And so do we (what really should count). Nice finish, blends in great, looking great. Well worth the money! Thanks! (Woof woof - that’s Toby saying thanks!)

    (Posted on 6/1/2018)

  • Great Pet door review by Shawn
    5 5 Great Pet door

    Fit perfect. Took the Dogs about a week to really start using it. Now they love it and so do I.

    (Posted on 5/21/2018)

  • Great product! review by Donald
    5 5 Great product!

    We are very pleased with our patio pet door. The product was shipped quickly and was very easy to install. The overall quality of the door is excellent. Our Blue Heeler has no problems using the door and it has given him his in/ out privileges once again. We purchased a new home and had very few good places to put a standard dog door, not to mention we would have been cutting thru stone walls. This was the perfect answer to our problem.

    (Posted on 5/3/2018)

  • Good product review by Budiarta
    5 5 Good product

    I installed this at my vinyl sliding glass door, the vinyl track is 1-1/4" wide. The description of this product said 1" thick aluminum door but its actually only 3/4" wide . I use 2-1/8" x 3/4" aluminum plate to shim in the vinyl glass sliding door track. The button to tighten up the top adjustment fitting is not allow the door fit tight into the track since the track is much wider, so I double the foam insulation tape at edge of Endura Flap and yet still having gap , then I use the breaker foam rod to slip in the side of the door to weatherproof tightly. All in all it work fine. The magnet at the flap door seems strong and cause my small (Chihuahua) reluctant to go through but after I put a tape as the instruction suggest he is now go in and out easily. Good product.

    (Posted on 4/20/2018)

  • Almost there review by Sean
    5 3 Almost there

    I purchased this new doggy door so I could update my doggy door with my house windows and sliding glass doors. The door is solid and well built. The door flap is so much better than the door I replaced that my dog was confused by the extra resistance required to move the flap. The only issue I have is a big issue for us. The knobs that hold down the top of the door for installation hit the door frame and we can’t get a good fit. We have a small OPE ring on the bottom that allows air in. Hopefully this it fits better when the new doors are installed or we are going to have to double up on weather seal. If it wasn’t for this problem this would be a five star product all day. In fact the rest of the door is so solid I couldn’t force my self to give it two stars.

    (Posted on 4/18/2018)

  • Wonderful! review by Kari
    5 5 Wonderful!

    This is a great door... well worth the purchase. I was able to adjust it so that it works for both a beagle and a doberman/boxer mix. It's held up to a pretty windy storm, so far... it's in a slightly sheltered area, but it stayed closed in 65mph gusts and kept my basement a lot warmer than my old dog door!

    (Posted on 4/16/2018)

  • Enduro Flap review by Fritz
    5 5 Enduro Flap

    Wow, living in Iowa with the weather we've had this year, I can't say how much value our doggy door has given us this winter. My wife is a stay at home mother and we are gone a lot for a couple of days at a time and we are able to leave our dog at home rather than the kennel. Great quality product, you get what you pay for, Thanks.

    (Posted on 4/14/2018)

  • Fantastic review by Jill
    5 5 Fantastic

    This product came quickly and everything we needed was in the box. My dogs are really enjoying their independence and so are we! I was not sure what size to get - one of my dogs weighs 60 lbs, but he's thin (a vizsla) We used a piece of cardboard to cut out the 2 different size holes and then we tested it out. We ended up going with the medium size (8x15) and its perfect! The door and flap are both super high quality. I would recommend this product

    (Posted on 4/11/2018)

  • It's Okay, but could use improvement review by Duke
    5 3 It's Okay, but could use improvement

    Overall, this door insert is fairly good. It has one glaring error that really needs attention to make it vastly better and that is the adjustment thumbscrews at the top of the door are spaced exactly to hit the outer frame of the slider. You will slowly create a very unsightly area of flattened, discolored aluminum in the stationary portion of your sliding glass door frame. The thumbnuts for the adjustable portion at the top of the door need to be either: 1) removable, so you could stack a couple of washers under them to allow for clearance between the thumbnuts and the slider frame (they are not removable in my unit), or 2) they need to be thinner and stick out further to clear the stationary frame.
    Otherwise, it seals fairly well when your dog doesn't decide he likes the taste of the flap and works fairly well. Remember, the opening for the door is now half the size when this is in place, so you will be taking it out routinely.

    (Posted on 4/9/2018)

  • A great product. review by Debra
    5 5 A great product.

    The Pa

    (Posted on 4/9/2018)

  • Works great! review by Judith
    5 5 Works great!

    Customer service was excellent. They asked me to send pictures of our slider, and gave me 3options to use. We went with the more insulated option because our summers in Phoenix are so hot, we didn’t want the heat seeping in from the dog door. We’ve already had some 90 degree days, and I don’t feel any of that creeping into the house like I did with our old door.

    (Posted on 4/7/2018)

  • Great easy to install product! review by Jeanne
    5 5 Great easy to install product!

    We installed the pet door with no difficulty. I suggest you do not put a "low e this side" sticker on the glass. We had to buy acetone to get the sticker off the glass, and then clean the glass. I believe the sticker took more time than it did to install the pet door. The installation was a breeze.

    (Posted on 4/2/2018)

  • Excellent dog door! review by Tierra
    5 5 Excellent dog door!

    We just had the door installed a few days ago and our puppy learned how to use it right away! Our old dog is taking a bit more time but is also comfortable with it. I needed a door with heavy magnets to keep the cats inside and from using it and it's working like a charm! It's also much more attractive than other glass slider doors. I would recommend this door to anyone!

    (Posted on 3/27/2018)

  • Good door - but the older model was better. review by LML
    5 3 Good door - but the older model was better.

    I have two of the large Panel IIIe doors. One was purchased 18 months ago and the second was just purchased. The older model of this door has 4 slats for adjusting the height of the door. The new model only has two. This lack of adjustable range is an issue for my taller dog. Not sure why the change, the newer model is less appealing to your broader audience and more expensive. Can only assume reducing manufacturing variability among the sizes and margin was the motive. Not much forethought in that decision. A customer willing to spend $500 for a dog door is already at the level they are willing to spend the amount required to get the best product. Go back to making the best door and don't cut corners.

    (Posted on 3/27/2018)

  • Just right!` review by Robert
    5 5 Just right!`

    The installation of the door could not have been easier, and all the weatherstripping that came with it did what it was supposed to do. I have two large cats using it – one of them figured it out in two days, the other one is still working on it. I took the magnetic strips off the side so it wouldn't be quite so hard to open and close. Highly recommended, and the customer service during my order was tremendously helpful.

    (Posted on 3/20/2018)

  • Good Quality, a bit of a struggle with installation review by Gary
    5 4 Good Quality, a bit of a struggle with installation

    My bottom to top measurement for the slider is 78", leaving 3/4" allowance to lift over the side of the lower rail in order for the panel to drop into the rail. Unfortunately, the side of the lower, and upper rails is about 1.25". I reached out to petdoors and they responded quickly with a work around; trim the top adjustable panel. Luckily I have the power tools to do that (power jig saw) but it took an hour to get the measurements right, saw and trim, and file down the newly made sharp edges.
    Once that was done, I noticed that the panel would not sit flush with the stationary side of the slider due to the lock receiver. I removed the lock receiver and the panel then sits tight. Adding the foam sealers was a snap. Job done!
    The panel looks nearly like original equipment and our larger dog has taken to going in and out without a problem. Our old Jack Russell is still too timid to push the door...he'll get it eventually. :)

    Overall a quality product that I would buy again.

    (Posted on 3/17/2018)

  • great pet door review by Melissa
    5 5 great pet door

    This is a great pet door. Really made a difference from my old Pet Safe for keeping the cold out and the flap not blowing open. It took a little adjustment for my dog to figure out how to open the new flap but he did.

    (Posted on 3/15/2018)

  • Looking good so far review by Alistair
    5 4 Looking good so far

    Living in Colorado, wind and cold temps are a given in Winter. We needed a patio dog door insert that could cope with this and so far this dog door is meeting those needs. The double pane glass definitely is effective. The flaps with strong magnets bottom and sides is robust against the wind for sure. We have not had to use the clover yet to stop the wind from forcing it open. It took a the dogs a couple of days to get used to the strong magnets on the flap but they have figured it out now. The rest of the construction is solid, The insert did not sit anywhere near to level in the patio track. Why exactly I don’t know since I checked that the patio door is plumb. I ended up having to place a ship under one end of it, which worked out fine in the end. I also added som weather stripping in the remaining track width to keep out any cold. Works fine. Like all dog doors you cannot reuse your patio lock. Designers please design a track additon that could be slid on to the insert so patio door locks could be reused.. All in all, i’m very happy so far. The extra cost is certainly worth it if you live in similar climates.

    (Posted on 2/20/2018)

  • excellent review by Michelle
    5 5 excellent

    We are very pleased with the new door it meets are expectations plus. We will recommend this door to our friends
    Thank you

    (Posted on 1/25/2018)

  • ? review by Robert
    5 5 ?

    The door is everything I hoped for and more. Installation was a breeze, the dogs love it and, we live in snow country and it keeps out the cold much better than I expected. We are more than satisfied with our purchase and with the companies follow up to make sure we were happy.

    (Posted on 1/25/2018)

  • Challenging review by PETER
    5 3 Challenging


    (Posted on 1/22/2018)

  • Installed it myself with no tools. Looks nice. No more waking up at 4AM to let dog out review by Kristin
    5 5 Installed it myself with no tools. Looks nice. No more waking up at 4AM to let dog out

    I recently got a rescue dog. She came trained to use a pet door to go outside and not to ask to go outside. After one accident and a week of waking up at 4AM to let her out, I decided to get a pet door. I looked at a lot of sites, but kept coming back to PetDoors.com because of the helpful information and easy selection menu. I'd never had a dog or a pet door and I was able to find all the info I needed to find the right size and type of door. I picked the Endura Flap because of the double pane windows, better insulation to keep out cold and the magnets holding the flap down that will discourage wild beasts from coming in. The instructions were so simple they were printed on the side of the box. No tools were required. It really was as easy to install as they claimed. It arrived in one big door length box as a complete unit. There were no door/window/flap pieces to assemble. The only thing I had to do was peel and stick on weather stripping that they supplied. That took about 5 minutes. Door is very easy to take out if I want to take it back out. It can removed without any sign that is was there.

    At first my dog didn't want to push on the flap to disconnect the magnets, but 2 biscuits later, she figured it out. It's been cold this week and there is a tiny bit of more draft than I had from the sliding door without the pet door. But, it's not bad. Also, it looks nice. My husband was against the idea of a pet door because he thought it would look shoddy,but it looks great. I bought the white and it matches the existing Milguard sliding door as if it were part of the original door. I ordered the door on Dec 22 and in spite of the holidays, PetDoors.com still shipped the door within 2 days. I'm 100% pleased with the whole selection, receipt, installation and usage experience.

    (Posted on 1/5/2018)

  • Gaping holes - not "thermal" at all review by Rynni
    5 1 Gaping holes - not "thermal" at all

    I'm confused by all the positive reviews on this product. We have had this door for a year and it has proven to be anything but thermal. After a few months of use, the issues started and have not stopped - we now have 3 gaping holes around the door flap. The bottom magnet no longer works (despite our attempts to keep it clean), the top corner pops out every time the door is used (we are constantly popping it back in) and a bottom piece came from the factory too short for it's intended purpose. I do not recommend this dog door at all. It has been a constant source of frustration for us. We are very handy people and have tried everything to repair all of the issues, but nothing has worked. I have finally resorted to contacting petdoors.com about the issues - I want this huge headache GONE. I hope that petdoors.com lives up to the customer service that they are claiming...

    (Posted on 12/29/2017)

  • Excellent pet door review by Charles
    5 5 Excellent pet door

    I had another single pane insert in our patio door and it left our room always cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This door is a noticeable improvement. The flap doesn't blow open with the wind (we've had a lot of wind lately) and it is insulated so well that we don't notice the cold weather. I highly recommend this door. The price is higher than others but it is clearly worth it. The dogs had no trouble using the door.

    (Posted on 12/20/2017)

  • Good company, good product review by Dave
    5 5 Good company, good product

    Although, the first "Thermo Panel llle" pet door we received had some issues from shipping, Petdoors.com was very prompt in resolving the issue.
    The door itself is of good build quality. We have an Italian Greyhound, and a Min Pin, so the step over that is set up from the factory was a bit low for our I.G. Removal, and then replacing the spacer for the step over adjusting, was a bit difficult. I understand why, though. If it was too easy, that would make the door not as stable and sturdy. Suffice to say, that with an extra pair hands from my wife the task was accomplished. Now, the extra height is right for our I.G., and still not to tall for our Min Pin. The continued installation was easy. I made a new bar lock from a 2x4 and it was ready to go.
    We did use some painters tape over the side magnets as well as tapping down the moving threshold, and it only took a little coaxing, with the provide delicious dog treats, before both dogs were using the door without any issues (Our dogs have been using a dog door that we built ourselves, so they were already used to the idea, except for the added magnetism was new to them). The I.G. Is still trying to get used to the extra magnetism, but the Min Pin just blows through it like it's not even there!
    All in all, I'm glad we finally made the purchase after all these years. The new door is definitely keeping more of the cold out, than our other doors was, and that's a big plus.
    Also, I really appreciated the web site! It is very well done, with all the information I needed, to do the research and make decision that was right for us. Oh, and the pricing was better than most, with coupon discounts.

    (Posted on 12/17/2017)

  • convenient and looks good! review by Joyce
    5 5 convenient and looks good!

    Still able to open and walk through the sliding glass door. It just takes up space and does not slide with the slider. It sits by itself. It looks really good and matches with our paint color on the frame. Did not take more than 10 minutes to install, would recommend!

    (Posted on 12/4/2017)

  • Excellent Purchase! review by Gayle
    5 5 Excellent Purchase!

    This has made life for me and my three dogs so much easier - I work full-time so it is nice to know they can come and go as they need (yes I have an 8 foot privacy fence and underground system for their safety) - quality and durable.

    (Posted on 11/28/2017)

  • Good design, good quality, and good looks. review by Vernon
    5 5 Good design, good quality, and good looks.

    In these days of built in obsolescence and throw away mentality, it is delightful to find a product like our recently purchased Endura Flap Pet door. It is well designed, well built, and by golly even looks good.

    I had little trouble installing it, and the dog had even less trouble learning to use it.

    Thank you Pet Doors, not for just a very fine product, but also for showing that there are still businesses out there that try to do thing right.

    (Posted on 11/25/2017)

  • Best DOGGONE Door Ever review by Peg
    5 5 Best DOGGONE Door Ever

    It's getting cold in Minnesota and a winterized door is a must. My three poms love it! No cold is coming in. It really is draft free. The weather stripping is very good quality. We added an extender (just a piece of wood) for height to make it tight. We leveled it at the bottom as nothing in a house is really square. Fits so nice and looks great. With all of the magnets I was afraid it would be too hard for the 10# dogs. They get it open with ease. Can't brag enough about the quality.

    (Posted on 11/23/2017)

  • Great quality, 1st dog door owner review by Diane
    5 4 Great quality, 1st dog door owner

    This is how first dog door so I.did not know what to expect. The quality of the door and flap appears durable but we needed to cut down the top section down to insert it past the overhanging section of our vinyl door. Cutting down metal was a bit tricky for us since we are not very handy but the instructions explain this can be done but not what tools would be helpful in doing so. So a visit to ACE hardware store provided us the information we needed. The cut didn't look pretty but did the trick. The actual installation was very easy. Used the weather stripping purchased more for additional gaps as the door although thick is still thinner than the actual slider door. My small dog learned how to use the door almost immediately, but my older border collie who fits perfectly through the large door is hesitant to use it unless I pull the flap open for her. I think in a couple of weeks she will be independent with a little encouragement. The floor had training treats included, how nice. The magnet appears very strong on the flap and it closes very well, although my 10 pound dog has no problem nosing her way thru the flap. I love that she can go freely in and out. I highly recommend this door, I think it's quality is highly worth it. Love it!

    (Posted on 10/18/2017)

  • Great quality, 1st dog door owner review by Diane
    5 4 Great quality, 1st dog door owner

    This is how first dog door so I.did not know what to expect. The quality of the door and flap appears durable but we needed to cut down the top section down to insert it past the overhanging section of our vinyl door. Cutting down metal was a bit tricky for us since we are not very handy but the instructions explain this can be done but not what tools would be helpful in doing so. So a visit to ACE hardware store provided us the information we needed. The cut didn't look pretty but did the trick. The actual installation was very easy. Used the weather stripping purchased more for additional gaps as the door although thick is still thinner than the actual slider door. My small dog learned how to use the door almost immediately, but my older border collie who fits perfectly through the large door is hesitant to use it unless I pull the flap open for her. I think in a couple of weeks she will be independent with a little encouragement. The floor had training treats included, how nice. The magnet appears very strong on the flap and it closes very well, although my 10 pound dog has no problem nosing her way thru the flap. I love that she can go freely in and out. I highly recommend this door, I think it's quality is highly worth it. Love it!

    (Posted on 10/18/2017)

  • We love this door! review by Barbara
    5 5 We love this door!

    We bought an Endura Flap door for our house door last year for our two Shih Tzu (16 lbs.) and our Papillon and 2 Maltese and cat (all under 10 lbs.). They all love it. Our cat was only 6 weeks old when she started to use it. This spring we adopted an 8 week old English Cream Golden Retriever. She immediately started to use it and she house trained herself. She wouldn't tolerate a crate at first so ran free in the house but always used the doggy door to do her business! Now she is 6 month old and much, much bigger! We could see that the old doggy door would not accommodate her for too much longer so bought the patio door model. She loves it! The only trouble right now tho is that she can still squeeze thru the old door too so she runs out the one door and in the other in a sort of game! I'm sure that will soon come to an end as she will not be able to get out the smaller door much longer. On the other hand the little dogs, except for one of the Maltese, seem to stick to their own door exclusively.

    This door was very easy to put in and we have had no problems except the draft stopper has started to peel away already. It didn't stick too well from the get go. I guess we will have to look for a replacement before the cold weather sets in.

    (Posted on 10/5/2017)

  • Love the door and the quality construction!! review by Kathryn
    5 5 Love the door and the quality construction!!

    My Sparky adjusted well to his new door and I will be warm sitting at my computer next to the patio door. The only problem I had was that it was too heavy for me to put in myself. My handyman made short work of it though. I'm a happy camper!

    (Posted on 10/4/2017)

  • More Careful Measurements review by Kristina
    5 4 More Careful Measurements

    I did everything listed, but something overlooked is how deep the track is... If it weren't for my very strong macc daddy boyfriend, we wouldn't have gotten it into the track, this sliding door track is deeper than average and I think it should be considered in measurements. Otherwise, excited to see how well it stays warm in the winter.

    (Posted on 10/3/2017)

  • So far so good. review by Patricia
    5 5 So far so good.

    So far it is great. It appears that this will be a major improvement on keeping out the cold this winter from our last pet door. Already it has really blocked out our strong winds that we get and is keeping the room much warmer. Our grand-dog had some trouble figuring it out because the bottom magnets are so strong but he finally figured out to bat the door part way open with his paw then scoot out while the flap was up (:
    Very Satisfied!!

    (Posted on 9/21/2017)

  • You get what you pay for! review by Brian
    5 5 You get what you pay for!

    Purchased another popular brand at HD for about half the price of this door. Had to replace the flimsy flap twice. The issues were always with the flimsy flap letting in outside air and insects. The Endura door is built to much higher standards and the flap issues are gone! Our Golden's took a couple of days to adjust to the stronger flap magnets but now they fly thru it with no problem. I'm happy with the value offered for the price. There's a reason you pay for quality.

    (Posted on 9/8/2017)

  • Love the Door! review by Victoria
    5 5 Love the Door!

    Magnets are very tight (good for weather and bugs) but difficult for dog to push open. I've made adjustments to magnets and it's much better, but now my girl is a little afraid of it, but she will get it I'm sure. Still love the door!

    (Posted on 9/8/2017)

  • The Best review by txgreyhound
    5 5 The Best

    I've had this "dog door" for years. Took it with me from California to Connecticut to California (again) and then to Texas. Through thick and then, bone chilling cold and extreme heat, this sliding door extension has held up well. I endorse this product without hesitation.

    (Posted on 9/8/2017)

  • Fabulous review by Laurie
    5 5 Fabulous

    I had to get a double paned Arcadia door and didn't want to lose the noise/heat insulation by having a regular dog door. I didn't with this model. I did accidentally ordered the wrong size because the frame of the new Arcadia door frame was wider than most but this company stands behind their products and made it very easy to exchange for the right size. I highly recommend both the door and this company.

    (Posted on 9/1/2017)

  • Solid product and very easy to install. review by John
    5 5 Solid product and very easy to install.

    The panel looks and feels durable and was extremely easy to install. It seals really well even in windy conditions. Only minor criticism would be that the strong magnets almost seal the flap too well and make it a little difficult for the dog to push open. We removed a couple magnets to make it a bit easier to open and it still works great.

    (Posted on 8/14/2017)

  • great door review by victoria
    5 5 great door

    Wasn't sure how our 5 month old puppy would like this, but he loves. Very easy to install, looks nice. Happy puppy happy Mom.

    (Posted on 7/31/2017)

  • Terrific pet door review by Cristelle
    5 5 Terrific pet door

    I have bought and installed four different pet doors over the years, this one is by far the easiest to install and the best. I was able to do it myself. All three of my dogs find it easy to use.

    (Posted on 7/28/2017)

  • Endura doors are worth the price review by Kathy
    5 5 Endura doors are worth the price

    I've bought three Endura dog doors (three different houses) and loved them all. My first was a through the wall that has been installed almost ten years and is still going strong. My second was to go in a door and it held up to my dog hitting it at full speed regularly. Now I have a patio door model and look forward to many years of service with it. Adjusting the height of the door was easy. Installation took maybe 30 minutes from opening the box to completion.

    (Posted on 7/8/2017)

  • Yes, everything is fine. Excellent product! review by Michael
    5 5 Yes, everything is fine. Excellent product!

    Yes, everything is fine. Excellent product!

    (Posted on 6/19/2017)

  • Awesome door review by Raymond
    5 5 Awesome door

    Awesome door for dual pain windows took my dogs a day to figure it out love it

    (Posted on 6/5/2017)

  • Don't Hesitate! review by karine
    5 5 Don't Hesitate!

    I am really happy with this quality product, really easy to install, sturdy and totally storm proof I have discovered. My life is transformed, I am no longer being bossed about by my dog who pretends he "needs to go out" and in and out and in and out all evening. We are both delighted that he can now wander back and forwards at will. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner.

    (Posted on 5/26/2017)

  • It fits! review by TIFFANY
    5 4 It fits!

    The last homeowners put in some special glide sliding glass door which has the top rack of the door almost an inch thick. The other 3 doors I've ordered didn't fit but this one did!! So happy and so is my Bodhi! I live in Florida and he just had a dog door on a screen and it was so hot and humid in the room he stays in. So happy this fit and seems really sturdy! Only giving it 4 stars for one reason - the panels you take out to change the height of the step is NOT EASY TO MOVE. The video makes it look so simple but it is not. But that is the only reason why it gets 4 stars.

    (Posted on 5/25/2017)

  • Excellent product and easy to install review by Teresa
    5 5 Excellent product and easy to install

    This pet flap is perfect for our needs. It is easy to install. Excellent quality and fits perfectly. We removed all the magnets so our small cat could learn how to operate the flap - there is an excellent YouTube video about removing the magnets. We have had the door installed for two weeks and, as our cat is getting more used to the door, we are gradually adding magnets so the flap is more secure. I highly recommend this door. It was the perfect answer to our cat's needs

    (Posted on 5/22/2017)

  • Endure Flap Pet Door review by Kimberly
    5 3 Endure Flap Pet Door

    The product in general is made really well. Really enjoy the heavy duty flap and dual pane/tinted glass. Very disappointed in the way the door fits into the sliding glass door. Not near as sturdy as expected for the price.

    (Posted on 5/16/2017)

  • Great product! review by Cornelius
    5 5 Great product!

    I am so happy with the ease of installation and how quickly my dog adaltedtl using it. It has held up great through recent deluges of rain.

    (Posted on 5/3/2017)

  • Stop shopping around and go with the Endura Flap Thermo Panel Patio Pet Door! review by Karin
    5 5 Stop shopping around and go with the Endura Flap Thermo Panel Patio Pet Door!

    I have never wanted a doggy door because I always thought they looked cheap and were difficult to use because the doggy door attached to the patio doors in such an awkward manner, and people unfamiliar with them didn't know how to open them. I am leaving town for several weeks and am having a housesitter stay with my dogs and she works full time, so she couldn't be here to let them out during the day. I checked the usual box stores and thought the patio doggy doors were as cheap looking as I remembered. Then I found this site, saw I could return it if I wasn't happy with it, and bought the small version. I had it installed by my handyman because I wanted it to look attractive, not cheesy. It is beautiful and looks like it came with the original door! My mom has commented on it every time she comes over, at how attractive it is and how I should have done that a LONG time ago. I know it's more expensive than the cheesy box store doors. What do you want more, quality or cheapness? I opted for quality and couldn't be happier. The money will be forgotten soon, but the door will stand as its own testament to quality and sturdiness.

    (Posted on 4/26/2017)

  • Exceptional quality review by William
    5 5 Exceptional quality

    New house, so new pet door to be ordered for the slider. I searched online for the best rated door, and this model kept coming up at various sites. The price is higher than I've ever paid for a pet door, but I realize, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. I was also reluctant to purchase sight unseen online. Free shipping said something like 10 business days, but the door arrived in about 3 or 4 days. I was surprised and very impressed of how "heavy duty" the door is, and the build quality is excellent. Night and day difference from the two previous doors I have owned over the years. This one is heavy, substantial and solid. Even the door flap is solid and heavy and of quality. The best fitting door I've ever owned and the best insulated. Insulation strips went on easily. We had a storm yesterday with a lot of high winds, and not once did that door flap budge. It stayed solidly held by the weight and the heavy duty magnets. My old dog doors would have been flapping constantly. Even the cover you slide in to place is solid. And, made in the USA which is very important to me. You can tell the quality difference. Worth every dollar!

    (Posted on 4/21/2017)

  • Easy to install with variable step heights review by Birgit
    5 5 Easy to install with variable step heights

    So far we are very pleased with the doggie door. We bought size L and added one piece to the bottom for a higher step. We have three dogs between 50 and 65lbs. The magnets are rather strong so one of our dogs keeps hitting the flapper with his paw but is not quick enough to keep it open by putting his head through. Our blockhead just plows through and the third one doesn't have a clue, yet. But we have the door only for two days, so there's still hope. The door panel is nice and sturdy and so far we really like it. The enclosed treats were very appreciated.

    (Posted on 4/19/2017)

  • Awesome review by Kim
    5 5 Awesome

    I have 3 dogs and I was sick and tired of opening the sliding glass door 50x a day so I invested in the thermo panel patio door panel. Absolutely love it and aesthetically it looks great!

    My only challenge has been trying to train my dogs to use it when the flap is down. Two of my 3 dogs are bulldogs, English and American. If you know bulldogs you know how stubborn they can be. We are continuing to practice and I am using everything including the treats that Petdoors sent me. For now I have tapped the flap up and they go in and out. Eventually hope I can keep the flap down and they will go in and out.

    Thank you Petdoors!

    Kim McAllister

    (Posted on 4/13/2017)

  • Ero pet door review by Pamela vangoor
    5 5 Ero pet door

    Dog door is perfect having high wind storm as we speak and ero flap on door has not moved very happy thank you for great product

    (Posted on 4/13/2017)

  • Very pleased.. review by Jane
    5 5 Very pleased..

    I previously had a cheap doggy door from Petco; used it for my Havanese for ten years. I suddenly woke up to the fact that my electric bills - I live in a warm climate - were getting stupidly high. I realized (duh) that I could see daylight through the flap. Enter the Endura Flap, which I bought after a lot of research. It's totally tight, and I'm not paying so much for A/C.

    The only mild caveat: My 19 lb dog didn't like it at first, because with all the magnets, it whacked him in the back. Now that we've removed the magnets, he uses it happily.

    Wonderful product.

    (Posted on 4/12/2017)

  • Great Door! review by Stephanie
    5 5 Great Door!

    Easy to install, good insulation and our dogs love it! Thank you!

    (Posted on 2/27/2017)

  • made to last! review by cassie
    5 5 made to last!

    I purchased this panel five years ago. With 8 dogs of various sizes, I conservatively estimate it has been used at least HALF A MILLION TIMES. Only now has the flap given out. I bought a replacement flap, installed it, and we are back in business for another 5 years. Amazingly durable and effective. THANKS!

    (Posted on 2/27/2017)

  • Easy Install--Great Quality!1 review by Steven
    5 5 Easy Install--Great Quality!1

    This door is well worth the money, it was exceptionally easy to install and looks like it came with the door!

    (Posted on 2/27/2017)

  • Great product review by David
    5 5 Great product

    Very easy to install. Works!

    (Posted on 2/17/2017)

  • 4 Stars to a great doggy door review by Evan
    5 4 4 Stars to a great doggy door

    I have two dogs who are unfortunately left at home while at I'm work. I needed a doggy door that would be easy to install. After some research, I decided to go with the "Endura Flap" Thermo Panel from PetDoors. Before I knew it, the door was delivered to my house and I immediately began the installation process. The instructions were very clear and I was able to install the door within 15 - 20 minutes.

    Unfortunately, PetDoors forgot to include the insulation. I immediately called and was greeted by a very friendly representative and she assured me I would receive the insulation in the next couple days. Sure enough, a day or two later I received it. On a side note, I highly recommend customers for this product go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase more insulation and possibly the rubber material as well (especially if you live in a cold climate). Whereas the insulation they provide is nice, more would be better for the door jams and even at the bottom and top of the pet door.

    The only reason this product is not 5 stars is because I think a few things could be improved with the overall design. At the top and bottom of the door, it would be nice if something was added to where if I twisted a screw, rubber screws on either side of the door (at the top and bottom) expanded so it could hold the door in place and would also help prevent the door from being a bit wobbly. (I ended up fixing this myself by adding rubber insulation on the bottom and sides of the door.)
    Also, the screws at the top of the door that you twist to release the extender are somewhat in the way. The right one prevents my doggy door from being able to sit straight because the actual door frame extends out a bit and overlaps the doggy door, thus hitting the screw and preventing me from adjusting the door.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product. I do not feel any drafts, although that is partly because I bought my own insulation.

    (Posted on 2/13/2017)

  • Unparalleled customer service review by beau's mom
    5 5 Unparalleled customer service

    I've had my dog door 3 years now. The door has been great, but I had a little trouble with the bug guard. I contacted PetDoors, and they offered to contact the manufacturer and to replace the bug guard if he could not tell me how to fix it. The next day I got an email from the Bug Guard owner and then a phone call, and the fix is in the mail. I've never been treated so well!

    (Posted on 10/2/2016)

  • Flawed flap design. review by Mac
    5 2 Flawed flap design.

    (ed. note: We contacted Mac about this problem, and sent them a replacement rod that will solve the issue.)

    After about 3 weeks I noticed the door flap wasn't closing all of the way and making a lot of noise when my dogs used it. I looked at the door and the flap had dropped out of the frame on one side. I had to remove the whole pet door and disassemble the lower part to find out what happened. The steel rod that the flap swings on is too short and does not have any keepers on the end. The rod had slid over to one side and dropped out of the hole that supported it. I had to re-position the rod and fabricate two keepers so the rod won't move to the side again. Not what I expected for $549.

    (Posted on 6/14/2016)

  • excellent Design review by Smiley
    5 5 excellent Design

    I have 3 dogs ...one Boxer/mix with arthritis has damage to her
    back legs and can easily go in and out!...The other 2 are very happy with their own personal and secure entry!
    Thanks so much ...simply the best!
    Rancho Mirage CA

    (Posted on 2/29/2016)

  • excellent product, super exceptional customer service review by naj
    5 5 excellent product, super exceptional customer service

    First door arrived with glass damaged during transit. Customer service sent new product immediately ( 2 days) and arranged for pick up of broken door. Door was super easy to install, although the bolt piece to stop door from opening didn't fit my channel ( Not their fault) so I use a stick instead. The insulation was easy to apply however since I have wooden glass dividers the insulation didn't lay flat. again, Not their fault. Well insulated, works well. I am kicking myself for not having laid out the cash sooner. I know it is the more expensive option, but it is so worth it, and It makes my life soooo much easier! I have 2 dogs who love the freedom of going in and out, and they have not had any accidents in the house since installed.

    (Posted on 2/29/2016)

  • Substantial, well fit product-can have dog specific problems review by Sterlings
    5 5 Substantial, well fit product-can have dog specific problems

    This dog door is wonderful!!!. It fits well and is well insulated. We have 2 dogs (both rescues). The smaller is a feisty min-pin/cocker mix - appx 25# -rather like a miniature vizla. He took to the door immediately-NOOOOO problems.

    The larger/older dog is a 100#+ American Foxhound-door purchased for her dimensions. She has a possible past history of abuse 'cause she's gun-shy, not trusting, fears new situations. She has a problem with the door. She'll go through the door on a lead (complicated for us) or if pushed from behind, with door "cracked' quite a bit for her head. She was getting marginally less balky...and was been led/pushed through the door with less effort, but we have to wait until spring to move along with her exposure to the door, since we do not always use that specific dog access area in full winter.

    Again - this is a Very Fine Product - we just have a loveably neurotic dog. I Think, in the end, she'll be fine with it. In the interim, this door, made for a big, powerful dog, is easily opened by a 25 -pounder..

    (Posted on 2/11/2016)

  • Why did we wait so long!? review by 4 Happy Hounds in Montana
    5 5 Why did we wait so long!?

    I have been thinking of a dog door for years. Walk past them in the big box stores all the time, but they just didn't impress me. The quality of them and lack of positive feedback from friends with similar pet doors. just didn't impress me. Didn't fit right, poor quality, no insulation, etc. So I kept putting it off. Along with an aging Great Dane, we have a Husky, and Aussie and an English Bulldog that all need out more frequently than early morning and after work if my husband is out of town so I finally sat down and did some research. This door is everything I was looking for!!! It does come with a price that may cause one to hesitate, but now that we've had it a few months not only would we recommend it, but would say "What are you waiting for?". It costs more because it gives more! Even my husband was shocked at the quality of this door compared to anything we've seen. It is heavy duty, height adjustable that stays snug, multiple colors to choose from, comes with weather stripping to fit just right (We live on the side of a mountain with lots of wind, rain, snow and sun, sometimes all in the same day) The magnet on the bottom assures a good seal and we love that the bottom can be adjusted to suit your dogs step over comfort level. Never having had a pet door, I was also pleasantly surprised by the enclosed dog treats and tips for teaching the dogs how to become accustom to the door. Thanks for such a great product!

    (Posted on 1/31/2016)

  • Works great review by LeoB
    5 5 Works great

    When I had the patio door replaced in August 2014 I needed a new pet panel as the old one would not fit in the larger door frame. The old one was about 13 years old and wasn't the best quality to begin with. It did leak a lot of cold air.

    This door works great and is much better insulated than the previous door. All three dogs figured out the heavier flap without a problem.

    Installing it took some figuring out, but it's in nice and tight. At first I thought I got the wrong size, but it ended up fitting perfectly.

    Definitely the most expensive of the pet panels I looked at, but the higher quality is worth it.

    (Posted on 1/17/2016)

  • Not worth it! review by crb
    5 1 Not worth it!

    The door has condensation that builds up in the area between the glass and door flap. That area also leaks cold air inside. Therefore, it is not any better than a cheaper brand that I had before. I would not recommend.

    (Posted on 12/29/2015)

  • Overall pretty happy with it. review by 74malibu
    5 4 Overall pretty happy with it.

    the install and actual door panel is fine, our only "complaint" would be that our dog habitually pushes in the same spot so the flap is a bit warped and so there is some "draft", but we can't really fault the flap or materials used. When the time comes we'll have to replace the flap.

    (Posted on 11/14/2015)

  • 8 dogs, 5 years and counting review by cassie
    5 5 8 dogs, 5 years and counting

    I wrote a review of this product back in 2013, raving about how durable this door was. Well, two years later I wanted to check in and say IT IS STILL WORKING PERFECTLY! Flap is still intact, hinges still working, magnets still seal the door very well, and I figure the door has to have been used 1,000,000 times by now. It has my strongest recommendation.

    (Posted on 10/15/2015)

  • Best solution for special needs dog review by Susan Joan
    5 5 Best solution for special needs dog

    My Samoyed has kidney disease, so the Endura Flap gives her 24-hour access to the fenced yard and allows me to have longer outings away from home. While we have not been through a winter yet with this product, I read many reviews and knew that we needed an insulated door for year-round use. While available solutions for closing the air gap between the insert and the existing sliding glass door are not quite there when you still use the slider for access outside, and for locking to the slider, we still think this is an excellent pet door. We got the extra large for comfortable access (50 lb. dog) and to accommodate her larger furry friends.

    (Posted on 9/22/2015)

  • Awesome Door review by Emily
    5 5 Awesome Door

    I've had several of these type of doors. This one was much more expensive, but the only one with a wide enough flap for my Rott. My Chihuahua was hesitant to go through it at first (although he had no problem with much smaller dog doors with weaker magnets in the past) but has now mastered it a day later. This door is much more sturdy and keeps more noise out than ones I've had in the past. The flap is also more sturdy. Totally worth the extra cost. Love it.

    (Posted on 8/30/2015)

  • Great Doors review by CWW
    5 5 Great Doors

    I am on my second Endura Flap door and I love it. I had to get a second door when we acquired a larger dog. My Daughter now has my first door at her house. We live in Canada so winters can get very cold and we can have lots of wind at times. The door keeps the cold and wind out very well and my dogs love the freedom of coming and going on their own. The dogs learned to use the door fairly easily and my cat learned to use the door on her own, and we have the largest size flap. Would recommend this door.

    (Posted on 8/21/2015)

  • Absolutely Fabulous! (altho I already broke a little piece on flap) review by Deanna
    5 4 Absolutely Fabulous! (altho I already broke a little piece on flap)

    I've had this door about 6 months.

    This door is absolutely fabulous! I had to get the bronze to match existing door, and it looks great! Super easy to install. I was glad I got the extender, just in case, as I ended up needing it.

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because a little "clip" at the top of the dog door got stuck on the security panel as I tried to remove it, and then it snapped the clip. The door still functions fine, but I expect it won't be as durable as it otherwise might have been.

    The magnetic dog flap is very secure and stays closed even under very windy conditions. I caught a raccoon trying to get in, but because the magnets always want to close the flap, the raccoon was very tentative about pushing hard enough to get thru. His efforts made enough noise to wake me up in time to scare him off just by looking at him thru the window. I use the security panel at night now. It took the dog a couple weeks to get the confidence to go thru both ways. The cat will go out the door, but not in for some reason. I expect he'll slowly come around.

    Would definitely recommend this. It really feels very sturdy and secure. It also does a great job of providing noise and weather insulation.

    And as with most dog doors, you can't really lock the moving door to the dog door. You have to use a Charlie bar or other kind of sliding door security measure, which makes it a pain to use the door. Also, since you can't close the screen all the way without blocking the dog panel, you end up with a huge gap that allows bugs in if you leave the sliding door open. I recommend getting the bug guard or buying one at your local hardware store.

    (Posted on 8/2/2015)

  • Excellent but can take a little time for cats and small dogs to negotiate review by GRobbins
    5 4 Excellent but can take a little time for cats and small dogs to negotiate

    The construction of the door is top notch and easy to install. The flap is a bit strong on the magnets for small dogs and cats but they do go through once they know that they have to push a little more than with other doors. The bar at the bottom of the flap can be held down with some duct tape to make it a little easier and the side magnets can be lessened with some duct tape, too. Big and medium size dogs love it. The flap is a bit noisy because of the magnets but it's not that bad. Overall, it's a great product and really the only patio panel on the market for big dogs.

    (Posted on 6/22/2015)

  • Excellent Product review by dave
    5 5 Excellent Product

    Excellent product. Easy to fit and install.

    (Posted on 6/15/2015)

  • Great and worthwhile purchase review by B
    5 4 Great and worthwhile purchase

    I don't know why it took me so long to get this dog door- my labrador LOVES it and it is getting LOTS of use- sturdy, compliant and so far very durable! The only complaint- the sealant strips do not fit well nor seal well on either end with my slider (between the two glass doors)- I will probably need to use rubber sealant on the end of the strips.

    (Posted on 5/15/2015)

  • Outstanding Door review by Bob
    5 5 Outstanding Door

    I have had doggie doors for over 20 years and this the best so far. Prior doors were a hassle due to screws holding the flaps rusting and loosening. They never kept the wind out and required inserting one or two metal inserts. This door was expensive compared to the standard flap doors but well worth the extra expense. I have only had this door for several months, including during the snowstorms which blow right on to our deck and this door worked perfectly. Highly recommended even though it is expensive compared to the standard doors inserted in a sliding glass door.

    (Posted on 4/14/2015)

  • Door wworked outstanding review by Tom
    5 5 Door wworked outstanding

    The door was pricey but the quality and how great the door seal is was worth the money. Our dogs love it!

    (Posted on 4/2/2015)

  • ThermoPanelIIIeSliderDogDoor review by Carol
    5 5 ThermoPanelIIIeSliderDogDoor

    Love this addition to my bedroom.
    All my dogs use it - even my 16 yr. old brittany.
    So nice to not have to get up at 4am to let them out.
    Highly recommend.

    (Posted on 4/1/2015)

  • We love our new door and so does our puppy review by lizzyb
    5 5 We love our new door and so does our puppy

    We looked at a lot of doors before we decided on the Endura flap thermo door. It was more expensive that the others, but in my opinion it is well worth it. Installation was easy, although our door was not plum so it took some time to adjust it.(not the doors fault) First night we realize a lot of cold air was seeping thru the back panel of the slider, we tried to put the weather striping on but it did not work very well. I give that a 2. We took black packing foam and cut into strips to wedge between the door and the glass worked very well and does not look to bad, also put some around the doggie door where the space was from not being level. TRAINING was very easy...we took the magnets out of the bottom as the video showed. It took a some muscles and finesse the first time then was easy the next time. Took treats outside, some inside, and our 8 month old lab got it on the second try. Dew to cold and wind after a couple of days we put the magnets back in and she went thru very easily. Great door

    (Posted on 2/20/2015)

  • This door is the answer to heat/cool loss review by G
    5 5 This door is the answer to heat/cool loss

    This is the answer to the typical problems of heating/cooling loss and drafts. It works just as described in the description.

    (Posted on 2/20/2015)

  • Excellent door review by Linda
    5 5 Excellent door

    We had to bring our outdoor kitty inside when he was injured after falling out of a tree. He is a small kitty, and we were afraid he may not be able to use this door to go out onto our fenced in porch. But after about one week, he was using the door without any help, and now can go in and out all night and is one happy cat. The door closes securely and keeps the cold air out. We are very happy with it.

    (Posted on 2/10/2015)

  • Door works great review by Paul
    5 5 Door works great

    Door works great

    (Posted on 2/9/2015)

  • excellent review by Gramma Lyn
    5 5 excellent

    This pet door flap and double pained panel is well worth the extra bucks it costs! I am so glad I got it instead of the cheaper one a relative has. I installed it myself with no difficulty. Absolutely love it.

    (Posted on 2/9/2015)

  • part good; part bad review by Marty
    5 3 part good; part bad

    + Love the thermal glass & the endura flap
    + easy to install
    -- very poor sealing at both the fixed jamb and at the sliding door

    (Posted on 2/6/2015)

  • fit perfectly review by jan
    5 5 fit perfectly

    I had to special order this door because I have a sliding glass "window" that is shorter than any standard door. I waited a long time for it, but it was well worth the wait AND the price. I put it in myself easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Love it and can't thank you enough.

    (Posted on 1/28/2015)

  • Great quality product review by DanniDanny
    5 5 Great quality product

    I looked at quite a few reviews for this type of product and was convinced that this was the best solution. And it was! The quality of the product is great, especially the flat which is durable and think enough to keep the elements out. We've used this through some very cold temperatures and I really can say that the cold coming through the door was very minimal. My dog is in and out constantly and I can see that this will hold up over time. Highly recommend this product and ordering off the web site was a breeze. Thanks for such a good quality product.

    (Posted on 1/27/2015)

  • Happy with the doggy door review by Lady
    5 4 Happy with the doggy door

    My son helped me install the door. It was pretty easy. My dog took to it without a problem. My biggest problem is that I can not now use the security system in my house. And also I had to put some museum putty in the inside the door frame to keep the tall doggy door stabilized. It is a well-made door.

    (Posted on 12/24/2014)

  • Expensive? Yep. Worth Every Penny? Definitely! review by Sage
    5 5 Expensive? Yep. Worth Every Penny? Definitely!

    I have purchased two of these dog doors now. The first was the sash window door which was awesome. At the time I was living in Wyoming which has tremendous winds. Other doors wouldn't stay closed in the wind but the Endura Flap prevailed! Now I've moved to Alaska and didn't have a window that would work as a dog door so I bought the sliding glass door model. Just like it's window option, this dog door is top notch. I was using some other brand of sliding door dog door and it was letting so much cold air into the lower level of my house that I avoided going down there, which was annoying since half of the house is down there. Now that the Endura Flap door is in, there's a little cold air leaking in behind the sliding door, but it is LEAGUES better than it was. I have no proof of this, but I am certain that this door will pay for itself in heating bill savings in one winter.

    (Posted on 12/24/2014)

  • Great door great price review by K
    5 5 Great door great price

    This door is Amazing!!! So much more weather proof than our old door..no drafts or breezes. We installed in our Pella sliders by removing the hardware clips on the inside of the Pella frame then repositioning the foot locking mechanism at the bottom of the door. Safe secure and weather tight...ah!

    (Posted on 12/21/2014)

  • Fine product. review by John
    5 5 Fine product.

    We (including the dogs) are very happy with our dog door. It was easy to install and is a quality product.

    (Posted on 12/18/2014)

  • replacement doggy door. review by jan
    5 5 replacement doggy door.

    This was a replacement door. I had a cheaper one for about 12 years. It worked fine during the summer and fall and spring but not so good in the winter. It left in a lot of cold air. My new one the thermo panel ille works wonderfully. You can barely tell between the door and the panel. Much more efficient then the old one. Worth the extra money.

    (Posted on 12/15/2014)

  • Not happy review by Bill
    5 1 Not happy

    In my opinion not worth the money. For one dog it might be viable, but with multiple dogs the flap is too heavy... swings back and hits the trailing dog in the head and now they won't use it at all.

    (Posted on 12/14/2014)


    I waited months before purchasing this because it is very expensive. It turned out to be totally worth it. I wish I had bought it when I originally wanted it! Takes a few days for the dog to get used to it and then they love it!

    (Posted on 12/12/2014)

  • I installed it by myself review by shrieck
    5 4 I installed it by myself

    This is perfect for the house I am leasing. It requires no screws or holes drilled.

    (Posted on 12/10/2014)

  • An Excellent Door but... review by Brent
    5 4 An Excellent Door but...

    The door arrived and was easy to install. It functions very well, for the dog. The problem is that there is no way to lock the door other then putting a small screw pin into the slider's track. Thus, you would need to pull back curtains, bend down, and then unscrew this pin to open the door. Not acceptable for a door in this price range. We ended up getting a sliding door company to come in and put a new lock in to connect the panel to the original slider. I was certainly unprepared for this as it was not clear from the info about the door.

    (Posted on 12/7/2014)

  • mixed review review by Marty
    5 3 mixed review

    Love the insulating glass and the endura flap (after the 'kids' got used to it. Installed easily. BUT
    Our Pella fiberglass patio door hardware is surface mounted at both the jamb-track and on the door edge preventing any tight seal. The foam weatherstrip is not enough to maintain full contact for the full height of the door. I will need to add some type of surface mounted strip that overlaps the joint.
    There is no way to lock the patio door with the pet-door in place so it must be taken out when we leave home. This is very easy to do but it means we can not simply remove the surface door hardware as the literature suggests as a solution. Sliding glass door is on the outside so the method of just putting in a brace doesn't work either.

    (Posted on 12/1/2014)

  • Highly recommend review by Lvmipts
    5 5 Highly recommend

    After reading the reviews we were definitely sold on getting this dog door. We had looked at a more expensive automatic one but are happy we went with this one. Installation went pretty smoothly except for putting the screws in to secure the door in the track and I think it had more to do with our track but my husband finally got it secure. It took our boxer a little over a week to learn how to go in an out on his own without us pushing the door open or putting a treat on the other side. Now he uses it all the time and we can tell he loves the freedom it gives him. Now that it has gotten colder I can tell that it definitely is weather resistant and I do not feel cold air anywhere in the area of the door. I highly recommend this door.

    (Posted on 11/26/2014)

  • changed our lives!!! review by Hank & Harley
    5 4 changed our lives!!!

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to say this door changed our lives. It is such peace of mind to be able to work and go out and know that my dogs can go in and out at their leisure. I used to tensely race home to let my dogs out hating the thought that they were stuck inside holding their bladders. Now \i can actually stop to run an errand if I have to. I have a border collie who understood the concept of push so training her to use it was a cinch and my other dog followed suit instantly. we love it and i highly recommend this to anyone who is considering.

    (Posted on 11/24/2014)

  • my dog loves it! review by Sarah
    5 4 my dog loves it!

    I bought this door last Spring. It took my dog (now a 9 mo old Cocker puppy) about a week or two to get the hang of it. Now if she needs to out in the middle of the night she can and I don't have to get up. It's helped a lot with house training.

    Sub zero temps started while I was out of town. Upon returning my kitchen was cold. Feeling the bottom of the door I could feel cold air coming through the bottom corners. The bottom magnet doesn't stretch all the way across the bottom to fill in the corner gaps. I put the cover over it which helped keep the cold out. Ice has built up along the inside bottom half of the door~not the top where the glass is (I bought the double pane window for this reason). So until it warms up my dog won't be using it in the middle of the night. I'll be looking for something to cover the corners and block the cold for day use.

    But overall I am happy with it. It was very easy to put up. I didn't have to adjust anything for my dog. I think I would be happier if it was insulated inside on the bottom half and if there were NO drafts. I did add additional (AC) insulation around the top and side edge that fits into the door jam to further block the cold a couple months ago.

    (Posted on 11/14/2014)

  • Happy dog review by Mamabear3
    5 4 Happy dog

    I bought this door a few months ago after spending a lot of time researching on the internet. I was hesitant because it seems like a lot of money. But, I wanted something sturdy and insulated. I have to say that so far I am very pleased. I had someone install it for me, but it seemed pretty simple. It looks like part of my slider now- very attractive. It took my dog a little while to figure it out. We tried to work with treats and actually just shoved her through the door a few times. Now, she loves the freedom to go in and out whenever she wants. We both are happy with this purchase.

    (Posted on 11/9/2014)

  • Awesome door!! review by 4 Big Dogs
    5 5 Awesome door!!

    This is the best pet door! We have not hit our coldest temperatures yet this year to know if the door keeps the cold out well but the door is above what we expected. My husband had to make a few revisions to get the door in place but not because of the pet door, it was due to our slider. Once in place the dogs started using it immediately. We have a 120# Bernese Mountain Dog and he fits through it just fine. Door is very sturdy and the magnet flap is very secure and shuts tightly after the dogs have gone through. We hesitated about getting a dog door for years, but our two older dogs should not be braving the elements anymore than they have to so we bought this door based on the reviews. The door is above and beyond what we expected- I'm so glad we bought it!!

    (Posted on 11/7/2014)

  • Worth The Money review by Jeff R
    5 4 Worth The Money

    The construction is solid, this isn't a cheapo door, fittings are cut well and everything works as advertised. The supplied moldings cut down on heat loss at the seams and the doggie door is just the right size. I appreciated getting the right model, size, and color during shipping, somebody was paying attention. And the door was packed well and shipped with no damage. Don't buy the cheapo versions a the Pet Mart's, this is a quality door.

    (Posted on 11/6/2014)

  • Ginger now loves the door. review by Geno
    5 5 Ginger now loves the door.

    The Endura Flap door is an excellent product of very high quality. The installation was quick and easy. My dog Ginger did not want to use it at first, but she had no issues once I removed the three magnets for training purposes. I left the magnets out for about a month, then added them back one at a time at a one week interval. (They can be removed and reinstalled easily.) Ginger now has no issues using the door, and we are very pleased with our purchase.

    (Posted on 10/19/2014)

  • Nice Door review by gedub
    5 5 Nice Door

    This door is well make and works good on my slider

    (Posted on 9/4/2014)

  • Door is great review by Kathy
    5 4 Door is great

    The door is very well made and sturdy. I live in a very hot climate in the summer and the seal on the flap is good. It was pretty easy to install, and there is no movement when the big dog goes through it. There was a little package of liver dog treats included in my box. I fed several to my big dog and she got terrible diarrhea I think from those, she is fine but it was pretty bad, so avoid the enclosed treats if you get them.

    (Posted on 9/2/2014)

  • Nice feature review by Oliver
    5 5 Nice feature

    A very nice addition that lets us close the screen door tightly so no bugs get in but still allows our dog to use his door. If you use your screen door, I highly recommend this addition.

    ed note - Customer appears to be referring to Bug Warden.

    (Posted on 8/12/2014)

  • Outstanding review by Oliver
    5 5 Outstanding

    Easy to set up and works like a charms. Love the fact that we can take it down it the winter when we close up the place and move to warmer climate. It takes 5 minutes to undo it and then we store it away til the next season. Couldn't be happier and our dog loves the ability to go in and out on his own. Well worth the money.

    (Posted on 8/12/2014)

  • glad I bought it but.... review by Lola
    5 5 glad I bought it but....

    this flap turned out to be the one that I needed but I think my door was older than the replacement part (the flap) My son came and put it in for us, but the installation was not like the video. Eventually, he got the flap to work, and it is fine now, but it was not as easy as it looked. I think I waited too many years (5) to buy a replcement.

    (Posted on 7/28/2014)

  • why did I wait so long?? review by Jen's cabin
    5 5 why did I wait so long??

    I wasn't sure I would be able to do this by myself. When I first put it in, it was crooked and I thought, great, now what? They I read the awesome instruction sheet that came with it. It trouble shot everything! I was able to install it and straighten it by myself. The instructions walk you through everything.
    The only thing I have not figured out is the weather stripping. I am not sure where and how to place it--even with the pictures and the instructions. The result of this is that there can be a breeze along the door when it is windy outside. I think I will finally figure this out when I get motivated enough.
    My dogs love it. It is a bit loud when it opens and closes but it does so firmly so there is no flapping. No critters from the outside have come in (I live in the mountains with coons, cats, bears, foxes and coyotes). No one has come in to visit.
    I am sorry I waited so long to do this.

    (Posted on 7/10/2014)

  • Awesome--fits great---Molly loves it-- no leaks:) review by Mollydog
    5 5 Awesome--fits great---Molly loves it-- no leaks:)

    Awesome--fits great---Molly loves it-- no leaks:)

    (Posted on 7/10/2014)

  • Amazing product review by Murray
    5 5 Amazing product

    Very happy with the product. Well worth the price.

    (Posted on 7/7/2014)

  • Quality Product review by Retired in Oregon
    5 5 Quality Product

    I have made a couple of patio door insert dog doors myself by using door panels and installing off the shelf dog doors into them. Although I consider myself a fairly good craftsman, these doors are a whole other level above anything I could have made myself. The insert seals well and the door seals well. It was very little effort to train my 2 dogs to use it.

    (Posted on 6/27/2014)

  • Excellent product! review by Gramma Deb
    5 5 Excellent product!

    We love this doggie door! It is very sturdy and works so well! Our two big dogs love the freedom to go in and out as they please. And I enjoy not having to get out of bed to let them in and out in the early morning hours. This was an expensive door, but well worth the money. Very easy to install!

    (Posted on 6/23/2014)

  • Great Door! review by GailD
    5 5 Great Door!

    Door was very easy to install and very sturdy. Works for both our mini Aussie and toy Aussie. Secure fit and no rain ever gets in even with the downpours and blowing winds we get here in Florida. Highly recommend.

    (Posted on 6/20/2014)

  • Nice product, but lacked stability review by Pitbulls
    5 4 Nice product, but lacked stability

    We are happy with our pet door. I had to cut strips of wood for spacers and drill extra holes for screws to make the door fit snugly and feel stable. I also added thin strips of weather stripping to seal gaps on the closing surfaces. Also, the sliding door opening that is left is pretty narrow. You almost have to turn sideways to go out. Didn't expect to have so much customization work, but it is a very nice, high quality product.

    (Posted on 6/16/2014)

  • Outstanding door review by HOBO
    5 5 Outstanding door

    This pet door is very sturdy. We replaced a competitor model which also had two doors, but it had a plastic surround which shattered during one of our cold snaps last winter. This door is much more structurally sound.

    (Posted on 6/15/2014)

  • Excellent review by Dave N
    5 5 Excellent

    I installed this door eight days ago. Installation was straightforward, especially after watching the video. The white color matches our patio door exactly. I removed the two side magnets from the small door to make it easier for our dog to open the door during training. Unfortunately, our 12-pound Maltese wants nothing to do with this door. I put an aluminum ramp on the outside since there was a 6-inch drop from the step-over of the dog door to the deck outside. I also added a 1-inch rubber ramp on the inside. Our dog is still afraid of it all. We will hire a dog behavioral consultant if our dog doesn't make progress over the next few weeks. In terms of the door itself, it was all it claimed to be.

    (Posted on 6/15/2014)

  • Tough install but great product review by WendyP
    5 4 Tough install but great product

    Installation was a bit tough but it works great! Wished it had better included materials for weather stripping the backside of sliding door. Durable, keeps wind/heat out well.

    (Posted on 5/27/2014)

  • BEST pet door around review by HUSKERZFAN
    5 5 BEST pet door around

    This pet door is spectacular. We love it because the flap is heavy and secure enough to withstand WINDY days and also it keeps the heat/ cold out. We previously had a cheaper version and it leaked air horribly we had to use the security plate all the time . We have never used the security door yet. Plus Our dogs (a black lab mix and a Rottie) love their freedom to come and go as they please especially to chase a squirrel. This was WELL worth the investment.

    (Posted on 5/26/2014)

  • Great review by Shitzusisters
    5 5 Great

    This is a great company to do business with. The pet door has been a great add on to our sunroom patio door, I would hiughly recommend this company and this item

    (Posted on 5/26/2014)

  • 10 Year User Review! review by David Swingle
    5 5 10 Year User Review!

    Over the last 10 years I have purchased three Endura flap pet
    Doors - two patio door units, and one in-wall unit, in three different sizes. These doors are quite expensive, but they are worth EVERY penny. Other petdoors I have purchased or looked at don't even compare in quality. We live with 0 degree winters and 100 degree summers. We have three dogs, so the flap access is very busy. Endura flaps don't leak air, open and close perfectly, and are easy to keep clean, and last year after year. As if this outstanding product is not impressive enough, the customer service I have experienced with these people is exemplary. I hope this review does not come off as mere hype. Trust me, EVERY word is true.

    (Posted on 5/26/2014)

  • Great door review by SherriR
    5 5 Great door

    I love this door. It is so easy to fit into the door; you can pop it out if need be. We have had ours almost 7 years now and still love it. Wouldn't be without again.

    (Posted on 5/13/2014)

  • Does dog come with the doggie door review by BuyCurious
    5 5 Does dog come with the doggie door

    Hello, I really like your doggie door. But I don't have a dog. I was just curious if the dog in the picture came with the doggie door. I feel it would be strange if I bought it without a dog. I'll take the gold one.

    (Posted on 4/21/2014)

  • Love the door review by Carolin
    5 5 Love the door

    We are very pleased with our pet door. It has a very good seal which keeps out the cold. There is some icing that occurs on the inside portion of the door when the temperature drops to - 20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit). Our winters can get down to - 40 degrees Celsius (- 40 degrees Fahrenheit). I usually take the door off when it gets that cold. I would highly recommend this pet door.

    (Posted on 4/12/2014)

  • Best buy of the year review by Sshay
    5 4 Best buy of the year

    Love this door. Does let in some cold but still worth having it. Dogs love going in and out on their own. I love the fact that there is no permanent alterations to my door

    (Posted on 4/9/2014)

  • The best review by Randy
    5 5 The best

    The best money I have spent on a pet door. Went thru several of the "cheaper" brands but none sealed like the Endura Flap. Multiple dogs of various sizes from small to huge as well as cats can use the door with no problems, yet the door seals even in very heavy winds. Stop searching, this is the best. Easy to install and works like a champ.

    (Posted on 4/3/2014)

  • Best purchase yet review by Jac
    5 5 Best purchase yet

    What a wonderful convenience. I love this door my dog loves this door.

    (Posted on 3/30/2014)

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY PET DOOR review by Catmom60

    We've had our door since December 2013. I am really glad I didn't pick a cheaper door from Home Depot or anywhere else. This door is very well made and sturdy, the same quality glass as in our sliding glass door. We have a medium size shepherd-mix, and a now 1-yr-old lab "puppy". They go in and out as they please - thousands of times so far. The flap has held up well (except for muddy nose prints). It's also great that we can lock the dogs outside by sliding a panel down on the inside of the flap.

    (Posted on 3/26/2014)

  • Sliding door pet door review by Ceceille
    5 5 Sliding door pet door

    We purchased this pet door in an X-large. We have two Springers 65+ pounds. This door works great. It was so easy to install, just snapped right in. The dogs love it. I'm glad I didn't go any smaller. We live in Florida and it closes very snugly. You can't feel the heat or air coming through. There is also plenty of room for us to go in and out of the remaining door space. We use this door a lot so that was a consideration. I would highly recommend this product. Our dogs have so much freedom to come in and out to the lanai. We also purchased the pet door for screen enclosures so they can go from the lanai to the back yard. It is also a great product with no problems.

    (Posted on 3/23/2014)

  • Easy to install review by Dog Lover
    5 4 Easy to install

    This door was easy to install and fits well in our sliding door. The one we chose was just centimeters too short, but we were able to fix it so it stayed in fine.

    We just wish our dog was more interested in using it!

    (Posted on 3/16/2014)

  • Best Dog Door review by Skipper
    5 5 Best Dog Door

    We have had other dog doors - all were flimsy and not insulated. This dog door is safe, secure and insulated. We love it!

    (Posted on 3/10/2014)

  • lets in too much wind review by camplane
    5 3 lets in too much wind

    Good quality, easy to install. However there's got to be an easier way to keep out the wind. I know there is a give an take with a dog door. Over all a good door.

    ed note - This usually isn't the fault of the pet door but the result of the house settling causing the sliding glass door frame to be out of square. Here's an illustration of the problem and how to fix it. http://www.petdoors.com/patio-panel-pet-door-air-leaks.html

    (Posted on 3/9/2014)

  • Good product, great service review by 1Lucky1
    5 5 Good product, great service

    This is the third door I have ordered from you through the years. As usual great service and product. I especially like being able to alter the height of the door for different dogs AND adjust the magnet. I have had both the endure Flap and the "clacker" and both give good service and are of quality materials. Never had a failure.

    I am very happy you are available. thanks, Again.

    (Posted on 2/23/2014)

  • Kiska loves it. review by Pear2393
    5 4 Kiska loves it.

    It is so nice that Kiska can let herself in and out. It keeps out the cold, even at -20.

    (Posted on 2/19/2014)

  • Solid Product review by SomeGuyinIdaho
    5 4 Solid Product

    Had a lousy pet door with a flimsy plastic flap previously. That door didn't seal at all and ran my summer power bill through the roof. Picked up this door just before Thanksgiving 2013. Materials and quality of the door seem very good. Installation was as easy as advertised. We have an elderly cat and young black lab that both use the door. Using all of the flap-sealing installed magnets made the door too difficult for the cat to open so we removed the bottom magnets to make it a little easier for the cat to open. Only drawback to this arrangement is that it reduces the seal at the bottom of the flap. I have tried to resolve this by duct taping the bottom seal piece in place which doesn't work too badly. We have had a pretty cold December and January but our heating bill has been similar to previous years. Overall, I am pretty happy with this product.

    (Posted on 2/18/2014)

  • Awesome panel and door review by nschaffel
    5 5 Awesome panel and door

    We live in a condo with a very large terrace outside. We had artificial turf installed and the dogs love being out there. I got so tired of opening and closing the sliding door for them (2 mini Doxies) that we decided to give this a try. What a great idea and well executed. We had a little bit of an issue installing because our opening height was close to the low end measurement. I called customer service who made some suggestions. However, with a little coaxing, we got the door aligned and installed without any alterations. This is a well made product. You get what you pay for and this was worth the price.

    (Posted on 2/15/2014)

  • Fantastic door review by Stella
    5 5 Fantastic door

    This door is so well made and was so easy to install. I liked that there was no screwing into the door framework required. The weather stripping tightened up the whole installation. I love the fact that it also looks like it belongs with the sliding glass doors. It has been a cold New England winter and it has kept me from having to open and close outside doors. It took a little training because the flap returns to the magnetic hold quickly. I started by holding the flap open and letting it roll softly over her back, on her return I always had lots of praise and well yes some really good treat. I also tried to keep her using only this door as I needed her to while I was at work. This door is a great purchase!

    (Posted on 2/6/2014)

  • Excellent product review by Diane
    5 5 Excellent product

    We bought this door when we got a new puppy--certainly wish we had done this with our previous 5 dogs! This made house-training a snap. This dog is a GoldenDoodle, supposed to get as tall as a Golden Retriever. He learned to use it in about 10 seconds, and we had virtually no more accidents. Our 11 year old Golden Retriever ( a 90 pound dog) fit through it easily and also learned to use it quickly. It has a noticeable click when is closes, but not obnoxious to us. We have had frigid temperatures here and the room is a bit cooler than the rest of the house, but no wind has blown through. We are very happy with the flap.

    (Posted on 2/3/2014)

  • Good product for cold weather climates review by KathyB
    5 4 Good product for cold weather climates

    We installed this door in November and have had a VERY cold winter with many days below zero. The thermo panel has kept the house pretty warm despite the cold. The only concern I have had is the bottom adjustable lip under the door itself tends to stick in the down position which does let in some cold air if I don't notice.

    (Posted on 2/2/2014)

  • overall satisfied review by Deb
    5 4 overall satisfied


    The only complaints I have are: the plastic door cover occasionally freezes shut in extremely cold temps., and, ice forms around lower part of door.

    Where I live (Wisconsin), it has been extremely cold this Winter, for longer spells than normal.

    (Posted on 1/31/2014)

  • Great purchase review by Pegster
    5 4 Great purchase

    Very happy with door. My dog, 12# of fur, took to it right off. Only negative is I feel cold air leaking around the flap so not completely sealed even with the magnets on the sides. Overall the doors been a great investment.

    (Posted on 1/24/2014)

  • Great review by Birdman
    5 5 Great

    Great product. Took about an hour to get the 180# Mastiff to figure it out but now he just breezes thru it! Removing the magnets for training was the trick! Great qaulity

    (Posted on 1/18/2014)

  • Good product review by Dee
    5 4 Good product

    The quality and ease of installation are great. Good customer service. Bought for my cats. Like many others, I had to remove the magnets for them to go through the flap. The magnets are way to strong.

    (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  • Great Pet Door- easy install review by Montana
    5 5 Great Pet Door- easy install

    This is a high quality, very attractive pet door. The instructions were easy to follow and made installation a breeze. I did have to remove the sliding door latch point on he wall, but this contingency, and what to do about it, is addressed in the instructions. I also had a very slight gap at the top of the door after installation, again, this possibility and how to fix it were also in the instructions. So, as far as I could tell, they tried to determine, and include, any possible installation problem you could run into. They also include a help-line number which, because the instructions were so good, I didn't need but was nice of them to include.

    (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  • EXCELLENT investment! We love it. review by UpstateNYGal
    5 5 EXCELLENT investment! We love it.

    We have two BIG Labs, one is a Lab/Pyranees mix and he's 140 lbs and very tall so we needed an XL opening. This site is the only place we could find an adequately sized doggie door. Since we're in upstate NY, we chose to spend more and get the 'top of the line' Thermo Panel model in Bronze to match our dark wood sliders. This insert is AWESOME!! It's well made, the flap is heavy duty and so far (about 3 weeks),we've had no issues. The flap has a heavy duty, strong magnetic strip at the bottom that always meets the flap when it swings down and closes tightly. Yes, it 'clanks' a little when it swings shut but who cares?! We've been having 0 degree temps here and we're impressed with the insulation of this unit. I have NO worries about summer-time and our AC leaking out. We did not use the provided black sweeper strip, but instead stuffed a thick foam insulator strip down the length of the interior glass door where it meets the statonary door. We used the provided skinny gray weather stripping for each side of dog door insert so when it was installed, lined up, and door closed tight to it, its a really good seal on both sides. The only place that needs a bit of 'weather tight' improvement is at the flap HINGE, I can feel cold air streaming in right there. I am not sure anything can be done about it without affecting the hinge from working smoothly? Otherwise; easy install into an old wooden set of sliders, dogs got used to it quickly, and NO MORE constant up/down for US!! The XL door is just perfect for our big guy to comfortably get through! We use the hard plastic closure insert at night to block opening and that works well too. Just slide it in! Oh, and we did not 'permanently' install this, it's just tightly wedged in and the open sliding door is secured at the top with the clip provided and a small tension rod (that we already had) at the bottom. That way, we can remove it easily with no damage if we ever need too. DON'T HESITATE! It works! :-)

    (Posted on 1/6/2014)

  • Great review by SBW
    5 5 Great

    I love this door and it works well, but I had to modify it for my sliding door. Once installed and because of the frame of this particular door, we had to add more insulation. Overall, however the door is great, the dogs love it and it is well enough insulated in the cold weather.

    (Posted on 1/3/2014)

  • Pays for itself in one winter. review by Boston Terrier Servant
    5 5 Pays for itself in one winter.

    What a Pet Door. The Thermo Pane glass and the special entrance flap make for a money saving pet door. With the addition of the draft blocker, the system will easily pay for itself in energy savings in the first winter. We get some very cold weather where we live and with the new door, it is like there is no pet door, just a nice thermo pane patio door. I strongly recommend this door to everyone. There is nothing else on the market like it.

    (Posted on 12/30/2013)

  • Great door review by Morgansmom
    5 4 Great door

    This door keeps out the cold while giving our dog the freedom to go in and out on her own. It took some adjusting to our sliding glass door to get a good seal between the pet door and slider. Our cat won't use it either. He doesn't like to push his face against the door. It's not a big deal since he goes out a lot less than the dog. Also, the door is loud. It makes a slamming sound. I still love it though and sleep much better at night since I don't have to get up and down to let the dog out anymore and don't have to hurry home from work to let the dog out or in depending on the weather.

    (Posted on 12/26/2013)

  • Solidly build, easy to install! review by MVSinPDX
    5 5 Solidly build, easy to install!

    This is my first pet door. It was super easy to install, no tools required. I am not the world's handiest person. Total time took about 30 minutes (of note, I did not have to adjust the height of the door for my very small 10lb dog), including weather stripping. Flap seals nicely with magnets...very minimal draft despite cold weather. My dog was cruising in and out the door without any problem in about 2 minutes. My cats are having a harder time learning to push flap open, but we haven't spent much time in formal training. I think they will get the hang of it. I'm very happy with this product! I would purchase it again & have already recommended it to a family member for her dogs. Not the cheapest, but worth the $$$!

    (Posted on 12/26/2013)

  • Great door. review by Nina
    5 5 Great door.

    Great door. I have 4 dogs ranging from 8 lbs. to 40 lbs.
    They all are able to go in and out. It took awhile for the chihuahua to figure it out, but he eventually realized he needed to push it with his nose. This model is perfect for all year. Really does keep the cold out. Great product and simple to install.

    (Posted on 12/23/2013)

  • Disappointed review by Shaun
    5 2 Disappointed

    We just got the door today and installed it. Here is the good and bad.
    - sturdy design
    - superior flap
    - very pricey compared to competitors
    - bottom of panel doesn't fit snug against the bottom of sliding door frame, the top of panel (that contains spring) can be move back and forth within the frame as there isn't a piece that holds it tight. So if a person or the dog were to bump it going in or our the top of the panel slams against the front or rear of the frame.
    We had some of these problems with the petsafe door we had and expected them not to be there with this door because of the cost. The only real benefit is the flap itself is better. I wouldn't recommend this product for the price, save some money and buy a petsafe dog door instead (just make sure you get the correct size).

    ed note - We regret our customer didn't notice the semi-permanent installation option in the "Other Installation Options" section of our instructions. That method eliminates any possibility of the frame moving in the track. He also seems to have missed the dual-pane, Lo E glass compared with the 1/8" single-pane glass offered in the Petsafe product.

    (Posted on 12/21/2013)

  • great review by parrot
    5 5 great

    easy to install, keeps the cold out.. great door

    (Posted on 12/21/2013)

  • Great door review by Geesmumnda
    5 5 Great door

    Overall we love this doggy door. It does let in some draft but only noticeable when it got around to below freezing. The door arrived promptly and in good shape with great directions.

    (Posted on 12/12/2013)

  • door sticks in cold weather review by khazyari
    5 2 door sticks in cold weather

    I found this review and I have the same issue. I live in Missouri and if my dog/cat doesn't come through the door exactly right - right speed and altitude - it will not seal. It will either kink or not close all the way at the bottom. Not a good thing when end up trying to heat the great outdoors all the time.

    okay but ... review by lab door
    How do you rate this product?
    The door works great ... my black lab loves it & install was easy.
    I do live in Niagara Falls, Canada & with temperatures almost around freezing I am getting lots of condensation on the inside of the door plus the bottom portion (that retracts when the flap opens) is getting stuck & not popping back up so I am having to manually release it so that it meets back up with the closing flap. If I don't then when the flap comes to rest there is a 3/4" gap at the bottom letting lots of cold air in.

    (Posted on 11/12/13)

    (Posted on 11/27/2013)

  • Excellent product review by Cass
    5 5 Excellent product

    I love this product, as do my dogs. Highly recommend to anyone with pets. Gives dogs the freedom to come an go when we are not home. Easy to install.

    (Posted on 11/20/2013)

  • Awesome review by Pet Door
    5 5 Awesome

    Love it!

    (Posted on 11/13/2013)

  • okay but ... review by lab door
    5 3 okay but ...

    The door works great ... my black lab loves it & install was easy.
    I do live in Niagara Falls, Canada & with temperatures almost around freezing I am getting lots of condensation on the inside of the door plus the bottom portion (that retracts when the flap opens) is getting stuck & not popping back up so I am having to manually release it so that it meets back up with the closing flap. If I don't then when the flap comes to rest there is a 3/4" gap at the bottom letting lots of cold air in.

    (Posted on 11/12/2013)

  • A great convenience, expensive but worth it review by Gracie's Mom
    5 4 A great convenience, expensive but worth it

    I bought the large door for my 60lb black Lab mix, and it is plenty large. She is a very cautious dog but used it without coaxing after five days. It was too heavy for me to install and I hired a handyman. The gaps between the door and my patio door were substantial, and we ended up buying more insulation strips for both doors. I just hope the strip will eventually come off the patio door if the dog door has to be removed.

    ed note - Here's how to fix air leaks around the frame of any patio pet door http://www.petdoors.com/patio-panel-pet-door-air-leaks.html

    (Posted on 11/3/2013)

  • Draft help review by Bre
    5 4 Draft help

    With the sliding door not able to close all the way due to the panel, we've noticed a draft in the gap of the door. Any ideas on how to insulate the gap. We use the door so will need to be something that stays in place when the door opens and closes. Lmk if u need a pic to have a better idea of the area I'm talking about. Thanks

    ed note - The Thermo Panel IIIe and nearly all other patio pet doors include a 'draft stopper' designed to prevent this leak. Please call customer service for help with this.

    (Posted on 11/3/2013)

  • would purchase this brand review by dog door review
    5 4 would purchase this brand

    the endura flap thermo panel is a good buy for cold weather climates however i did need to fill the gap with some insulation around the panel and the door frame for extra protection. I also needed to move the "floor lock" on the pella door which was not expected. It probably would fit fine on a less expensive door but you'll need to do some adjustments if you have a Pella or other more expensive brand. overall it serves the purpose.

    (Posted on 11/3/2013)

  • great product! review by Melissa
    5 5 great product!

    We ordered a medium flap on the shortest door fitting and I was amazed at how sturdy it is. I love the spacers so you can easily adjust the height of the flap to your dog. We have a short patio door and I was very happy it fit since we could not find anything else that came close to the height of our slider. The door looks great and installs super easy. The vinyl flap that you attach nicely blocks any breeze coming in where the doors meet up. I would highly recommend this door, it is a great product!

    (Posted on 10/27/2013)

  • Great Door-Total Quality review by golfprofromcali
    5 5 Great Door-Total Quality

    This is exactly what we wanted. It's a great door, solid not flimsy and we wanted a door that could keep well insulated in cold and hot weather, which this is. Also an important thing for us, is that we have a french door slider which is white along with out windows and shutters, which are also a gloss white. This door goes with it perfectly as if we had it custom made. The staff both online and on the phone have been terrific. Don't hesitate--get it!

    (Posted on 10/18/2013)

  • 5 star review by jh
    5 5 5 star

    great door easy to use install and good insulation

    (Posted on 10/1/2013)

  • Very pleased; a couple of suggested customizations review by B Love
    5 5 Very pleased; a couple of suggested customizations

    I bought the product to replace a home-made plexiglass version I made for my sliding door. The Thermo Panel IIIe unit installed very easily, though I did add some weather stripping to adapt the unit to my particular door frame. Door frames come in so many variations that no one product can fit them all straight out of the box. Expect to do a little bit of tinkering.

    This is a high quality, well made unit that is very well thought out and adapts easily to different door heights. Try to make something like this yourself and you'll see how well the different problems have been addressed.

    The unit is for three cats (15 - 30 lb Maine Coon mix rescue cats). My home-made door hinged at the side and my cats don't like bumping the top-hinged door with their noses to open it. Kelsey Youmans in Customer Service at Petdoors .com sent me instructions how to reduce the magnetic force holding the door shut and that seems to have solved the problem without affecting the door's weather sealing properties (I live in hot, humid Florida). I trimmed the side magnets to about two inches each and placed them at the top of each side. Works very well. Thanks Kelsey.

    What counts is that my wife is very happy with the door - If mama happy everbody happy.

    (Posted on 9/23/2013)

  • Great door for Florida review by Henry, Fi, and Skeeter's Mom
    5 5 Great door for Florida

    This is a great pet door. It is solid, substantial, and does not wobble and rock when my 'foundlings' run in and out. The lower rise makes it much easier for Fi who has had surgery on both knees, for Henry who got a bit taller than the vet guesstimated he'd grow, and Skeeter, a 25-pound tomcat that the vet also terribly underestimated.
    This door was so easy to install (really good instructions), but better still, our infrared thermometer indicates that the Thermo Panel IIIe door is better than 10 degrees cooler than the previous "Best" dog door I purchased from a pet supply chain store. The Thermo Panel IIIe is at the same temperature as my thermal pane patio door. (Now, I really wonder what that "Best" $250 door cost me in electricity the last few years. I wish I'd bought the Thermo Panel IIIe door much sooner.)

    (Posted on 9/22/2013)

  • Built to last review by Cindy
    5 5 Built to last

    It must be over 20 years ago that I purchased this door. I've only had to replace the flap once about 10 years ago (which was very easy to change) and it's still going strong in a house with multiple dogs!

    I live in Northern Illinois where it gets pretty cold and windy in the winter and the flap seems to keep out most of the draft.

    Thank you - I believe this to be the BEST pet door available!

    ed. note - Judging by the time frame, this would have to be a Thermo Panel II and not the current IIIe which is very considerably improved.

    (Posted on 9/21/2013)

  • We love this door -- worth every penny review by parents of Rocky and Max
    5 5 We love this door -- worth every penny

    Our chihuahua and chi-pin love this door. They quickly learned to use it. We can hear the flap but we do not consider it excessively noisy; we like knowing when our dogs go in and out.

    This is also a great looking door; we especially like the window and how solidly it is made. We thought it was relatively easy to install. All of our friends think this is the best dog door they have ever seen and we have given them all your website. Thanks for making such a great product. It will go with us if and when we move.

    (Posted on 9/14/2013)

  • 90% Great review by R&C
    5 4 90% Great

    Great, solid, weatherproof door. The only thing that does not work well is the Bug Flap. Hard to fit at the top and bottom due to the sliding door tracks.

    Not a very good seal at all.

    ed note - Please call our customer service regarding the seal. No reason at all why it shouldn't be perfect.

    (Posted on 9/12/2013)

  • Great now, but installation was a bear review by Midwest Gal
    5 4 Great now, but installation was a bear

    Installation took 3 people and sometimes 4 to get in there. Instructions were not as good as I had hoped for.

    (Posted on 9/10/2013)

  • Flap is VERY noisy review by Disappointed
    5 3 Flap is VERY noisy

    Although this is a high quality pet door, the actual flap falls short is design. The flap is extremely loud as it is opened and moves back and forth. It can be heard anywhere in my two story house. My neighbors can hear it as we'll. I have gone so far as ordering a replacement flap and that did not help at all. A customer service rep told me that was the normal noise level. Consider this before purchasing.

    (Posted on 8/29/2013)

  • Sturdy Pet Door - review by CA819
    5 4 Sturdy Pet Door -

    I'd give this pet door 4 stars out of 5. It is a very heavy duty door that is well made however it took us several hours and some extra foam material to get it lined up with our sliding glass door so there were no gaps. Our chocolate lab had the flap figured out after a few tries and a handful of treats.

    (Posted on 8/28/2013)

  • Great buy for our "best friend" and for us! review by Maggie and Mike
    5 5 Great buy for our "best friend" and for us!

    We live at 4000 feet in the Sierra Nevadas, and have both snowy winter episodes and 75- to 90-degree summer days.

    Buying this pet door was one of the smartest things we've done since we' rescued Mellow two-and-a-half years ago. There's no more popping up and down to open the deck door . . . when he wants to go outside, he simply does so, at least a dozen times a day. What a boon for our arthritic joints!

    We also want to compliment Patio Pacific on the door's fine quality and easy installation. The whole family looks forward to enjoying its convenience for many years to come!

    (Posted on 8/25/2013)

  • Great investment! review by Lucy and Claiborne's Mom
    5 5 Great investment!

    Great product! Easy to install, even when choosing the stationary jam install. I did it by myself in less than 2 hours and was so pleased I had that option before I started. I did not even consider installing on the opposite side of the door on my slider, but am so thankful now that I had that choice and used the easier and more secure choice.

    At first, my German Shepherd Lucy wanted nothing to do with that door, but once my Lhaso figured it out, the both go in and out with no problems! There is a huge sense of relief knowing the times I am running late, my pets can go outside when needed.

    One more thing, the magnets do as they say by keeping the bugs and weather out. The security door for night and when we are away is solid and impressive.

    I am so happy I made the decision to use Patio Pacific instead of a less expensive version. It works. Congratulations on a great product!

    (Posted on 8/22/2013)

  • Door works really well once the dogs get the hang of it. review by Emily
    5 5 Door works really well once the dogs get the hang of it.

    I have 3 small dogs (under 12 lbs), and at first they had a hard time figuring out how to open the tight closing flap. However, now they breeze through it with no problems. In order to teach them, we taped a gallon sized ziplock bag between the flap and the door panel, in order to prop it open a few inches. My dogs finally learned that they needed to use their noses to push through. Took them a few days, but now there is no stopping them. The actual door works great, but it does not fit very well inside our sliding glass door frame. It is not near as wide as the track so it rocks back and forth a bit. We have to really wedge the sliding glass door shut against the insert in order to get a tight seal. It comes from the outside into a sunroom though, so I am not too worried about bugs and drafts and such. The flap fits very tight and the magnets work great, so no complaints there. Installation was also pretty simple. Overall, it is a great solution to the problem of needing a doggie door inside a sliding glass door.

    ed. note - One of the difficulties of building a patio panel pet door is that track widths vary so widely that it's not feasible to match them. The universal practice is to build on the thin side (the Thermo Panel IIIe is 1" thick at the top) so that it's never too thick. for the customer's slider frame.

    (Posted on 8/13/2013)

  • Excellent product! review by whatshername
    5 5 Excellent product!

    Just rec'd our order of a Patio Pacific Endura Flap™ Thermo Panel IIIel. It was delivered on time and in perfect condition! And looks great! It was very easy to install - we did have a little shifting in our home so that the bottom of the patio door was not quite flush but an additional little piece of weather stripping fixed it nicely. (we also purchased the Charley bar - this helped make a very snug fit)

    I do have a question - your tips on training say that the magnets can be removed to make it easier for our little papillon to open the flap while learning how to use the door since there is such a nice snug fit when closed. I cannot see anyway to remove the magnets that won't damage the Endura Flap. I tried to pull the threshold straight up as instructed but it doesn't remove. Are the magnets supposed to slide off on the sides? What about the bottom magnet? Our papillon is trying so hard to use it .... scratching and making the door swing....but is frightened when the flap swings and catches. Any help would be appreciated.

    ed. note - Unfortunately, we have no way of identifying this user and, so, cannot contact her directly. However, our recommendation would be to begin training by using duct tape to tape the threshold down during training sessions. This simple step greatly reduces the over-all magnet strength and is usually enough to make the training process easy.

    (Posted on 7/29/2013)

  • Perfect in Every Way! review by Robin
    5 5 Perfect in Every Way!

    I was dubious that my Golden Retriever mix would fit through the flap size they'd recommended for his size, but I went with it anyway. When it arrived, I still thought "No way!", so I leaned it up against the opening in the slider to check it out before putting it together. Good thing the screen door was open, because Cody went right through the flap as soon as I stepped back to check it out. So that issue was taken care of!

    The second obstacle was that the pet door wouldn't fit up tight against the slider. Again, they were right: it wasn't the pet door that was the problem -- the slider hadn't been installed straight. So I had to get the slider taken care of in order for the pet door to fit correctly.

    But now all is well, and Cody loves going in and out whenever he wants.

    Finally, the quality of the pet door is extremely good. The sliding glass door is brand new and the pet door blends right in.

    Cody and I are both content!

    (Posted on 7/17/2013)

  • Beautiful, functional door our dogs love review by NancyJean
    5 5 Beautiful, functional door our dogs love

    This door is perfect! It was very easy to install, is highly functional and beautiful. We absolutely love it. Our dogs quickly learned to use it. We think it is a great value. Thank you so much for making such a great product.

    (Posted on 7/17/2013)

  • 3 dogs out & about while I sleep! review by Kathy
    5 5 3 dogs out & about while I sleep!

    My 3 dogs woke me up to go outside during the night, always at different times, never together. Once the door was installed with about a week' time learning to use it, the dogs stopped waking me. They come & go as they please, I'm well rested and a big bonus - the temperature inside remains more stable and fewer insects are finding their way inside. Count us happy!

    The door was easy to install. The only problem was the strength of the magnet closing the door. I removed it while the dogs were getting used to pushing through. The door still closed fine without the magnet.

    (Posted on 7/8/2013)

  • 8 dogs, 3 years and counting review by cassie
    5 5 8 dogs, 3 years and counting

    Do you know how many times 8 dogs go in and out a pet door in 3 years? A very conservative estimate is over 350,000 times. And the flap still works like the day I got it. AMAZING! Previous doors could not stand up to my pack. The flaps tore. The frame for the door broke. The flaps, and eventually the doors had to be replaced. This one? Still going strong. Yes, it costs a bit more initially. In the long run, it is soooo worth it. Cannot say enough about this product.

    (Posted on 6/29/2013)

  • Free at last review by Charlie
    5 5 Free at last

    My dog Charlie is "free at last". The new door allows Charlie to come and go as he pleases without having me get up to let him in and out.


    (Posted on 6/27/2013)

  • Pet door review by Reg
    5 5 Pet door

    best place to shop

    (Posted on 5/19/2013)

  • Worth Every Penny! review by Barbara
    5 4 Worth Every Penny!

    We purchased the dual pane dog door. At first, we were concerned about the cost. However, we do not have a leaky door letting in the Arizona heat. It was easy for all our dogs to use, and they adapted quickly to the tri-panel door concept. I would purchase this product every time for the energy efficiency. I installed it myself while my husband slept in one Saturday morning. It was very easy and the instructions are simple to follow. Plus, the door looks great.

    Our only complaint is we received the bug buster, and although it was included free, it is bent and does not work. The rubber bends back and allows bugs to enter our screen door when open. We need to have another sent to us, but I keep forgetting to call.

    Great Product!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 5/4/2013)

  • excellent product review by whitebirch
    5 4 excellent product

    I live in north-central Wisconsin where -30 degrees weather is not unusual each winter. This product worked great to keep the cold out but lets my four dogs come-and-go as they please. I can hear the flap close which I like but the noise could be bothersome to some people. My dogs are quite large so I appreciated the options for the riser height. My only concern has been that the "hinges" for the flap (upper left and right hand corners of the flap) becomes unaligned and I have to force it back into place.

    (Posted on 4/24/2013)

  • Just what I needed review by Karen
    5 5 Just what I needed

    I think this dog door is well worth the money. I love the fact that I do not have to be a door girl anymore! I have three dogs, one of which was 4 months old when I got this door. He is a Lakeland Terrier and will only grow to 17 pounds. He zooms threw it while chasing his 1year old 22 pound Welsh Terrier sister! My old beagle mix walks slowly in and out. I live in the hot south, which is why I wanted the double paned glass. Thank you.

    (Posted on 4/22/2013)

  • My SECOND Endura-flat door review by Barbie in Hamilton, Canada
    5 5 My SECOND Endura-flat door

    As wonderful as my first experience was with this company about 5 or 6 years ago when I had a custom door made, as great was my second experience ordering my second door!

    The door arrived via Fed Ex and I eagerly just initially put it in place! Perfect fit. Perhaps during packing of the door the side bellows of the ENDURAFLAP became twisted and there was about 1/4 inch variance on one side of the flab allowing air in. I called and Alan immediately sent me an e-mail and gave me the option of either them picking it up and replacing the door, or I could try a simple fix first. I tried the the fix, which was placing the flap end of the door on my lap, and using my hair drier on MEDIUM I worked the bellows, (while the flap remained in the flap frame,) with my index finger of my left hand while holding the hair drier in my right hand. It only told about 30-45 seconds before the small problem of the flap on meeting the farm perfectly was fixed. I'm 60 years old, need a knee replacement, and I did this under 5 minutes! Fixing this was far easier than re-packing the box for shipment back! This is an amazing company and it starts at the top down! I wouldn't hesitate one minute from buying a 3rd door from them, or telling you NOT TO WORRY about any problems you might think you have, because Alan and his company will work it out to your satisfaction! Thank you Alan!

    (Posted on 3/27/2013)

  • Excellent door review by bohunk
    5 5 Excellent door

    I have had the door installed almost four months now and am very pleased with both door and flap.The flap did accumlate some ice on the inside on 10 degree to -5 nites. my 15 lb multi-poo was wearing the hinges out by the third day.

    (Posted on 3/25/2013)

  • Good Quality Overall review by ErieOwner
    5 5 Good Quality Overall

    This is a very well designed door for the most part. The primary issues we have had appear to revolve around the lack of standards for sliding glass doors. For example, we cannot tightly seat the door against the wall or the sliding glass door against the pet door. Therefore, even with the quality weather stripping that was included we have gaps where we can feel drafts coming through or even see daylight. This makes the double paned glass somewhat less valuable. However, the energy efficiency is there. A winter of using this door and we did not have the pet door fog up or develop ice like less expensive single pane doors do.

    The flap is a strong selling point in that it is very firm when shut. We have not had the wind blow it open once. Our dog took a little more work getting used to this new door than his last one. A few times he did not seem to think that he could open the door. One he realized he had to push harder it has been smooth sailing. The flap magnets can be rather loud when they catch though. This may be exacerbated by our vaulted ceiling. in any case, the door flap may prove to be quite loud and that may bother you.

    Overall, I still think this is the best dog door of its kind out there. We need to come up with a better weather strip plan to stop the drafts. Installation was very easy though. We just used a cut down broom handle to keep the sliding glass door from being able to open for security purposes.

    ed. note. We cannot identify reviewers hence this message: Please give me a call about the drafts problem. Best regards, Alan 800-826-2871 x 201

    (Posted on 3/22/2013)

  • Far better than anything I could find locally review by Yvonne
    5 5 Far better than anything I could find locally

    Living in Vermont, I struggled to find a pet door that would allow my dog access to the outside and not let all the heat out of the house. This pet door and flap are far superior than anything I could find at the local box stores. Expensive but worth it!!

    (Posted on 3/17/2013)

  • LOVED my door. review by Barbie in Hamilton, Canada
    5 5 LOVED my door.

    2 dogs, 1 busy lifestyle, freezing cold winter! Answer: This PET DOOR! I had ordered this door for my 6' patio door, IN AN APARTMENT! I had it made to measure, and it was shipped perfectly. I had it installed by my contractor, and years ago I even made my own "bug warder"(wasn't available then) Then I moved to a CONDO townhouse, this perfect door came with me. Now I've moved to a house, ordered a patio door to replace a window AND the CONDO and the TOWNHOUSE patio doors were COMMERCIAL grade, and thus HIGHER! My customer door no longer fits the new house patio door, and I have to order another one. Any issues I had about installing were all taken care of by the owner of company, and he even called me on the phone 2X. I can't tell you strongly enough how perfect these doors are, or how good this company and customer service is.

    (Posted on 3/15/2013)

  • Good Door review by Bouvier
    5 5 Good Door

    Delivered on-time, well-packed and as-advertised. The little packet of treats was a nice touch.

    Easy Installation: Yes. Good documentation

    Safe & Secure: probably as good as a patio door insert can be. The locking cover is sturdy and snaps in positively.

    Superior Insulation: Well, there is some good double-pane low-emissivity glass. The conductive losses through the all-metal construction are noticeable however and I wonder if a thermal break is feasible at this price point. Foam tape and a rubber sweeper seal are helpfully provided with the door to complete the installation.

    Design is all about tradeoffs and with adjustable step-over comes air infiltration in this case. There are miniscule gaps between the pieces used to support adjustable step-over, and air gets through them. These are easily sealed with clear packing tape.

    The flap closes positively, seals well, and does a good job of staying closed in howling winds. My cat can't push it open, which is annoying to him but is fine with me.

    Built to Last: Seems to be well constructed and finished with good hardware, and the flap looks robust.

    Fits any door: It dropped right in to mine and the adjustable portion at the top was effective. My door frame wasn't quite square so I needed to use some 3/4 inch backer rod to complete the seal around the insert.

    All in all, good door.

    (Posted on 3/11/2013)

  • Love This Door review by Corky
    5 5 Love This Door

    We have two Goldendoodles that love to go outside constantly...so we decided to buy this door. Best decision we ever made!!!!!!! The door installs easily and is very well made. We also live in cold climate and it is well insulated. The doggies are very happy and figured out the door in a snap! LOVE LOVE this door!

    (Posted on 3/8/2013)

  • great product review by pet door
    5 4 great product

    This pet door fit very well in my wood sliding door. It keeps the wind and snow out and the dog loves her freedom.
    Cons were that it was very difficult to get the door to lock, the installer worked a long time on that and the piece of weather stripping for between the doors was way to narrow to provide any air stoppage at all. Installer finally went to hardward store and used a garage door weather strip which works well, not very attractive but effective.

    ed. note. The Draft Stopper included with the Thermo Panel IIIe has an over-all width of 1 7/8" of which 1/2" is used up by the adhesive strip leaving 1 3/8" available to bridge the gap between your sliding and stationary panels. If your gap is greater than that (please measure), you'll need another solution. Draft stoppers come with nearly all patio panels but none are wider.

    (Posted on 2/25/2013)

  • Great doors!!! Endura flap is awsome!! review by Gnan
    5 5 Great doors!!! Endura flap is awsome!!

    This was my second door from here. Both have been great products. Well built and keeps the cold out!! Awsome customer service. I will continue to make my purchases here. Thanku Patio Pacific!!!

    (Posted on 2/24/2013)

  • A great choice! review by Nancy
    5 5 A great choice!

    Purchased the door because my Boston Terrier is home alone all day. She is older and has some health issues so its very important for her to be able to get outside during the day. The door has been wonderful! Easy installation and my dog learned to use it the first day. Used foam pipe wrap to block the air leaking in the gap because of the sliding door being open. A great addition, glad I made the investment!

    ed. note. Draft stopper is included to block the gap this customer mentions. Don't know if it was left out of the box. Customer should contact us if so (we cannot identify customers who leave reviews).

    (Posted on 2/17/2013)

  • endura flap review by kybellboy
    5 5 endura flap

    This is my second Endura Flap pet door. The reason for the second is obvious because I liked the first. You can buy cheaper pet doors but I guarantee you they won't come with this ease of installation and quality. Thanks for being there and making such a fine product.


    (Posted on 2/12/2013)

  • Great door review by Lori
    5 5 Great door

    This door is very versatile and a great option instead of a wall door. I would recommend it.

    (Posted on 2/8/2013)

  • Best Pet Door review by David
    5 5 Best Pet Door

    I purchased this door 5 years ago in a bronze color, large flap, and a 80 1/4" Track Height. I have three dogs that go in and out all day long 365 days a year 16 hours a day, approximately 25 times per day on average, and this door still works as good as the day I purchased it. The only negative I would have is the draft flap which did not stay in place very long but I went to the hardware store and purchased a foam rubber strip that I install between the sliders to keep the draft out and since I don't use the door very much the foam rubber works fine and is easy to re-install when I do use the door. This is a great product and very energy efficieint.

    ed. note. - The key to successful draft stopper installation is to carefully clean the metal surface first with acetone, fingernail polish remover or similar.

    (Posted on 1/28/2013)

  • What a great purchase! review by CJ
    5 5 What a great purchase!

    I can't begin to say what a great door this is! Easy to install and outstanding quality. My shepherd learned to get in and out in about 2 minutes. It keeps the cold out and I can easity get in and out just by slidding the glass door open. Well worth the price.

    (Posted on 1/18/2013)

  • This is a Wonderful Pet Door !!!! review by John
    5 5 This is a Wonderful Pet Door !!!!

    It only took me a few days to train my puppy and my two older dogs to use this pet door what a wonderful Pet door,I would recomend this to anyone who has a dog,I'm disabled and this had made things so much easier for me and my dogs can go in an out day or night,They Love it and so do I. Sincerely John

    (Posted on 1/14/2013)

  • Excellent glass door panel and Endura flap review by bohunk in Nebraska
    5 5 Excellent glass door panel and Endura flap

    I am very pleased with this product and could not ask for better customer service since I sort of screw up with the weather strip.I forgot that it is 3/8 inch thick. Reading all the instructions for once and not putting the weather strip on in case of return I fit the panel in the frame and found that my door would not close over the top spring loaded two pieces. I called customer service and tried to explain my problem to Traci. She thought I might have got two caps for another size door and would send me what should be the right ones. In the mean time I got nervous as temps were going down to 5-10 degrees, so I cut the caps down remounted and my door closed over the panel. took panel out put on weather strip closed door to panel and had a 1/4 inch gap due to weather strip. when the ship panels arrived they were the same ones and now fit perfect. As I could not return the ones I cut I talk to custome service to bill me for the shipped ones. They E-mailed and said after much deliberation and laughter (I'm sure) they would forgive the cost of them.
    I highly recommend PATIO PACIFIC products and their prompt courteous service to anyone who is in the market for any type of pet door.

    (Posted on 1/11/2013)

  • great product and customer service! review by jerry
    5 5 great product and customer service!

    I have had this panel for about two years and find that it meets my needs. Living in the midwest creates a variety of temperature changes which this product can handle. I had to change the threshold recently and the service was outstanding. The representative I talked with was very knowledgeable. The entire process was handled professionally and quickly. I could not ask for anything better.

    (Posted on 10/15/2012)

  • How did I live without it! review by wengros
    5 5 How did I live without it!

    This door has been revolutionary for me. No longer do I have that anxiety about how many hours I've been away. My nine year old Cocker Spaniel got the hang of it in only a few days, and she can now safely go out into the fenced yard whenever she needs to.
    The door looks great, went in very easily (yes, I did measure many times). I bought some pipe insulation (the tube foam kind} and found that it sealed the spaces neatly and effectively. The enclosed stick to the door foam would not have sealed my sliding door very well because my door was not perfectly square.
    I installed it all myself- and I'm a "senior". Very Highly Recommended.

    (Posted on 9/6/2012)

  • The very best dog door we have ever had !! review by Frank M
    5 5 The very best dog door we have ever had !!

    We bought our door about 2 years ago, we were a little skeptical because of the higher price. We have had dog dorrs for years but I can say we have NEVER HAD A DOG DOOR WITH THE QUALITY OF THIS ONE. The flap is great, wind does not blow it open and the dogs love it.
    I just called customer service to find out about ordering a replacement flap because our new puppy loves to chew on the flap !!!!!!! I guess that is expected with a new puppy !!!! Customer wervice was great in explaining to me the cost and how to install.
    Thank You Pacific Patio !!!

    (Posted on 7/10/2012)

  • very good door review by Julie
    5 5 very good door

    Very please with this door when it came my husband even said it's build really good a better then he through. We are training the dogs now how to use it took metal strip off and my one pug learn right away how to open it now trying to teach my other pug how to she is more shy

    (Posted on 5/19/2012)

  • Highly recommend review by Barb
    5 5 Highly recommend

    Just received this door less than 48 hours ago, and I'm not sure who loves it more, me or the dog. At first, she was scared of it and ran. Then she got the nerve to come closer, but just stared at it like a calf at a new gate. But, within 24 hours, she was going in and out of her new door like a pro. I love the new freedom it give us both, and truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. HIGHLY recommend.

    (Posted on 4/16/2012)

  • Very Pleased review by Tom
    5 5 Very Pleased

    After doing a lot of online research, and talking a couple of times with Patio Pacific customer service (who were very helpful), we ordered this door w/ 2-day delivery. It was delivered on time and in good shape. Unpacking was easy, the installation directions were clear, and it appears to be an excellent product. As we live in an older house with "replacement" sliding glass doors, everything was a little bit out of plumb, but nothing anyone with a bit of handyman experience couldn't handle easily. While the "Bug Warden" is included, it seems to me that if you properly install the weatherstripping, you have a good bug barrier. At least at first blush, I would say we are extremely pleased with the product, as is our 70 pound yellow lab pub, who, with about 15 minutes' coaching, has already learned that he has his own door.

    (Posted on 2/25/2012)

  • EXCELLENT-- Wish I Would Have Ordered This Sooner! review by Barb K (Indiana)
    5 5 EXCELLENT-- Wish I Would Have Ordered This Sooner!

    When contemplating ordering this door 18 months ago, I was hesitant to purchase such a large, fragile and costly item on-line. I have suffered for the past 18 months with a less-than-desirable, home-made alternative and finally decided to take the risk. I placed my order on a Monday and received it just 4 days later on Friday. The shipment was delivered well packaged and undamaged. I had it in place in just a few minutes and couldn't be more pleased. Before ordering this one, I had tried another brand which was cheaper and available at my local Lowe's or Home Depot store, but it didn't work because the step-over rise was too high. This is the only door on the market with a low step-over rise (adjustable) and an extra large flap opening, which is very important for small dogs and aging dogs. You'll find that all other brands will increase the height of the rise as the size of the flap gets larger, but that won't work if you have a small dog as well as a large dog. Again, I held off on purchasing this one partly because of the cost and secondly for the difficulty in returning the item if it didn't work out. I can guarantee that if you measure your door correctly and follow the tips on the website, the door will fit perfectly. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. My medium-sized beagle had the flap figured out within 5 minutes, and then taught my larger and smaller dogs how to get in and out. I just can't say enough about the quality of this door. It's an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT product and well worth the cost!

    (Posted on 2/3/2012)

  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product review by Craig N.
    5 5 I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product

    I recently purchased a Thermo Panel IIIe pet door from you. At first I was hesitant to spend that much on a dog door sight unseen. But after doing LOTS of research on the internet and reading almost all the reviews available, I decided to take the plunge.

    I was looking for a well built door, possibly double paned glass and with easy installation. After looking at what types of doors the major retailers were selling, both online and brick and mortar stores, none had what I was looking for exactly. I also needed it delivered to me quickly, within a week of placing the order as well.

    I placed my order on a Monday, online and before noon, thinking I will receive it on Thursday or Friday of that week. To my surprise it arrived on Wednesday!!, a mere 48 hours of placing my order. It came very well packaged and not damaged. It was sooooo easy to install, well under a hour. Actually, it took me longer to get the door out of the box than to install it (you really use some heavy duty glue on your boxes!).

    I have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix named Bailey, so he has very short legs, but a normal sized body. Having the options with your door as far as the rise height, was a major selling point. I also followed your instructions to the letter about measuring my dog correctly to get the right sized door, which turned out to be a medium. Upon installing the door and seeing the size of the opening, I said to myself, "It's too small". But I remembered reading on your website that's what it's supposed to look like. But I was still doubtful.

    I started to treat train Bailey as soon as the door was installed and amazingly he fit through the door perfectly!! I have the rise set to the lowest point and he doesn't need to jump over it to use the door and his body doesn't rub the sides of the door either. It took him a couple of hours to learn to use his head to push open the flap. At first he would stop at the door and sniff around then gently use his head to push the flap and walk through. I had taken off the metal piece on the bottom of the flap and removed the magnet, so the door would open easily.

    Now a week after installing the door, Bailey hits that door at full running speed to go in or out. I think he thinks it's some type of game.
    But the flap is so well made, I have no concerns about it's construction holding up to the abuse. I also have an indoor thermometer set up very close to the dog door and have noticed that there is absolutely no change in the temperature after installing the door. There are no gaps and I don't feel any air moving around the frame. It is a very well constructed unit and very well insulated.

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and if the situation were to come again on needing another dog door, you will definitely get my business.

    (Posted on 1/25/2012)

  • We are the next generation of dogs!! review by Sue
    5 5 We are the next generation of dogs!!

    Believe it or not, I have had this door for approximately 18 years!! I am amazed that I had 3 dogs that have all passed on at ages above 13 years and we now have another set of 3 pups that are still using the same door! I cannot say enough about the durability and quality. There is nothing like it!

    (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  • Superb Features review by Todd
    5 5 Superb Features

    I have had this pet door for around 2 years. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the Columbia River Gorge - high winds, rain, sleet, snow, blazing hot summers. This door is superb - seals tight. The pet door flap has a magnetized bottom that, at the bottom of its swing, "attracts" the bottom frame piece that floats up and down about a 1/2 in. As a Mechanical Engineer, I am impressed with its simple yet functional and innovative design. It is very adjustable. The quality is top notch. The pet door panel as a unit probably seals better than the sliding glass door itself.

    I highly recommend this door. I also purchased a security bar kit and rubber sealing kit to help block bugs around the sliding screen door. ( I forget the nomenclature used by the website for these additional options.) It all works very well with good instructions.

    My only complaint - which is extremely minor in nature - is that it did not come with enough self-adhesive sealing strip. No worries. A quick trip to the local hardware store, at a minor expense, purchased another roll of wide adhesive sealing strip, most of which is still in my garage.

    (Posted on 1/4/2012)

  • THANK YOU!! for this flap review by cassie
    5 5 THANK YOU!! for this flap

    I have had multiple house dogs for years and have gone thru many a flap on various patio dog doors. The flaps would tear with the heavy use of multiple dogs, the replacements did not fit or were not available, the frame around the door cracked, the screws came out, you name it. And the flaps never closed securely, allowing air to leak around the sides and a windy day would blow them open.

    This flap is everything they claim it to be. It seals tightly on the bottom and sides. It flexes and the top pivots in such a way that it doesn't tear. After six months of constant use by EIGHT dogs the flap still works as designed without tears. My biggest dog weighs in at about 70 pounds, so I got the large size. My smallest dog is only 10.5 pounds and 13 inches tall at the shoulder. I wondered if he would be able to open the flap since the magnets hold it securely to the frame. But he figured it out within a day.

    I was skeptical reading the claims for this flap, and hesitated whether to pay the extra money for this rather than the other brands I had tried before. I am glad I opened up the wallet and ordered. My 8 dogs and I highly recommend it.

    (Posted on 1/3/2012)

  • They work GREAT review by Jeff A
    5 5 They work GREAT

    Just wanted to thank you SO MUCH, both for your excellent customer service (answering all my dumb and paranoid questions), AND a truly amazing product.

    I installed one Thermo Panel III between my house and my sunroom (which can get hot or cold), and another between the sunroom and outdoors so my dog can be in, in the sunroom, or outside.

    They work GREAT. I did a semi-custom install next to the non-moving slider panels so I could insulate well and still use my locks. Your insulation was excellent (nice and thick, and the slider-to-fixed-panel-seal was first rate), and I added a bit more for my custom situation. And the Endura doors are fabulous. I taped the bottom down to start so they have a bit less resistance in the learning phase. It comes off tomorrow.

    Thanks again to you and your whole crew for providing everything I could have asked for and more.

    (Posted on 12/20/2009)

  • We love it....thank you! review by Karen C
    5 5 We love it....thank you!

    We received our Thermo llle door yesterday,and totally LOVE it...We have had other brands in the past,and this is far superior to the others. Our Great Pyrenees will now fit through the new door fabulously! We love it....thank you!

    (Posted on 12/20/2009)

Weight 30.0000
Manufacturer Endura Flap
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value Very High, High, Average, Low
Wind Resistance Very High, High
Type of Window Sideways Sliding
House Locking Method C-Clamp Lock
Frame Material Heavy Extruded Aluminum
Custom Heights Available Yes
Can Fit Sideways Sliding Windows Yes
Track Width Minimum 1"
Built-In Adjustment For Small Measuring Errors Yes
Tools Required For Installation None
Patented User-Adjustable Step Over Height Yes
Employs Patented “Endura Flap” Yes
Insulation Value High
Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance Yes
Flap Material Engage
Flap Design Single, One Part , Flexible, Insulated Flap
Flap Colors Clear
High Aspect Ratio Yes
Flap Thickness 7/8"
Award Winning Design Yes
Flap Warranty (if separate) 15 years
Locking Cover Material Dimensional ABS
Can Be Installed In Dual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Vinyl-Framed Sliding Glass Door
Dual or Single Pane Dual Pane
Low “E” Coating Yes
“Draft Stopper” Included to Seal Stationary & Sliding Panel Overlap Yes
Warranty Period 15 years
Return Period 90 days (except for custom height ranges)
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee None

The Endura Flap Pet Door


The Thermo Panel 3e Patio Panel Pet Door


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Variable Magnetic Resistance


Adjusting the Step Over Height


The Leaf Blower Test


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Installation Instructions for the Endura Flap™ Thermo Panel 3e™



All Panels

1x Foam Weather Strip • 1x Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper

1 Piece Pet Door

1x Panel Pet Door • 1x Sliding Door Clamp

2 Piece Pet Door

1x Top Glass Panel Section • 1x Bottom Flap Section

4x Hex screws • 1x Hex wrench • 1x Threshold mount deadbolt w/screws



The aluminum, vertical panel has a patented ‘Adjustable Step-Over’ feature which permits adjusting the height of the flap to the most comfortable fit for your pet. Generally, the top of the flap should be positioned to be at least 1” (2,5 cm) above the top of the pet’s shoulder (the ‘withers’). If the factory setting is not suitable, please adjust it before proceeding. If the current setting is suitable, or you have the vinyl panel, proceed to step 3.



1A. Two-piece panels: Simply slide the pieces up and out from the bottom half of your panel to rearrange. Loosen a bottom screw if the pieces are too snug to move.

One-piece panels: Lay the entire panel on a flat surface (like the floor). Using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the bottom side-screws, and loosen the next upper screws one turn. Screws were tightly installed to hold the panel together during shipping; a drill is recommended*.

*If you do not have a Phillips head drill bit skinny enough to fit, let us know and we’ll send you one for free.

2B. One-piece panels: Once the bottom screws have been removed and the next upper side-screws loosened, the Pet Door Assembly and spacers can be removed by sliding the sections down and out of the panel. 

2C. Replace the spacers and the Pet Door Assembly by sliding them back in a different order to achieve the desired height. You can move the spacer below or above the flap to raise or lower the flap height.

The order of the pieces is important! The piece on the bottom needs to always be at the bottom, as that is where the screws attach. 

When finished, replace the bottom side-screws and tighten the next upper-side screws for one piece panels and skip to step 4. For two-piece panels, you can now assemble the patio panel!

Note on flap height and pet size:

A lower step-over height is easier for pets to navigate. However, if the top of the flap is low enough that the pet needs to crouch to get through their pet door, they can injure themselves and possibly cause the pet door to malfunction. If your pet door does not sit at a comfortable height for your pet, you may need a larger size flap. 


(if you have a single piece panel, please proceed to step 4)


3A. Align the aluminum connectors extending from the bottom flap panel section with the top glass panel section. Press the aluminum connectors into the holes at the bottom of the top glass panel section. Ensure locking cover & thumb screws are on the same side!

3B. Gently tap the bottom surface of the panel against the ground to completely insert the connectors. Protect hard surfaces to prevent scratching. The components of the panel are designed to slide together very tightly.

3C. Fasten the two panels together using the four stainless steel hex head screws found in the panel packaging. Use the hex wrench to tighten screws so the two halves of the door are pulled together. 

Note: Screw holes may look misaligned; this is intentional to ensure a tight fit. The panels will squeeze together as the screws are tightened.

4. Loosen the thumb screws at the top of the pet panel. This allows the spring mechanism to move freely up and down.

5. To insert the panel pet door into the top track, push up against the spring mechanism and swing the bottom of the panel up and over the threshold. Seat the panel on top of the small guide rail in the track. If you can’t quite get it in the track, try swinging in from the outside as the outside track wall may be shorter.

You want to put the pet door in your track before applying any weather-stripping to ensure it fits! If it fits well, move on to the next step. See our tips at the end of these steps if you have trouble!

6. Once you’re sure the panel fits, remove the panel from the frame and lay it on its side on the ground. Apply the foam weather-stripping by peeling back the paper and exposing the adhesive. Unroll it along the edge of the panel, pressing to ensure it adheres. Install on both sides, trim to fit with scissors. 

7. The center post weather seal strip (draft stopper) should be installed on the inside of the home. It can install on either the back edge of the sliding door panel or the leading edge of the stationary panel. This strip prevents air leaking between the sliding glass door and the stationary panel. Trim with scissors as needed. Clean the edge of your patio door with rubbing alcohol before installing to assure a good seal.



Since you cannot lock your sliding glass door to your panel pet door, we have provided you with an alternative locking method to secure your home:

Doors over 80 1⁄4” (203,8 cm) Tall

Installing the threshold mount deadbolt lock: For doors manufactured with the glass slider on the inside track, the lock can usually be installed on the back of the slider using the mounting screws provided. For doors manufactured with the slider on the outside, the lock is installed on the leading edge of the stationary panel.

Drill a 3⁄16” (4,8 mm) hole into the frame opposite the steel deadbolt lock. This hole MUST be 3⁄4” (1,9 cm) away

from the inside edge of the door’s frame to avoid drilling into the glass. Drilling into the glass will cause the glass to shatter.

Doors under 80 1⁄4” (203,8 cm) tall

Installing the sliding door clamp: This clamp has a screw which tightens by hand to prevent the sliding door from moving beyond the clamp’s placement. For doors manufactured with the glass slider on the inside track, the lock can usually be installed on the door’s raised track.


For help with installation, replacement parts or other questions visit EnduraFlap.com or call 805-781-7700 Monday-Friday 7am-4:30pm PT



Click below to expand:

The patio pacific endura flap thermo panel 3e is 1" thick.

Yes, the endura flap 3e is compatible with most vinyl sliders. At 1" thick, it is thicker than most aluminum panels, so it will fit better in a vinyl track. The track width may not line up exactly with the panel, but it is only an issue with the aesthetics, not functionality.

This is a manual door, so there is no guarantee that critters will not get in. However, the Endura Flap has incredibly strong magnets that are hard for small critters to push through and get in.

Measure from the innermost part of the bottom track to the innermost top part of the track. If there is a pencil railing, include that in the measurement because the panel straddles the railing.

The step over is the part of the panel under the actual door opening. Depending on the flap size purchased, the stepover can range from 3"-11". This means that you can adjust it to any stepover within that range. So if you have a puppy, you can keep adjusting it as he/she grows.

That depends on how wide your sliding glass door opens and how wide the panel you purchase is. Those dimensions can be found under the "Overall Panel Width" column.

No, the thumb screws are on the inside of the panel, so once installed, the Endura Flap Panel cannot be lifted out and removed without first loosening the thumb screws from inside the home.

For track adjustment ranges 80.25" and below, you'll install the included clamp lock. For 80.25" and above, you can install the foot lock. Alternatively, the Endura dog door for sliding glass door can be secured with a Charley Bar for added security.

Yes, these dog doors come with locking covers to ensure safety for your pet and home. Endura Flaps have locking covers that slide over them on the side facing inside your home and are made of sturdy, heavy duty ABS plastic. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on the outside of Endura Flap Panels as an alternative. We do sell extra locking covers in the case that the one included with your doggy door is misplaced!

Endura Flap sliding glass dog doors under 80 ¼” do not require tools, however everything above this height generally will require some tools for installation. What we call a sectional panel will be shipped in two pieces because it is so tall. Breaking the pet door for sliding door down saves the customers on shipping costs, because we are able to ship in a smaller package. The sectionals will need to be assembled with 4 hex screws and a hex wrench, all of which are provided.

Yes, the Endura Flap has been tested in -40 degrees Fahrenheit weather and 50 mph winds. Also the dual pane LoE glass on the thermal panel doors for slider installation are going to be more energy efficient.

The step over is the part of the panel under the actual door opening. Depending on the flap size purchased, the stepover can range from 3"-11". This means that you can adjust it to any stepover within that range. So if you have a puppy, you can keep adjusting it as he/she grows.

If your sliding glass door track height measurement is less than 74 3/4" then you would need to order a custom dog door sliding glass panel. Anything between 80 ¼” - 93 1/4”, would need to be a custom order. Furthermore, there is a tall height range, and anything above the maximum of the tall height range which is 96 ¼” will need to be custom ordered.

The absolute minimum and absolute maximum sizes are as follows:

Model                Minimum        Maximum

Small #6              35"                 100"

Medium #8           42"                 107"

Large #10             48"                 117"

Extra Large #12     46"                123"

The tallest non-custom height range available is 93 1/4"-96 1/4".

It is the same panel, we just updated the name.

The Thermo and Quick Panels are identical except the Quick Panels have heavy duty single pane glass while the Thermo Panels have dual pane, low 'E' glass. For this reason, the Quick Panel is a better fit for more moderate climates or where a lighter weight panel is desired and the Thermo panel is more suitable for four season use.

The warranty for the Endura Flap assembly is for a period of 15 years and the warranty for the rest of the assembly (the panel) is for 10 years and excludes glass breakage. The warranty for assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for 3 years.

The anti-whoops feature is included in all Endura Flap doggie door for sliding door dog doors. If you've mismeasured, you may be able to salvage the situation: To make your sliding glass door with dog door about 1" taller, you may purchase a height extension (or make your own using 1" x lumber). To make your sliding glass pet door insert slightly shorter you may trim the top flanges that accept the height extension with a hacksaw or a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade.

Also known as the 'Center Post Weather Strip', it seals the gap created between stationary and sliding glass doors when a panel doggy door is installed. These are essential for an airtight seal and in fact some customers use one inside and one outside in extreme climates. We included it in all Thermo Panel 3e, Quick Panel 3 and Thermo Panel 3e Microchip sliding glass pet doors for sliding glass doors, but you can use our draft stopper with any panel pet door.?

Generally, we recommend that if you do not have a specific reason to get an electronic sliding pet door then you should get a regular manual one. There is less that could go wrong as far a possible malfunctioning. However, if you've got a stray cat problem or a raccoon problem, you'll need an electronic patio panel which would keep all unwanted animals out. Another aspect to think about is if your dog or cat is infirm or very old, one of the motorized panels that allows them in and out freely without them needing to push a flap might be the ticket to a comfortable and easy process for your pet.

We have the Thermo Panel 2e Microchip Patio Panel that incorporates the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door into our dual pane glass panel.  This is suitable for large cats and small dogs, as the flap dimension is 7” x 7” and works off your pets embedded microchip. If your pet does not yet have the chip then it comes with an RFID collar key that can be used.

If your monorail is 3/4" or less thick, you can install the Thermo Panel 3e with some modification to the bottom of the panel. You will need to contact customer service to order an additional part not sold on our website. This will be a custom installation requiring the use of a power drill and possibly a jigsaw. Once these modifications have been made, the panel will not be returnable. Here are some pictures of an Endura Flap Thermo Panel installed in a monorail sliding glass door.

Monorail Sliding Glass Door with Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e Pet Door Top view of the Endura Flap Patio Panel Pet Door installed in a monorail patio door Bottom view showing modifications made to the Endura Flap Pet Panel to fit monorail doors Piece to install on the bottom of the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e to fit mono rail sliders


It is an Endura Flap Thermo Panel, Extra Large Flap, Panel height 74 3/4" - 77 3/4" with a White frame. Be sure to measure your dog to make sure the flap size is not too big. We offer four flap sizes.

It is an Endura Flap Thermo Panel, Medium Flap, Panel height 74 3/4" - 77 3/4" with a White frame. Be sure and measure your dog and sliding glass door to be sure it will fit. We offer various sizes.

It is the same door, we just changed the IIIe to 3e.

The Endura Flap Thermo Panel is the most energy efficient pet door panel on the market.

They are the same. Patio Pacific is the corporate name and Endura Flap is the Brand. Thermo Panel 3e and Thermo Panel IIIe are the same, with 3 being in Roman numerals on the second spelling.

Yes, we can build custom dimension panels.

You will order a Custom Height Thermo Panel to accommodate track height. When choosing the Track Height Adjustment Range, select "cust ht under 80 1/4 - 93 1/4 and then you will be prompted to enter your track height. We will build a panel to your specifications.

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Patio Pacific Inc Endura Flap™ Pet Door Warranty

To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific Inc warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer.

Endura flap assemblies are warranted for a period of 15 years. Endura Flap™ assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for a period of 3 years.

Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage, is specifically excluded from this warranty.

Defective materials returned to Patio Pacific Inc, together with proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer free of charge.

Pet doors of other manufacturers installed in Patio Pacific products are covered by the warranty of the other manufacturer and not by Patio Pacific Inc.