Replacement Flaps for Ideal "Ruff Weather" and "Protector" Pet Doors

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  • Ruff Weather replacement flaps
  • Fit the “Protector” models as well
  • Clear & flexibly vinyl flap
  • Available in sizes small, medium, extra large & super large
  • Sold individually

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Price From: $40
Replacement Flaps for Ideal "Ruff Weather" and "Protector" Pet Doors
Replacement flaps for Ruff Weather pet doors. These flaps screw into the frame

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  • Ruff Weather replacement flaps
  • Fit the “Protector” models as well
  • Clear & flexibly vinyl flap
  • Available in sizes small, medium, extra large & super large
  • Sold individually
Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionStock Number
Small5" w x 9" h6 1⁄2" w x 11 1⁄4" h9" w x 13" h


Medium7 1⁄4" w x 13" h8 1⁄2" w x 15 1⁄4" h11 3⁄8" w x 17 1⁄2" h10RI14
Extra Large9 3⁄4" w x 17" h11 1⁄4"x 19 1⁄2" h14" w x 21 1⁄2" h


Super Large15" w x 23 1⁄2" h16 1⁄4"x 26" h19" w x 28 1⁄5" h10RI16

Other Ideal Ruff weather parts such as the fuzzy weather stripping and frame gaskets are also available.

Is your pet flap in need of a replacement? Avoid replacing your entire pet door with the Ruff Weather dog door replacement flaps. The Ideal “Ruff Weather” and “Protector” Pet Doors fit both of these models, restoring your pet door to good as new! These are made of clear, flexible vinyl for the ultimate ease of use for your pet. The bottom of the flap contains a magnetic bar to help seal it when it is not in use. The flap size is engraved into the flap right above it. All flaps are sold individually, so if you need to replace both flaps for your Ruff Weather pet door, you’ll need to purchase two.


Please Note: Your extra large flap may have the dimensions of 10 ½" x 17" embossed on the flap. However, the manufacturer has guaranteed that this 9 ¾” x 17” replacement flap will work, regardless of what dimensions are marked on the flap.

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • I just opened the box goint install the flaps review by Michael
    5 3 I just opened the box goint install the flaps

    I just opened the box to install the flaps was not happy I was expecting to see two flaps in the box but there was just one for the price I pad I could have just about bought a hole new pet door now I have to order one more. I like the door for the pets it helps keep the cold out in the cold environment that I live in during the winter and the het in the summer.

    (Posted on 3/6/2019)

  • Ruff Weather dog doors are great! review by Charles
    5 5 Ruff Weather dog doors are great!

    We have been using the Ruff Weather dog door for over 11 years and it works great. There has only been one time that the wind blew hard enough to make the doors flap, and that was when there was a tornado in the area. We love it.

    (Posted on 2/20/2019)

  • Good fit review by RICHARD
    5 4 Good fit

    Replacement flaps fit perfectly but at $60 each Very expensive.

    (Posted on 11/15/2018)

  • replacement door review by Pamela
    5 5 replacement door

    fits perfectly, easy to install, excellent customer service. So much easier than replacing the entire dog door,
    ships with in a few days. Thank you

    (Posted on 10/12/2018)

  • replacement doors (2) review by Daryl
    5 3 replacement doors (2)

    Installed new ones. They stick and stay open when the pets go through them? Very expensive. Cheaper to replace the whole door system with new. Not very happy.

    (Posted on 10/4/2018)

  • perfect fit review by Pamela
    5 5 perfect fit

    heavy doors keep out the draft from outside, easy for animals to go in and out. The ease of replacing your worn doors with out replacing the entire door is a nice plus. Customer service is impeccable, there to help YOU!!
    A company you can truly trust for your pet needs. Thank you!

    (Posted on 9/28/2018)

  • fit's review by Steven
    5 4 fit's

    Fit just right, will have to get one more.

    (Posted on 4/19/2018)

  • Door fit up to previous mounts. review by Steve
    5 5 Door fit up to previous mounts.

    the pet door flap was a perfect fit. It matched up to the previous holes and bolted right up.

    (Posted on 2/6/2018)

  • Exactly what I needed, easy to install review by Nancy Simmons
    5 5 Exactly what I needed, easy to install

    If I would have known it was this easy to replace the existing worn flaps I currently had I would have done this months ago. My flaps were packed really well and I got them quickly after placing my order. They came with instructions so I had no problem replacing my old worn ones with what Pet Doors sent me. I highly recommend this company for all your dog door parts.

    (Posted on 2/6/2018)

  • The new doors were very simple to install and seem to be helping to keep down the energy bills. Khaya loves her new flaps. review by Marce
    5 5 The new doors were very simple to install and seem to be helping to keep down the energy bills. Khaya loves her new flaps.

    The new doors were very simple to install and seem to be helping to keep down the energy bills. Khaya loves her new flaps.

    (Posted on 12/22/2017)

  • Very pleased review by Ray
    5 5 Very pleased

    High quality products and excellent service

    (Posted on 12/6/2017)

  • quick to get and easy to install review by Laura
    5 5 quick to get and easy to install

    Can it get any easier? watch the video on here and it's very accurate as to how it goes in. Just a couple tools and good as new!

    (Posted on 12/5/2017)

  • AWESOME review by Sherri
    5 5 AWESOME

    Have had this door for years. Replacing the panels is so easy.

    (Posted on 10/31/2017)

  • like it review by larry
    5 5 like it

    Was is to install

    (Posted on 7/17/2017)

  • price plus it's too short review by ROBERTA
    5 3 price plus it's too short

    This product is outrageously expensive, so much so that to replace both flaps at the same time, as recommended, would break the bank. But the product is excellent in it's durability. HOWEVER, my extra large flap is 1/4" too short! I even trimmed the bottom of the holes on top, into which the screws go, to make it longer. But alas, I couldn't trim enough to make a difference. I now have to find something to put on the bottom where the flap swings to keep out the cold in winter and stifling Tucson heat in the summer. I haven't yet figured out what that is going to be.

    (Posted on 3/19/2017)

  • Great Quality! review by Elizabeth
    5 5 Great Quality!

    So glad we got this, easy install, simple instructions, and received product quite fast. Would buy again and again!

    (Posted on 3/6/2017)

  • Very high quality product review by Vince
    5 5 Very high quality product

    This is no cheap door flap. This is rugged, yet pliable enough to allow our three cats to comfortably come and go as they please-and cats like to do that! The flaps clean up with a damp cloth or paper towel to like-new condition. It's a bit pricey, perhaps, but in the long run, you get what you pay for. This is a quality product.

    (Posted on 3/6/2017)

  • Not an exact replacement to the dog door we bought it for. review by Ron
    5 2 Not an exact replacement to the dog door we bought it for.

    new flap holes at the top did not line up with the original door holes and we had to make cuts in the plastic to make it work.

    (Posted on 2/28/2017)

  • Didn't fit. Wasted Money review by Roadog1
    5 1 Didn't fit. Wasted Money

    Purchased a pair of large Ruff Weather flaps a few years ago to have on hand when needed. Recently installed them on the pet door and they are about 3/8 inch short. Will not make that mistake again. Will only order from the company's web site when I actually need them.

    (Posted on 2/27/2017)

  • I give this door a 5-star review by Linda
    5 5 I give this door a 5-star

    I was very impressed with the service I received and the replacement flap was delivered in just a couple of days. It is very high quality. I will definitely buy from you again. Thanks for the great service. Linda.

    (Posted on 2/7/2017)

  • Really? review by Roxanne
    5 1 Really?

    One replacement flap costs more than what I paid for the entire pet door!!

    (Posted on 10/11/2016)

  • not as good as original review by Peg
    5 2 not as good as original

    I received and replaced however, the size of Extra Large flaps do not fit. They are about a 1/2 inch too short and doesn't hit the magnet on bottom. they are also slightly not wide enough. The "weather" still gets in. I destroyed the boxes they came in and threw them away thinking they were ok so I didn't return them.

    (Ed note: It sounds like the flap required might have been a different model of Ideal Pet Door.)

    (Posted on 10/1/2016)

  • dual replacment door flaps for xtra large dog review by dietzkin
    5 5 dual replacment door flaps for xtra large dog

    cheaper to buy new complete dual flap dog door assembly than to buy replacement flaps.

    (Posted on 5/15/2016)

  • Replacement dog door flaps review by sandie
    5 5 Replacement dog door flaps

    The new dog door replacement flaps are perfect! The original ones held up for a good long time, but finally the outside one was torn and no longer efficient. I got two new door flaps and are totally happy with the clean look and the perfect way they stay closed even on windy days!

    (Posted on 2/16/2016)

  • to expensive review by tmiller
    5 1 to expensive

    way to expensive

    (Posted on 2/7/2016)

  • Ruff Weather Pet Door Replacement review by Roscoe
    5 5 Ruff Weather Pet Door Replacement

    Very durable and easy instillation!

    (Posted on 5/14/2015)

  • super large flap review by vinnie
    5 5 super large flap

    I ordered a super large flap to accommodate putting a dog door into my screen security door. After measuring , cutting and making a metal frame for the door, we fastened the super large flap onto the top of the metal frame. Now for the spring and winter months in nevada, I can leave the screen door open for fresh air and my Old English sheepdog can come and go. When the HOT summer begins, we swing the security door out of the way and our dog has the original double flap ruff weather dog door that is built into our interior door. Best of both worlds. Thanks, Nice heavy flaps

    (Posted on 4/16/2015)

  • Great Fit; Too Expensive review by Bill
    5 2 Great Fit; Too Expensive

    The replacement flap is easy to install, but the price with added shipping and handling for a single flap is very expensive. I think a single flap (my door takes two) totaled $65.00. That's too much. I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.

    (Posted on 4/11/2015)

  • Perfect door review by razzle
    5 5 Perfect door

    these flaps hold their own but eventually, like all things, wear out, with 3 dogs constantly going in and out all day every day these flaps are super durable and have lasted more than a year or two
    the flaps wear out at the screw holes eventually, but are well with worth the money for the time it takes them to wear out

    (Posted on 4/10/2015)

  • Easy to install review by Kassi & Vivi
    5 4 Easy to install

    I have had my Ruff Weather pet door for 5 years and the original flaps were starting to wear. Ordered the new ones which were very easy to install. I do wish that there were not clear though. They also seem to be a little shorter than the originals and not as thick. My problem is that the magnetic strips on the bottom have broken and magnets are now gone so there is nothing for the flaps to hold on to. I looked through your products and could not find any replacements, so what do you suggest??? I need to do something soon to keep bugs and little critters out!! Please help!

    (Posted on 9/17/2014)

  • It Fits and It Works review by ASJ White Shepherds - breeder
    5 5 It Fits and It Works

    Excellent doggy door with outstanding weather protection. My only gripe about the replacement flap is the price.

    (Posted on 6/7/2014)

  • Great product with one problem (Husky) review by Fred (and "Snow" an all white male husky puppy)
    5 5 Great product with one problem (Husky)

    I bought a replacement door (bought two, in fact, [planning ahead]) from you several months ago after "Snow," the 10- month-old Husky pulled one of mine totally off. I replaced the broken one with a new one and he pulled that one off, too. (Breaks them near the top). Never a glutton for punishment, I did not replace it with my final one, instead electing to wait until he was two-years-old and "grownup." Both times he has pulled the outer door off). Not to be outsmarted by a mere human, over the next couple of weeks, he tore out the magnetic srtip in the bottom, followed a day later by the magnetic strip for the inner door. Not content, he removed all four grey fussy strips that line both sidews of both doors. Then he ate the plastic ribs that form the edges for the fuzzzies. Your product is great. My puppy is a terror. LOL

    (Posted on 5/22/2014)

  • It's great! review by kaseydb
    5 5 It's great!

    I purchased these replacement flaps for a door that I've had for over ten years. I was so pleased at how easy it was to replace them--it just took a few minutes and they look and work great! My only wish is that I'd done it sooner!

    (Posted on 5/11/2014)

  • A good product review by junemc
    5 4 A good product

    My only reservation is with the warranty. My flaps on the first door simply wore out at the top. But in all fairness they received quite a work out. These doors are definitely the best I've found and the double flap certainly helps keep out cold wind. I'm in OK and we have lots of wind. The flaps are easy to replace too. That's a plus. I've had other doors that you just scrapped the whole thing and started over. Not so with this door. The frame is still very much intact. Yes, I would recommend this product.

    (Posted on 5/5/2014)

  • Replacement Flaps review by Missy
    5 5 Replacement Flaps

    I had bought the rough weather pet door around 5 years ago and the Florida weather had taken it toll on the Flaps. I search the site and found that replacement flap available for the door. When i received the flap i was happy to find it was easy to install new flaps. Very satisfied with this product and would highly recommend your product.

    (Posted on 4/26/2014)

  • Very good quality. review by Rebelle
    5 5 Very good quality.

    These were not made for my pet safe doors, but pet safe for some reason does not offer clear doors. With 2 large dogs and 6 cats my cats love playing door guard just waiting for the dogs noses to come through for a good swat. This way the dogs know when the cats are waiting for them and can bark for us to intervene. I just made sure the flaps were wide enough and then I simply drilled new, higher holes to accommodate the longer length. It was simple and know one will ever notice but me.

    (Posted on 4/15/2014)

  • Superb insulating pet door flaps review by Libby
    5 5 Superb insulating pet door flaps

    We needed to replace our previous Ruff Weather door flaps and it was SO EASY to take the old torn ones off and replace them with the two new insulating flaps. Our two large dogs and two cats can easily navigate through the door flaps and the flaps keep the blasting cold Arctic air from seeping into the house!

    (Posted on 4/2/2014)

  • Our door had screws on inside, but still worked great review by Shannon
    5 4 Our door had screws on inside, but still worked great

    Our older door had screws on the inside, not as shown in the video. Once we found the screws, the flaps installed correctly, and fit great. They are not as heavy as the old ones, so we will see how they hold up in the wind. was great to work with.

    Only 4 stars because we are not sure that they are as heavy, but 5 star service and correct fit.

    (Posted on 3/5/2014)

  • Great product, happy dog! review by Goldenfam
    5 5 Great product, happy dog!

    Great doggie door product, happy we could replace the flaps after our first dog. Our new dog is happy he has free reign indoors and outdoors!

    (Posted on 1/19/2014)

  • replacement flap review by Jay
    5 5 replacement flap

    Replacement flaps were exactly what I needed. Website description was very accurate so I was certain I was ordering the correct model to fit my doors. This is so much better than replacing the entire door.

    (Posted on 1/12/2014)

  • Good product! review by Bob
    5 5 Good product!

    Perfect fit, no problem replacing! Very satisfied! Next replacement due in maybe 4 or 5 years?

    (Posted on 12/30/2013)

  • Perfect fit review by Pj Dunn
    5 5 Perfect fit

    Thankful for the replacement flaps for our dog door. We have had the dog door for many years. Simply ordered door flap, waited a few days for shipping, then simply unscrewed the old flaps and put the new ones in place and screwed them down. Could not have been easier! Great company to work with. Thanks again... :)

    (Posted on 12/24/2013)

  • perfect fit, but plastic sure is expensive review by fred
    5 4 perfect fit, but plastic sure is expensive

    was a great fit & cheaper than buying a new door. not sure why they cost so much though.

    (Posted on 12/24/2013)

  • Great to find replacement parts review by Maria
    5 5 Great to find replacement parts

    It's nice to be able to buy replacement parts for a older pet door. Now I know where to shop for all parts for my pet door. The measurements were spot on and replacement was done in about 5 minutes. I recomment this site to all my friends for their pet door replacement parts and complete kits.

    (Posted on 11/9/2013)

  • Nice having clear flaps again review by dogzdofly
    5 5 Nice having clear flaps again

    I have had my door for about 12 years now and needed the replacement flaps, even after all those years they still have the same great flaps, remove and replace was very simple

    (Posted on 10/27/2013)

  • Great door review by H2o
    5 5 Great door

    I have had my door for many years now and needed the replacement flaps, even after so many years the still have the same great flaps, remove and replace was very simple

    (Posted on 9/6/2013)

  • Sun damaged flap review by Judy
    5 5 Sun damaged flap

    The Nevada sun had made our outer flap dark orange and curled the edges, taking out the airlock effect. A new flap and it looked and worked like new.

    (Posted on 7/17/2013)

  • Replacement Flaps review by Linde
    5 5 Replacement Flaps

    Love the flaps. Do you sell replacement doors?

    Ed. note - Sure!

    (Posted on 7/7/2013)

  • Great review by Greenback cutty
    5 5 Great

    Perfect fit exactly what we needed.

    (Posted on 6/2/2013)

  • Fair review by Sue
    5 3 Fair

    I had to re-cut the top of the flap prior to installing it. The top cut was not even and I had to re-align the holes. Did get it to fit and it works fine.

    (Posted on 5/29/2013)

  • Great Service, perfect product. review by PD
    5 5 Great Service, perfect product.

    I am delighted with my new flaps - fit easily, clear/clean look.
    One was bent at the corner in shipping (might want to use a stronger box) but it was replaced immediately, no charge, which I appreciated. Thanks.

    (Posted on 5/17/2013)

  • Easy to get, easy to install review by Golf4parfection
    5 5 Easy to get, easy to install

    I needed to replace the flaps on our pet door and found the right size and style at Patio Pacific. They arrived within the week and installation was as easy as taking out 3 screws on each flap and replacing then putting the screws back in place. I think it took 5 minutes total!

    (Posted on 4/23/2013)

  • EASY! review by taobreathe
    5 5 EASY!

    Wonderful replacements for my very dirty flaps that i had with the original install of the pet door in 2008.
    Easy to install, fit perfectly, protects from the elements.

    Shipping was great, came quickly and in an envelope.

    (Posted on 4/15/2013)

  • great buy! review by Terri
    5 5 great buy!

    The replacement flaps for my Ruff Weather door were very easy to install and work as good as the originals. It took only a few minutes to install them. This was a wonderful alternative to replacing the whole door or using the replacement parts from "Ruff Weather" themselves. Thanks so much!

    (Posted on 3/16/2013)

  • Replacement doors. review by Kevin
    5 5 Replacement doors.

    This was a five-star transaction. The replacements fit perfectly and are working very well. Thanks.

    (Posted on 3/3/2013)

  • Worked great review by FLorida Corgis
    5 5 Worked great

    We have had a Ruff Weather Pet door for about ten years and the flaps and weather-stripping were a bit, well...weathered. Ordering replacements was easy and they arrived promptly without any difficlty. I would encourage two people be available for the install as you need just one more set of hands to hold everything in place as you replace the screws while standing on your head. Overall, I am very pleased.

    (Posted on 2/27/2013)

  • Great Product review by Dave in GA
    5 5 Great Product

    Second time I have purchased and perfect fit each time. It's like having a whole new door again, the whole gang loves it..

    (Posted on 2/24/2013)

  • Extra large doggy door flap review by Kristina
    5 5 Extra large doggy door flap

    Works perfectly, we love it. Thank you for a great product!

    (Posted on 2/12/2013)

Weight 3.0000
Manufacturer Ideal Pet Products
Color White
Flap Colors Clear

Ideal Ruff Weather & Perfect Pet All Weather Replacement Flap Installation

Watch this step by step video for a quick and easy installation!



Ruff Weather and Protector Series Flap Installation Instructions

Click below to expand:

Before ordering, check the logo or writing on your flap (if any). Ideal Pet Products will have their logo, name, and sometimes the model of the door in the center of opening or on the pet door frame at the bottom. If not you can double check if the size is embossed on the bottom near the magnet bar on either side.

The ruff weather dog door replacement parts are not interchangeable with other brands or models, so you will need to order the same kind of flap replacement or part replacement.

Yes! We carry a clear flexible version, allowing you and your pet visibility.

We suggest uninstalling the vinyl so you can see the size in the top right corner. This will help you order the correct size. They also have the size of the flap embossed on the lower corners of the flap right above the magnet bar.

No! You need only to unscrew the bar that holds the flap. Your entire outer frame does not need to be removed. Once the bar is removed, you can then discard your old flap, and insert the new one. A screwdriver is the only tool you need.

Ruff weather replacement door flaps for the super large are 15"w x 23 1/2"h.

Unfortunately, we do not carry the locking cover as a separate purchase. The ruff weather cover needs to be purchased from the manufacturer.

This is another item we do not carry. Again, please check with the manufacturer for this part.

A flap's life depends on the usage and weather exposure. These are some of the more durable vinyl flaps so its life tends to last longer. In the event your flap gets dirty, use a clean rag with fresh water.

The ruff weather replacement doors are not made to add additional magnets. There are two flaps for increased weather resistance, serving the same purpose as additional magnets.

They changed what was embossed on the flap, so the 9 3/4 by 17 would be the ruff weather replacement pars you need.

If this is the case, please contact us so we can arrange a return and get you the correct one. Please be aware this item has a 30 day return policy.

You can measure the existing opening (width and height) and refer to the size chart for the corresponding size.

You can type "ruff weather" in the Search field above for a complete list of parts we carry. They are the Pile Weather Strip, Frame Gasket, Wall Installation Kit and Replacement Flaps.

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Ideal’s pet doors are very durable and with the proper care will provide many years of service for you and your pet. Thank you for selecting Ideal for your pet door. However, please be aware the pet doors are not waterproof against inclement weather or any excessive water exposure. The one year warranty set forth below applies to Ideal’s pet door(s). 
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