Pet Door Guys - "In The Glass"


  • Steps: Glass company measures, you place the order on our site, we send you an email with the form asking for the dimensions, the glass with pet door ships to your glazier, they come out and switch your old glass out for the new glass with the pet door. *Uses your existing frame
  • For full, detailed ordering instructions, click here.
  • Features the energy efficient Endura Flap pet door pre-installed in a custom glass piece
  • Professional glazier highly recommended
  • No room lost for you to get through and keeps the security of using your existing door lock
  • This is a custom product, so all orders are FINAL, NO RETURNS.

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Price From: $799.99

Pet Door Guys - "In The Glass"

Through the Glass by Pet Door Guys dog doors for glass doors

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  • Steps: Glass company measures, you place the order on our site, we send you an email with the form asking for the dimensions, the glass with pet door ships to your glazier, they come out and switch your old glass out for the new glass with the pet door. *Uses your existing frame
  • For full, detailed ordering instructions, click here.
  • Features the energy efficient Endura Flap pet door pre-installed in a custom glass piece
  • Professional glazier highly recommended
  • No room lost for you to get through and keeps the security of using your existing door lock
  • This is a custom product, so all orders are FINAL, NO RETURNS.
Glass SizePet Flap SizeFlap DimensionStock No

Standard Glass - Less than 34" x 76"

Small #066" w x 11" hO2DDPS
Medium #088" w x 15" h
Large #1010" w x 19" h
Extra Large #1212" w x 23" h
 Oversized Glass - up to 46" x 92"Small6"w x 11"hO2DDPO
Medium8"w x 15"h
Large10"w x 19"h
XLarge12"w x 23"h




The Pet Door Guys: Pet Door In the Glass

Looking for dog doors for glass doors? The best way to install a pet door through your existing sliding glass door frame is by replacing the glass with a Pet Door Guys unit! The new glass will have a pet door installed at the bottom, and you’ll be able to use your sliding glass door like normal. A glass professional will be needed to come measure your current glass and later swap it out for the new glass that has the pet door. The pet door that is used is the energy efficient Endura Flap, which is an insulating, flexible flap perfect for extreme weather. The flap system is extremely durable and carries a 15 year warranty.

How to Order

  1. First, check that one of the installation options is suitable for you. They are:
    • 2 Panel Slider: Installation in either side of the inside track panel. When using the center-post side, it's important to ensure that the screen will not interfere with the action of the pet door flap.
    • 3 Panel Slider: Installation may be in either side of inside track slider or jamb side of 3rd panel. The same concern applies to the screen as above.
    • 4 Panel Slider: Installation may be on either side of either inside track panel
  2. Review How to Measure Your Pet to choose the appropriate size opening for your pet. The unit will have a minimum 3 3/4" step-over height in addition to your existing frame, so be sure to take that into account!
  3. Engage a local glass shop willing to do the measuring and installation. The glass shop installer disassembles your sliding glass door (a very easy job), takes width, height and thickness measurements then re-installs your glass slider. He completes his portion of the Order Form.
  4. Read our Detailed Information Page to get more specific information about how this works. Be sure to share this information with the local glass shop. If the installer has questions have them contact us directly and we can answer any specific questions they may have.
  5. Purchase the product. Your total for merchandise, shipping and any sales tax will be shown. Charges from your local glass shop are not included, so you would pay your installer separately.
  6. Once we receive your order, we'll send you an email with a form that asks for the measurements of your glass.
  7. We then arrange with the factory to custom-build a new piece of glass with the pet door in the lower corner that you specify. We have that unit shipped to your glass shop.

At your convenience the glass shop installer returns to your home, uninstalls your glass panel and replaces it with the new panel containing the pet door.

You are responsible for payment to the glass shop for the measurement and install. We will charge you only for the pet door. In our experience, the cost for these two service calls will likely be between $120 and $200 but you may want to establish this cost in advance.

More Important Info

  • Click here for more information about LoE glass.
  • The vinyl framing is available in white or beige and that's what you're choosing in the drop down product select. The pet door framing comes only in white.
  • Because this is a custom order all sales are final.
  • Glass that is 34" x 76" or smaller is considered "standard" size.
  • Glass that is larger than 34" x 76" is considered "oversize".
  • You can get an approximation of your actual glass size right now by measuring the "daylight" dimension (just what you can see) and adding 3/4" in both dimensions. This is NOT accurate enough to order the product.
  • Allow about 3-4 weeks plus transit time for delivery.

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Never have a dog and house without one. review by Bruce C - South Bend, IN
    5 5 Never have a dog and house without one.

    I left the very first review of this product in March 2012 after using the
    "In The Glass" pet door for about 9 months. Here it is almost 5 years later.

    The only update I can provide is that the door is still as great as it was back then. The cold stays out, the flap is continuing to work and has never been replaced. You can imagine how many times that German Shepherd ran in and out checking the perimeter of the yard. No one walked or rode a bike by without him running in and out to keep a friendly eye on them. The Dalmatian was less active but she did her share.

    I stand by my review in March of 2012. Looking back this was definitely a worthwhile investment. I just wish I knew about them when we got our first dog back in 1995.

    (Posted on 12/20/2016)

  • Fantastic review by Betty
    5 5 Fantastic

    Love this! We took a gamble living in Canada and had it shipped to a U.S. Address and picked it up. Our glass installer measured for the order and installed it today. We love it! So glad to get the full width of the door back. The panel was good but this is amazing. When we saw it we weren't sure it would work. It comes not as just a pice of glass but a glass in a frame that fits into your door frame. Very minimal reduction in view. Genius really. Thank you!!!

    (Posted on 9/21/2016)

  • Excellent Product review by Louise
    5 5 Excellent Product

    Excellent product. Extremely happy . Wish I had found this company years ago. Great craftmanship. Thank you.

    (Posted on 2/15/2015)

  • An awesome pet door review by David
    5 5 An awesome pet door

    This is the most awesome pet door we have ever come across. Upon stumbling onto Pet Door Guys, I was wondering how a pet door would fit into my sliding glass door. I was also concerned with my dogs breaking it. But I must say when it arrived and was installed, It was quite impressive. The dog door is fantastic for my two medium size dogs. We opted for the large door because of friends dogs that we watch that are quite large. Now I see that I made the best choice. Our dogs go in and out without having to stop and arch their body to get through. This is the best purchase made for our home and the dogs just love it. Highly recommended.

    (Posted on 1/18/2015)

  • excellent product review by bob
    5 5 excellent product

    I am a carpenter and did the install myself. went together without a hitch. the finished product is beautiful and works flawlessly. great design

    (Posted on 11/4/2014)

  • Awesome! review by Fantastic!
    5 5 Awesome!

    Wish I would have done this much sooner. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. No more squeezing between a removal panel. No more drafts. Love it.

    (Posted on 10/28/2014)

  • good product review by Yuma AZ. retiree
    5 5 good product

    The door has been a relief to us. Our dog is a hunter/pointer of anything that moves. She sits inside looking for lizards and birds in "her backyard". It was a constant motion letting in or out all day long. In the Yuma heat the out part is very short.
    I think you could sell a bunch of these doors if you would find a local dealer that would advertise in the paper. The glass man never heard of this product. When I did call some glass companies before I found your internet service they had not a clue of what I was wanting.
    The flapping of the door when the dog goes thru it is like a loud door knocker. Very loud at noise in the dead of night...

    (Posted on 10/13/2014)

  • so far so good review by Joey Walnuts
    5 5 so far so good

    Much better than old kind of dog door that takes up too much space...Love it..Thx

    (Posted on 4/29/2014)

  • In Glass Door review by Dave / Colorado
    5 5 In Glass Door

    Brought a new home in May. the dilemma what to do with fido.
    options patio door insert, didn't seal well and made it difficult to get to the patio, other option was to cut a hole in the house or put dog doors in 2 doors. found Pet DOORS in a search and thought it was a good option. Best buy i have made in a while. works great and looks wonderful.

    (Posted on 8/21/2013)

  • Excellent product! review by Charlie
    5 5 Excellent product!

    Wish I had know about this product when we first moved to Colorado! I spent lots of money, which was wasted in the end on the doors you put inside the sliding glass door. They never fit right and you could never really seal it up.

    I wound up cutting a hole in the house and putting one of those in. That worked great.

    When we moved into our new home I could not put one in. Once again I tried the type you fit into the door. Once again could not get to fit and could not seal.

    Did a search and found pet door guys. Excellent product! We erred on the side of caution and got one bigger then we needed and the step over for our dogs is a bit too high. We had to do this because there is no returns on their products.

    When it is all said and done we love the product.

    (Posted on 7/14/2013)

  • "In The Glass" review by SG in Virginia
    5 5 "In The Glass"

    I absolutely love this dog door in the glass. Now my patio door opens, shuts, and locks normally again. All my friends are very impressed when they see it. We tried the panel insert first, but our patio door is fairly small (3 foot wide slider), so the panel didn't leave much of an opening for us. So we really needed the "in the glass" feature. Fit and finish on the "in the glass" door (and the panel door too) are flawless. We have owned several pet doors over the years and these are definitely top of the line pet doors. Definitely worth the price, especially when the winter wind howls, the magnetic edge really holds it closed. Our previous pet doors did not stay closed when the wind blew.

    (Posted on 7/13/2013)

  • Great Door review by Lorrie
    5 5 Great Door

    We purchased our door a couple of months ago and we love it. It is so much better than the panel door we had before. My husband installed it himself and it fit perfectly. The dogs like it too.

    (Posted on 7/6/2013)

  • It's been two month's now! review by This Angela
    5 5 It's been two month's now!

    And my door is working well. My English Springer Spaniel uses it appropraitely! One day, we were playing Tennis in the house! Right in the middle of the game. He picked up the ball, went outside,went Pee, then came back in to continue the ball game! Yeah!!

    I have since let the Pet Nanny go! And, only worry about some of the surprises! One of my cat's uses the door! They both catch Gecko's and Lizards as gift's. Life is good over here in Spring TX!

    Thanks again!

    (Posted on 5/13/2013)

  • The Perfect Solution review by Prano
    5 5 The Perfect Solution

    We have used panels in the past and have never been happy with how they kept the elements out. The "In the Glass" door solved several problems for us.
    Our door opens immediately to steps, there is no landing at the same height as the flooring. Our last pet doors had such a high rise that we needed to have a deck built over our steps to allow our dog to easily go in and out. The low rise on your door and the height of your door opening works perfectly with our step up.
    Our pup needed to adjust to the strength of the magnetic seal, but now she flies in and out of the door easily.
    Best of all is that we can open our door completely. We had trouble moving our recycling bins when we used a panels.

    (Posted on 4/10/2013)

  • Just got mine! review by This Angela
    5 5 Just got mine!

    My spoiled puppy knows how to go in and out the door...for treat's. He still wants me to open the door for him for potty time! Once I had my budget for the door, everything went smoothly with ordering and delivering. Thanks Pet Door!!

    (Posted on 3/8/2013)

  • Looks great review by Chris
    5 5 Looks great

    I wish it also had RFID like the Cat Mate doors we used to have, as we just had a neighbor cat try to get in just before this review. Other than that, it is wonderful. Looks very nice. We were faced with having the cats go through 2 doors, into and out of the garage, to the front yard, when then want to get to the back yard. I know my cats and they wouldn't put up with that. They would just paw their muddy paws on the sliding glass door until I let them in.
    I was not clear what we'd have to go through to get this done. You get a professional glass person to come measure your glass and get specs. You send in this info. The product is made in Lynwood, WA and I was able to pick it up to avoid shipping. You bring back the professional and they install. You get the glass and it is inserted into your existing sliding glass door frame.

    (Posted on 2/16/2013)

  • Great product and service during product research, purchase, and installation. review by Bruce C.
    5 5 Great product and service during product research, purchase, and installation.

    I purchased one of your "In The Glass" pet doors last spring. I was a little leery about this type of door "keeping the weather" out in our cold winters. We get lots of snow and wind during the winter. The door and flaps worked great for our 2 dogs, a German Shepherd and Dalmatian. My wife has complained for years about the draft from our previous sliding glass door panels. But the "in The Glass" door worked great. I would not hesitate recommend these doors for anyone considering this option. They have been very sturdy with virtually no wear. Both of our dogs tend to "bolt" through the door. The door appears very durable. I would purchase one to put in any sliding glass door.

    Great product and service during product research, purchase, and installation.

    Bruce C.
    South Bend, IN

    (Posted on 3/20/2012)

Weight 3.0000
Manufacturer Pet Door Guys
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value Very High
Wind Resistance Very High
Frame Material Vinyl
Employs Patented “Endura Flap” Yes
Insulation Value High
Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance Yes
Flap Material Engage
Flap Design Single, One Part , Flexible, Insulated Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 7/8"
Award Winning Design Yes
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Flap Warranty (if separate) 15 years
Locking Cover Material Dimensional ABS
Ability to Lock Flap Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top
Can Be Installed In Dual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Sash Windows, Sidelight, Sideways Sliding Windows, Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Vinyl-Framed Sliding Glass Door
Warranty Period 10 years
Return Period Not Returnable
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee Product is final sale, no return

What is an "In the Glass" Pet Door?

Pet Door Guys

products offer Endura Flap™ exclusively. Here's why -

Design of the Endura Flap

Q: When I purchase a “Through the Glass” dog door, is the entire sliding glass dog door included?

A: No, when you purchase a “through the glass” dog door it comes with the glass panel only. The framing of the sliding door is NOT included in the purchase. Since this unit will replace your current glass inside your framing, there will be an installation process you or a hired professional will need to follow.  As well as filling out the appropriate order form.

Through the glass pet doors are a great option!

Q: Can you walk me through this process of ordering the through glass units?

A: First, you’ll want to go over all the information located on the “details” tab of the product you chose and make sure to check out the Placement Guide which will show you where the pet door should be installed based on your current sliding glass door situation.

Next, you will want to Review Sizing Suggestions, Adding Step-Over, and After Installation in order to find the appropriate size opening for your pet.  Make sure that when you do get an installer that you give them all this information too, so that they are able to correctly fill out the order form that they will send to us.

Next you purchase the product via our PetDoors website, and we hold the order for you until we receive that order form. Your total for merchandise, shipping and any sales tax will be shown for the glass unit, however the charges from your local glass shop are not included since you would pay them separately.

You will then need to contact a local glass shop to have them do the measuring, installation, and filling out of the order form. The installer will come out and take apart your sliding glass door frame (a very easy job), takes width, height and thickness measurements then re-installs your glass slider.

We ship the completed through glass dog door directly to the installer and they come back out and switch the current unit for the one with the dog door.  Done!

Q: What exactly comes with an In the Glass purchase?

A: Only one piece is glass is purchased at a time. This piece of glass will be placed into your patio frame. What makes this option great, is the pet door that comes installed in the glass. So, either your slider or stationary glass will be replaced with an identical piece of glass with a pet door flap and frame installed.

Q: What does it mean by standard and oversize glass size?

A: Standard Glass Size has a square inch range of 34" x 76" or smaller. Oversized Glass Size would be any range over 34" x 76" and up to 46" x 92". Both work with Single or Dual Pane Tempered Glass.

Q: When will I get the email asking for my dimensions?

A: As soon as you order an email will be sent asking for the custom dimensions of your glass. The form will look like this:

  • - Net Glass Width (in inches, decimal form)
  • - Net Glass Height (in inches, decimal form)
  • - Replacement Glass Thickness (either: 5/8"", 3/4"", 7/8"", 1"")
  • - Patio Door Opening Direction from the OUTSIDE looking in (opens left to right, or right to left)
  • - Does the slider slide on the inside or outside of the stationary glass?

Q: What is the minimum step over on the “Through the glass” units?

A: The minimum step over on the through glass units is 3 3/4" plus however tall the frame of the the sliding door is.  So if your frame is 2” tall than the minimum step over would be 5-¾”.  There are 2" or 4" step over add-on options as well, these will add 2” and 4” to the minimum to raise the step over to accommodate taller pets.  

Q: Where can I find someone to install this?

A: If you need help finding a glazier, please visit our Installation Page to find someone in your local area. Please note, not all areas may have a glazier listed.

Q: What does my glazier need to measure?

A: Your glazier will need to have the thickness, height, width, and whether your glass has LoE coating or not.

Q: What step-over does this come with already?

A: Originally, there is a 3 3/4" step-over. Plus, however tall your slider frame is from the floor. You can purchase a custom 2 inch or 4 inch step-over to accommocate your pet's size. Make sure the top of the frame will be at least an inch above their shoulder with or without a step-over.

Q: Why does the price jump so much when I change pet door sizes?

A: “Through the glass” units can be pretty expensive because you’re getting a custom unit made entirely to your specifications. These items can get expensive because of the quality you are purchasing. You are paying for the quality of materials in the glass, metal, and flap which will save you on AC/heating bills and require less in replacement parts.

Q: What is Low “E” coating?

A: It stands for Low-emissivity coating. Low E is applied to the inside of the glass to cut backon the heat and cold transfer. Low outside temperatures combined with moist, warm air inside the house can result in condensation on the inside of any glass window including that in a patio door. Dual pane, low "E" glass can greatly reduce or eliminate this problem. This feature is especially important in cold climates.

Q: What are the benefits to the through glass units?

A: The "through the glass" units don't take up the space for you to walk through like a patio panel pet door would.  This is a huge benefit if you have a smaller retrofit slider, as now you don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze through sideways.  Additionally, the "through glass" doggie doors utilize your existing lock, so you will not have to worry about how to go about securing your home.

Through the glass vs. patio panel

In terms of appearances benefits, it also utilizes your current door frame, so you don't have to worry about matching a new frame with your current door and frame. The constantly open sliding glass door will leave you with extra framing blocking your view outside! When in the glass, you do not experience this issue. The Endura Flap Pet Door included is great for insulation so it compliments the dual pane glass in most new sliders.  

Through the glass vs. Patio Panel

Q: How long does it take to get the “Through the Glass” models?

A: It takes about 3-4 weeks for these types of pet doors to be manufactured. Then, transit time is about 1-5 business days as it ships from the West Coast. When it ships, we will send a tracking number via email, which will include an estimated delivery date so you can schedule with your installer to come out.

Q: Can you change the flap in the glass units if it wears out?

A: Yes, you can purchase replacement Endura Flaps on the website, it might sound strange, but you will need to purchase the one for the Door/Wall Mount since that includes the hole plugs.  However, they can be a little difficult to replace because you must remove the whole frame in order to get the new flap into place properly.

Q: Can I lock the pet door when I don't want my dog to use it?

A: The flap itself will be coming with a locking cover. This cover slides on the track of the frame to securely prevent acccess.

Q: Can I get this shipped to my house instead of the glass company?

A: You can get a standard sized glass shipped to your house. However, if you have an oversized unit, it is best to ship to your glass company. Additional fees will be charged to your account if an oversized unit goes to a residential location.

Q: I bought this from, but it was made somewhere else. Who do I go to for warranty?

A: The flap and frame assembly is made by, whereas the glass company who made your glass and installed the door is Pet Door Guys. If you have issues regarding the pet door itself, please contact The EnduraFlap has a 15 year warranty period. For the glass unit, the warranty period is covered for 10 years and goes through Pet Door Guys. Pet Door Guys: 1-800-826-2871

Q: How will I be able to lock my sliding door?

A: This item will be placed inside your slider frame. Your lock will still work since it is not replacing your frame or locking mechanism.

Q: Can I install one of the glass units myself?

A: We highly recommend hiring a glass company to install and measure for you. Depending on how handy you are it may be possible, however, if the measurements are off this item cannot be returned due to its customization.

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Pet Door Guys Limited Warranty

guarantees it will repair or replace any Pet Door Guys product which is found to be defective in material or workmanship and will pay the costs of repair or replacement to the original owner for a period of 10 years. Insulated glass is warranted for life against seal failure. The flap assembly is warranted by the manufacturer, Patio Pacific, for a period of 15 years.

This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • This guarantee is offered only to the original owners of single family homes who purchase a Pet Door Guys product in the United States. It is not transferable and terminates upon sale of the home and does not apply to re-installation at a second location.
  • The warranty does not extend to commercial applications.
  • Pet Door Guys is not responsible for glass breakage, failure due to misuse, applied tints or films, any customer alterations to the product including painting, improper installation or acts of nature including fire, flood or earthquake. Pet Door Guys is not responsible for natural weathering of exterior finishes or corrosion in highly corrosive environments.
  • Pet Door Guys is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage beyond our control. Pet door openings imply some risk. No guarantee is offered or implied regarding suitability or security against intrusion or unwanted entry or exit.

Pet Door Guys: 1-855-380-8246

Patio Pacific: 1-800-826-2871