The affordable plastic Magnador cat door with frame and magnetic closure
Cat using magandor magentic cat door for door - Magnador cat doors
Cat using interior cat door for wall - Magnador cat pet door
This kitty door is available in two color options: white and bronze
The Magnador exterior cat door has a rigid flap with a two-way locking system
Bonze Magnador indoor cat door size small
The Magnador cat flap is an afford option for cats with an active lifestyle
The logo for Lakeside Products, which specializes in economy-priced pet door that is easily installed into doors, walls, kennels, and more
The Magnador cat door has two bolt locking knobs that secures your cat flap in place
The Magnador plastic cat door has magnetic frame that allows for adaptive installation

Magnador Cat Door

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  • Affordable plastic cat pet door
  • Framing around the magnetic cat door allows for adaptive installation
  • Available in white or bronze (very dark brown)
  • Kitty door has a rigid 6" x 8" flap
  • Features a 2-way locking system

Magnador Cat Doors feature a 6" x 8" rigid flap, perfect for cats of all sizes. With the single-sided flap and frame, this cat flap door is designed to install in a wide variety of locations” just make sure to properly frame it to prevent water damage. Whether you are looking for a cat door for windows, cat door for doors, or cat door for walls, the Magnador Cat Door will work perfectly for you. For more information about how to install a cat door, check out the "Installation Instructions" tab.

The flap and frame are available in white or bronze to match your home. The cat door includes a 2-way locking system, allowing you to completely lock it from both sides when needed. This magnetic pet door provides all the necessary functions to best suit your kitty, and they'll be excited to embrace their newfound independence.

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionStock No
Small6" w x 8" h6 11⁄16" w x 9 3⁄4" h7 7⁄8" w x 10 1⁄2" hC03MD01

Installation Instructions

Magnador Cat Door Installation


  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Straightedge
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Exterior caulk
  • 1/8” and 3/8" drill bits
  • Electric Drill
  • Saw


Prior to starting, check the installation location to make sure nothing will obstruct the door when the flap is fully extended.

Step 1: Use the shoulder height of your tallest pet to set the height of the opening of the pet door. Make sure the pet door is installed on a flat surface.

Step 2: Use masking tape to fasten the template to the mounting location (bottom of the cut out should be no more than 3” – 4” from the floor.

Step 3: Mark the screw positions and the four corner marks through the template provided.

Step 4: Use a straightedge to draw a line connecting all four corners. Then take a level to double check that the lines are straight.

Step 5: Drill four, 3/8” holes INSIDE of each corner of the cut-out area. Use a jigsaw to cut on the line to all four corners.

Step 6: Using the 1/8” bit, drill ¾”-deep pilot holes at each location marked from the template. Do not drill completely through the mounting area, as these are only pilot holes.

Step 7: Now install the pet door and lightly tighten the screws for a test fit.

Step 8: Remove the four corner screws from the test fit and take the Magnador Cat Door from the mounting surface. Apply a bead of caulk between the raised guidelines on the back surface of the door.

Step 9: Re-install the Magnador Cat Door by loosely installing the four corner screws. Gently press against the mounting surface, compressing the caulk to provide a tight weather seal.

Step 10: Again, install the pet door and lightly tighten the screws.

Step 11: If there is no rubbing, tighten down the screws evenly.

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