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  • Cat door insert for sliding windows installs tools-free with spring-loaded design
  • Height is adjustable up to 3 inches to fit most horizontal sliding windows
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum framing and plastic PetSafe pet door
  • All Customs are final sales and cannot be returned. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for custom models to be built and shipped.

The PetSafe door for Horizontal Sliding Windows is a fast, affordable way to install a pet door in your home. This cat door for sliding windows requires no drilling or cutting (can be trimmed 3/4" shorter with a metal cutting blade if needed) and can be installed in seconds. Our spring-loaded design allows for instant adjustment of up to 3" and creates a snug weather-tight fit. Great for cats and small dogs, this pet door will give you and your pets the freedom to come and go as you please. Also included is a door cover that snaps into place over the PetSafe cat door, giving you control over when your pet can enter or exit. You can also browse other PetSafe pet doors.


  • Flexible vinyl flap is easy for all small pets to use.
  • Cat door for horizontal sliding windows made of single-pane, tempered glass.
  • Spring-loaded design allows for installation and removal in seconds. No tools needed.
  • Built-In Anti-Whoops allows for 3/4" change in adjustment range to allow for small measuring errors.
  • Adjustment Ranges accommodate windows 34" - 37" and 36 " - 49" in height. Custom sizes available, although they are non-returnable so be sure your track width is at least 1". 
  • Custom sizes are available and take 3 - 4 weeks for processing.
  • Control access with closing cover that snaps on over the cat door for sliding windows.


  • Low-impact installation method, no drilling or cutting.
  • Lightweight pet door flap for easy use by pets.
  • Allows pets to come and go as they please.

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionOverall Panel Width
Small5 1/8" x 8 1/4"11 1/8"


Adjustment Ranges

  • 34" - 37"
  • 46" - 49"


Pet door has 1" framing, measure your track width to make sure that your window will accommodate the panel.


What do I need to know/measure before I order?

First open up your window and check that it can slide open wide enough for the 11 1/8" panel to fit. Next measure the height of the track from deepest part in the bottom to the deepest part up inside the top. Last measure how wide the track is that the window slides in (needs to be at least 1")

How wide does the track have to be for the PetSafe Sash to fit?

Track width needs to be at least 1" thick.

Is this easy to install?

This is designed to be a fairly simple install that does not require any tools. You loosen the screws, set the top of the panel into the top track, then lift the bottom of the panel up and over into the track. Once in place you tighten the screws and that's it.

Will this door be good for more extreme weather?

The pet door has flexible flap with a magnet on the bottom to help hold is shut. The glass is single pane for moderate insulation value, that said this is recommended for more mild climates or if you a simply on a fixed budget.

What if I mis-measured?

If you've mismeasured, you may be able to fix it. To make your cat door about 3/4" taller, you may purchase a (or make your own using 1" x lumber). To make your window kitty door insert slightly shorter you may trim the side flanges on the spring loaded adjustment piece at the top with a hacksaw or a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade.

What does custom mean?

Any of the doors that are labeled as custom mean it is non-returnable.


Warranty Information:

Radio Systems Corporation is the industry leader in Consumer Pet Electronics; products are marketed under the PetSafe, Innotek, Invisible Fence, Guardian, Staywell, and SportDOG brands. Radio Systems Corporation and its authorized resellers (who display the appropriate sanctioned logos) only sell new products in original packaging. Product represented as used, refurbished, or “as-is”, or not in the original packaging will not be covered by our warranty, or any consumer support.

We are committed to consumer satisfaction. To that end Radio Systems Corp. cautions consumers from purchasing any product other than product in its original packaging or specially marked refurbished packaging.

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Fax: 800-332-7942

Mail: Attn: Customer Care Center/POP Radio Systems Corporation 10427 PetSafe Way Knoxville TN 37932

One Year Non-Transferable Limited Warranty:

What is Covered

Radio Systems Corporation, owner of the PetSafe Brand, (hereinafter referred to as “PetSafe”) warrants to the original retail consumer purchaser, and not any other purchaser or subsequent owner, that its PetSafe product, when subject to normal and proper residential use, will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the purchase date. An “original retail consumer purchaser” is a person or entity who originally purchases the product or a gift recipient of a new product that is unopened and in its original packaging. When serviced by PetSafe Customer Service, PetSafe covers labor and parts for the first year of ownership; after the first year, a service or upgrade charge will apply relative to replacement of the product, with new or refurbished items at PetSafe’s sole discretion. The limited warranty is non-transferable and shall automatically terminate if the original retail consumer purchaser resells the PetSafe product or transfers the property on which the PetSafe product is installed. In the event of defect, these are your exclusive remedies.

Proper Product Use

This product is designed only for use with domesticated animals; do not use this product for any other purpose. However, the specific temperament of your animal may not work with this product. We recommend that you do not use this product if your animal is aggressive. If you are unsure whether this product is appropriate for your animal, please consult with your veterinarian or a certified trainer before you use this product. Please see the instruction manual for additional important information.

What is Not Covered

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Registering the Product

Within thirty (30) days of purchase, please go to to register your purchase. A sales receipt shall be required to obtain warranty coverage. Please keep this information in a safe place.

Making a Warranty Claim

To obtain warranty service, call the PetSafe Customer Care center. In the United States or Canada, 1-800-732-2677; in Australia, 1800 786 608; in New Zealand, 0800 543 054.

Pursuant to this non-transferrable limited warranty, PetSafe will replace the part with a new or refurbished part. This non-transferrable limited warranty will then apply to either the new or refurbished part for the remainder of the original non-transferrable limited warranty period.


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Governing Law

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Pump Warranty:

Fountain replacement pumps when purchased individually have a 90-day warranty.

Limited Warranty for PetSafe Certified Refurbished Products:

Effective January 1, 2010:

For purposes of this limited warranty, “PetSafe Certified Refurbished Products” means buy-back products, returned products, pre-owned products, and/or scratch & dent products that PetSafe has:

  1. 1. Fully tested.
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  3. 3. Thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
  4. 4. Repackaged (including appropriate manuals, probes, wire, new boxes, etc).
  5. 5. Re-inspected prior to being sold.

PetSafe Certified Refurbished Products may have small cosmetic blemishes. PetSafe warrants that each PetSafe Certified Refurbished Product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of ninety (90) calendar days from the original date of purchase. During the warranty period, PetSafe will, at its option, replace with new or refurbished products or parts, any products or parts determined to be defective. In the event of a product defect, these are your only remedies. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

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Making a Warranty Claim:

If you need assistance or to make a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Care Center for help in troubleshooting and, if necessary, to arrange a warranty repair for your product.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions 


1. Open your window

2. Place the PetSafe Window Pet Door into the track next to your window

3. Loosen the screws at the top to release the spring load

4. The top of the pet door should go up into the top track all the way. Once in place hand tighten the screws.

5. Remove the blue cover over the adhesive and install the draft stopper so that the edge without the adhesive is just barely touching the glass on the stationary.

Adjusting the Pet Door for your Window

Due to the fact that there are many types of windows, you may need to modify your installation using shims or similar materials such as foam weather stripping. If there is a gap, you can use the shims to even out the pet door.


Removing Your PetSafe Horizontal Window Pet Door

You will first need to loosen the thumbscrews. Then compress the window pet door and tighten the thumbscrews once again for easy removal.


Additional Information



Frame Material


Flap Material


Flap Colors


Dual or Single Pane

Single Pane 3/16" Thick

Your Maximum Pet Size

Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs

Climate Suitability

Mild or Utility

Type of Window

Sideways Sliding

Flap Design


Ability to Lock Flap

Closing Cover (Not Locking)

Can Be Installed In

Sideways Sliding Windows

Sealing Value


Wind Resistance


Insulation Value


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