French Door vs Wall Mount Pet Doors

When looking to get a pet door, most people only think about the kind that is installed in doors. The truth is that there are way more installation options than people think. Two very different installation types that have been gaining popularity for their aesthetic taste and location convenience are the French Door Dog Door and Wall Mount Dog Door.

Today, we’ll be looking at what these two installations have to offer:

  • The best pet doors for each pet door installation style
  • The aesthetic value of a dog door for French door
  • The convenience and flexibility of a through wall dog door 
  • Where we stand -- which is better

Read on if you’re considering either a French door or pet door for wall!

The Best Dog Door for French Doors

If you’re looking to install a pet door seamlessly into a French Door, you’ll need to identify the kind of French Door you have. Multi-paned French Doors are significantly easier to work with than single-paned ones, as you don’t need to hire a glazier. A pet door is only a realistic option if your French Door has separate panes of glass.

The best option by far is to go custom with the Hale Pet Doors for French Doors. These custom dimension pet doors allow you to replace one or two panes of your glass, giving the finished product a professional and intentional look. 

The thin, vinyl flaps allow pets of multiple sizes to get through them, so it’s no problem if you have multiple pets. Be sure to measure your pet before cutting! You don’t want to mount it too high or too low for them to get through. 

The Best Dog Doors for Walls

Unlike French Doors, you have many options for wall mounted pet doors. If you’re looking to get a dog door in walls under 8” thick, we recommend the Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls. With high energy efficiency and wind resistance, it’ll be like there was never a hole in the wall to begin with!

If you’re looking at a wall thicker than 8”, like some brick and stone buildings built before 1960, you’ll want to look at the Hale Dog Doors for Walls. Hale has custom options that can be installed in walls up to 16” thick. They have a bit less insulation value, but still perform in winter climates. 

Both doors are built to last and can be installed in nearly any wall material. Here's how to install a pet door

Why Choose a French Door Dog Door?

When you plan to have a pet door in your home for 5, 10, 15, up to 20 years, you’ll want it to look good. Hale customs have a wide range of colors to choose from, allowing you to match the color of your French Door and create a beautiful addition to your home. One that both you and your pets will be thankful for. 

Another great reason to pick the French Door with Dog Door installation option is cost, time, and hassle. Installing a pet door into a wall can be a big project, and usually requires the help of a handyman. It is a cheaper, quicker, and easier way of giving your pet access through your own French Door.

Why Choose a Wall Mount Dog Door?

The number one reason to get a wall mount pet door is its flexibility of location. You probably only have one or two doors where you would want to install a pet door. But most houses have lots of walls that could accommodate a pet door! You could have a pet door that gives your pet entry into the living room or  the kitchen. Into the laundry room or the bedroom—you name it!. You have so many more options with a wall mount! Check out how to install the Endura Single Flap Wall Mount and the Endura Double Flap Wall Mount to get an idea of the installation process. 

Another reason is the built-to-last quality of the Hale and Endura brands. These doors, when taken care of, can be lifetime installations. Having a dog door in the wall adds it as a permanent feature to your home, giving your dog their very own dog-only door!

What We Think

Back to the question at hand! Which is better, the French Door Pet Door or the Wall Mounted Dog Door? 

It may seem like a cop-out, but we really do think it depends on your home and your situation. If you have several options for wall mount locations and don’t mind a little extra work for installation, a wall mount is a great option! . If you have a particularly cold climate, you may want to go with the Endura Flap Wall Mount

On the flip side, if you are looking at an economical option with minimal manual labor involved, or if you want the dog door to disappear into the aesthetic of your home, the French Door Dog Door is your best bet.

So, what did you decide? Which doggie door installation inspires you more?

Nicholas Dockery

Written by

Nicholas Dockery

Copy Editor

Pets: I'm a lover of German Shorthair Pointers and Hound dogs. If they are big and pretend to be lap dogs, I'll fall for them in an instant!
Fun stuff: I've got the hair of a golden retriever!

Copy Editor

Pets: I'm a lover of German Shorthair Pointers and Hound dogs. If they are big and pretend to be lap dogs, I'll fall for them in an instant!
Fun stuff: I've got the hair of a golden retriever!

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