The perfect big dog door for your large breed doggie

Not all dogs are alike. Some are brown, some are white. Some have spots, some have stripes. Some are small and some are big… really big.

Since all dogs aren’t built the same – it makes sense that all dog door sizes are not all the same. Mastiff owners will not be able to get away with the same doggie doors that cater to Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and other small dogs. However, not all pet stores are able to cater to accommodate the needs all dogs – it takes a retailer with a large catalog and attentive customer service to cater to the needs of owners requiring extra large doggie doors. Having a large dog shouldn't mean that you can't also have a high quality, heavy duty door with the right flap opening size for your oversized pup. Whether you're looking for something energy efficient or more cost-effective, we're here to help you find the perfect pet door for your large dog!

Extra Large Dog Doors are the best solution for pet owners with giant breed dogs who would like a dog door that large dogs can fit through comfortably. We can set you up with a door for large dog breeds from German Shepherds to Rottweilers to Mastiffs—even Great Dane dog doors—and in a number installation locations.

Two dogs who need a large doggie door for large dogs

Manufacturers like Patio Pacific and Hale Pet Products offer super large flap sizes for large dogs. These brands offer extra large dog doors for walls, windows, screen doors, you name it! There are even extra large doggy doors for sliding doors, allowing convenient, safe passage for your pooch no matter what the layout of your home allows. The Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e for patio doors is great for big dogs. The insert with a pre-installed dog door pops right into the sliding glass door frame and can be easily removed if needed.

EnduraFlap extra large dog doorsHale extra Large doggie door

For the best energy efficiency, we'd recommend the Endura Flap door mount or wall kit. Designed with a sturdy aluminum frame and a polyolefin polymer flap, the weatherproof Endura Flap is built to withstand extreme climates and heavy usage by energetic dogs. The Hale also features a fuzzy weather seal to withstand the elements, however, the vinyl flap doors are not as sturdy as the Endura Flap. Since the flap on Hale pet doors is lighter, it is a better option for pets of different sizes sharing. Both Endura and Hale offer the option of a single flap or double flaps depending on your weather-resistance needs.

The only installation that gets tricky is if you want an extra large electronic dog door because of the limited range in frequency of microchip technology. Microchip dog doors function strictly as cat doors or small dog doors. There are a few electronic dog doors like the High Tech Power Pet that can work for larger dogs by scanning for a collar key worn around their neck (rather than an embedded microchip). However, the technology can still get tricky because a large dog's neck is sometimes too far away for the door to scan and unlock properly. Generally, for an extra large pet door, we would recommend manual options.

As always, make sure to measure your pet to ensure that you get the perfect size for them. For giant breed dog owners, it’s doubly important to take good measurements before the installation process. A common mistake is to measure the size of your dog without allowing a bit of wiggle room. If your dog turns out to be 10 inches tall, your dog door should probably be around 11-12 inches. If your pup is still young, you’ll need to take into account room for their growth.

For help with measuring your dog to know what size door you need, check out our measurement guide.

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