Petsafe "Classic" Replacement Flaps

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  • Replacement flaps for Petsafe Classic Door, Pet-Eze, Insta Fit, and Greater Freedom Pet Doors
  • Flap slides in and out of frame
  • Tinted, flexible vinyl
  • Quick installation
  • Magnetic bottom keeps flap shut when it is not in use

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Price From: $40
Petsafe "Classic" Replacement Flaps
Petsafe ‘Classic’ Dog Door Replacement flaps are tinted and slide into the frame. Come in small, medium, and large

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  • Replacement flaps for Petsafe Classic Door, Pet-Eze, Insta Fit, and Greater Freedom Pet Doors
  • Flap slides in and out of frame
  • Tinted, flexible vinyl
  • Quick installation
  • Magnetic bottom keeps flap shut when it is not in use

***The Petsafe Classic flaps are discontinued. This means that once a size is out of stock, we cannot order any more.***

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutStock No / Mfr No
Small5 1/4" w x 7 1/2" h5 5/8" w x 9 5/8" h10PS01 / 4-0110-11 / AK00-201-11
Medium8 3/8" w x 11 3/4" h8 5/8" w x 13 1/2" h10PS02 / 4-0111-11 / AK10-201-11
Tall/Medium (Out of Stock)8" w x 15" hn/a10PS03 / 4-0112-11 / AK30-201-11
Large10 3/8" w x 15 3/4" h10 7/8" w x 17 5/8" h10PS04 / 4-0113-11 / AK50-201-11
Extra Large (Out of Stock)13 3/4" w x 23" h14 1/4" w x 25 1/4" h10PS05 / A0426-4-11

Petsafe "Classic" (was Pet-Eze, Instafit & Greater Freedom) Replacement Flaps

The PetSafe “Classic” Replacement flaps fit all of the PetSafe ‘Classic’ pet doors, as well as the discontinued Pet-Eze, Insta Fit, and Greater Freedom pet doors. PetSafe is discontinuing these replacement flaps, so we will be unable to order any more once they have all gone out of stock. Currently we have small, medium, and large sizes. The high quality replacements flap are a tinted, flexible vinyl, which doesn’t show as much dirt as the original clear Pet Eze flaps. Magnets are embedded on the bottom of the flap to ensure that the door stays closed when it is not in use. With a quick installation time, your pets will be able to use their door again in minutes! Refer to the installation videos for clear, step by step instructions.:

  • Petsafe Classic flaps are a one-piece construction of semi-clear, tinted, flexible vinyl. They have been clear, not tinted, in the past.
  • Individual magnets are embedded in the flap material across the bottom only, and the number will vary with size.
  • The top of the flap does not have screw holes, but rather is designed to slide into a channel at the top of the pet door.
  • The XLarge size was originally produced in a very durable, solid black 'rubber.' This option is no longer available, and they are now the same material as the other sizes.
  • These flaps fit all Petsafe 'Classic' pet doors, Petsafe Deluxe Patio Panels, Petsafe Instant Panel, Old Petsafe Wall Entry doors and all older Pet-Eze, US Pet Products, Greater Freedom and InstaFit Deluxe pet doors and Deluxe patio panels.
  • These flaps were also used in the Original Thermo Panel, Thermo Panel II, Original Quick Panel and Quick Panel II for sizes medium, large and XLarge. (A very few of these products were also made with Ideal and Johnson flaps and care should be taken to order the correct one. Call if you have a question about this.)
  • Newer doors have a 'floating' magnet bar. Older Pet-Eze doors had a magnet bar which was a 'press fit' in the frame and only adjustable up and down a small amount using pliers.

If you are confident of the brand, do not be concerned about minor discrepancies in the dimensions when selecting the flap size. If you have further questions, you can email a picture of your flap and its dimensions to

Customer Reviews

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  • fit perfectly review by fred
    5 5 fit perfectly

    arrived promptly and fit perfectly

    (Posted on 3/7/2019)

  • It was too short for my pet door opening review by Linda
    5 3 It was too short for my pet door opening

    It appears to be a good product but it didn’t fit the opening in my Pet-Exe door. I have returned it to the company and am awaiting a refund

    (Posted on 1/8/2019)

  • it fit review by Richard
    5 5 it fit

    it was as expected, the right flap for my door, do not know what
    i will do when your supply is gone, since they do not make that
    size anymore

    (Posted on 12/12/2018)

  • Good Replacement Flap review by Lori
    5 5 Good Replacement Flap

    I finally found a replacement flap. I think it is sturdier than the original. Too bad the door flap has been discontinued. The frame that holds the flap is still in good condition after many years of use.

    (Posted on 10/9/2018)

  • Sent wrong size. review by Ronald
    5 3 Sent wrong size.

    I did not get the size I ordered but hopefully I can make it work. The size "small" that was sent is smaller than what you advertise.

    (Posted on 9/22/2018)

  • Replacement flap review by Julie
    5 5 Replacement flap

    Had a little trouble tracking down a "Pet-eze" replacment flap but finally found. Looks great and easy to install!

    (Posted on 7/17/2018)

  • Replacement flap review by Julie
    5 5 Replacement flap

    Had a little trouble tracking down a "Pet-eze" replacment flap but finally found. Looks great and easy to install!

    (Posted on 7/17/2018)

  • It’s 1/8 inch to short for 35 year sliding glass door. But I will make it work. review by Rosco
    5 5 It’s 1/8 inch to short for 35 year sliding glass door. But I will make it work.

    To short. Did not to buy new sliding door.

    (Posted on 7/11/2018)

  • replacement flap review by teresa
    5 5 replacement flap

    When my flap for my sliding door doggie door finally fell off after many years I had no idea what or how to order. I found the logo on my flap & googled it. The website made it SO easy to find the exact flap to replace my broken one & shipping was quick!! Would recommend this company to others

    (Posted on 7/3/2018)

  • Perfect fit. review by Thomas
    5 5 Perfect fit.

    Was just glad I found the dimensions on my 25 yr. old pet-eze door. Even though they said they were the last ones to be made in that size.

    (Posted on 6/4/2018)

  • Easy install, exact fit! Very happy! review by David
    5 5 Easy install, exact fit! Very happy!

    I have a small Pet-Eze dog door that fits inside of a an aluminum door insert.. The vinyl flap was over 18 years old and had started to crack along the top, making the flap not work correctly. The measurement for the width of the new replacement door was smaller than the manufacture's website at pet I called them up and spoke with the customer representative. She assured me The replacement flap would fit like it's supposed to. I ordered it and it arrived when promised. The replacement of the flap was very easy and it was an exact fit with the existing door opening. Our dog is very happy with the new door flap!

    (Posted on 5/26/2018)

  • Exact replacement, perfect fit. review by Sharon
    5 5 Exact replacement, perfect fit.

    Pleasantly surprised by this hard to find replacement door. Fit perfectly. Easy purchase and fast shipping.

    (Posted on 5/15/2018)

  • Perfect fit review by Alejandro
    5 5 Perfect fit

    It was a perfect fit. I doubled it with the old one so we can get more insulation from the heat of our garage.

    (Posted on 2/19/2018)

  • Just What We Needed review by Laney
    5 5 Just What We Needed

    This replacement pet door flap was exactly what we needed. It was delivered promptly and we were very satisfied.

    (Posted on 2/5/2018)

  • Fits my super old petsafe door! review by Adelaide
    5 5 Fits my super old petsafe door!

    When I heard that my old doggie door has been discontinued, I almost lost all hope and thought that I would need to replace the entire unit. I didn't even know what pet door I had until I emailed a photo to customer service. This flap fit my pet door so I came back to leave a review and order another!

    (Posted on 12/27/2017)

  • Unhappy review by victoria
    5 2 Unhappy

    Installation instructions are not adequate. Black, the only color available, gets burning hot to the touch as soon as sun hits it. Very disappointed. One dog won't go near it. Unfortunately no other flap available to fit my custom slider door.

    (Posted on 12/13/2017)

  • Thank goodness for review by Margarita
    5 5 Thank goodness for

    With 3 doggies, these replacement flaps are a must! I am just glad I have found them at over the years.

    (Posted on 12/12/2017)

  • get them before they are gone review by Brett
    5 4 get them before they are gone

    Saw they are getting discontinued so I ordered more than 1 just to have it ready. The sliding install is very easy

    (Posted on 12/4/2017)

  • Excellent product that withstands every day wear and tear. It is designed for easy replacement when it wears out. review by Ed
    5 5 Excellent product that withstands every day wear and tear. It is designed for easy replacement when it wears out.

    Great product!

    (Posted on 11/30/2017)

  • Good product review by WALLACE
    5 5 Good product

    This was the second door that I replaced in 12 years, they hold up nicely in our Colorado weather. We have to dogs that use the door constantly. The only reasean for replacement in our case, is the side gets bent?bowed and does not seal flat against the side of the door. Since this door is rather old, you are not making this flap but think you have a replacement with another company. Please advise.

    (Posted on 11/23/2017)

  • Pet Door review by Michael
    5 5 Pet Door

    The pet door I ordered came quickly and worked fine thank you Mike

    (Posted on 11/16/2017)

  • Fits Perfectly, Very Helpful Customer Service review by Sara
    5 5 Fits Perfectly, Very Helpful Customer Service

    Our dog door is very old and I had no idea what brand it was. Any indication was long since worn away. I was able to email a couple pictures to and they not only identified the brand, but sent me a link to the flap I needed. I couldn't be happier with the level of customer service. As for the flap, it fits perfectly and seals so much better than the old torn one that used to be there. Not sure what else to say about it other than it does what I'd expect a dog door to do.

    (Posted on 10/27/2017)

  • Looks like what I need but cannot install it. review by Hollie
    5 2 Looks like what I need but cannot install it.

    It looks like the replacement I need but still have not been able to figure out how to install it.

    (Posted on 10/23/2017)

  • ok review by Wayne
    5 5 ok

    It worked just fine.

    (Posted on 10/16/2017)

  • Love it review by Janice
    5 5 Love it

    Unfortunately this door is no longer being made, but we love it ! Glad to get a replacement flap

    (Posted on 8/8/2017)

  • It was golden review by Lee
    5 5 It was golden

    Everything was perfect from girl on phone and throughout the whole transaction was so easy. Thanks
    Product fits perfect

    (Posted on 7/5/2017)

  • I was so pleased this replacement door was an exact match for the OEM door I was replacing. review by Tom
    5 5 I was so pleased this replacement door was an exact match for the OEM door I was replacing.

    Perfect fit. Took maybe 10 minutes to replace. "I love it when a plan comes together."

    (Posted on 6/8/2017)

  • .PetSafe replacement flap, large.. review by JoAnn
    5 5 .PetSafe replacement flap, large..

    The replacement flap was great and easy to install, our 20+ year old doggy door looks like new again..

    (Posted on 5/29/2017)

  • exceiience review by Gerturde
    5 5 exceiience

    the dog door flap was excellence fit and the people that works for you are great.......thanks

    (Posted on 5/12/2017)

  • Retired review by Tim
    5 5 Retired

    I bought replacement flaps hard to find in stores work great

    (Posted on 2/21/2017)

  • Classic Replacement Flap review by Sheila
    5 3 Classic Replacement Flap

    The flap is pretty good. I can't install the new one until I figure out how to get the screws out because they are striped. The flap will buckle after a few months in the sun especially in the Texas heat.

    (Posted on 2/15/2017)

  • pet door review by hoover
    5 3 pet door

    would like to have a clear flap. my pet prefers to see before going out..doh!

    (Posted on 1/4/2017)

  • Great Product and Great Service! review by Jackie
    5 5 Great Product and Great Service!

    I purchased the Petsafe "Classic" Flap to replace the flap in my 29-year old Pet-Eze (no longer in business) doggie door. I was delighted to find The online chat with Rachel was helpful in finding the right flap for my door. They had the right size and style flap that I needed. The website has a video that demonstrates how to install the flap. The video was clear and easy to follow. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will come back here for my future pet door needs.

    (Posted on 7/22/2016)

  • Very satisfied review by Judy
    5 5 Very satisfied

    I believe the pet door flap that I ordered from you was better quality than the original. Thank you for the prompt service.

    (Posted on 10/10/2015)

  • Excellent Product review by CockerDad
    5 5 Excellent Product

    My Pet Door has many years of excellent perforamnce for my Cocker Spaniels. The Replacement Door is a perfect fit and only took me a few minutes to install. My Cockers and I love the
    convenience....and it works well through all of the snow storms thtat we have here in New England.

    (Posted on 9/21/2015)

  • Perfect! review by Ron Morse
    5 5 Perfect!

    Great product, accurate and rapid fulfillment, great shopping experience. Could not be happier with the experience.

    (Posted on 6/17/2015)

  • Replacement Flap review by zap
    5 5 Replacement Flap

    This replacement flap was a perfect fit for my old, broken PetSafe dog door.Very easy to install and works perfectly. Thanks!

    (Posted on 1/29/2015)

  • Good Product review by calmkitty
    5 4 Good Product

    I needed this to replace the Pet Eze door that was old. It works. It's a little short so I put some weather stripping on the bottom. The door is nicer looking than the original since it's clear and lets in light.

    (Posted on 12/1/2014)

  • Excellent Product and Customer Service review by Carol
    5 5 Excellent Product and Customer Service

    First of all, Rachel responded to my email regarding which product to purchase immediately and guided me in the right direction. The replacement flaps arrived promptly, were easy to install, and fit perfectly. I highly recommend this product AND this company!

    (Posted on 11/16/2014)

  • Worked perfect review by wabpita
    5 5 Worked perfect

    Was a replacement for a worn out door. Easily installed and fit great.

    (Posted on 8/28/2014)

  • bummer review by LuLu's Mom
    5 3 bummer

    I can't believe that you would discontinue a replacement flap for the Quick Fit / Easy Fit so quickly ... I am not quite ready to replace my door and LOVE the ease of a doggie door -- we now have puppies and want to right size our doggie door after they have grown up!

    ed note - Don't blame us! We're not the manufacturer here.

    (Posted on 8/25/2014)

  • Works Great review by Margie
    5 5 Works Great

    It was easy to install (except for 1 little screw from my original dog door) and its just right. I am very happy I got it.

    (Posted on 8/5/2014)

  • Good fit review by Buddy
    5 5 Good fit

    After receiving the pet door, I had it installed in just a few minutes. It was a good fit for the previous door and the "kids" had no trouble adapting to it.

    (Posted on 7/11/2014)

  • This dog door is perfect review by KP
    5 5 This dog door is perfect

    The quality of this product is great. The ease in replacing our old one was super easy and fast.

    (Posted on 6/18/2014)

  • great review by Kathi
    5 5 great

    We received our pet door in a reasonable time and had it installed within minutes. It works great!

    (Posted on 5/12/2014)

  • Good fit up review by Molly
    5 5 Good fit up

    It took me a few minutes to see that i was loosening the wrong screws. After that the installation was finished with a perfect fit.
    Glad I called you to see if you had a replacement flap.

    (Posted on 5/5/2014)

  • Great Product review by Army
    5 5 Great Product

    This itemreplaced another pet door installed nearly 20 years ago. The replacement was easy to install (video was very helpful) and it looks and works as advertized. If it lasts as long as the first one I'd have to give Pet Doors 10 stars for their replacement products.

    (Posted on 4/15/2014)

  • bought this door as a replacement review by Maria
    5 5 bought this door as a replacement

    Delivery on this door was fast. Easy to put on and works great.

    (Posted on 4/14/2014)

  • Love It... review by Pearl and Ginger
    5 5 Love It...

    This is our 3rd flap... for our patio pet door.... which we've had for close to 12 years. It's the greatest door... and the flaps are sturdy and last through lots of rough stuff. This current flap is for a Great Dane... and another dog that is a Corgi/mix. The run in and out during the day... often at top speed. The flap stands up to a lot of activity....well worth the price and invaluable for making the dogs independent and free to use the yard without help. The pet door and flap is one of the best purchases ever made for my Great Danes...was happy to have found the company.

    (Posted on 4/3/2014)

  • Great review by midge
    5 5 Great

    Works great, and was easy to install.

    (Posted on 3/24/2014)

  • Arrived fast and fit perfectly review by Buck
    5 5 Arrived fast and fit perfectly

    Arrived fast and fit perfectly.

    (Posted on 3/19/2014)

  • Luddy's door review by Pet lover
    5 5 Luddy's door

    We - actually my husband - first ordered the wrong door. We were so anxious to get a new flap that he ordered (at the customer service representative's suggestion) the wrong brand name and thus the whole size was wrong. Perhaps the girl at the other end wasn't too familiar with the old brands - we ordered the original door over 15 years ago and were told the company no longer exists (Patio Pacific, Inc.) or was bought out.. The current company was very helpful when we called to say the door was all wrong and I then suggested I would e-mail a picture of our flap plus exact sizes. That worked like a charm and about 5 days later we received the correct door. What a relief because we live in the mid-Atlantic region and winter was on our doorstep: the old flap was letting in enough cold air to warrant wearing a coat (which our dog already did). We're very happy with the new flap and our dog, the most important factor, is very satisfied.

    (Posted on 3/11/2014)

  • ok review by bobkat
    5 4 ok

    Door was ok, a little larger than original, therefore replacement meant remodel. Worth it for ease of use. Overall satisfied.

    (Posted on 1/31/2014)

  • get someone else to install it review by MERT
    5 5 get someone else to install it

    It is wonderful to have a resource for dog door replacement flaps; however, for the type of door I have the directions were too simplistic. I eventually got a handyman to install it.

    (Posted on 1/30/2014)

  • Clear review by Love it
    5 5 Clear

    Love that this us clear. Plastic is very sturdy and was a perfect fit as a replacement

    (Posted on 1/22/2014)

  • Worked for my purpose review by pinkfloydgirl
    5 5 Worked for my purpose

    I purchased this cat door flap to replace a torn one I had for years. Though this one was the correct size, it was not an exact match to the one I was replacing. However, I was able to cut off the tabs and add holes to fit my existing door. Worked fine and is operational, which is all I need. I wish replacements for prior models were available, but this worked fine for my situation. Note: when replacing pet door flaps, usually the replacement size is stamped on the door. Mine was dirty so I didn't notice it at first. More importantly, apparently the measurement is the flap opening itself, rather than the entire piece of plastic. In this case, 5 x 7 for the opening rather than the larger measurement of the entire plastic. Hope this helps someone out there.

    (Posted on 1/19/2014)

  • Flap Too Short review by Lemonlime
    5 3 Flap Too Short

    The flap material is fine and sturdy. However, mine is about 1/4 inch short of the bottom of the base. Had to take it out and creatively engineer it to plug the air gap.

    ed. note - Please call our customer service. There is an adjustment mechanism on the pet door to fix this problem.

    (Posted on 1/12/2014)

  • replacement door flap review by long doggie
    5 5 replacement door flap

    Great quality and quick service. The item is built to last. Our old door lasted for more years then I can remember. This company is a very good company to buy from. I recommend it highly.

    (Posted on 12/13/2013)

  • is SUPURB! review by DoggieLover
    5 5 is SUPURB!

    My old pet door was hanging half off. I search high and low at every box store imaginable and could not find the correct replacement flap. After a phone call and by sending a couple photos of my old flap, was quickly able to identify the correct replacement flap and I ordered two immediately! The Petsafe "Classic" replacement flap slid right in. Now dogs and home owner are happy again!!

    (Posted on 12/13/2013)

  • Tabs are too thin! review by Tabs are too thin!
    5 5 Tabs are too thin!

    Was so excited to find a replacement flap for our sliding door insert pet door. Product came and the tabs on the top are way too thin. Our model is particularly old (it has the bar that comes off and the flap is held in by pressure, you don't slide it in anything) and one pass of the dog through the door and it fell out. :( <---- Sad face. It's like 20 degrees out and our old flap is attached by maybe an inch.

    Gave it a five since it looks nice and all. But it is not a proper replacement for what we have (which says eze-pet).

    (Posted on 12/11/2013)

  • Great product! review by marilone
    5 5 Great product!

    We purchased the original door from Patio Pacific many years ago (more than 20 yrs ago) and it is still going strong. Have replaced the laps approx. 5 times. Door still works great, and flaps are lasting well even in Michigan's crazy weather. Great product, great retailer.

    (Posted on 11/23/2013)

  • Excellent review by ople
    5 5 Excellent

    The new dog door worked perfect just like the one it replaced.

    (Posted on 11/20/2013)

  • My Cats Luv It! review by alyuhol
    5 5 My Cats Luv It!

    We've had the same pet door for more than 10 years now, replacing the entrance/exit doors that are so sturdy and dependable. My guys love using it for access to their balcony allowing them to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Don't know what they look at, but provides them with the freedom of coming and going to change the ambience.


    (Posted on 9/12/2013)

  • Replacement flapper review by Puppy
    5 2 Replacement flapper

    The first time I ordered a replacement flapper, it worked great for a couple of years. Then it was time to change again. With this last flapper I installed, I think the magnets are reversed on one side. I have adjusted to the max only to find that one side wants to stay open. If you read this, and stand behind your product, I think you should send me another.

    ed note - It is possible that the flap was molded incorrectly (one magnet reversed) which would certainly be a warranty claim. However, you'll need to contact us as we have no way of tracing this review back to a customer.

    (Posted on 8/28/2013)

  • Brilliant idea...a replacement flap review by Sally
    5 5 Brilliant idea...a replacement flap

    I thought I was going to need to replace the whole door until I looked on line and found the replacement flap. It is easy to install and makes the door look and function like a brand new door. My dogs and I thank you.

    (Posted on 8/19/2013)

  • Great servic and product review by Ted
    5 5 Great servic and product

    For almost 20 years we have had a Petsafe sliding glass patio door inset that has been around the world with us and our moves and not permanently. Our dogs expect it at each move and now in our permanent home. We have replaced the door flap three times through normal wear and tear by our dogs multiple passages "in and out" . Each replacement flap was delivered timely and fit exactly as the orginal insert. We "luv" our Petsafe service through the years.

    (Posted on 7/27/2013)

  • Great review by Buddy
    5 5 Great

    We have used this door for many years. (Excess of 15 years) It has held up well and we only replace the flap, every four or five years. It clouds over and gets dirty or the sides split and warp, but otherwise is very durable. Ours was an original Pet-Eze, but the Petsafe "Classic" flap fits the same and we are very satisfied with it.

    (Posted on 7/9/2013)

  • Great replacement flap review by Carol
    5 5 Great replacement flap

    This was a high quality replacement flap for our old Pet-eze door. When ordering by phone, I got exact information as to replacing old flap and then adjusting the length to fit the opening perfectly. They were very helpful. Highly recommended!

    (Posted on 7/2/2013)

  • GREAT PRODUCT ! review by TIMBO

    Dogs have been running thru my same Pet-Eze door since 1987, and at two different homes. The door itself is a quality product and the durable rubber flap lasts for years of hard use before needing replacement. Sturdy as it is, it's still surprising how much the replacement flap itself has gone up in price over the years but I still bragg about it and would purchase this product again

    (Posted on 6/1/2013)

  • Good value,Perfect fit review by Lance
    5 5 Good value,Perfect fit

    Original door has lasted almost 20 years. I was very happy to find Petsafe and get a replacement flap that fits perfectly. Delivery was prompt and value was excellent considering how sturdy this product is.
    Fairly easy to install and I really like the new flap color rather than the clear.

    (Posted on 5/18/2013)

  • Hard to follow instructions review by Anotherme
    5 4 Hard to follow instructions

    Considering it was all pictures, I thought it would be easy, but it was not. Eventually figured it out. Fits like it should. Just instructions were hard to follow.

    (Posted on 5/13/2013)

  • Pleased review by Gmcd
    5 5 Pleased

    I have had my pet door for a very long time (pet-eze) and I was glad to find that the replacement flap would fit the old door. Once I raised up the sill it was a perfect fit. Considering how long my old one lasted I think the price was fine.

    (Posted on 4/25/2013)

  • perfect fit review by jcphotos
    5 5 perfect fit

    this flap was a perfect fit! We are very happy with it and it came very quickly!

    (Posted on 4/21/2013)

  • Great product, much better than the original review by Jeri
    5 5 Great product, much better than the original

    Love the smokey color, doesn't show the dirt like the original, arrived in 2 days (faster than expected), little pricey but worth it.

    (Posted on 4/16/2013)

  • great company review by Mia
    5 5 great company

    I received my pet door very quickly. Great price and good product.

    (Posted on 3/16/2013)

  • Terrific Product, Customer Service AAA review by Pippa's mom
    5 5 Terrific Product, Customer Service AAA

    Have had many or your pet doors for many years, great customer service, great pricing, excellent quality of products. I will keep comming back as a loyal customer.

    Pippa my springer spaniel is a real go getter and usually goes thru the door as fast as she can to chase the squriels and birds in the back yard. With Ben her much older companion reght behind her. They definately stress test your product and it hold up!

    (Posted on 3/3/2013)

  • does not fit review by 202spots
    5 3 does not fit

    The "replacement" flap for the Pet-Eze door, is shorter than the original flap. the original is 10 x almost 16", the replacement is 1/2" shorter. and leaves and a gap on the bottom...

    ed. note. This is a common complaint with a simple solution. The Pet Eze design allows for the threshold to be raised up to close the gap. However, the threshold is often pressed down into its containing channel and it's not at all obvious that it can be raised. Call our customer service for more help with this issue: 1-800-826-2871

    (Posted on 1/4/2013)

  • Good Product, Exact Fit as promised review by Keepintune
    5 5 Good Product, Exact Fit as promised

    Easy pictorial illustration of "HOW TO". Installed in 10 minutes. Moreover, this merchant delivered faster than expected by a day or two. Excellent communications. Recommend highly as reliable merchant.

    (Posted on 2/21/2012)

Weight 3.2000
Manufacturer Petsafe
Color White
Flap Colors Tinted Clear

PetSafe Classic Pet Panel Flap Replacement Instructions: Watch these video installations to ensure that your replacement goes smoothly.

Petsafe 'Classic' Pet Door Flap Replacement Instructions

Please Note: For older Pet-Eze doors, there is a magnet bar that ‘press fits’ into the frame. If your replacement flap has space between the bottom of the flap and the frame, you will need to adjust the magnet bar using pliers.

Click below to expand:

Compatible with Classic Pet Door, Deluxe Patio Panel Door, and Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door (old model).

The PetSafe Classic flap slides into a groove at the top, via tabs or nubs on the top and if you look at a side view of the flap it has the shape of a "T". The PetSafe Classic flap also has multiple segmented magnets at the bottom. The PetSafe Freedom Flap has screw holes with one continuous magnet strip on the bottom.

Yes, it is for the Deluxe Patio Panel Door.

The petsafe classic door replacement flap part number is 4-0113-11 or 700-416 and in some cases is embossed on the flap.

No, it does not have the U-shaped gasket. You would need the Pride Replacement Flap.

They have been discontinued by the manufacturer, so we are not able to order any more. We would advise checking overstock sites for discontinued sizes.

There is the option to make your own flap using sheet vinyl that can be purchased from local hardware stores. However, it may be difficult to replicate the tabs for the attachment mechanism. We would suggest looking into purchasing a newer unit if making your own flap is not an option. There is not a direct replacement for the petsafe classic door, but the freedom model is a close fit.

There are several factors which can contribute to flaps warping over time. Some customers who have pet doors located in an area that receives more direct sunlight have placed small plants or similar landscaping in a way that keeps the door and flap shaded. Extreme temperature changes may also contribute, so if your pet door has a closing panel that can fit on the outside frame then this may help as well.

The magnets on this flap are not removable. However, you can use painters tape to tape over the threshold and decrease magnet strength.

No, these flaps are sold in singles, so you would have to order 2.

No we do not, those would have to be purchased directly from PetSafe.

Unfortunately this is the only flap that is compatible with the old PetSafe models.

No, it was discontinued. You will need to replace your entire pet door. Our expert Customer Service Team can help you choose the best replacement door for your situation.

That pet door and replacement flaps have been discontinued. You will need to replace the entire pet door. The PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door is the closest replacement.

The instafit replacement flap and pet eze dog door flaps are the same as our PetSafe "Classic" Replacement Flaps. Here's where you can order the remaining inventory:

This is a PetSafe Large size Classic flap.

Yes it is.

Yes, they are available while supplies last. They are no longer being made.

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