High Tech Power Pet Automatic Door Mount


  • Most affordable and dependable motorized pet door
  • Keeps out all other unwanted animals
  • Flap opens for your pet, so nothing to push
  • Includes one MS-5 Digital Waterproof collar key
  • Carries a full 1 year warranty

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Price From: $360
High Tech Power Pet Automatic Door Mount
The High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Door is fully automated and motor-driven with its own power.

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  • Most affordable and dependable motorized pet door
  • Keeps out all other unwanted animals
  • Flap opens for your pet, so nothing to push
  • Includes one MS-5 Digital Waterproof collar key
  • Carries a full 1 year warranty
Flap SizeMfr ModelFlap DimensionRough Cut Out DimensionOutside Frame DimensionStock No
MediumPX-1 w/ MS-5 Collar Key8 1/4" w x 10" h8.88" w x 11.25" h12" w x 28 5/8" h08HTPP SMMS-5
LargePX-2 w/ MS-5 Collar Key12 1/4" w x 16" h12.88" w x 17.25" h16" w x 40 5/8" h08HTPP LGMS-5

Don't know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

MS-5 Collar key is waterproof and recommended for dogs that swim or are more active.

High Tech Power Pet Electronic Pet Doors

Power Pet doors are fully automatic, motor driven and open completely under their own power. Activated by an ultrasonic (high frequency sound that your pet cannot hear) pet collar, this automatic dog door with sensor does not require your pet to push it open! The motorized flap opens automatically for them.

Features of the High Tech Power Pet Door

  • Self-framing for doors between 1 1/2" and 2" thick. Wall kit is available as well!
  • Motorized flap lifts for your pet quietly and safely when they are wearing a collar key.
  • Directional sensor system reduces false signals and prevents door opening when pet isn't actually trying to use their pet door.
  • MS-5 Digital Ultra-Sonic Collar Key is waterproof; one collar key is included and more collar keys can be purchased separately.
  • Dual Sensors can be separately programmed for distance and also allow for "4-way" locking operation.
  • Flap descends by gravity only and includes a safety retract system in case of an obstacle, so your pet won’t get stuck or hurt.
  • Automatic dead-bolt locking system positively keeps out strays and other critters, including raccoons.
  • Panel includes weather stripping, draft stopper, and dead bolt lock (will not mate with existing sliding lock).
  • 1 year warranty.

Pet door: Power Choices

  • Plugged in: The pet door comes with a UL approved AC adapter. Plug the adapter into a nearby wall outlet for continuous operation; the pet door will accept the plug in on either side.
  • Plugged in with Battery Backup: You may purchase an optional rechargeable battery for use along with your AC adaptor. If your household electricity should fail, the Power Pet Door will automatically switch over to battery operation. When power is restored, the AC adapter will automatically recharge the battery.
  • Full Battery Operation: You may operate the Power Pet Door with battery only if an AC outlet isn't handy. However, you will need to recharge the battery periodically (recharge interval varies with use). In this case, it will be convenient to have the optional battery charger kit and a spare battery.


  • Can I buy a Power Pet/Automatic Dog Door for my large-sized dog?
  • Yes, there are 2 options available for an automatic dog door, which include medium and large size respectively. Since the height of the petdoor should match your dog size, it is advised to buy a power pet door accordingly to minimize hurdles at your dog's way.
    In order to evaluate a dog's height, you need to measure from the floor to the highest part of their back, i.e. the point where the back and neck meet. Due to a variance in the standard height of the giant breeds, it becomes difficult to find a huge pet door as per the height of your pet. For instance, if you need a 3 feet tall flap for your pet, chances are you won't be able to get it. So, you can make a 37" tall dog fit through a flap of 27" by lifting it up 10" above the floor. For a giant dog, stepping through a threshold height of 10" won't be a trouble. However, the dog's torso is the most important part that needs to fit through the hole.

  • How can a power pet door prevent cats from coming in??
  • The Power Pet Door is activated by an MS-5 Digital ultrasonic (a high-frequency sound that your pet cannot hear) pet collar, which identifies the unique signal of your pet and triggers the flap to unlock. Likewise, when the door doesn’t sense your pet's key, the flap gets locked back automatically.This ensures the safety of your pet by preventing unwanted animal friends like cats from entering your home.

  • How does the Power Pet Door flap work?
  • The Power Pet Door is powered with a motorized flap that lifts your pet safely when they are wearing a collar key. It is controlled by a directional sensor system that reduces false signals and prevents door opening when your pet isn't actually trying to use the door. This door uses an MS-5 Digital Ultra-Sonic Collar Key to sense when your pet is near. By identifying the unique signal of your pet’s collar, it triggers the flap to unlock. In case the door is not able to sense your pet's key, the flap will be locked back automatically. The best part is that the flap descends by gravity only and includes a safety retract system in case of an obstacle, so your pet won’t get stuck or hurt.

  • Do power pet doors pose any security risk?
  • The Power Pet Door leverages an automatic dead-bolt locking system that gives an additional security against intruders. With an ability to keep out strays and other critters positively, the power pet door comes with a 1-year warranty thereby making it an ideal choice. These doors are also a great way to keep babies or small children from getting stuck or going outside.

Customer Reviews

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  • Moderately convenient money pit review by Kevin
    5 3 Moderately convenient money pit

    Same issues with the collars and the door malfunctioning as several others have noted. The company probably realizes they can gouge you for replacements once you commit. That said, the convenience is still mostly worth it. Just be prepared to invest about $50 per dog after a year or so between collars, batteries, and door malfunctions.

    (Posted on 1/30/2019)

  • GREAT GREAT Door. The collar and sensor could be improved. review by Deb
    5 5 GREAT GREAT Door. The collar and sensor could be improved.

    The door itself is great! I’ve had mine for over 10 years with three dogs using it all the time, and it is still going strong. If I reviewed the collars separately, I’d give them a 2. Years back I would have given the collars less than 1. the older model collars would get slightly wet and then they were dead. That has improved some, but they are still flimsy. I’d much prefer a sensor that I attached to my dog’s regular collar. This seems like a pretty easy accessory you could develop. I recently got a standard poodle and am upgrading to the large size door because she is having a hard time squeezing through the medium size. I am scared to death of getting rid of my medium one because it has worked so great without one minute’s trouble.

    (Posted on 5/3/2018)

  • Good review by Annie
    5 4 Good

    I like that you can get a wall outlet adapter so you don't have to worry about losing battery. I got this mostly because I wanted to let my dog out but keep my cat in. The door closes a bit slow so that my cat can potentially run outside but she hasn't done that yet.

    (Posted on 12/8/2017)

  • Great middle-price range electronic door review by Ollie
    5 5 Great middle-price range electronic door

    After researching a few different electronic dog door models, I decided on this one. Ideally would have liked to get the top-tier model, but couldn't spring for the $1,000 price tag. This works the same way that one does, but is a lot more affordable. The vertical flap is great because my dog doesn't have to push any flap and can just go right through. There's some motor noises, but nothing as loud as a hard flap slapping against the door, which is a bonus. Haven't experienced any technical issues yet!

    (Posted on 12/8/2017)

  • high tech power pet automatic pet door review by Mama knows best
    5 5 high tech power pet automatic pet door

    With 6 Yorkies constantly wanting in or out this is truly wonderful!
    Iowa winter? No problem. The door never freezes or fails to open or close.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you have multiple dogs.

    (Posted on 4/28/2017)

  • low batt light review by lindy
    5 2 low batt light

    does any one know who the low batt light on the door itself is always on even after I changed the batt in collar? I don't have the extra back up batt.

    Editor's note: Customer has been contacted regarding this question. Low battery indicator light on the pet door indicates a low battery in the pet door, not in the collar.

    (Posted on 1/18/2017)

  • Needs some modifications to work better and save $$$ review by Gman
    5 4 Needs some modifications to work better and save $$$

    Ok, I purchased this door in May 2015 and have two large breed dogs and one cat. The cat managed to loose her collar within a week of purchase. The dogs did better, but I had to modify the cheap 1/3 inch collar to attach the sensor to my dogs regular collar. That work ok, but within a month I started having problems with the collars having to be within a foot or so of the door even with the sensors turned all the way up. I also notice the test button would not light the little red light as it is supposed to. I call High Tech and got replacements for the two malfunctioning collars. They worked for a couple more weeks and right back to where I started, with test not working an sensors having to be all the way up. I started doing research and found this is a very common problem. Instead of replacing the collars ever month or so, I opted for a more permanent solution. I found and installed IR adjustable proximity sensors on both sides of the door. Up side, they work with no collars and can be adjusted from 3-80cm. Not a long distance, but enough to get the job done. Down side, any animal walking past the door will open it. This is not a problem with my installation as it is to a closed back yards. So, other than the collar issues, I like the door. If you have one and are tired of buying collars and batteries, try a different type of sensor. The sensor I used is (For Arduino) Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch Detect 3-80cm found at Newegg.com.

    (Posted on 7/1/2015)

  • I miss this door almost as much as my dog does! review by Kit-Ten
    5 4 I miss this door almost as much as my dog does!

    I had a medium door installed through the wall in August 2007. It was wonderful! Once my Jack Russell Terrier realized the incredible gift she had received, she refused to come in or go out through the people door with me, preferring her own private access. We moved in 2009 and being doorless almost broke her heart. I miss not having to get up at 3:00 am to let her out to poop.

    I had one strange problem early on: the door would start cycling open/shut/open/shut for no good reason and for several minutes before stopping. Tech support suggested loosening some of the screws but that didn't help. Then finally I cleaned the dust out the outside sensor with a Q-tip and voila, no more "ghost dog."

    Other than that I had the same problem everyone else has with collars that stopped working and expensive batteries that die way too soon. And tech support was frustrating and pretty clueless. Still, I plan to buy this door as soon as I am again in a position to. My dog will be so happy!

    (Posted on 3/9/2015)

  • good product.. heads up review by djauld
    5 3 good product.. heads up

    good product.. works well.. dog loves it and makes my life a lot easier.... and does a good job keeping temperature out, as i'm dealing with winter in chicago.

    spent the money.. worth it... but buy additional batteries (they are proprietary so they will become expensive.. bulk cuts the cost down). also make sure when installing to only hand tighten screws into door, shrinking and swelling of door due to temperature change will potentially affect your door and how smooth it will open close..

    had to pull door apart once to reset 3 internal switches.. really simple, just a ton of screws to pull off.. door would open and close over and over after dog went through..... reset switches inside, screwed back into door.. good as new..

    overall good product.. so far after 4 months and chicago winter, i would buy again

    (Posted on 2/18/2015)

  • better than nothing review by cat house
    5 3 better than nothing

    The pet door has been in our home for about 9 years. With 3 cats in a rural area it's been nice to give them the freedom to go outside at will, and the safety to come into the house when threatened by the wildlife. The pet door is not well made. The internal components are of poor quality, and do not last. We just had the motor of our 4th door burn up leaving the opening in an "up" position leaving our home vulnerable. My husband has had to work on the doors multiple times to "nurse" them along trying to get them to last up to 2 years. It seems these doors only last 1-2 years. A lot of money for that amount of time.

    (Posted on 12/30/2014)

  • junk like people said review by ct man with his dog
    5 1 junk like people said

    i have the same problem the don't open with the dog collar i purchased a new collar it work for two week then stop working also please times are hard to buy junk doggy doors that don't work now i need a new door cause theres a big hole in it

    (Posted on 7/14/2014)

  • Great Door review by eujean
    5 5 Great Door

    Great products they do work as advertised. I installed the large automatic pet door 6 months ago and it has worked flawlessly and we have 3 dogs using it!

    (Posted on 5/8/2014)

  • Great Pet Door review by Patricia Ann
    5 5 Great Pet Door

    high tech pet doors are terrific! We now own two of these automatic doors and could not be happier with their performance. Being disabled, I was not always able to get to the main door going outside when our two puppies were first being trained. The use of your doors gave all the "inspiration" they needed to be house safe and dry!!

    (Posted on 2/27/2014)

  • JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!! review by Tim
    5 1 JUNK, JUNK, JUNK!!!


    The first door I purchased for $350.00+ had the motor quit working in 1 year and two months. Now I had a big hole in my wall and I couldn’t find another door that would fit, so it was either purchase a new door or have a custom door made. I decided to give the door another chance, so I purchased another door. $350.00+ and 1 year and 3 months later that motor quit working. These doors aren’t made to last, but you can always buy their overpriced repair kits and plan on doing this every year. This door was used in a manner that it was designed for. I have three small dogs that stand at the door and wait for it to open, no jumping up and down on the door. I live in Denver, CO and in the winter the door would open, but close only half way, so my wife or I had to stand at the door and close it by hand once the dogs came in. As for the collars, they are JUNK too. They come apart very easily. My dogs are older, they sleep, go out and do their business and go on walks. Once they come apart and if you’re lucky enough to find the missing part , it will be more than likely missing the overpriced battery, so now you have to worry about the dog getting it and by a new battery. I have gone through 15+ collars over the last year at a price of $100.00 for a three pack on Amazon. I sent an email to the company president and this is the message I sent and the reply I received.

    My message: This is the second door I've owned and the door stopped working. The same issue as the 1st door. I'm very disappointed in your product, for what it cost and the quality that you get. The door no longer goes up to let the dogs out. My wife and I both work and we need a dependable product that is going to work longer than a year and two months. Also I've spend a lot of money on the poorly designed collars. They come apart and we can't find the top part to snap it back on. I now have to put electrical tap around the housing to keep it from separating. I've purchase more than 15+ collars over the past year because of this.

    The presidents message: Dear _____ Sorry to hear that you are having a problem with the Power Pet Door. What exactly is going on with the door. As for the collars if you keep having a problem with the top covers popping off then I would recommend the new MS-5 waterproof which also has a screw for the top cover.

    My message back to her: Thank you for your email. The issue with the dog door is the door no longer goes up, as I stated in my notes when I submitted the case to your company. The only detail I can give you is the door no longer opens. Using the collars or using the button on the door.

    As for the collars, I appreciate you recommending yet another product to buy, this doesn't address the poorly designed collars I currently own, I would suspect that this is a flaw in the design. I'm sure that I'm not the first or the last person who has called this to your attention.

    To summarize:
    1 ) 2 dog doors both had the same issue - the door no longer opens.
    2) several collars and they all have the same issue - they separate and parts get lost.

    I'm not the person who designed these products, but it doesn't take an engineer to see that there are some big issues with the way these products are designed.

    I think hitecpet should stand behind their products, by replacing or fixing my dog door and replacing the collars with collars that perform the way they should...

    In the end I was told the products out of warranty and buy the replacement parts or have a custom door made to fit the hole in your wall.

    Save yourself some aggravation and money, buy another dog door.

    (Posted on 10/19/2013)

  • Great concept - not super reliable review by Sharon
    5 2 Great concept - not super reliable

    I have two doors. One from the house to the garage and another one to a kennel outside. I have had numerous issues with the collars breaking down and apart - taping them helps. I bought the waterproof one for the extra cash and it's not waterproof. Just buy the regular ones and get a few extra as back up. Also, the batteries for the new one can only be bought online from the company. That's not very handy. I've also had two sensor problems on my outside door. They sent me a free replacement sensor the first time. Now they are suggesting I send in the unit and they will refurbish it for $150.00. That's pretty frustrating. When they're working it's wonderful, but don't expect consistency.

    (Posted on 6/19/2013)

  • Love This Door - Better than a burglar alarm! review by Buster
    5 5 Love This Door - Better than a burglar alarm!

    I've had this door for over 2 years and I could not live without it. My Lab is kinda rough on the MS 2 style collars so I've bought several spares. I like the MS 2 over the waterproof MS4's because they are a lot cheaper and give better range. I guess I'll try the MS5's that are out now to see how they hold up. The MS2 & MS4 colors need some tape around them to keep your dog from knocking them on something and losing the cover and battery. I've had 1 MS2 and 1 MS4 fail completely over the years so I always have a couple of extra on hand. When my kids visit the extra collars are handy for their dogs. This door has provided a level of home security you can't beat! If we are out of the house NOBODY would dare come into the house or the back yard because the dog can get into both areas. A burglar alarm won't do that! I had a problem with a door at the 6 month point and they replaced it with no charge. I've had no problems since, but just in case I bought a spare one to swap out when this one finally dies.

    (Posted on 5/8/2013)

  • Collar is AWFUL. Quality lacking too review by 6dogs
    5 2 Collar is AWFUL. Quality lacking too

    We've had this door over a year and we have had continual issues with the collar transmitter. In addition we've also had to get a second motor already and it took TWO weeks and a hard push that it needed to be warranty'd. We ordered a spare motor and that took a month to get. And when we got it, it wasn't a new door but a rebuild though they promised a new door.

    My girls can shake the transmitter to pieces with it on the collar. We have to put electrical tape on the sides to keep it together. The battery life is crappy. I do push back when we have issues with the collars and generally they do replace the transmitters without much fuss but the battery price keeps rising.

    I love the safety and function of the door WHEN it does work. With older dogs it is invaluable WHEN it works. It would be some minor engineering to fix the collar - put a toll tag battery in it and make it smaller. I really wish HighTech would finish what they started - it's an ingenious product with some clear engineering flaws that could be fixed.

    (Posted on 4/7/2013)

  • Do not buy review by Alex
    5 1 Do not buy

    Do not buy this product! The door is a great idea but the collars are awful! I am so frustrated that we ever got this product because of the collars. The first set of collars we received broke within the day. The collars fell apart and we found them out in the middle of our yard. If you do buy this product, you will need to duck tape the collar closed. The second set of collars we bought, one came in the package already broken. The collars are cheaply made and the battery has a short life span. This company needs to look into making a better product before putting it on the market!

    ed. note. High Tech has released a new collar key, the MS-5, which they report as being more durable.

    (Posted on 3/25/2013)

  • Collar is the week link review by Bianchi
    5 2 Collar is the week link

    I love the door when it works. I have found the collars to have numerous problems. First I discovered that the collar requires a special battery that has been modified with an elaborate sticker presumably to prevent it from shorting out. It did not ship with this special battery and it worked for a couple of months until the weather turned cold and my dog got trapped outside in the middle of the night. After securing the special batteries, I have still had problems with short battery life and now a new problem has developed where one of the two collars that the door was shipped with doesn't work at all in that even the test light does not come on when pressed. The second does not work at all except the test light does come on so apparently this is not a battery problem. I find the unreliability of the collars to be a huge problem, especially in Minnesota.

    (Posted on 2/27/2013)

  • We all love it! review by JLaney
    5 5 We all love it!

    We recently purchased the door to allow the puppies out while keeping the cats and raccoons out. We have only had it in for about a month but so far, it works great and the dogs love it. It has soooo helped with potty training! It's so convenient that we just purchased another collar for our cat and he loves it too. I can't speak to long term durability yet but I would certainly recommend this door so far.

    (Posted on 1/25/2013)

  • High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Door review by paintpinto
    5 5 High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Door

    I have had my automatic pet door since August of 2012. We have it next to the doorwall in the dining room. My husband and I have 2 Jack Russels and my sister and brother-in-law that are living with us have a Cocker Spaniel and a very large boxer and maybe pitbull mix.(Not sure) but he's a gentle giant. They all have electronic collars on and once they go out the door they are on our new screened in porch which has two doors to go out into the yard or when we are'nt home we lock those doors and they have a covered ramp that leads to a completely covered outdoor kennel which we lock too. It has pea gravel on the ground for them and an old tire for the three males to lift their legs on!haha We love it, it has been the best investment ever! We no longer have to let 4 rambuntious dogs out all the time. They love the freedom too also to come and go as they please! If there was ever a fire(Heaven forbid) they could escape into the kennel until help arrived! Do this for you and your beloved pets, you won't regret it!!

    (Posted on 1/5/2013)

  • Excellent concept... review by Rainman
    5 5 Excellent concept...

    This concept is excellent BUT after about a year the door would need to be powered down and then back up again at least once a week and up to daily. The collars are cheap...I learned quickly to order at least one extra collar for my two dogs because at any given time one of the collars could/would stop working.

    Great investment even with the minor issues I've had this device does offer both pet and human freedom from each other especially at 3am. Highly recommended but again get an extra collar and extra batteries for the collar(s).


    (Posted on 1/2/2013)

  • I love this door! review by Ldevine
    5 4 I love this door!

    I bought the Medium door from a gal on Craigslist. It worked fine at her house. When I got it home, I cleaned it with Windex. After it was installed, the door did not work. The door was going up and down and did not close all the way. Power Pet has a web page with a diagram of the door. I decided to take the door apart and try to fix it.

    When I got inside the door, I noticed dog hair was inside the door. I cleaned it out and with the help of my daughter, we got the door to work. I re-assembled the door, put it back in the door opening, and voila!! The door works properly. I feel that the windex probably made the dog hair stick in the track. Our doggies love it! And I love it too. So if you are having a problem with your Power Pet Door, I say go to their web site and take apart your door. Very easy fix. And I am a hairdresser with no mechanical skills.

    (Posted on 12/26/2012)

  • Works great, simple to install review by mrb
    5 5 Works great, simple to install

    I have owned the door for about 6 months. I installed it into a wall. It took me less than a day. If you are at all handy, it is a simple install and your dog will love it. My dog goes in and out at will so no one is running to thew door to let her out. When we go out for the day she can stay inside and go out when needed.

    The door is fairly quiet and has proven to be reliable. Collar batteries last about three months. Collar unit is plastic but is holding up well.

    No complaints. Very satisfied.

    (Posted on 11/21/2012)

Weight 3.0000
Manufacturer High Tech Pet Products
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Controls Access From Inside and Outside
# Collar Keys Included 1
Operates On AC Power, AC Power w/ Battery Backup, Battery
Flap Opens Motorized
Color White
Frame Material Plastic
Flap Material Polycarbonate
Flap Design Single, One Part , Rigid, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Tinted Clear
Flap Thickness 1/4"
Locks in Two Directions (better for raccoons) Yes
Door Open Type Motorized and opens for the key signal
Additional Lock 4-Way Lock
Number Pets Unlimited
Activated By Ultra-Sonic
Can Be Installed In Aluminum Door, Hollow Core Door, Metal Door, Solid Core Door, Steel Door , Walls
Warranty Period 1 year
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee none

High Tech Power Pet Door



High Tech Power Pet Door Demo

Framing is not necessary if mounting in a door up to 1 ¾” thick. Your Power Pet door comes with a pre-made outer frame that will complete the look of the door around the opening. If performing a wall installation, it’s recommended that you build a frame or purchase the wall adapter tunnel. Note that the pet door dimensions on the site are for the rough cutout, not including the frame.

High Tech Frame Assembly


1. Cut the hole in your door or wall according to the diagram below. Note that wall installations will require framing.

2. Install the Power Pet door with the inner frame that is attached.

3. Install the outer frame framing tunnel. You can purchase the wall adapter tunnel or build your own.



-Make sure to not over-tighten the inside mounting screws, or the housing may be affected by your door or wall and cause the panel or flap to malfunction.

-Screw covers are provided with your door to cover the screw holes. To remove these after installation, simply twist clockwise with a coin or flathead screwdriver. Do not twist counter-clockwise or they may break.

Cutout AssistanceInstallation Instructions

Initial Power Up:

1. Plug the AC Adaptor into a 110 VAC wall outlet.

2. Plug the adaptor cord into one of the Power Input Jacks on the inside frame.

3. Press the front panel ON button to power up the door. Make sure the AC light turns on.

4. Press the OPEN button and check that the door panel opens/closes.

Start-up and battery operation

Click below to expand:

That is the large door with a 12 1/4"w x 16"h opening.

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High Tech Pet Products Warranty

All of our products carry a full one year warranty (with the exception of replacement collar key batteries)

If your product fails to operate at any time, for any reason, within one year of the original delivery date we will repair or replace it at our expense, no questions asked. If it doesn't work, send it back, get another one. It's that quick and easy.

A Few Simple Rules

Your product must be returned to High Tech Pet Products and must be clean and free of pet hair, dust and dander. Items that are dirty or containing pet hair and requiring cleaning will be subject to a charge equal to 25% of the original purchase price. We will ship the repaired or replaced product back to you via FedEx ground or USPS priority mail, at our expense however, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the defective product to us. In no case will High Tech Pet Products arrange or pay for the shipping of the defective product from your location to ours. Should you request the product to be sent out via air service, we will be happy to accommodate your request however, you will be required to pay the entire cost of the expedited service. ALL products, including pet doors, must be returned to us before we send out a replacement unit. We must receive and examine the defective unit before the repaired or replaced unit is shipped out to you. There are no exceptions to this policy.. When returning a product for repair or replacement, you must allow at least 1 – 2 weeks for replacement plus shipping time each way. In some cases, especially for special order items, the replacement time may be longer.

Patio Pet Doors (Sliding Glass Type Pet Doors)

are considered "Special Order" items. They require special handling and are, in all cases, subject to a 20% restocking charge. Please make sure you have thoroughly checked the size of the door you need before ordering. It is your responsibility to make sure that your patio pet door fits in your location.