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  • Replacement flap for all Dragon pet door models—upgrade your single-flap door to double-flap
  • Includes sturdy, two-piece flap and all required hardware
  • Translucent, polyolefin elastomer flap is comfortable for pets to use
  • Easy installation, no need to remove pet door frame
  • Available in Medium flap size

The Dragon Pet Door flap kits include everything you need to swap out a well-used Dragon flap for a brand-new one. Keep your Dragon Pet Door functioning at peak performance without replacing the entire assembly. All Dragon Pet Doors can also be upgraded from a single to a double flap for improved insulation with an additional flap kit. The flaps install on the outside of the pet door frame, so replacing an old flap or adding an additional flap to any Dragon door model is quick and easy—no need to uninstall your frame. This means your pet can get back to using their door in no time. There are many installation types for the Dragon Pet Door.

Installation Instructions


1 Dragon Main Inner Flap - flexible, rectangular piece with the Dragon logo  

1 Dragon “U” Outer Flap - narrower flexible piece shaped like the letter “U”

5 thread-Forming Screws - ½” long screws 

4 Frame Strike Plates - ½” x 1 ¾” steel plates with adhesive backing


Perform this section only if you are replacing a flap; skip if adding an additional one. 

Step 1: Remove the two screws holding in the U-shaped outer flap from the frame with a Phillips-head screwdriver. If the screw head gets damaged, you can replace it with a new screw from the kit later. 


Step 2: Remove the old U-shaped flap, then remove the three screws holding the main inner flap. Discard any damaged screws as necessary.

Step 3: Separate the magnets from your old flaps. Unfortunately, the magnets must be sent to the trash, but your old flaps are recyclable. Contact your local waste management and ask if they can recycle polyolefin elastomers or flexible polyethylene.


Perform this section only if your are adding an additional flap; skip if replacing.

Step 1: Remove the paper liner from one of the frame strike plates. Careful, the adhesive is very difficult to remove once it sticks somewhere!

Step 2: Locate one of the four rectangular recesses in the empty frame where the strike plate will go. You will want to to place the plate in the center of the recess lengthwise, and towards the frame opening short-wise.

Step 3: Press only one end of the strike plate down with your other hand, ensuring it stays straight. Run your finger across it, applying pressure, to ensure it has a good hold.

Step 4: Repeat for the other three strike plates.



Perform this section whether you are adding or replacing a flap.

Step 1: Install the main inner flap onto the frame with the three center screws. The logo should face you, away from the frame. Take care not to overtighten; tighten just enough for the screw, flap, and frame to all be flush with each other. The flap material will start to deform when overtightening begins.


Step 2: Install the U-shaped outer flap onto the frame with the two remaining screws. The magnets should face towards the main flap and the frame. The corners of the breakaway channel around the screw will bend outwards when overtightening begins.


Installation complete! If the flaps don't sit quite right off the bat, you can try massaging them into place.


What's the difference between the single flap and the double flap?

The double flap option provides increased insulation against the cold. Both options have magnets on the flap to keep the door sealed in wind.

I want to get the large pet door for my dog, but I am concerned about a person fitting through it.

All Dragon Pet Doors come with a locking cover. This cover can be used to keep you doggy in. It also can be used to keep intruders from entering your home. It slides into the interior frame.

How do I know what size is best for my dog?

When installing the pet door you want it to clear the top of your dog's back by 1-2 inches, minimum. To give your pet the most comfortable pet door possible, make sure the step-over is less than 1/3 of your dog's height. Lastly you want the width of the door to be big enough to allow your pet to go through without touching the sides. Here's a guide on how to measure your pet with tips on how to determine the correct size.

Where can I install the Dragon Pet Door?

The Dragon Pet Door has multiple Installation options. You can install it in Regular Doors, as a Wall mount, Aluminum Sliding Doors, Vinyl Sliding Doors, Sash Windows, Vinyl Windows, and Horizontal Windows.

Can my small and large dog share this pet door?

Yes, but make sure to follow standard Measuring Guidelines. Make sure the size of the door is based off your tallest pet, but installed low enough for your smallest pet.

Is the Dragon flap for door mounting the same as the wall mount?

Yes! The flap and frames are identical, the only difference would be the hardware that is included for installation.

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